10 Best MMA Mouth Guards


When buying yourself a mouth guard there are so many factors that you need to take into account. This simple device comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and without knowing any information about them it can be extremely hard to narrow down your options and choose a mouth guard that is the best for your own situation. Different sports require different types of mouthguards and it is important to buy yourself the right type and size so that you are properly protected from injury should some kind of contact occur.

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MMA Mouthguard Buying Guide


You can buy yourself a mouth guard for a very cheap price if you want to. However, you are likely going to have to get out the scissors and make some major adjustments to the size of the mouth guard. It is important to look at quality in order to make sure that you aren’t putting something toxic in your mouth. Price doesn’t always reflect quality, but it definitely is a good starting point. You will notice when you are looking at mouth guards that specialized mouth guards cost more money. Something like a mouth guard meant for people who wear braces is going to be a lot more expensive than a regular mouthguard.


Although you will find that not a lot of mouthguards have warranty, largely because a mouth guard is useless after being form-fitted, you will find some companies that do offer this. This is a good reference to the overall quality of the unit and generally speaking if a company is willing to put a warranty on a mouth guard then they are going to offer you a pretty high-quality product that for the most part is free of any defects.


This is a huge factor when it comes to mouth guards. If you do one thing when you are looking at a mouth guard, make sure you have a look and see how thick the rubber is as well as how tall it is on the outer layer. You of all people know if you have a small size mouth or a large mouth and having excess rubber at the front or back of the mouth can not only be painful, but it can make it hard to talk and even restrict airflow.

Form Fit

No matter the mouth guard you are buying, each mouth guard will have to be form-fitted to your mouth so that it can properly protect you. It is extremely important to get your mouth guard fitted before using it for the first time or you won’t be properly protected. You will notice that some mouth guards are made using different grades of materials and each of them will have their own instructions for how to fit the mouthguard to your mouth. Although this likely won’t affect you unless you are in a rush, times can vary on molding the mouth guard and this is something you may want to take into account with your purchase.


Everyone has a mouth that is a different size and therefore there is no mouth guard that works for everyone. It is important to have an idea of how big of a mouth you have so that you can choose to buy the right size mouthguard. If you buy too large of a mouth guard remember that you can trim it down so that it properly fits in your mouth. When in doubt it is never a bad idea to get the larger size and then just adjust the mouth guard as needed.


The brand can actually be fairly important when buying yourself a mouthguard. Due to the fact you put it in your mouth, you are being very exposed to any chemicals or toxins used during the manufacturing process. Buying yourself a cheap mouthguard from an unknown supplier can actually damage your health. If you aren’t sure what kinds of brands offer trustworthy and largely chemical-free mouth guards, it is a good idea to see how long the company has been around for and you can even get into contact with them if you have any questions.


Not all MMA mouth guards have a strap, but some do actually attach directly to your headgear so that you can spit the mouth guard out when you want to talk or if you are done your match. This is something that you will not find very often, but generally, the strap will start as rubber coming out of the tip of the mouthguard, then it will either continue as rubber or it will move into the form of a fabric string.

Breathing Holes

Not all mouthguards have this feature, but it is definitely something that you are going to come across. Basically there are holes in the front of the mouth guard that allow you to breathe out of your mouth when you have your mouth open. These mouth guards can be large in size so that your mouth is actually forced to stay open which allows you to breathe. If a mouth guard does not have a breathing feature they are smaller in size so that you can open your mouth up and still be able to breathe generally speaking.


Often one of the most important aspects of a mouth guard to some people is the actual design that is incorporated into the mouth guard. A mouth guard will generally not have paint or anything on it, it will just have different colors of rubber in certain areas in order to make the design possible. Although design may be high on your priority list, just make sure that your favorite design comes in the right size and has the features that you want otherwise it may not be the best purchase for you. Design can definitely have an impact on price especially if there are brand name logos located on the mouth guard itself. It is still important to check for quality especially if you find a brand name that is heavily discounted, there may be a reason for this.


This is something you are going to want to look into if you are competing at a competitive level. Depending on where you are based out of, only particular brands or particular features may be allowed in a mouthguard. They may also have regulations on the size and shape of the mouth guard as well as when the mouth guard may be used. Make sure you are aware of your local regulations so that you don’t run into any issues.

