10 Best Lacrosse Sticks for 2019

Lacrosse is a sport that has been around for ages, but only sees significant popularity in collegiate and youth sports. That isn’t to say the sport does not have its fans. The sport has seen a growth in popularity over the years, but it seems to be going the way of soccer – slow growth, but growth none-the-less. The interesting thing, though, is unlike many sports, there are plenty of individuals playing the sport as a hobby, both young and older. And if you are like me, you take your lacrosse seriously. The sport can be rough and I’ve had my fair share of injuries, but I keep going back, even if it is just to toss the ball around with neighbors.

Top Lacrosse Sticks Comparison Chart

Equipment is key in lacrosse and nothing is as important as the stick. The issue, though, is that there are adult and youth sticks alike. So, throughout this review I will not base my choice on adult or youth sized sticks, I’ll simply pick the best of the best and give a good mixture. That way if you are wanting to play with your kids you won’t need to search through multiple articles to find the right sticks for you.

Another note about the reviews here. We will not quote prices, but we will take an average price point from our research into consideration. Our reviews incorporate value highly. So, what is value? A good stick for around $50 versus a great stick for around $500 is likely going to go to the $50 stick. Unless there is gold in the handle, the difference is likely not enough to pay the extra, and we will make sure to mention that in particular as we go through the reviews.

One last thing, sticks with and without heads will be reviewed throughout this article as will men’s and women’s, but they won’t be placed in a particular order due to that in many cases. At times, it comes down to what you get for what you pay. If a stick is of extreme quality, it may end up higher even if you have to buy the head separate, simply because it gives you value and options, which we think is an important factor in determining what we would suggest.

Don’t hesitate to do a quick skim of the pros and cons section of each review before you start reading. There is a lot of information to cover and we will try to break it down into bite sized bits for you to get an idea of which ones you want to read more about. The order that we place the sticks will be based on a general audience (by our best estimation) and not our personal preferences. Doing this ensures that we are fair in our opinions. Each individual has a particular style or feel that they like and if we only wrote to what we preferred, you would not get a fair review of all the sticks on offer. So, enough preamble, on to the reviews.

Note: You may need to string the heads yourself for some of these sticks.

Best Lacrosse Stick Reviews


  1. Warrior Mako Jr. Youth Lacrosse Stick (Youth)

The kids come out on top with the first stick in the review. This is primarily due to the value of this stick. While this is made for smaller players, it doesn’t skimp on technology. It actually uses a patented offset technology that creates a lowered pocket. That lowered pocket generates more power and control which can be key for smaller players to stay competitive. In addition, the head fits regulation sized balls which allow players to get the stick at 4 years old or 40 years old and play together.  In fact, Warrior is proud of the fact that this stick is nothing more than a downsized version of a real lacrosse stick, and we concur!

While the butt to head length of 37.5” is going to be too short for larger players, parents can make due with it if they want to buy a couple and practice with their kids.  The “con” list is going to be tough to fill out for this stick for sure.


  • Great for kids, usable by adults.
  • Respects its audience by using important technology to allow younger players to play hard.
  • Is built to use a full-sized ball even though it is a Jr. stick.
  • Downsized version of a real lacrosse stick


  • From our research, it can be in short supply depending on when you are trying to buy.



  1. STX Lacrosse Women’s CRUX 300 Complete Stick Graphite Head with Black Runway Pocket on STX 7075 Alloy Shaft (Attack)

The second stick on our list is a great stick at an amazing price. It has the deepest legal pocket and uses a unique, overlapping center string system to allow the two center runners to flex out which provides a better hug for the ball.  This is a women’s attacking stick in every sense of the word and provides a great deal of precise control.

The only problem some may have is the aggressive nature of the stick. The scoop angle is pretty extreme, which can be a positive, but if you have been playing with a more vanilla stick you are likely going to need to adjust to this head. Still, for the price and the quality, it is worth any amount of time you need to put in. All in all, this is one of the best sticks out there with a comfortable alloy shaft and some pretty amazing design choices for attackers in the head.


  • Great netting.
  • The pocket can’t get any deeper, legally.
  • Incredible precision and control.


  • Scoop angle may take some getting used to.
  • Often back ordered from our research, so you may have a longer wait to receive the item.



