10 Best Bowling Shoes for Everyone

When you are looking to buy bowling shoes it can be a rather difficult task. Shoes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and it can be quite difficult to find something that is comfortable on your feet. One of the main problems with bowling shoes is that the majority of brick and mortar stores don’t carry bowling shoes.  Online shopping is probably your best bet as most retailers accept returns and re-orders. 

One of your biggest decisions regarding your bowling life will be if and when to cross that threshold of renting or buying shoes.  I can’t emphasize enough that owning your own shoes is infinitely better than renting in all but a few circumstances.  The only time it’s better to rent is if you bowl less than 3 times per year, or you’re pretty sure you’ll never bowl more than 10 times in your whole life!!  If you bowl anywhere around 5 – 10 times per year (and especially if you bowl more than that), you can use the rental money (on a little as 10 rentals) you would have spent on smelly, worn house shoes that don’t fit perfectly and don’t have any customizable features, and get yourself a great-looking pair of shoes (that look a lot like street shoes), fit you perfectly, have customizable features and don’t have other people’s “foot residue” in them.  And (as if you didn’t get the point already) the price for your own comfortable shoes is the same as renting as little as 10 times!  Sound like a plan?  By the way, you can check out these great DEXTER shoes in the photo right HERE.

Top Bowling Shoes Comparison Chart

This means you are kind of taking a shot in the dark when it comes to getting something that fits properly and getting something that is comfortable. Luckily there are things you can take a look at in order to stand a better chance of finding a good quality pair.

Bowling Shoes Buying Guide


This is definitely one thing that you should take under consideration when you are looking for your shoes. Generally speaking a higher price corresponds to higher quality materials being used in the manufacturing process which results in more durability and overall comfort. Although you should never solely base your decision on price, it can give you a good starting point. Just don’t forget to have a look at the other qualities of the shoe as well.


Warranty is a very important thing especially when it comes to shoes. Shoes have so many stitches and different parts and pieces to them, it can be days of use before a defect even gets noticed or appears on the shoes. A warranty is also a good representation of the overall quality of the shoe because it means that the manufacturer stands behind their product and is willing to pay up if they messed something up somewhere down the line.

Shoe Laces

Although laces come standard with every shoe, it is important to check and see how long the stock laces are in order to determine if you are going to need to purchase yourself a new pair of laces or not. If you have laces that are too long you may have a difficult time tying them up properly and having one come undone at an inopportune time could literally ruin your game and cause an injury. It is also important to look at the holes where the laces go through in order to see if they are metal, plastic or if they are just hole-punched through the material. Generally speaking metal is going to be the most durable and will keep your bowling shoes in good shape for the longest period of time.


If you are buying your shoes online it can be rather difficult to tell how comfortable the insoles will be on your feet. If you have something such as an ankle or knee injury, you may even want to replace the stock insoles with something a little more comfortable anyways. If you are someone who bowls all the time, it is important to try and get something you are going to be comfortable standing in for a long period of time. It is also important to make sure that if you are buying insoles to put into the shoes, that you get the right size for your feet.


The size of bowling shoe that you buy can make a huge difference to your overall comfort level and can even affect your bowling game. A good pair of shoes will fit snugly onto your feet and you will hardly notice you are wearing them after an extended period of time. On the other hand if you buy something that doesn’t fit very well you can end up with a lot of pain and suffering and give yourself things like blisters, rashes and itchiness.


Tread is always something you want to have a look at, no matter the type and purpose of the shoe you are buying. The thing to remember with bowling shoes is your own bowling technique. Generally a bowler will do a bit of a foot drag and this is why it is generally recommended to try and find yourself a bowling shoe that doesn’t have a lot of tread. Some bowling shoes will actually have felt on the bottom of the shoe (normally just a section) in order to provide that bit of slippage you need for your bowling technique.


The overall style and design of your bowling shoes is something you are probably seriously concerned with. Not only do you probably want your shoes to come in appealing colors that match your personality, but you probably want something that you can show off and get compliments on. Just remember not to base your shoe buying decision solely on looks because it isn’t always the best looking shoes that deliver quality and durability.

Tongue and Collar

This can be rather difficult to determine if you are solely just looking for bowling shoes online. When you are looking at the shoes it is a good idea to at least make sure that they have some kind of padding on the collar and tongue of the shoes. Without padding it can be quite easy to develop a blister in sensitive areas of your feet. Not to mention, if there is no padding on the tongue or the collar it is not going to be nearly as comfortable for the wearer especially if you are using the shoes for an extended period of time.

Right or Left Handed

Depending on the quality of the bowling shoe, a good quality bowling shoe is going to be custom designed for a right or left handed bowler. The main difference you will find for a right handed bowler compared to a left handed bowler is that the felt on the bottom of the show will be on the opposite side.