Best Boxing & MMA Mouthguard Reviews


  1. Everlast Evershield Double Mouthguard

This mouthguard is made by a very well known name in the fighting world and will offer you the protection for your mouth that you seek. With features like a double-layered frame, this mouthguard is going to offer you more protection and peace of mind. The inner layer is shock absorbent while the outer layer is harder and more impact resistant. This mouth guard is not just designed to protect your upper teeth, it is also designed to help your upper and lower jaw take on a blow. A regular mouthguard design to boil and bite in order to mold properly to your teeth is used to make this mouthguard an even more comfortable fit. Not only does this mouth guard protect your teeth but it even has air holes throughout the mouth guard so that there is no airflow obstruction when this mouthguard is in use.


  • Double layered frame offers extra protection
  • Designed to also protect upper and lower jaw from damage
  • Breathing holes make for comfortable wear
  • Available in red, grey and pink


  • May be a bit bulky, if you like thin mouth guards this may not be the one for you



  1. Shock Doctor 3300 Max Air Flow Lipguard

This mouthguard is made from one of the biggest mouth guard manufacturer’s on the market and it offers an array of features that you may not even find on other mouthguards on the market. This mouth guard is available in a total of 13 different colors and also comes in an adult as well as a youth size. This mouthguard offers a great no mold mouth guard that is actually comfortable to wear. This mouthguard offers a quick release in case you want to strap it yourself which is a very handy feature. The outside of the mouth guard is quite bulky, but this is largely to prevent your lips from damage. A central breathing hole is located in the middle of the mouthguard so that your airflow isn’t being obstructed while in use.


  • No mold design is comfortable and you can pop it in right after buying it
  • Breathing hole is large and allows for maximum airflow
  • Quick-release tether for straps
  • Tons of sizes and colors to choose from


  • Bulky around the lips



  1. Champs Breathable Mouthguard for MMA

This is a multi-purpose mouthguard that doesn’t encumber you with a bulky design. If you are looking for something simple to put into your mouth at a very affordable price, this mouth guard may be the one for you. It features double-layered protection and contains the ability to be molded and custom fit to your mouth. This mouth guard has a durable design despite its simplicity thanks to impact-absorbing gel. Its outer is made with a high-impact layer for absorbing blows, so, while the inside is a softer gel against your teeth, the outside can take a hit!

It features strategically placed air holes (mostly in the center area) and anti-slip pads for extra grip in your mouth!  It offers a “boil and bite” custom fitting process for a perfect fit that won’t distract you during your bout.  The protection is MAXIMUM and it outperforms some “sexier” looking guards that underperform.

If all that sounds good, it gets even better.  The guarantee is 100% money back if you’re not happy!  They promise not to ask questions if you don’t want to tell them!


  • Manufacturer’s satisfaction guarantee
  • Durable impact-resistant gel
  • Simple, comfortable design.
  • Easier to talk without taking out the mouth guard
  • Really high Amazon user ratings


  • Doesn’t offer a breathe hole, you will have to open your mouth to breathe
  • Can become unusable if you boil too long or hard (breathing holes become unusable)
  • Might be too small for some adults with a big mouth!



  1. Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard, Adult & Youth, Strapped and Strapless

This simple mouthguard made by the shock doctor comes in a strapless design as well as a design that contains a strap. Two sizes of this mouth guard are available and it comes in an adult as well as a youth size to suit your individual needs. This is a simple black mouth guard that is both mouldable as well as shock absorbent. This mouth guard uses something called jaw pads, these jaw pads help to absorb and reflect vibration and impact and really help when you take a big hit. The mouth guard also offers double layered protection and great overall comfort compared to many others in the marketplace.


  • Mouldable for more comfort and a better overall feel
  • Double layered protection
  • Well known mouth guard brand
  • Jaw pads to assist with shock absorbing and to reflect vibration and impacts


  • Does not have a hole to breathe out of



  1. Venum “Challenger” Mouthguard

This mouth guard is available in a huge variety of styles with a total of 9 different options available. It won’t be hard to find a mouth guard that you like and something that relates to your personality. This mouthguard is made from a gel frame in order for your mouth to better adjust to it and be more comfortable. The design, although there are no breathing holes at the front of the mouthguard, is custom made to promote more airflow and better overall breathing. This mouth guard is double layered and even comes in a protective case so that there will be less bacteria build up and it won’t be in contact with the rest of your equipment.