  1. Warrior EVO Next Complete Defense Stick (Defense)

The Warrior EVO Next is a complete stick for men that offers pro-level quality to players from JV levels up. While it isn’t a revolutionary stick by any means, it makes it to the number three spot on the list for one reason – the textured handle. The handle is nothing short of amazing and offers a texture that will ensure you have a solid grip, with or without tape.

The Warrior also incorporates Truoffset design, which allows for the deepest legal pocket and control. The netting is tight at first and needs to be worked a bit to reach its full potential, but that is fairly common with nets in this price range. How well would it work for a professional league player? That is hard to say, but I would err on the side of caution and say this is meant for a more casual player, or a JV player. It doesn’t seem to be at the level of durability that may be required in a high-end league, though that is a fairly minor concern.

Overall, the Warrior offers quality and affordability with one of the best grips on the shaft available. It may not be a high-end stick, but it would be hard to tell just by picking it up. This is easily one of the best beginner sticks and could possibly be a solid choice for more professional or rougher play.


  • High-end feel at a fair price.
  • The shaft has an amazing texture for grip.
  • Looks sharp, with or without tape.


  • Durability in high impact leagues may come into question.
  • The netting is fine, but the head may not be to everyone’s liking.



  1. Adidas Performance EQT Tracer T1D Lacrosse Stick (Attack/Midfield)

It is rare to see an athletic equipment review without an Adidas accessory included. The same goes here. The EQT Tracer T1D is easily one of the most solid and light sticks on the market for attackers. It isn’t just the size-to-weight ratio that makes the stick such an ideal choice, it is the strength of the aerospace-grade alloy that it is made of that makes it ideal.

The shaft looks sharp as well. With a speed laser graphic and embossed logo on the endcap, it looks like a high-quality stick. It appears that any head will fit without a problem as well. The biggest issue we have is the wide swings in prices that we have found in our research. If you can get it at the lower end of the price spectrum, this is a great value, but if you don’t see that price, this would get a quick drop on the list.

For midfielders, the 60” version of the stick carries the same strength and durability that you need. If you are looking for a heavier defensive stick though, this isn’t going to do the job and depending on the head you use, you may feel as if you are off balance. With a little toying around, though, you will likely find the right combination that does just what you need.


  • Amazing attacking stick.
  • Durable and extremely light.
  • Slick design makes it look like a top of the line stick.


  • Prices vary too much.
  • Maybe too light to be comfortable for a midfielder.



  1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick with Shaft & Head

The Stallion 200 is easily one of the best attack/midfield sticks on the market. This is basically the more affordable version of the Elite Stallion U 500 head. As an entry level stick with the shaft and head included, you likely won’t find a better value on this list. It conforms to all NCAA and NFHS rules and is designed to help players develop properly.

The biggest complaint with the stick is the length. While it is perfect for newer players, which it is targeting, it isn’t going to be long enough for more advanced and older players. If you prefer to keep your main stick in good condition and just want a practice stick, you won’t find a better choice. It will likely be outgrown pretty quickly, so expect to purchase it for younger players or newer players that are playing a softer and slower game. If you try to use this in a college game, it is going to be a significant disadvantage.

The other complaint is that the stick seems to be having an identity crisis. While it is a great stick for starting players, it appears to be a stick for more advanced NCAA players. In an NCAA game, it is going to get wrecked. While it is built with development in mind, it is in a strange place of being a starter stick that is acting like a professional stick, which may throw off some purchasers.


  • Great value for beginners and young players.
  • Durable enough for practice.


  • Not ideal for real games, outside of beginner games.
  • Might be short for a midfielder depending on preference.
  • Finds itself in a strange place of looking like a professional stick but is used primarily for practice and youth.



  1. Maverik Lacrosse Female’s Heist Complete Stick

This is a great option for female defenders or midfielders, especially those just getting started. The angle of the scoop makes pickups easier and the moderate face shape is helpful as newer players perfect their intercepting skills.

The net has specific grip points to help hold the ball in the sweet spot which keeps with the “developmental” aspect of the stick. With the 7000 series aluminum alloy shaft, expect the strength that you will want while playing mid to back.

While this is not strictly a developmental stick, it would be nice if the shaft has specific grip spots to help with understanding proper holding techniques. In addition, the head is great for learning, but a skill cap is going to be reached pretty quickly. It could be argued that it makes more sense to get a more advanced head and struggle than go with something that makes it easy but requires adjustment as you start to play with something that requires a higher level of technique.

