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Wearing sunglasses is essential when you’re on the baseball diamond. No matter what position you play, being able to see the ball is vital for your performance and safety.  You will see pros and veteran ball players wear specially designed glasses during sunny day games.  Unless you want to get hit by a baseball coming at you at a high velocity because the sun is bothering your vision, you might want to grab a pair of baseball-specific glasses.

As with most types of sports equipment all glasses are not create equal, the best options on the market will offer a comfortable fit, a precise shade for UV protection, and a modern style that resembles other popular athletic glasses and your specific face shape. Different brands have different perks including durable frames, interchangeable scratch proof lenses, and comfortable nose and temple padding, to name a couple of commonly desired features.

Top Baseball Sunglasses Comparison Chart


What to Look for in Baseball and Sports Sunglasses?

When you search for the right pair of baseball sunglasses, you want to buy something tough, but also comfortable. Purchasing a pair of sunglasses that can handle “wear and tear” is your best bet because it gives you freedom to move however you please with your sunglasses on. The best product will apply top quality optics into their lenses; helping you see even into direct sunlight.

The following factors are the most important when choosing a pair of sunglasses.

Firm Fit

A firm fit is a big deal when wearing baseball sunglasses because there is always potential for sudden movement when playing. You want to wear a pair that stays tight on your face as they will be both more comfortable and secure when running to catch a fly ball.

No one wants to wear any product where you don’t feel comfortable and therefore are anxiously waiting to take it off. So whatever brand you choose you buy, you want to be certain that they are most comfortable for you. This may be easier said than done because everyone has different shaped heads and faces.

High Quality Lenses

Lenses are the heart of a pair of sunglasses. The purpose of wearing sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun and potentially improve your vision if you are wearing a prescription pair. The best lenses will offer you a protectant of some sort; whether it is anti-scratch, anti-smudge, or in most cases: both. This is important when weighing which lenses are better than others.

Next, you want to consider the sunlight protection that your lenses provide. If you are sensitive to light and the sun tends to aggressively bother the eyes, hindering your vision, so you need something that will block your eyes from UV rays. If your eyes are extremely sensitive to light, I would recommend polarized sunglasses due to their advanced optics inside the lenses.


Airflow should be considered especially when wearing glasses during intense physical activity. While you do want your sunglasses to be snug, you don’t want them to be sticking to your face. Some options have special ventilation pieces while others have standard nose and temple areas.

If you are fortunate enough to find these features in the same pair of glasses (which isn’t uncommon by the way) then you are on the right track. Sunglasses in baseball are significant because they help you see what’s around you, which in turn could save you from getting hit by a fastball or maybe even a loose baseball bat.


Best Baseball Sunglasses Reviews

Oakley Men’s Prizm Radar Sunglasses

When it comes to vision in sports, Oakley is undoubtedly a reliable brand to go with. The Prizm Radar sunglasses have a white and black plastic frame with one plastic lens attached. With 100% UV protection your eyes will be protected from the sun no matter how bright it is. Being a pair of Oakley glasses, expect your vision to be enhanced when wearing the Radar glasses. You should be able to view your surroundings a lot clearer when using Oakley products due to the material that the lenses are made with. The padding for your nose also looks very comfortable and should be able to fit your face quite well.

Quality doesn’t come cheap, so if you’re expecting to purchase a brand that is known for enhancing vision in sports, you should anticipate a higher price compared to the norm.


  • One-piece lens and design consists of appealing, futuristic design.
  • 100 percent UV coating so you don’t have to worry about bothersome UV rays.
  • O-matter frame is extremely durable


  • The one-piece lens is non-polarized, according to the product description.
  • On the higher end price range

Oakley Path Sunglasses

The Oakley Path Radar sunglasses offer an extremely durable lens that will keep your eyesight unbothered while the frame fits firmly on your face. Holding less bulk compared to the Prizm, the frame on these Oakley glasses won’t squeeze your head to the point of discomfort, but it will be snug enough to move around at a fast pace without the worry of them falling off. The lens provided with these sunglasses offer optical precision and UV protection, which filters all UV rays. In addition, the lens is also coated with Hydrophobic; a permanent coating that prevents sweat, rain, dirt, or any other object from affecting your sight.

The Path sunglasses come with a hard case and a microfiber pouch, so when you are done using them you could store them safely. The best part is, this product comes with a lifetime warranty so no matter how many years go by, you can claim a new pair if the damage meets the requirements.


