The 6 Most Important Pieces of Winter Running Gear

Winter Running Gear


The right winter running gear can make a world of a difference. Discover the most important pieces of running gear you need to stay safe and warm here.

In the warmer months, going outside for a run can be a great way to get exercise and enjoy the nice weather. In winter, when it starts getting cold out, it can be a lot harder to motivate yourself to complete that same workout.

The problem isn’t really with the weather, though. It’s with your preparation or lack thereof as the case may be.

In order to get the most of your winter run, you need the right winter running gear. Having the right clothes, equipment and accessories will make your winter runs safer, more effective, and more enjoyable.

Below, we’re detailing the 7 most important pieces of winter running gear that you should purchase in anticipation of the cold months ahead.

The better prepared you are, the safer and warmer you’ll be and more likely to stick to your exercise regime throughout the winter season.



1. Topple Wireless Beanie

As the temperature drops and the winter winds pick up, frostbite on exposed skin can become a real concern for runners. Our ears can be especially sensitive to cold temperatures, but the right winter running gear can provide a layer of protection.

The Topple Wireless Beanie will keep your ears warm and protected, but it’s the added features that make it such a great winter running product.

It’s integrated with wireless Bluetooth headphones so you can easily listen to your favorite running playlist. It’s also machine washable, making it easy to clean even after your sweatiest, snowiest run.

Bluetooth Beanie Hat, Topple Wireless 4.1 Superior Headphone Beanie Hat with HD Stereo Earphone Speaker Mic,Unisex Washable for Men Women Winter Outdoor Fitness Grey




2. TrailHeads Power Ponytail Headband

For anyone with long hair, finding the headwear for winter running can be a challenge. Beanies are great, but if you run with your hair up in a ponytail, they aren’t a practical option.

The TrailHeads Power Ponytail Headband is the right winter running gear to solve that unique challenge. A special slit opening at the back of the headband is designed for your ponytail to slip through, so you can wear the product comfortably.

The headband also provides a great fit due to its stretch and comes in four different colors so that you can make a choice that matches your running style.

It’s also a great option for non-ponytail wearers and is slim enough to be worn underneath a hat on days when one layer of protection just won’t cut it.

TrailHeads Women’s Ponytail Headband – Black/Black




3. Sub Sports Thermal Base Layer

Layering is an essential element of dressing for winter runs. To keep your body at a comfortable temperature, you need start from the inside out.

This thermal base layer from Sub Sports is designed with that principle in mind. Internal fibers will help keep your core warm in the coldest temperatures, and the moisture-wicking quality will help you stay drier and more comfortable.

The fit of the garment is tighter than some other running tops, but that’s intentional. Not only does it provide compression for your muscles, it also makes it easier to add extra layers.

Sub Sports Womens Compression Long Sleeve Top Thermal Base Layer Winter -M




4. INBIKE Fleece Thermal Pants

Not all runners feel comfortable in close-fitting tights, but when the air outside gets really cold and bitter, having long pants can make a big difference.

These INBIKE Fleece Thermal Pants have a looser fit more similar to a trouser than traditional running tights. What makes them great for winter, in particular, are the fleece lining and the windproof exterior. Even the harshest conditions are manageable with these pants.

A zipper opening at the leg and the elastic waistband contribute to the comfortable fit as well, and reflective details make them safe for running at any time of day.

5. Merino Wool Socks

Wool doesn’t seem like it would make for great running gear but these socks are an exception.

Made from high-quality Merino wool, the socks are a cushion for your feet and the warmth they provide will keep your toes from going numb or getting uncomfortable.

The breathable mesh also has a moisture-wicking quality, which, especially in the winter months, can be an important quality in preventing blisters while you’re out for a run.

And while these socks make great winter running gear, merino wool is a versatile enough material that you can wear the socks any time of year and still be comfortable.


INBIKE Cycling Running Pants Jogger Winter Windproof Long Straight Sweat Pants Black Large TJ




5. Trailheads Running Gloves (with Touchscreen fingers)

The Trailheads running glove is made for the very purpose of outdoor running in cold weather.  They have similar properties to a technical running shirt or pant which is a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex with moisture-wicking technology.  Though it is a glove that’s intended to keep you warm, because of it’s moisture-wicking abilities, it is not intended for the coldest days of Winter.   It’s intended for those who find it too cold to run without gloves at the start of a run, but then they warm up during the run and don’t even need gloves.  

The touchscreen ability gives the glove a versatile profile which means you can use it for more than just running!  Mine get used as my driving gloves more than running!  (that was my little secret til just now!)

They also feature 4-way stretching ability so you’ll have performance without sacrificing dexterity!  They’re easy to machine wash and air dry.

Here’s something unique!  If you’re not totally satisfied, you’ll get a full refund with no fine print as a limitation, and NO TIME LIMIT!  That’s a lifetime, no hassle refund policy, so you really stand to lose absolutely nothing!  Sounds like a good deal to me!

TrailHeads Running Gloves | Lightweight Gloves with Touchscreen Fingers - Black (Medium)




6. LED Safety Light

In the winter, fewer daylight hours and cloudy skies can make it hard to find a good time to run. If you’re running in the morning or evening hours, visibility becomes a real issue.

The EverLight LED Safety Light is a great product that makes it easy for you to run safely, no matter how dark it is outside. It can easily clip on to your clothing or shoes and recharges fast so you can always have one ready to go.

Ready to Shop for Winter Running Gear?

Running in the winter provides a unique set of challenges, and there’s a lot to think about before you hit out to pound the pavement.

It may not be as simple as running in the summer, but accomplishing a winter run can be even more satisfying. When you know you have the right gear at your disposal, it’s that much easier to motivate yourself to stick to your running routine.

This collection of winter gear should help you prepare to go running in even the coldest, windiest, and darkest conditions.

For more information about the right gear to help you have great fun, please feel free to contact me at any time.  Also, you’ll for sure want to check out THIS ARTICLE which outlines some of the key pieces of advice that are crucial for running in cold weather!

EverLightFX USB Rechargeable LED Safety Light (2 Pack) by Apace - Super Bright Bike Tail Light Works Brilliantly as Running Light for Joggers, Pets, Bicycle Strobe or Rear Clip On Lights (Orange)






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