Hi Everyone! My name is Pete Stec, and I’m a sports addict!  I live in a country farmhouse in the wine region of Southern Ontario (right beside Buffalo, NY), and my family and I are on a journey of wellness which includes a vegan diet and serious daily workouts.  I run 5 kilometers per day, 6 days a week, as does my wife Deb. 

We both weight train 5 days per week as well.  Why?  Our culture and environment are not friendly to our long-term health and I’m living with Type 1 Diabetes.  My family and I are finding as many angles to help others follow a path to overall health and fitness.

Sports and outdoor activities are one of the keys to my health and condition now, and for sure in the future!  I know you can enjoy the same benefits of leading an active lifestyle, and I encourage you to browse our website to gain as much knowledge as it takes to get the best gear for your active lifestyle – whatever your reasons may be!  We offer the very latest reviews on over 3000 products in over 300 sports and leisure activities and dozens of helpful articles.  

We also produce and post a weekly workout video for your kids as a great “at-home” exercise routine for 3-11 year olds!  You can see those videos on our sister YouTube channel called Kids Fit & Healthy.

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