  • ArmourSight vision enhances vision
  • Seems slimmer than the Prizm from face value
  • Impact resistant lens


  • Some buyers complain that the glasses are too tight
  • Select buyers said that their glasses fog when exercising, which may not be best for baseball players

Under Armour Core 2.0

The Under Armour Core glasses are unique because they offer several different color schemes and are inexpensive compared to other options. The UA exclusive Armoursight lens is significantly stronger compared to average sunglasses for baseball. These glasses are equipped with a lens coating that protects them from scratches and messy smudges. The frames are made with a technology that encourages airflow, so sweat buildup and other uncomfortable roadblocks would be nonexistent. They are also made with titanium for above average flexibility and strength, therefore the odds of breaking these baseball glasses are unlikely. The adjustable nose-pad guarantees a proper fit as well.


  • Multi-flection lens coating is resistant to scratches and smudges
  • Frames are made with airflow technology for a cool and comfortable feel 


  • Reviews state that the Core glasses feel flimsy
  • Very tight fit

Rawlings Baseball Glasses

The Rawlings brand has served baseball well, from batting gloves, mitts, pants, baseball gloves, and in this case; baseball & softball sunglasses. The R7RV glasses have a color scheme of red, black, and ice blue. This scheme would be extremely fashionable, especially if those are your team colors. The lens has full UVA protection, and its coating prevents scratches, while repelling sweat, dirt, rain, and any type of oil.

The Rawlings R7RV baseball glasses are also very comfortable thanks to the padding on the bridge of the nose. This padding is soft so you can wear these sunglasses for hours at a time and not become uncomfortable while also keeping a firm grip on your head while you’re out there playing.

Rawlings is a safe and inexpensive bet when it comes to baseball equipment. Buying the Rawlings R7RV sunglasses would be a wise investment because they are listed at a cheap price and offer good quality.


  • Lens coating guards water, dirt, and oils
  • Soft padding on nose and temple areas improve comfort
  • UVA-UVB protection


  • Frame is very thin
  • Inexpensive price may be a reflection of the quality

Franklin MLB Flip up Glasses

The Franklin flip-up glasses are sponsored by the MLB, so for those players looking for authenticity, this would be a good purchase to go with. The best feature about these glasses that makes them unique from competitors is the flip-up lens. Want to know the point of glasses with a flip-up lens?

The flip-up lens feature can be used whenever you feel you don’t need the shade of your glasses. Instead of just taking the glasses off completely, you can just flip the lens upward and see with your natural vision. For example, you are out in the field while wearing your sunglasses and a cloud passes underneath the sun. At that time, there isn’t any sunlight directly hitting the field, so using the flip-up glasses can help you see normally instead of making your vision darker than your needs. If, in a few minutes the sun reveals itself, you’ll be able to simply put your lens back down to reap the benefits of your baseball sunglasses.

The lens only comes in blue so you should make sure you are content with that color prior to purchasing. In addition, this pair of baseball sunglasses offers a head-strap for added security.


  • Flip-up ability makes it easier to change between lens protection and bare vision
  • Both the frame and lens are impact resistant


  • Not polarized
  • Frame doesn’t look durable

Nike Show X2

The Nike Show baseball sunglasses prove to possess some of the best quality out there. The Show sunglasses have a ventilated nose bridge, which helps with comfort and reduces the chances of the lenses fogging. The Nike optics that is built into the lens offers precise vision for the user; including enhanced peripheral vision. You could also change the lens color to protect your eyes no matter how bright the sun is. This way, by snapping the lenses interchangeably, you could essentially wear any color you want and still have the clear vision provided by the Nike Show glasses.

These glasses are not polarized, so while they do offer enhanced vision and a resistance to fog, they may not be the best for someone who is very sensitive to light. Otherwise, the Nike Show X2 sunglasses off unique qualities that aren’t found in most baseball sunglasses.


  • Ventilated nose bridge offers one of a kind airflow
  • Interchangeable lenses lets you prepare for any weather condition
  • Max Optics offer fully enhanced vision


  • Non-polarized

Easton Diamond Sunglasses

The Easton brand is also very prestigious in baseball. Just like Rawlings, Easton has provided an assortment of baseball equipment that offers superior value. The Easton Diamond sunglasses have potential to be the best pair of baseball sunglasses available because of its durability. The black frame comes with interchangeable lenses, so you can wear whatever shade you need to keep your vision at 100 percent. With black, brown, and yellow lenses, you have several color options, which also provide different levels of UV protection.

The most appealing feature of this product is the shatter resistant lenses. Now, while it is highly unlikely for lenses to be 100 percent scratch or shatter proof, these sunglasses do fairly well at holding the standard. Durability is extremely useful in baseball because you never know when a baseball may be coming your way. In the event that you dive for a line drive down the middle, you want to be confident that your sunglasses won’t fly off of your face. With the flexible, soft material installed near the nose and ear pieces, you can be sure that your new glasses will fit comfortably on your head no matter how subtle or aggressive your movements are.


