The 8 Best Motocross Helmets & Gear Sets for 2021 : Adult & Youth

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We all know that motocross can be an extremely fun and exhilarating sport and even those of us who might only watch the sport, have occasionally seen how devastating the injuries can be. Aside from making sure the bike is in order, the helmet is also one of the most important pieces of your kit that need to be up to standard and ensure your protection from those accidents.

We have set out to find the best motocross helmets and explore a few of these features so that we can tell you how they will improve your motocross experience and also enhance your safety in the event of an accident. These helmets are all high quality and they could really make a difference in stopping an injury from ending your career.

Top Motocross Helmet Comparison Chart

Beginners are the most important people that are focused on when it comes to safety and most of the times, the thrill of riding might cause you to take shortcuts on your helmets, but rather cut corners somewhere else. A critical neck or head injury could definitely cut your career short.

But before we dive into the top motocross helmets, there are a few features that you need to take note of to ensure that the helmet you want to purchase will give you value for your money and also to ensure that it is a quality helmet. We have done a lot of research and consulted experts to get their opinions on the best motocross helmets.

Key Features to Look for in Motocross Helmets

When it comes to safety, you cannot really put a price on it and thus some of the top motocross helmets might be expensive to buy, therefore, we have sought out some of the most affordable features to ensure that you are capable of affording quality and still get value for your money, that said, let’s look at what you need to know:

Helmet Weight

The weight of the helmet does have key implications and should it be too heavy and you move your head, it will take extra effort to bring back. The weight of the helmet should also be evenly distributed to allow you to move your head much more easily and we recommend ensuring that the helmet weighs between 1400 and 1800 grams.

Helmet Construction

The construction of the helmet does have great influence on the helmet. Depending on the materials used in the construction, it will impact all of the other variables. A softer material might be lighter, but have a lower safety rating, while the harder materials could be safer and sometimes too heavy.

Safety Rating

It is highly recommended that you purchase a helmet which has been approved by the United States Department of Transportation to ensure that the helmet will keep you safe when you have an accident. The higher the rating, the better the overall safety.

Helmet Size

The size of the helmet is crucial and you will need to measure your head and then follow the sizing chart of the chosen brand. The right sized helmet does not only increase the safety, but it also makes the helmet feel more comfortable on your head to ensure that you have a better riding experience.

Helmet Type

Motocross helmets should typically be full-faced to ensure that every part of your head is protected and that you still have the capabilities of looking through the goggles. Having one or two air vents added, should typically give you more ventilation and make breathing much easier as the mud might possibly cover your body.

Now that you have seen some of the features that we think should take into consideration, it is your choice on which of these you would want in your helmet. We do recommend all of them, but beginners could still learn the tricks of the trait by simply buying one with a little fewer features to introduce them to the sport. Psychology has also stated that when you feel safer, you should be much more confident in taking risks and possibly improving your performance, so safety is the number one feature that must be taken into account.

With that being said, let’s look at the top motocross helmets of this season:

Best Adult Motocross Helmet Reviews



2019 Fox Racing V3 Motif Helmet

Weight: 2.0 lbs

Special features: Super lightweight multiple-composite shell construction, extremely reputable brand, multiple sizes to accommodate all heads, 14 intake, and 4 exhaust vents, DOT certified, FMVSS 218 Standard

The FOX Racing 2019 men’s V3 Motif motocross helmet has been specially designed for advanced riders. The helmet is not particularly affordable but features an extremely durable multiple-composite shell to ensure that you are protected during the race at only a fraction of the weight.  The helmet is also available in 4 sizes to accommodate all riders.

With 14 exhaust and 4 ventilation vents, this helmet will keep you cool and also ensure that the visor does not become too foggy from the heat of your breath, thus ensuring that you will have good vision to see and complete the race.  The padding is an extraordinary dual-density foam with the softer layer adjacent to the rider’s head.  It also includes a washable, removable moisture-wicking DriLex comfort liner and (get this), magnets have replaced screws for some of the construction.


  • Leading-edge engineering
  • Durable outer shell
  • Provides great ventilation
  • Visor will not fog up that much


  • The price is double that of other comparable helmets that look just as good



YEMA Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet

Weight: 2.8 lbs

Special features: Stylish matte black design,  heavily cushioned interior, removable washable padding, well vented, lightweight.

