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Basketball shoes, hoops, braces, shorts, socks, training routines and more!  We’ll help you with the best shoes if you have fallen arches, or drills to help you excel!

Basketball Rules to Get You Started!

basketball shot

Basketball is one sport that is near and dear to my heart.  I had the privilege of playing college ball in Iowa back in ’88, with Emmaus Bible College of the NBCAA (National Bible College Athletics Association).  Unfortunately, I wasn’t…
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7 Best Basketball Socks of 2018

basketball players on court

Sports, in general, can be very difficult on your feet. While we generally turn to shoes to make that issue significantly less painful, we often overlook the importance of socks. As a soccer coach, I know just how important socks…
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The 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2018

Finding a comfortable, proper-fitting shoe when you have wide feet can be quite the ordeal. Sometimes it might seem that those wide-footed people are living in a narrow-fitted world. And if finding a solid pair of shoes to play basketball…
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