8 Best Skateboard Backpacks for 2021

The popularity of convenient transportation through various denominations of the skateboard model has lead to the need for new kinds of backpacks. From longboarders to penny boarders, having the right skateboard backpack can guarantee that you never have to drag along your board in situations where it would be inappropriate to ride it. These boards can be heavy! This is why some of the most important factors when purchasing your skateboard backpack is going to be the quality and strength of the strap supports. If you have strong straps, you won’t even notice that longboard on your back.

However, there is not usually a universal strap size that all skateboard backpack brand manufacturers follow. This is why you need to look at different strap accommodations that might be better fitted to your skateboard personality. If riding around on a penny board, you might not need such a bulky strap You may base your decision solely around the style and aesthetic of the backpack. The backpacks listed have a variety of different design styles, it is important to find the one that pairs best with the look you are searching for. There are many other very important things to consider when looking for your skateboard backpack that will be discussed in this article such as durability, quality of material, carrying capacity, and affordability.

Read on to gather all the information you need to make an informed decision with your purchase.

Top Skateboard Backpack Comparison Chart

There are many different aspects that you should be looking for to make the best decision about your skateboard backpack, here are some to consider:

Skateboard Backpack Buying Guide

Strap Strength

 One of the most important qualities that can be featured in one of these bags is the strength of the straps. If the bag cannot hold up your longboard, it may not be the right bag for you. However, you might use a lighter board and find that a different quality of the bag would be worth a greater emphasis.

Pocket Size

As with any bag, the capacity of the bag has a major influence on whether the bag is adapted to your needs. Whether you are a student, hiker, camper, etc. it is very important to look at the dimensions and depth of the bag to see if it fits your needs.


What is the point of investing in a bag that will break or tear as soon as you buy it? It is very important to make sure that the material of the bag will hold up with the stress intended to put on the bag. Also, keep in mind the damage that could be done from the board’s grip tape to the material of the bag.


Nobody wants a bag that looks terrible. Make sure you read the review on the style and look at the bags for yourself to decide if the bag is going to match the vision you have for your overall look.


Everybody wants great value for their dollar. When reading the guide keep in mind whether the bag is offering the best value for the price tag.


Best Skateboard Backpack Reviews


1.   The Sector 9 Pursuit Skateboard Backpack

This bag already has one of the coolest names for a backpack I’ve heard of, Sector 9 pursuit sounds like the next title to a fast and furious movie! The bag itself is designed for carrying longboards around.

All longboarders are aware of the arduous task that carrying a longboard around through buildings or whatever can become. The Sector 9 is here to solve this problem! The bag is made of high-quality 600D polyester with nylon webbing straps. This is a very durable and quality material. Most of the best bags are made of 600D polyester because 600D polyester will hold up the best against the grip tape of the boards.

Now the bag itself apart from its longboard carrying capabilities is unique compared to other skateboard backpacks because it comes with a wide variety of interior and exterior pockets.

The Sector 9 Pursuit deviates from the other bags by featuring a removable carrying case that could be used to carry your laptop, notebooks, etc. The bag has a touch-sensitive phone front pocket, one large storage compartment, one front accessories compartment, and two side pockets. Although a con to this is that the side pockets are not mesh pockets and therefore are not optimal for carrying a water bottle.

This can be a major turn off for some buyers who are looking to go camping or hiking with this bag and really value having such a convenient way of storing their water bottle. Now onto the major feature of the bag component: the bottom insulated cooler pocket! This pocket has a unique design that combines thermodynamic insulation technology to keep your beverages cold. This can be super convenient for your water bottles or maybe even a nice, cold beer for the older longboard enthusiasts!

There are not many complaints about the Sector 9 Pursuit as it is very well priced for its quality in all areas. However, some people complain that the strength and quality of the straps are subpar.

