8 Best Longboard Bearings 2020

longboard bearings

Longboarding is quickly becoming a favorite sport for many. It wouldn’t exist, though, if not for the most assuming piece of equipment in a setup. Bearings make or break a ride. From a shoddy pair of cheap bearings to a…
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9 Best Longboards for Cruising in 2020

Cruising around on a longboard is a fun pastime for some and a means of short-distance travel for others. If you want to go to work or the beach, longboards can provide a smooth and comfortable ride.  And you won’t…
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9 Best Longboard Trucks for 2020

Skating has evolved a significant amount since the days of Tony Hawk and Danny Way. In fact, my first board was a cheap Nash board that my parents bought at a local toy store. At the time, I thought I…
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Brand Spotlight Review: Yocaher Skate Supply

Looking for a new skateboard or longboard for the summer?  Well look no further, as Yocaher’s new summer line of decks and completes are here! This is definitely an up and coming brand with an attractive price compared to other…
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