The 9 Best Skateboards for Beginners

You’re just looking for a quality skateboard to buy for a beginner (either you or someone you know), but you have no idea where to start.  

You see bearings, hardware, wheels, decks, and trucks being advertised but don’t want to spend hours researching which individual part to buy.  This is how I felt when I was first looking to but a complete skateboard for my nephew for Christmas many years ago.

I wanted something that he would love, but also that was safe and would not break the bank.  After researching and making a decision I thought it would be useful to share this information with others who may be in a similar situation.

Skateboard Options / Overview

The first decision you need to make is how you want to buy the skateboard.

Each Part Individually

This is the way most serious skateboarders buy new skateboards.  In some cases they choose different brands for the wheels, bearings, trucks, deck, and hardware and customize it to their own unique style and preferences.

The benefit of buying parts like this you can replace only certain parts that are worn down and you have more control over each aspect of your skateboard.  

I recommend this approach to intermediate and advanced skateboarders who want to experiment with different brands and styles.   However, if you are looking to try skateboarding for the first time or buy it as a gift for someone else I would recommend buying an already assembled complete skateboard.

Completely Assembled Skateboard

As the name implies, a complete skateboard contains all the parts listed above, but in an already assembled ready-to-ride skateboard.  

The advantage to buying a complete is it completely eliminates the research and guesswork of buying each product individually and ensures that the skateboard is assembled correctly and safely.  

This is the approach I used when buying a skateboard for my nephew and what I recommend for people buying a skateboard as a gift or as their very first skateboard for themselves.

Things To Consider When Buying a Complete Board

Since this article is targeted towards buying a complete skateboard for beginners, I’m going to focus on that option for the rest of the article.

 If you are not interested in buying a complete system, check out these other guides to buying the best decks, trucks, wheels, and bearings.

Skateboard, Longboard, or Cruiser?

This article is about regular street skateboards.  They are rounded on both ends and curved upwards.  Sometimes beginners are confused by longboards that are much larger and irregularly shaped or cruiser boards that can be very small.

Skateboards are smaller and simpler in design meant for fast riding, and tricks. Are you looking to ride fast and do tricks? Then a Skateboard is what you need to get.

Longboards are larger and they are meant for smooth rides for long periods of time. Are you looking to ride something on your way to class or down the road for longer periods of time that can also absorb all the shocks? Longboards are the way to go.

I just wanted to clarify this point, as this article is very helpful for choosing the best skateboard for beginners, but may provide incorrect or unimportant information if you are actually looking for longboards or cruisers.


Obviously, price is an important consideration for most people when looking to buy anything.  For skateboards, the price of the board is generally a good indicator of quality.  

In general, most pro-branded skateboards that are made up of high-quality parts are in the $70-$100 range.  You can usually find pro-branded decks with average parts for $50-$70, and you can find blank options between $25-$50.

I wouldn’t touch anything under $25, as it is likely very poor quality and prone to breakage.

Blank vs Pro Skateboards

You heard me mention the terms “blank” and “pro” decks and skateboards in the previous sections, but what do these terms actually mean? It’s quite simple.

Blank decks have no graphic on them and are typically priced very reasonably.  Blank decks are usually colored a solid color or may even be made of unpainted wood.  

Historically blank decks have gotten a bad reputation for poor quality, however, there are a few brands of blanks today that are very similar in quality to pro boards and much more affordable.  

The downside to buying a blank complete with all blank parts is the lack of style and customization when compared to a pro deck.  

Also, blank skateboards may vary in quality from batch to batch, so it may be hard to find the same blank skateboard if you want to buy another one.  

Overall, blank skateboards can be a solid option if you have a tight budget and the person you are buying for doesn’t really care about the logo and brand.

Pro decks are what most people are familiar with and what is seen most commonly around skateparks and driveways around the US.

 These decks can have a variety of different logos and images on them and sometimes are a specific professional skater’s pro deck.  

Pro decks provide skaters a way to support their favorite riders and have the same equipment they see all their favorite pros using.  The quality of professional decks and parts are almost always very high as they have a reputable and brand image to uphold.  

For this higher level of quality and you can expect to pay 2-3x the cost of a blank complete.  If you want to save some money and still have a pro look, there are options available that have generic blank parts with a pro deck.  

This may be a good option for a beginner skater who is not yet doing complex tricks that may break these cheaper parts, but they still want the look and feel of a pro skateboard.  

As the skater progresses they can then switch out these generic parts for higher-end options as necessary.