The YEMA Adult Flat Matte Black motocross/road bike helmet is one of the most affordable, yet highest rated helmets available. The helmet perfectly fits into the recommended weight limit and is also really light on your head. The color is matte black and this might not be attractive to all, but it looks really stylish.

On the inside of the helmet, you will have added padding for comfort, but should an accident occur, this padding could make the difference between head damage or coming off unscathed from the accident.  The pro-grade helmet meets or exceeds DOT specifications for safety, and its reinforced chin strap has a quick release buckle.

Furthermore, it features a washable and removable inner cushioning to help eliminate foul smells of sweat after each race and keep you on track and ready for the next race.

The other cool thing is that it was specifically made for riders who wear glasses and/or bluetooth speakers, and it’s a breeze to change visors from shaded, dark to clear!



  • Stylish design
  • Extra room for glasses or bluetooth speakers


  • The sizing is a little small and there have been more than one complaint about sizing issues



O’Neal Men’s Off-Road 3 SRS Free Rider Helmet

Weight: 2.95 lbs

Special features: DOT certified, durable reinforced shell, lightweight design, comfortable inner padding, washable inner lining, removable sun visor

The O’Neal 3 SRS helmet has definitely been designed with style in mind. The helmet features a reinforced polycarbonate plastic construction to make the helmet extremely durable and capable of withstanding hard shots. On the inside, you will find multiple cushioned pads that will mold to the shape of your head once it has been inserted and will also make the wearing of the helmet much more comfortable.

The helmet is extremely lightweight and it also features a removable sun visor for those cloudy days that will help reduce the weight of the helmet even more. The helmet also features a washable inner lining that will help to absorb the sweat, thus ensuring that the inner pads do not need to be washed that often.

Since the helmet is available up until the extra-large size, it should be no challenge for you to find the helmet that suits you best and the creative design on the side of the helmet really emphasizes its style.  It features multi-colored clear coated graphics no one will be able to miss!


  • Stylish design
  • Durable outer shell
  • Moldable inner cushioning
  • DOT certified


  • Exact colors may not be totally accurate according to a confirmed buyer on Amazon



NENKI Full Face Motocross & Motorcycle Helmet

Weight: 4.85 lbs

Special features: Stylish design, DOT approved, heavily cushion, washable interior lining, lightweight

The NENKI helmet is unique in that it is designed for both off-road and street use.  The helmet is available in all sizes so you’re sure to find one that fits. The helmet has been constructed from extremely durable materials and the stylish Iridium Red Visor makes the helmet all the more attractive.

The helmet also features a UV coating that will help reduce any sun damage and also stop the shell from absorbing the heat.

Furthermore, the helmet has been DOT certified and the heavily cushioned interior does not only promote safety, but it will also mold to the shape of your head for a more comfortable fit. The helmet is also really light and should make it easy for you to move your head and get used to immediately.

This helmet is not one of the lighter ones on our list, but most users make no issue of the weight.  In fact, Nenki says it’s “lightweight” but compared to some competitors like the O’Neal, it’s nearly 2 lbs heavier.  It receives great ratings overall, but I like the absolute lightest options, so this wouldn’t be my choice.  It makes the list because it receives very good reviews from certified purchasers, and it’s a great value all-around, plus it looks cool!

Check out the VIDEO HERE!


  • Really affordable
  • DOT certified
  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Heavily cushioned
  • Well vented


  • Only available in smaller sizes


Best Motocross Helmet & Gear Sets



Typhoon Adult ATV MX Helmet Goggles Gloves Gear Combo

Weight: 3 lbs

Special features include gloves and goggles, meets DOT standards, removable wash liner, great ventilation

The Adult off-road dirt bike MX red splatter helmet has been designed and manufactured to a high level of quality and the helmet also perfectly meets the recommended weight limit. The weight has also been evenly distributed throughout the helmet to make it easier for you to move your head and to retain an excellent level of comfort.

You will also receive black and white gloves and goggles to go with your helmet, thus meaning that you could have an entire set at a really affordable price. On the inside of the helmet, you will have access to a removable washable liner and the helmet has also been approved to meet DOT standards.

There are various sizes for you to choose from and the fitting is quite accurate. Even people with larger heads and a circumference of 24 to 24.5 inches will be able to buy this combination and should be looking at the extra-large size.