  • Gel frame allows for more comfort and adjustment
  • Engineered for optimal breathing
  • Comes with a case


  • No actual breathing holes on the front of the mouth guard



  1. Venum Predator Mouthguard

This mouthguard comes in a wide variety of colors, in fact you will find 9 different design options available. This mouth guard is built from dense rubber so that the mouth guard has better overall shock absorption and therefore better protection for your jaws, cheeks and mouth. When you buy this mouth guard it also comes in its own protective case so that you can easily store it in with your equipment and not have to worry about hygiene issues quite as much. Venum makes this mouthguard in a one size fits all option only and so you may have to do some adjustments to get it to be comfortable.


  • Lots of color options are available
  • Gel frame allows for a comfortable experience
  • Comes with a protective case
  • High-density rubber is used for better impact absorption


  • No specific breathing channels are located within the mouth guard
  • One size fits all option means you will likely be doing some adjustments



  1. Gold Beast Fang Teeth Mouth Guard

This mouth guard has quite the design on it and it is bound to turn a lot of heads. The mouth guard is available in a youth size as well as an adult size so that you don’t have to make as many adjustments. This mouth guard includes a free carrying case that allows for easy storage. This mouth guard is designed so that it actually molds better at a lower temperature, meaning less chance of burning your mouth. The design does not incorporate a breathing channel, but it does have ridges on both the front of the mouth guard and the rear of the mouth guard so that you have great suction and maintain protection while you use the device.


  • Molds better at lower temperatures, reducing the risk of a burn
  • Great suction increases protection
  • Free mouth guard holder is included with your purchase


  • No breathing holes, means you have to open your mouth to get more air
  • Fancy design that not everyone will appreciate



  1. Martial Arts Mouthguard and Case

This mouth guard is extremely budget-friendly but still offers some quality protection for your money. Amazingly this mouth guard has a total of twenty different options to choose from, each of which come with their own carrying case. Although this is a one size fit all mouth guard, proper adjustment and molding doesn’t take too long and the mouth guard will not need to be remolded on a later date. The mouth guard itself is a very simple double-layered design that does not contain any breathing holes and is relatively thin when it comes to mouth guard standards.


  • Extremely cheap price
  • Comes with a storage case so you can stay in good hygiene
  • Tons of color options to choose from


  • One size fits all option may mean that you have to make some adjustments to the mouth guard
  • Thin rubber compared to most mouthguards on the market



  1. RDX Boxing Mouthguard

This mouthguard offers an average price tag and is available in both green as well as an orange color. This mouth guard incorporates its one size fits all mouth guard with a multi-layered shield in order to better protect against impacts. The mouth guard actually has breathing channels, but they are located under your teeth and then exit through the front of the mouth guard. This unique breathing feature is said to move the jaw forward and limit the production of cortisol when in use. The mouth guard comes in its own protective case so that you can keep it in with your other equipment.


  • Average price tag
  • Gel fit liners add comfort to the design
  • Unique airflow structure limits cortisol production


  • One size fits all mouth guard may force you to do some adjusting



  1. OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard 

The OPRO Power-Fit mouthguard is pretty unique in that it offers what they call a “unique hybrid design”.  That’s really a dual-layer outer shell and an inner gel channel.  It offers some added features like anatomical fins and a layer that’s supposed to absorb even more (inter-jaw absorption layer).  It’s a 2-piece unit and Opro boasts that it contours to your teeth and gums quicker and easier than other brands.  You can even speak more clearly and breathe better than with other brands (I have to admit I have not tried this mouthguard, but I think I’d like to!)

Opro is the official guard for …. ready for it? …. The UFC, New Zealand Rugby, USA Wrestling, England Hockey and a whole host of other world-famous sports teams!

Hey, that’s good ‘nuf fer me!!


  • Fits very well (customizes easily)
  • Big-name teams and leagues use this brand (exclusively?)
  • Unique breathing channel adds comfort and protection
  • Hybrid design for better protection


  • Higher price tag than most ($30 +)


How To Fit an Opro Mouthguard (and others I’m sure!)

Buying a mouthguard is a lot more complicated than it initially seems. With so many different brands and designs available it can be extremely hard to narrow down your options. It is important to make sure that you have the right size to properly fit your mouth and that you get something that can be custom-fit to your mouth, or that comes already comfortable so that it can provide you with the maximum protection that you need. It is never a bad idea to check into the background of the company you are buying from and to check and compare a variety of mouth guards so you can get something that both looks good and works well for you. Best of luck finding your mouthguard, hope you found this list to be informative and hope that you maybe even found yourself a nice mouth guard embedded in the list. Good luck with your MMA journey.




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