Depending on the bowling shoe you are looking at, you are going to notice a large difference in the overall structure and support in the heel area. A cheap pair of bowling shoes likely has little to no padding on the back half and you may notice issues with things like the stitching and the overall height of the back section of the heel. It is important to have some support on the back of your heel so that your shoe stays on, stays comfortable and keeps your scores high.


This is important to look at especially if you have skinny or really wide feet. Although the actual size of the shoe may match the length of your feet properly, it does not mean that the width is going to match up. Having shoes that are too small for you is not only going to make it uncomfortable to bowl, but you may develop cramps or blisters on your toes from wearing the shoes for too long.

Best Bowling Shoes Reviews


  1. Dexter Jack Bowling Shoes

These are very nice bowling shoes that are available for an average price. Made out of a synthetic material they come in sizes that range from a 6-15. The bowling shoes are lined fully with fabric and even have a padded tongue and collar are for a softer, more comfortable fit. These shoes come in a simple black and white design that appeals to a wide audience. The outside of the shoe is fitted with a rubber that doesn’t leave marks behind and contains material on the front end of the shoe to allow for slippage so that you can bowl using a proper technique.


  • Fits people from shoe sizes 6-15
  • Padded tongue and collar provide long term comfort
  • Simple black and white design appeals to broad audience


  • These shoes do have quite long laces
  • Narrow fit may not be the best shoes for someone with wide feet



  1. Dexter Men’s Ricky III Bowling Shoes

Another shoe that comes for an average price. This shoe is available in two different color options including white/ black as well as a black/ red option. A padded tongue and collar make this shoe a competitor in its price range. It has a very simple overall design and the rubber exterior doesn’t leave marks behind when in use. The laces of these bowling shoes do go up quite high compared to many options on the market and you will notice that there is a slippery pad underneath the show in order for you to use to perfect your bowling technique.


  • Fabric lined tongue and collar make for a comfortable fit
  • Available in sizes 6-15 with wide options available
  • Rubber will not leave marks behind
  • Available in two different colors to suit personal tastes


  • White shoes may get dirty fast
  • No distinction between slider foot and regular foot



  1. BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe

This is a nice ladies bowling shoe that is available for an extremely low price range. Synthetic leather really makes this shoe a competitor amongst other shoes at this low budget price due to the fact that it is normally only used on more expensive shoes. This shoe even has a padded tongue and collar meaning that you can bowl and be comfortable in these shoes for an extended period of time. These shoes are very light weight in design and have a bit of a sporty look to them as well. Available in sizes 5-11 these shoes even have a common sliding sole on the bottom of the show so you can perfect your throws.


  • Made out of synthetic leather
  • Sporty look to the shoes
  • Very light weight design
  • Comfortable for long term wear thanks to padded collar and tongue


  • May appear too sporty for a serious bowler
  • Laces aren’t done up as high as some shoes on the market



  1. Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes

Like most bowling shoes, the Danis are made of synthetic materials and have a fairly simple style.  We like the Dani shoe because it is one of the few bowling shoes that actually looks like a regular tennis sneaker rather than a bowling shoe.  The outsole actually wraps around the edge of the shoe like a tennis or basketball shoe so the name of the game is subtlety.  They don’t scream “I’M A BOWLING SHOE!” The U-throat upper pattern of the shoe and the tongue is lightly cushioned as are other areas of the shoe (collar).  The foam footbed is lightly cushioned since these are not meant to be a full-time shoe for any purpose other than hitting the lanes.

The slide sole is made of S8 microfiber.


  • Great price (about 8 or 9 rentals will pay for this shoe)
  • Lots of sizes available
  • These shoes contain rubber that doesn’t mark things up
  • Padded tongue, collar, and microfiber insole add some very good comfort and support


  • Conflicting reports on their fit.  Some say too narrow, some say too much room above the toe, and some say too small for their size.



  1. Brunswick Ladies Karma Bowling Shoes

These ladies shoes have a lot to offer and are available in the mid-high budget range. These shoes have the added bonus of actually looking like a regular shoe and are a very light weight and comfortable design. You will notice things like a foam padded collar and tongue are used in the design to help add comfort and support. These shoes do contain one feature that you won’t see very often and that is a slip-on design. These shoes are available in sizes 6-11 and are generally not a very narrow fitting show, they are somewhere down the middle between wide and narrow.