This is an alarming concern as longboards can sometimes be quite heavy and it is obviously important to have very robust straps. However, these reviews are mixed and people are certainly not in a unanimous conclusion about these straps. I would recommend bringing your board to the store to try the bag out and see if the strap quality works for you. If you are cemented in buying online, you should beware a little about the strap strength.



2.   Nixon Landlock II

One of the biggest brand names in the skateboard community is Zumiez. The Zumiez Nixon Landlock 33L edition follows their pursuit of quality skateboard products.

This backpack is apart of the Nixon frequency collection. It comes equipped with many distinct features that separate it from the pack. The Landlock is a member of the Nixon frequency collection. It comes with a top-load cinch main compartment with organizer pockets. The backpack also comes with a 17” padded laptop sleeve, mesh padded back panel, and Nixon logo detailing throughout the bag. One of the main features this bag has that is not in all bags is its side mesh pocket for the purposes of holding a water bottle.

This is a very important feature for hikers and campers looking to stay hydrated and have convenient access to their water bottle. In case you were wondering, the 33L stands for 33 liters, which is the storing capacity of this bag.



3.   Element Skateboards Mohave Grade Camo Backpack

Element’s Mohave backpacks are nearer the higher end of the quality scale as far as skateboard packs go.  In fact, that’s just about all Element makes – packs geared towards skaters instead of just school kids or hikers, etc.  …though they are more than adequate for those purposes too!

This camo pack has lots of neat things like zip side pocket, a sunglass drop sleeve, an interior laptop sleeve, a roomy main compartment for clothing and a front zip pocket – not to mention the obvious buckle skate straps.

It’s made out of 600D Polyester and it’s tough enough for what you’ve got to throw at it.



4.   Dakine Mission Backpack

The name alone is sure to draw interest from outdoor adventure enthusiasts. This bag is a great price for its value and is most known amongst reviewers for its incredible durability. The Dakine bags are always known for their quality. The straps are very robust and the bag is not too bulky. Many people purchase these backpacks for snowboarding because of this quality.

The straps are strong enough to support helmets are well as the heaviest of longboards. This bag fits very tight, making it ideal for motorcycle riders. There are many reports of its amazing durability. One customer reports having rescued the bag from a fire and the bag continued to uphold for 5 years afterward. The bag also holds up very well against rain.

The interior design for the bag comes with three side pockets for keys or sunglasses-sized items. It comes with a massive front organizer pocket. However, the bag has some complaints about its design and functionality.

The bag does not have a hook to hang it up on doors. It also does not have a deep water bottle pocket. The tightness on the bag is hardly adjustable. Many people have complaints about its inability to slacken up and lets your back air out and breathe. The bag has loud zippers and the jingling of the bag can be very annoying to some people.



5.   Nixon Unisex Landlock SE II Backpack

This bag has one of the most tactical designs for the purposes of longevity, style, and strap integration. The part of the back designed to fit and accommodate the longboard is made of ripstop which is really, really durable material. This ensures that the grip tape of the board does not tear up the backpack. This is a very important feature because it keeps the bag from tearing or ripping. It also gives the bag a unique customization style as there are more different colorway possibilities to consider.

The rest of the bag is made of strong material as well, 600D polyester, a very popular material choice amongst the top skateboard backpacks. The adjustable skateboard straps can easily be tucked away and hidden for style purposes. The interior design of the bag is also very distinct from other models. It features a major pocket with a synch opening, kind of like a big pouch. It comes equipped with a small mesh pocket inside the pack for stuff like notebooks.

Now onto one of the favorite features of this bag. It has a side pocket that is heavily padded for your laptop. This is very important as not many bags have proper padding to support laptop carrying. There is a pocket at the very apex of the bag as well with fleece lining for objects the size of phones, keys, sunglasses, etc. This bag also comes with an adjustable sternum strap to adjust the backpack the best possible way. Also features a port to run headphones through a hole seamlessly through the backpack.