  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Lens is also shatter resistant


  • Thin frame

Oakley Radarlock Sunglasses

The Oakley Radarlock sunglasses combine quality with detailed design (such as the “white fingerprint.”) and a variety of color options. The lens is interchangeable, using the Oakley custom switchlock system for an easy exchange. The frame is made with O-matter, so you can expect it to be very durable and lightweight. The Oakley frame alone will make you feel lighter, so you won’t feel as though wearing baseball sunglasses are holding you back. If you are concerned that your glasses would slip off in the rain or when you are sweating, fear not. The material built into the nose and temple pads become tackier when they are exposed to wetness; that way your baseball sunglasses won’t be obnoxiously sliding off your face when you need them most.

For the game of baseball, this pair is extremely convenient. Granted, they are extremely expensive for the sunglasses market, this product is worth the buy if you can afford it. The frame is made of durable, high quality material; the lenses can be changed at a rapid pace thanks to the switchlock system, and glare-resistant optics that make your surroundings clearer than ever.


  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Lightweight frame made with O-Matter
  • Nose and temple pads will sit on your face firmly


  • The Radarlock sunglasses cover a lot of area on the face

Under Armour Rival Sunglasses

The Rival sunglasses are another option from Under Armour when you are on the baseball diamond. The UA Rival sunglasses can be used for several sports and activities; particularly baseball. The bended frame makes it easier for these sunglasses to fit firmly on your head. The Rival sunglasses provide a unique contrast and are good for keeping light, dirt, and other objects out of your eyesight. The designs offered are also very unique, so these are a good choice for someone who embraces the spotlight.

The most intriguing part of the Rival sunglasses is the included Zeiss lenses. The Zeiss brand is well known in the medical industry for different glass materials in microscopes, so it is impressive to see Under Armour take that type of material and apply it into their products. These would be ideal for the individual who is extremely focused on the aspect of enhanced vision. The material used for these lenses are superior, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a mass amount of people utilize these sunglasses.


  • Frame offers a proper fit
  • Contrast within the lens helps you see things clearly despite any sunlight


  • Non polarized
  • Some claim they aren’t very effective in environments with high amounts of sunlight

EvoShield EvoScope

These EvoShield sunglasses are a beneficial pair of sunglasses for any athlete. The EvoShield lenses are made with a material that offers high contrast so that you will be bale to find the ball a lot quicker, especially in the sun. The EvoShield sunglasses come with an additional set of lenses that can be swapped with the original tinted lenses, so you can adapt to the conditions of your surroundings. The lenses are also shatter proof, so if they fall off your face unto a hard surface, it is less likely that they will break. You won’t have to worry about durability when wearing the EvoScope glasses because the flex frame will stay with you at all times.

The EvoShield EvoScope sunglasses surprisingly possess qualities that match up with top of the line baseball sunglasses. Coming with an extra pair of lenses, a flexible frame, and the comfort and durability you would expect from more expensive brands.


  • Included interchangeable lenses let you have tinted and clear vision options
  • Lenses are high-impact shatter resistant so they aren’t easy to puncture
  • Ear and nose pads offer full comfort


  • The EvoShield brand isn’t well known in baseball (lack of awareness)
  • Non polarized

The Verdict

Baseball sunglasses are very helpful when trying to maintain or enhance your vision out in the field. Having the proper pair while playing baseball will assist you in seeing what’s in front of you without any distraction from the sun, rain, or sweat. Baseball sunglasses will assure you protection from the sun, dirt, or rain. Sunglasses such as the UA Rival, Oakley Prizm, and the Nike Show X2 are models that offer prestigious branding, durable material, and lenses made with special material that decreases the likelihood of fogging or scratches.

Other baseball shades such as the Easton Diamond, Rawlings R7RV, and Franklin MLB glasses are well known brands in the sport that are more affordable yet offer you just as much protection and quality. Depending on what characteristics you value the most, and possibly even your brand loyalty, these ten sunglasses for baseball have the best variety of options that can help you out in the field.

When purchasing online, it is important to confirm that the sunglasses you are buying are completely authentic prior to purchase. Unfortunately, there are occurrences where third party retailers sell products online that aren’t necessarily legitimate. Each brand uses different stamps of approval that prove their products to be authentic, so it would be best to go to each website and find out where their approval mark is located on their sunglasses.

Want to see the ball better when up to bat? Tired of diving for a ball and getting dirt in your eyes? Sun bothering you out there? Especially when you try and catch a fly ball? Get yourself a pair of sunglasses. But don’t go out and buy any pair of sunglasses. You need to buy a pair with good aerodynamic shape, lenses that clarify your vision while protecting you from the sun. Baseball sunglasses will look fashionable for a baseball player; have good quality lenses, and a flexible frame. With the right pair, you can take your game to the next level.

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