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The 10 Best Squash Shoes of 2020

As with all sports, picking the necessary footwork is essential to being successful.  Squash is no different.  Squash is a quick-moving game that requires its players to be light on their feet.  A player must be able to accelerate quickly,…
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The 10 Best Tennis Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 2020

Tennis players around the world are experiencing heel pain and are actually fighting against a condition that few have heard of.  This condition can worsen and lead to permanent injury.  And to make matters worse, it’s downright painful.  There is no…
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10 Best Tennis Socks for 2020

Most tennis players would agree that plain old socks just don’t cut it for an intense game. As comfortable as they may be for day-to-day use, or walking around the house, they just are not designed for high impact activity….
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