This backpack has a unique design and is certainly at the top of this list of recommendations. Not to be too repetitive, but the 33L stands for the 33 liters storage capacity which is a little above average for skateboard backpack capacity. Having a bigger storage unit can be very important for some as it could theoretically serve as a better school bag or hiker equipment, depending on your avenue of application.




6.   Element Jaywalker Backpack

Another blue-chip bag from the famous brand, Element, the jaywalker follows suit in its pursuit of a robust and affordable bag. The jaywalker comes equipped with straps on the front to hold the skateboard. The back of it is very sturdy and the clip-on strap is a very quality and unique feature that all users have enjoyed and positively reviewed. This skateboard bag is most known for its great price, but it also has a very tactical and covetable interior design.

The bag comes equipped with a cell phone-sized small pocket on the top of the bag next to the handle. The side pocket is not quite a mesh pocket, but reviewers unanimously agree that it is a great pocket for holding drinks and various items of that size in. Although it is not a mesh on the side, having a deep pocket can still be very versatile and in turn, valuable. There are two sections, and you can really easily tighten the straps around the skateboard. All in all, this bag is one of the best combinations of affordability, great interior design, and strong, durable straps.

One of the biggest complaints about the bag is the material. As the grip tape of many boards can be very harsh, people are worried about the damage that will do to the material of the bag. As opposed to the Nixon lad lock, the front of the bag isn’t quite made of ripstop material, and the grip tape from the board could easily damage the bag, especially in extreme circumstances.



7.   Dakine Daytripper Skate backpack

The daytripper comes in two colorways, the Graveside, and Alberta, both very stylish, (in addition to their very unique names). It comes furnished with a laptop sleeve that can easily protect and fit 15” laptops. It has many of the same qualities discussed such as skateboard carry straps, fleece-lined sunglass pockets.

One of the distinctive features of this bag is it’s zippered side pockets. The storage capacity of this bag has been described in an ebullient manner. Some reviewer detailed a ridiculous storage capacity such as a 1.5 in binder, 3 notebooks, and laptop while still leaving half of the main compartment free. The bag has many outside pockets that are great for holding small objects. This bag has also been very positively reviewed for its impressive durability, certainly an impressive quality to look for in skateboard backpacks. The bag’s interior design has been optimized for space and volume, described by many as “very roomy”.

Some have complained about the strength of the straps of the bag. There have been reports that the bag was unable to hold up a 28inch cruiser board. Obviously, this can be a very heavy board and this kind of weight certainly is not a universal standard for all skateboarders, but if you fall into this demographic you may want to test try the bag to make sure it accommodates your needs.


This bag is absolutely the top of the line in the department of affordability. It is a double strap skateboard backpack that comes in 4 colors. Many people are happy with this bag because of its price, but it also comes with a wide range of quality features. It has a spacious main compartment with an interior laptop pocket.

The dual velcro skate compression straps carry all kinds of skateboards very securely. Another hallmark of the bag is the side mesh pockets that alleviate easy hydration on the cushioned mesh, as well as back panels for additional support and comfort. The design of the bag is very appealing with a checkered pattern and two adjustable velcro straps. The durable material can protect the bag from water and many other damages, (although hopefully, you don’t have to deal with too much of this!).

The straps on the bag are able to hold a skateboard very securely. However, there are some complaints about this bag, as with any type of commercialized product… Many reviewers have complained about the lack of separate compartments in the backpack. Although the main compartment is huge and can fit many larger items such as textbooks, laptops, and other belongings.

The laptop section is not padded, unfortunately. This can cause many concerns amongst customers, especially those who purchase the bag for school purposes. However, this bag is Rolls-Royce of it’s kind for the price index.

In Conclusion, there are many important factors to look into for your skater backpack and hopefully, this guide helps you sort through the different components of a great skateboard backpack.  If not, you can even try to make your own.  Enjoy shopping and I hope this guide helped you make the right decision for your needs!




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