Skateboard Size

Typically when looking at different completes you will see size dimensions in the format of ~7-8 x 31-34″.  This measurement is referring to the width and length of the skateboard deck.  

Typically all other parts are relatively standard and the deck size is the main thing to look for.  Standard skateboard widths for beginners are between 7.5-8.25 with smaller boards being better for younger and smaller guys.  

You don’t really have to worry about length much as long as it’s shaped regularly.  You may hear about the concave of the deck or a special type of board construction, but for the most part, it will not matter much to a beginner.

 If you have no idea what size would be best you will never go wrong with a 7.5 or 7.75.

Best Complete Skateboard For Beginners Reviews

1.  Enjoi Skateboard Complete King of The Road Pilz


Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard White 7.75

A great option for a beginner who wants a pro deck and doesn’t mind non-pro-branded parts.  Enjoi is very well known by skateboarders and the panda logo will be recognized everywhere.  

This particular deck is wide which is why I think it’s the best as it can be skater by any size person comfortably. 

For the past few years, I’ve been saying that the board comes unassembled, but that many skaters enjoy putting together their own skateboards and it can be done in just a few minutes by following a YouTube video.  

However, this particular board COMES ASSEMBLED, and it also includes grip tape – bonus!

You won’t go wrong with such a well-respected brand and average size, this is actually the exact skateboard I decided to buy for my nephew a few years ago and he absolutely loved it!




2.  Merkapa 31″ Pro Complete Skateboard


M Merkapa 31" Pro Complete Skateboard 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Deck Concave Skateboards with Tool (Highway)

Another great pro option, Merkapa is definitely one of the top brands in skateboarding.  This board comes assembled, and it has the quality to last much longer than most other skateboards on the market.  

It’s made of 7-ply Canadian hardwood Maple, and it’s a great choice for a more advanced skater as well as a beginner. 

It features a heavy-duty high-impact deck with black grip tape along the full length, and the graphics are well-done both artistically and technically.

The wheels are 95A PU cast with high-speed ABEC-9 bearings.  The 5″ aluminum allow trucks are more than adequate to deal with whatever you throw at it!  (metaphorically speaking of course!).  It can hold someone as heavy as 198 lbs (normal sliding for 300 lb).

The dimensions are 31″ long and 8″ wide.  A skate adjustment tool is also included.





3.   TOY MACHINE Complete Pro Skateboard FISTS


Toy Machine Fists Woodgrain Skateboard, 7.75 x 30-Inch

Well know for its creative cartoon graphics and high-quality deck construction, this Toy Machine complete is another great starting skateboard for beginners.  

This deck is slightly larger than 8″ so it would be perfect for adults or people with larger feet who want a more stable ride.  This setup is another good example of generic parts with a pro-quality deck for a very reasonable price.  

A great option for a beginner who loves the logo and graphic, but wants to save money on the less important parts until they decide they want to take their skating to the next level.




4.  Amrgot Skateboards – Pro 31 inch


Amrgot Skateboards Pro 31 inches Complete Skateboards for Teens, Beginners, Girls,Boys,Kids,Adults (3)

Amrgot is not exactly a household name in the world of skateboards, so why is it on our list?  Well, there are several compelling reasons you might consider this board for you or a board beginner you know! 

First of all, the 4.6/5.0 Amazon rating is quite good and that’s where we often start our research.

Secondly, it has the structure and design of an excellent board at a beginner-ish price.  For example, it has full-length grip tape which is waterproof and high-density.  It features a 7-layer Maple deck for maximum durability.

The ABEC-9 PolyUrethane wheels are up for the job on nearly any surface.  The 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks are ample and it comes with glow-in-the-dark graphics. 

Please note that contrary to what some of the advertising might say, this board is not “illuminated”.  It merely has glowing capabilities if charged with enough light.

There is also some concavity to the board as the edges are curved up around 1/2″.  Each end curves up close to 2″ to offer more board control.

Be sure to click the green button below to check out more details on Amazon!




5.   Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard


Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2 Complete Skateboard

Powell has been producing high-quality skateboards for decades and this one is no exception.  The best part about this complete is the price.  You get a high-quality deck and parts all for the price of a blank.  

Powell also offers many different graphic options if this specific logo isn’t what you are looking for.

It features high rebound and hand-cast polyurethane wheels that provide super grip and roll qualities.  The top of the board is grippy and it measures 7.6 inches wide and 31.6 inches long. 

Lots of color options are available, and while it’s made overseas, the specifications are pretty specific and relatively high, but the price just screams “CHINA!!!”