  • This shoe has a very stylish design that looks good even outside of the bowling alley
  • This shoe features a slip-on design
  • Padded collar and tongue help to make these shoes extremely comfortable


  • May be too wide for someone with narrow feet
  • You may not have your feet quite as secure as lace shoes



  1. BSI Women’s shoe

These shoes are quite budget friendly and yet still bring a lot of nice features to the table. These shoes come in a pink and white design that appeals to a majority of ladies. These shoes are available in sizes 5-11 and offer a padded tongue as well as a padded collar so that you can have the most comfortable wearing experience possible. These shoes have laces that don’t come up super high but the shoes still can become quite snug. These shoes are actually partially made out of leather on the upper half which helps a bit for durability. These shoes are some of the cheapest that you can probably find on the market but they do offer a pretty comfortable fit.


  • Partially made out of leather for added durability
  • White and pink appeals to broad audience
  • Padded collar and tongue makes these shoes comfortable during periods of extended wear


  • Simple design
  • White is relatively easy to get dirty/ stain



  1. Brunswick Ladies Aura Bowling Shoes

These shoes are a little bit more expensive than some of the other ladies bowling shoes on the market but they do offer a very stylish look to them and a comfortable fit. These shoes are made from a synthetic material and come in a purple/ pink color combination. One nice thing about these shoes is that they have a large portion of mesh covering them which helps to allow moisture to escape. The shoes also have a foam padded tongue and collar which helps to make them a lot more comfortable to wear over an extended period of time. The shoes are extremely light weight overall thanks to a light weight rubber sole and the synthetic material used throughout the shoe.


  • Lots of mesh helps to provide moisture relief
  • Foam covered tongue and collar helps to keep these shoes comfortable
  • Purple/pink style appeals to a broad audience
  • Laces are capable of being done up high for added stability


  • Synthetic is not as durable as leather
  • Mesh more prone to cold or hot temperatures, as well as ripping



  1. Dexter Women’s Ana Bowling Shoes

These women’s bowling shoes offer a very interesting style featuring the colors of tan, red as well as white in the design. These shoes are made from a synthetic material and offer a padded tongue and collar to help make these shoes comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. These shoes are available in the sizes 6.5 to 11 and are generally a fairly narrow fitting shoe. Unlike most synthetic shoes these shoes don’t have holes in them or a mesh top so there is not much in the way of air flow getting down into your shoes.


  • Synthetic has an appealing look and structure
  • Laces do up fairly high to offer a comfortable fit
  • Padded tongue and collar help to keep your feet comfortable over extended periods of wear.


  • Not everyone will love the design of these shoes as they are fairly unique
  • May not be as durable as a leather pair of shoes



  1. Pyramid Mens Path Sport Bowling Shoes

These are a very affordable pair of men’s bowling shoes that offer a very simple and yet appealing design. These shoes come in a total of five different color options and they also come in sizes 8-13. One awesome thing about these shoes is that the manufacturer actually offers a two year warranty on the shoes. Sliding soles are located on both feet to make these shoes capable of being used by right or left handed bowlers. These shoes have a very light weight design and the laces can be done up quite high in order to properly support the feet and to offer a secure and comfortable fit. If you are eco-conscious these shoes also come in an eco-friendly bag rather than a box.


  • Very affordable pair of shoes
  • Comes in a total of five different colors to help suit personal tastes
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Green packaging


  • Some bowlers had issues with the slide pads working properly
  • The manufacturer could have used some more expensive materials in the design to add to eye appeal



  1. Dexter Men’s SST 6 Hybrid Bowling Shoes

There’s no particular reason these should end up at the bottom of our list.  The fact is that these are about the “best” shoes on the list, except for price.  While most bowling shoes (even from Dexter) came in around $30-$50, these Dexters hover around $150-ish.  Why the difference in price?  Yes, they look very cool and they make you look like you know what you’re doing on the lanes, but the real difference is CUSTOMIZATION – oh, and construction quality!  The SST 6’s are made with real full grain leather (and some nylon), while they offer you the ability to customize features like heels and soles which are removable and replaceable with soles and heels that cater to your style of slide.  With some of the lesser-priced shoes, some owners complained that the shoe did not slide as they would like, and of course, you can’t do much about that …. unless you own a pair of SST 6 Hybrids!


  • Rubber on the bottom doesn’t leave marks behind
  • Customizable slide features by offering removable outsoles and heels
  • Very cool look
  • Offers toe protection


  • about 3-5 times the price of many bowling shoes


Conclusion & Recommendations

Buying yourself a good pair of bowling shoes can be quite the challenge. It is important to look at a variety of shoes and make sure that you find one that is going to be made of durable material and that is an overall comfortable and stylish design. Although it can be quite hard to judge and see if your feet will fit into shoes before you purchase them, just make sure that you at least get the length right before placing your order. It is never a bad idea to check out the company return policy and see if the company has some kind of warranty that covers you in case you find any defects with the shoes somewhere down the line. Hope this list helped you find a nice pair of bowling shoes or at least gave you a good idea about the features you should be looking for. Best of luck with your shoes and good luck with your bowling!


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