7 Best Options for Ping Pong Robots: Improve Your Game Without a Partner

The ping pong robot is one of the unique additions to the equipment or training ground of a ping pong player and these ping pong robots can really improve the overall gameplay of a ping pong player and they can even be adjusted to give the ping pong player the opportunity of practicing various skills.

We have set out to find the best ping pong robots and show you how your game can be significantly improved by using them. There are various cheaper models of ping pong robots, but they will be very basic and many of them might only be good for having some fun at home. The more expensive ping pong robots offer much more versatility and will give you the opportunity improve different aspects of your ping pong game.

Top Ping Pong Comparison Chart

But before we dive into the top ping pong robots, there are a few features that you will need to know about to ensure that you get great value for your money and that you are able to really get the best use out of your chosen robot.

Table Tennis Robot Buying Guide

Since we always try and promote the best value for your money, the features we have selected can be mixed and matched to help you choose the best robot for your needs and also save you a few extra bucks on the features that you will not be using.


You will be able to choose between the free-standing ping pong robot and the mounted ping pong robot. The free-standing robots can easily be moved out of the way and they are more portable, but the mounted ones must be attached and will take some time dismounting.

Hopper Size

the hopper size refers to a number of ping balls that a robot can take at one time and the more it can take, the less you will need to interrupt your training session to refill the hopper. A larger hopper size can be more expensive, but it does limit wasted training time.

Skill Level

Some of the cheaper robots will allow you to get the ball straight and the continue dispensing the balls in the same way. Depending on your skill level and your needs, you might need to consider a robot that will dispense spin balls to help you with the technical elements of the game.


Since a ping pong robot is like your mechanical coach, you will need to find one that will allow you to program it for various skill drills. The advantage of the skill drills is that they will significantly improve your overall play and place you in game-like situations, unfortunately, you will always lose to the accurate robot.

Additional Extras

Many ping pong robots now come with added remotes to make it easier to change the settings. These extras might add to the price, but everything can be seen as an investment in your skill level and the ability to improve.

With these 5 features, you will definitely be more likely to make the right choice for your needs. Many of these features might not be important to everyone and therefore, we have mentioned that you will be able to choose the ping pong robot with the features that suit your needs the most. Yes, the best ping pong robots are expensive, but we do recommend it as an investment in your ping pong future.

Best Ping Pong Robot Reviews

With that being said, let’s look at the best ping pong robots for this season:


iPong Topspin Table Tennis Trainer Robot

Best for: Beginners and intermediate players

The IPong Topspin table tennis trainer robot is one of the cheaper robots on the list and it is great for developing your basic skills in ping pong. The hopper can hold about 110 table tennis balls, but the dispensing is mostly in the form of topspin with every ball.

The frequency can be adjusted on this robot and you can set it to dispense anywhere between 12 to 70 balls per minute, which should be great for players struggling with the higher tempo of table tennis as you enter some of the bigger leagues. The added remote takes about 6 AA batteries and this will save you a lot of time, thus you will not need to gallivant around the table every now and again.

This ping pong robot can be set up in under one minute and the added IPong catch net will ensure that you need not search for the balls after playing. Unfortunately, most of the accessories like the balls and the net must be purchased separately and this could significantly drive up the overall cost.

The machine in and though itself is fairly cheap and we recommend it for beginners and intermediate players to help develop their backhand and forehand shots for competition. This machine will also be great for doubles training.


  • Large hopper
  • Added remote for faster adjustments
  • Easy to set up in under one minute
  • Really affordable


  • Accessories are all sold separately


Newgy Robo-Pong 1040+ Ping-Pong Robot

Best for: intermediate to pro players

The Newgy Robo-Pong 1040 ping pong robot is one of the more sophisticated robots on the market and it features a wider range of shots for the player to train against. The robot will give you the opportunity to choose the spin type and even vary up the spin to simulate a game-like situation.

You will also be able to train against various shot types to help adjust for these shots and also learn some of the counter shots to play in the game. You will be able to select the time it takes to dispense the balls and the hopper is also large enough to hold up to 200 ping pong balls. With this robot, you will receive about 4 dozen balls to start off with as well as an analog interface to help adjust the settings.

Furthermore, this ping pong robot offers you the opportunity to do various drills to help improve your game and all of these drills can be adjusted on the analog interface, thus allowing you to improve your game without having to go around the ping ping table every now and again.

We highly recommend this ping pong robot to more advanced players, but beginners should also be able to make use of all of these features as they get better. The ping pong robot is quite expensive, but this will be a great investment in your game.


  • Offers multiple spins and shot variations
  • Offers drills to improve your game
  • Large hopper that takes up to 200 balls
  • Analog interface for better control


  • Quite expensive


Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Digital Table Tennis Robot

Best for: Professional players

The Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Digital table tennis robot has been digitally enhanced from the previously discussed analog version and even though this does drive up the price significantly, it still offers some of the best features that pro players might need to improve their game and hone their skills.

This ping pong robot also offers multiple different shot selections and spin selections for you to choose from and the added net will ensure that you will not need to go searching for the balls after every session. The robot has been designed to fit over standard ping pong tables, but it does take some time to set up.