Still, this is a solid pick for younger players (high school ideally) and will provide plenty of use. It is a durable stick, but it seems that a few things were missed. While tape could be used to help with grip placement, it would be nice if it was included and the net tries to help a little too much for our taste.


  • Great stick for newer to midrange skilled players.
  • Offers plenty of ways to make the game a bit easier to play through its design.
  • Net is perfect for helping players get the feel for the sweet spot.


  • May be too easy to hit the skill cap for this particular setup.
  • Missed a few notes if it wanted to be a developmental stick.
  • Offers a bit too much “developmental” design choices, which can hurt player growth if not watched carefully.



  1. Epoch Lacrosse 7th Generation Dragonfly Defender/Goalie Shaft

The Epoch Lacrosse 7th Generation Dragonfly offers a 40” and 60” option so defenders on any part of the field have a perfect shaft for their needs. The biggest advantage of this staff is the Flex IQ of 3 in the shaft which gives it a bit of a bend when passing and even shooting. As this shaft bends a bit more than lower end shafts, it is comforting to know that it comes with a 1-year warranty. There are a number of thin layers of advanced carbon that not only increase its torque areas but also gives added strength.

The stick is also textured to give a gritty top coat to allow you to use it in all weather. It isn’t so “sticky”, though, that you can’t move it freely in your hands. For torque, the boxes are centered on key areas around the hands which will increase strength throughout the center of the shaft, while also making it one of the lightest options available.

Finally, the Dragonfly offers a unique carbon composite weave in the slashing zones that should increase durability as well as energy management. While all of this leads to a higher level of durability, and it is resistant to dents, it seems that Epoch went with functionality first and durability second. Again, the 1-year warranty should keep you protected while you try it out, but it leads to a bit of concern as far as the lasting durability of the product, especially at the average prices we found.

Overall, this is a great stick for back half players, but it may not hold up as well as some other sticks out there. The head, which is not included, will have a significant impact on how much you enjoy the stick also. This leads to another issue as the stick is already pricey, likely the most expensive one on the list, and that is without a head. A great stick for professional play, but it isn’t perfect.


  • Extremely light.
  • Sticky grip without losing free movement.
  • Key areas are enforced
  • Offers more “bend” to the stick to add a little extra power.


  • The extra bend and lighter construction lead to concerns about durability.
  • No head included, and the stick is already at the high end of price points.



  1. STX Lacrosse Duel Scandium Face-Off Handle

STX makes another appearance on our list with the Duel Scandium Face-off Handle. While it may not be the greatest attacking stick on the market, its specialized build gives you an advantage in face-offs. It uses a scandium alloy for strength without extra weight. It is also one of the early adopters to the newer concave clamp profile which is designed for more control.

Grip areas at the top of the handle give extra control to the top hand at the throat. The additional grip and edges from this design gives the stick an advantage in face-offs and ensure that you will have the control you need while moving.

There are a number of concerns, though. First, it seems that it only comes with one screw, which is a major oversight in our opinion. In addition, it is designed specifically to work with the duel U head which corners the shaft into a very specific type of stick.

At the price points that we found, it doesn’t provide the value that we hoped for and while you can use different heads, the fact that it is designed with a specific head in mind is a cause for concern. This is primarily due to the lack of flexibility intended with the stick. Still, for something so specialized it is a great stick, it just comes with too many concerns for it to rise any higher on the list.


  • One of the best specialized sticks on the market.
  • Great grip control for face-offs.


  • Too specialized for the price.
  • Lack of flexibility in the type of head you choose.
  • Only one screw is included.



  1. STX Lacrosse Women’s Fortress 300 Complete Stick with Head

STX seems to hit our list often here, but for good reason. One of the top manufacturers of lacrosse sticks and heads is obviously going to show up frequently on a top 10 list. The Fortress 300 is a complete stick for women defenders. It has a stiff design with an overlapping center string and runway pocket. It also includes a new string lock tech, which should help protect from bagging.

From our research, the stick holds up well at all levels of play and the head is great for both pockets. The stick is also easy to handle and only takes a few minutes to adjust to. You should have no problem using the stick throughout an entire season, if not more.