6.  WhiteFang Skateboard for Beginners

WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners, Complete Skateboard 31 x 7.88, 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Concave Standard and Tricks Skateboards for Kids and Beginners (Arrow)


Here’s a beginner skateboard that advertises itself as exactly that!  It features many of the qualities of other boards but at an even better price point. 

For example, it has a 7-layer Canadian Maple deck.  It’s 31.75″ long and 7.88″ wide and it’s designed to have a great balance of lightness and toughness.

The deck-top features full-length sandpaper for unmatched grip and traction.  It gives you the “locked-in” feeling for your feet and makes it a lot easier to master tricks.

The 52mm Polyurethane wheels and ABEC-9 precision bearings with 95A high rebound PU bushing, give it a few more features that are not scraping the bottom of the barrel if you know what I mean! 

It can handle weights up to 330 lbs with its 5-inch Magnesium alloy trucks.

It’s engineered to be quiet during operation and I’ve always believed the quieter the ride, the better the board.  I kinda still believe that though I have no actual proof!

Personally, I’m a fan of minimalist design, and this board hits the bullseye on that issue for sure!  The thermal transfer printing process gives you a longer-lasting graphic.  We love that you don’t even need to put it together – it’s already done!





7.   Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete 31-Inch Skateboard 


Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete 31-Inch Skateboard with Canadian Maple


This is an interesting option because it is basically a hybrid between a blank and pro skateboard deck.  

It’s like a pro board in that is has a “brand” and logo, but the cost is similar to blanks and they don’t sponsor the same quantity and caliber of professional skaters that other pro brands do.

While the logo is really cool and the rest of the parts seem to be high quality, you may not get the same brand recognition with Punisher as you would with other brands like Element or Toy Machine.  

This deck is also 7.5″ which makes it a great choice for a younger beginner.  This is the perfect beginner skateboard for someone who doesn’t really care about the brand name, but still wants the style and performance of an above average professional skateboard.

Butterfly Jive complete skateboard is built to take the blunt force of beginners crashing and trying tricks for the first time. The double concave kick design helps guide beginners with right foot placement with great design to show off.

As expected, it’s made from 7-ply Canadian maple with a bit of concave for ease of learning and riding the skateboard while also be able to perform and learn tricks.

The Butterfly Jive comes with a variety of high-quality parts that ensure smooth rides such as it’s ABEC – 7 high-speed Punisher Bearings along with Riser Pads and PU (Polyurethane) cushions to make smooth turns and pivots easily.

The 5-inch trucks are custom painted to match the skateboard design. Alloy heavy trucks are perfect for the width size of the deck.

This allows the beginner to be able to learn with just enough space and comfort on the board and as they progress easily be able to make the transition into tricks.

The 36mm PU wheels work well with the ABEC – 7 Punisher bearings in providing a smooth and easy ride. Especially when learning. It also comes with 80AB heavy duty grip tape to ensure your feet stick comfortably to the board.

Overall, we like this board for beginners since it ensures everything is perfect right out of the box. No assembly required and you can just gift it to someone and they can start riding this best skateboard for beginners as soon as they receive it.





8.   Krown Pro Complete Skateboard


Krown KRRC-27 Rookie Complete Skateboard,Blue Flame


Similar to the previous skateboard, this Krown Zion complete gives you the look of a pro skateboard deck for a very low price, but without the actual brand reputation.  

Perfect for someone just starting that doesn’t really know or care much about pro skateboarding, but instead just wants a skateboard that looks cool and works well. 

It offers a 7-3/4 inch deck with white 52mm wheels and black aluminum trucks.  The board is made from Canadian Maple and it includes black grip tape.





9.  SCSK8 Blank Skateboard Pre-Assembled Complete

SCSK8 Pro Skateboard Complete Pre-Assembled Graphic/Natural Complete (The Natural)


If you decide that you don’t want to spend the money for a pro-quality complete, then this is your best bet for a completely blank skateboard.  

You’re just not going to find anything else with similar quality anywhere near this price range.  This blank skateboard is an even 8″ with 7 layers of maple wood in the deck.   

It has all the expected features like Aluminum 5″ trucks and Polyurethane wheels (52mm) and ABEC-9 Red bearings.

The 80AB heavy-duty black grip tape gives you the traction you need to keep on your feet and do tricks too!

This makes it ideal for any beginner especially adults or children with large feet.  A great option for someone on a budget or if you want to try a no-frills quality skateboard setup, before deciding if you want to invest further on a pro-style skateboard. 

It’s available in at least 3 different colorways/patterns if you don’t want the blank one.






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