We highly recommend this helmet for the value that it provides and at a really affordable price, you will be getting a lot of extras. The goggles are usually extremely expensive, but beginners should definitely look at this helmet for their starting point.


  • Really affordable
  • Accommodates larger heads as well
  • Gloves and goggles included
  • Durable exterior construction


  • The goggles are a little foggy



Best Youth Helmets & Gear


Bell MX-9 ADV Stealth Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Weight: under 4.8 lbs

Special features: Anti-fog, anti-scratch finish, heavily cushioned interior, DOT certified, sleek modular design, removable padding, well vented

Okay, get ready to open your wallet and prepare for some kicka$$ quality.  Not only is Bell the premier name for helmets in this niche, but this helmet offers some pretty cool features that justify a heftier price tag.  Lots of thought has gone into the design which is truly a hybrid built for both street and off-road.  The crazy thing is, most helmets built for both, don’t do either exceptionally well, while this helmet contradicts that trend.  It looks very aggressive and impressive in both arenas!

Enough room is designed in the front for glasses, and once you remove the adjustable visor, you’re set for that sleek, stealth street look.  MIPS protection, Velocity Flow Ventilation, and a removable, washable, anti-microbial liner round out a highly adaptable package.

Oh, and in case the thought crossed your mind, it comes in 12 different colorways.  Enjoy!


  • Biggest name in the industry
  • impressive design for both on and off road use
  • Well vented
  • Heavily padded


  • Super NON-affordable!



TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet Green Flame Motorcycle Helmet

Weight: under 3 lbs

Special features: well vented, sleek modular design, UV protected finish, Stylish graphic design, lightweight, includes all important gear

The TCMT dot youth and kids motocross helmet have been specifically designed to give beginners an affordable way of getting into the sport. With the sleek modular designed helmet and the stylish graphic, you will also receive a quality pair of gloves and goggles that perfectly matches the helmet. This will give you great value and save you a few bucks as well.

The helmet also features a protective UV coating for the sun and damage, with the added vents, these two features will ensure that you stay cool on the inside and also reduce the amount of fog that tends to get into the goggles. The helmet is also fairly lightweight and this should make it great for riders of all ages.

Furthermore, the helmet is available in various sizes, thus giving you the opportunity to get your child into the sport from an extremely young age. We highly recommend this helmet for the youngsters and we believe the quality will ensure that you have great value for your money. With all the important gear, you will also save a lot of money in the long run.


  • Really affordable
  • Includes all gear
  • Protected UV coating add to durability
  • Heavily padded
  • Lightweight


  • Might be a little too light
  • Extremely small sizing



GLX Unisex-Child Off-Road Dirt Bike Motocross Helmet Gear Combo

Weight: 4.5 lbs

Special features: DOT certified, lightweight, extremely durable, removable and washable padding, heavily cushioned, great for beginners, includes goggles and gloves

The GLX is a very well appointed and featured package worthy of consideration.  Just because 156 buyers rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars, that doesn’t mean it’s good!  …or does it?  Hmmm….

The matte black looks as cool as any helmet I’ve ever seen, and the features are admirable.  For example, it’s pretty lightweight, but even more impressive is it “elastic” design which provides maximum protection during impact.  The absorption factor is high and it exceeds DOT standards.  The EPS liner is found through the entire chin bar for extra impact absorption as well.  The advanced cooling system in the aerodynamic shell has 14 intake and exhaust vents.  It features an actual multi-density EPS liner in the main helmet body in addition to the chin bar.  

The removable, washable and replaceable microfiber inner provides comfort and safety.  Included in the deal is a pair of gloves, but unfortunately, goggles are not, but can be added for a mere $17



Please note that you’ll be buying not only a DOT certified, cool-looking helmet, but also a pair of gloves,  Not a bad deal says I!


  • Extremely budget-friendly at under $60
  • Well vented
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Washable pads
  • DOT certified
  • VERY well rated by Amazon certified owners
  • 10 different colorways


  • Beware: may fit smaller than advertised.  Get one size larger


Final Thoughts & Recommendations

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now have a better knowledge of motocross helmets and that you might be able to buy the best one for your needs. We do not have a specific one to recommend and we believe that they all are really great and will give you value.

We would like to encourage you to let us know what you think of our selection and to mention any of your favorites that you think we might have missed.




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