The head, on the other hand, seems to have a few issues. After just a few weeks, the netting can start to fray and in some cases completely break. Make sure that you care for it correctly and burn the ends as if this were the only head you would ever have. Take care of it and it will hopefully last the full season, but the stick ends up lower on the list because of the lack of consistency in net quality.

The short of it, though, is that this is a great defender stick that should keep you going for a long while. You may need to replace the netting or head at some point, but that doesn’t take away from the quality of the stick itself.


  • Easy to adjust to, regardless of what you usually use.
  • Very sturdy stick for defenders.
  • Pocket protects very well.
  • Great for all levels of play.


  • Netting quality is questionable.
  • May be paying more for a stick and head when you would be better served if you could buy the stick alone.



  1. STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power with Plastic Handle and One Ball, 30-Inch  (Youth)

STX is on the list again for our final spot on the list. To be clear, these are sticks that are used to get people into the sport, but will never be used in any real play. These are mini sticks with a ball that have plastic heads and shafts. Have a few kids interested in the sport, these are a fantastic deal that will let them get the feel of passing and shooting.

The pack includes two sticks which make the value the best on the list, the only reason it is at the number nine spot is that it won’t see play outside of backyard practice. For users of older FiddleSTX, you may also notice a reduction in quality. These are bargain sticks in every sense of the word. More of a kid’s toy than an actual piece of equipment. Still, they serve their purpose perfectly.

The real issue here is they are not as durable as we would have hoped. As these are learning sticks that are going to get beat up and used incorrectly, we wanted something that could take a bit of a beating. These simply can’t handle much punishment. At a very low price point, that may not matter to you, but money is money and when you get down to it, you may have to replace these more than once before the kids are ready for something a bit more advanced.

Still, if you are trying to get your kids into the sport, you won’t find a better introductory pack than these. As with any stick on this list, what you need will determine the value of the particular item, but these are probably the biggest surprise as the FiddleSTX have always been a great introduction to the sport, but in this case, the quality has reduced significantly.


  • Great for backyard introduction to the sport.
  • Extremely well priced for two sticks and a ball.
  • Perfect for younger kids that just need to understand the basics of how to hold and move the stick.


  • Quality is much lower than expected, though they still do the job.
  • May not last long enough to be ready for a more advanced upgrade.
  • More of a toy than an actual stick.



Conclusion & Recommendations

Our review tried to catch a bit of everything on one list. Men’s, women’s and kid’s sticks are all included, as well as training sticks with the FiddleSTX. We also tried to include a few options for each position, and while the attacking sticks are the most prevalent on the list, that is simply because they seem to be the most popular sticks out there, thus more are available.

While the Mako Jr. is the number one stick on our list, drop it off the list if you aren’t looking for a youth stick. For women, you are likely going to find the best value with the STX Crux 300, but you may want to consider the 200 U Stallion as it offers attacking and midfield options. Ultimately, it comes down to your preference and while it may seem we came up short on defenders sticks, there are a number of sticks designed for midfield/defender roles that can fit the bill. If they aren’t perfect, use them as a starting point to see if a similar stick is offered at the right length for your position. That should get you similar quality.

For the younger players, the Mako Jr. and the FiddleSTX are both great options. For some introductory play for the sport, the FiddleSTX are second to none, even if the quality has not held up over the years. If you look at the Mako Jr., though, you are going to find a great entry level stick for youth leagues.

The Evo and the Adidas are a tough call for men’s stick. I struggled a great bit with placement on the list as they both offer fantastic options. Try to order from a place that offers a return policy and order both. See which makes more sense for you and send the other back.

The Epoch is obviously the best stick for goalies and I couldn’t find anything that would make me consider a change there. If it doesn’t fit your preferences, you may want to look for something that is similar, but the stick is so well made, it will likely just take a few different heads to find the right feel.

Finally, the STX Scandium, is the ideal face-off stick and we couldn’t we couldn’t find a better choice. It is only at the number eight spot because of how specialized it is. Obviously, you will want to give it a shot and see how it feels in your position before choosing it for a primary stick, but from our research, it is priced affordably enough that you should be able to buy that stick as well as another if you are playing consistently.

Just to be clear, the reviews are solely based on very specific factors; value, technology, and general appeal. You may have a particular brand of stick that is significantly better than anything on this list in your opinion, but the goal here is to make sure that something is offered that will appeal to professionals and new players alike.


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