The biggest advancement on this ping pong robot is the added digital remote. This remote will allow you to adjust the settings from the other side of the table and it is much easier than the analog interface. Drills can easily be set up and changed with a push of a button.

We highly recommend this for professional players to help them hone their skills. The robot is quite expensive and we do not believe that beginners will manage to use all the features as they start out. It does, however, provide great longevity to the player. The 64 pre-programmable drills should easily help you lift your game and simulate game situations.


  • All accessories are included
  • 64 pre-programmable drills
  • Digital remote control for better accessibility
  • Allows you to add custom drills


  • Takes time to set up
  • Really expensive


iPong Pro Table Tennis Training Robot with exciting Oscillation and wired remote

Best for: Intermediate to pro players

The IPong Pro Table Tennis training robot offers users more than the IPong topspin robot and incorporates various levels of spin to train your shots against. The hopper can also take a whopping 110 ping pong balls to ensure that you don’t need to constantly refill the robot.

The added oscillation challenge will be great for putting yourself in a game like situation and the balls will come in various different shot types and angles. The wired remote will make it easier to control the settings from afar and the setup is quite easy. It should take less than one minute.

This ping pong robot will be best suited for intermediate level players and the price is also not too bad for this robot. Beginners should start out with the topspin model as it is cheaper, but this IPong robot will give you much more value and also more playing longevity.


  • Large hopper
  • Easy to set up
  • Reasonably priced
  • Offers an advanced game like oscillation challenge


  • Fatal flaw of dispensing 3 to 4 ball at the same time might occur


SmartPong Table Tennis Robot (currently unavailable from Amazon)

 Best for: Professional players

The SmartPong table tennis robot is the most expensive robot on our list, but it does offer a multitude of features not included in some of the cheaper versions. The robot offers an instructional DVD that will help you understand exactly how it works and the 4 game modes will put you in real game-like situations to help you hone your skills and play various types of shots.

You will also receive a backpack with an addition ball scooper to make it easier for you to pick up the ping pong balls and refill the hopper. The hopper on this robot can hold up to 100 balls for you to simulate a few minutes of gameplay and the net will ensure that all of the balls are caught and easy to pick up.

Furthermore, the infrared remote makes it easier to access the settings and to change the game modes from afar. If you have footwork problems, this robot will allow you to even change your movements and allow you to get much better behind the table before you even start playing.

Unfortunately, it does not offer different spin types for you to train against, thus requiring you to train this on your own. The robot also comes with a 2-year full warranty and this also shows confidence from the manufacturer. We highly recommend this for intermediate and pro players who are already familiar with spin, but beginners can also benefit from the footwork drills.


  • Wireless infrared remote for better access
  • Hopper takes up to 100 balls
  • Added instructional DVD
  • Can easily be stored away in the backpack


  • Really expensive


HP-07 Ping Pong Robot

Best for: Players at all skill levels

This is a relatively new bot on the market, so there’s not a ton of history or info on its performance or longevity.  We can say that it looks pretty cool and it has some practical features.  It holds around 110 balls and it offers a variety of spins and ejection variations like frequency of output, speed of ball travel, etc.  The remote control allows you to change features from your side of the table, so that’s a bit of a bonus.  The output of balls is 40-70 per minute.  It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway), it’s a Chinese-made product and the instructions may need some careful interpretation given the questionable choice of words and order of words, but you’ll figure it out!  Current owners who have written reviews are quite pleased with it and all reviews so far are 5 stars!


  • Great for players of all skill levels
  • Decent price
  • Offers multiple shots and spin selection
  • Easy to setup in under 2 minutes


  • Chinese quality and instruction manual


Table Tennis Robot Oukei TW2700 S9 Professional Serving Machine 

Best for: pro players

Okay, now we’re into the big leagues.  This machine comes to you for the low low price of over $1K – WHAT?  Well, this is a whole new breed of robot for sure!  This machine comes in a higher priced and more featured model (if you can believe that!), but this one offers you a dual-head serving ability that allows you to choose topspin AND backspin serves at the same time!  It has the smarts to give you different degrees of curve, spin and speed, and it does them all accurately.  It can serve 30-100 balls per minute at 4-40 meters/second with a serving angle of +/- 45 degrees.  There are a full eight serving modes, eighteen langing points and nine different spins.  It also gives you a selection of free accessories (though at a price point of well over $1000, we’re not sure any part of it is actually “free”) which include a ball collection net, a handheld ball scooping net, 70 new balls, instruction manual, DVD and two spare spin gears.


  • Offers 9 spin types to train against
  • 8 serving modes
  • 18 landing points
  • Easy to set up


  • Just plain PRICEY!


Okay, This is just plain COOL!

Playing against other players are great for training, but it has been proven that the more balls you hit, the better your performance gets and with ping pong robots you can hit up to 24000 balls per training session. This will improve your overall game much faster and you will also face a greater variation of shots.

We highly recommend all of these ping pong robots for the improvement that they will bring to your overall game. Top players also use robots and even though they might be expensive, they will be a good investment in your future.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like to encourage you to let us know what you think of our selection. We would also like you to comment and let us know how ping pong robots have increased your playing ability.

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