The 4 Best Speed Bag Swivels 2020

punching bag

When purchasing a complete set to start train with your speed bag, the swivel is something the people usually take for granted and they sometimes settle for the cheapest swivel as a way of just having something to hold up…
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The 12 Best Boxing Shoes 2020


A lot of people who participate in sports seem not to emphasize the importance of the support equipment they need to play that particular sport. For example, while hockey players take a lot of time finding a stick that works…
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10 Best Barbell Collars for 2020

  Random gym thought while bench-pressing 315 pounds: I wonder what those clamps on the side of the barbell are called….whoa! This is getting heavy!   For those of you who don’t lift in the gym often (even those that…
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10 Best Posture Correctors for 2020

Having a bad posture can not only make you look bad, but it will undoubtedly make you uncomfortable while performing just about any activity.  Even worse, a poor posture can lead to a whole variety of complications like Kyphosis (hunched…
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The 10 Best Adjustable Dumbbells for 2020

When you are looking to get yourself a set of dumbbells there are so many factors to consider. Different dumbbells have different methods of adjustment and come in all kinds of weight sizes resulting in a very broad range of…
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