10 Best Tennis Socks

Most tennis players would agree that plain old socks just don’t cut it for an intense game. As comfortable as they may be for day-to-day use, or walking around the house, they just are not designed for high-impact activity.

The friction, sweat, and fatigue that are associated with intense sports require special designs and materials, and no two players are completely alike in their preferences or anatomy.

Luckily, there are plenty of options on the market, so every tennis player can find a sock that suits their needs and preferences.

The constant stop-and-go nature of the sport creates a hot, sweaty environment for the feet and demands more support and padding than typical activity.

Fungal infections, plantar fasciitis, and fatigue are common problems that can be solved just by using the appropriate footwear, and this guide goes over all of the features available in the best tennis socks on the market. 

Tennis Socks Overview/Guide

While it’s great to have so many options available, it can be overwhelming to shop for the right sock for your needs. Manufacturers advertise plenty of features that make their product seem appealing, but without testing the product it can be difficult to decide whether a particular attribute benefits you.

Socks are not universally appropriate, as everyone’s anatomy is at least slightly different and there are different styles of playing. Factors like climate and the type of court also determine what clothing is appropriate since colder temperatures or natural clay and stone courts require more coverage for most players.

Manufacturers have come to understand that there are many variables that go into creating athletic wear. Designs have been developed and tested by athletes for quality, comfort, and durability.

This increases competition between manufacturers and ensures that players have access to the best sportswear available. There are different materials, cushion designs, and sock styles to choose from that all have their benefits, and this guide will help you determine what is best for you.

·      Material

Thanks to science, there have been plenty of materials that have been developed which have proven to perform better during strenuous activity than traditional cotton socks.

While cotton is absorbent and economical, it retains moisture and does not hold its shape, leading to a soggy, bunched mess that is anything but comfortable.

New synthetic fibers repel moisture out of the sock, keeping the foot dry and improving sock breathability. Synthetic materials also retain their shape much better than cotton for a better fit and slip less during play.

Alpaca is a natural fiber that is excellent for moisture-wicking and is normally blended with synthetic materials for added support. Alpaca is a soft fiber that is ideal for those who tend to blister easily and is naturally good for temperature control.

This natural fiber tends to be more expensive than other materials, as it is eco-friendly and requires more manual labor.

·      Arch Support

One of the most common features we come across when choosing athletic footwear is the added protection of arch support. Light compression to the arch of the foot helps prevent fatigue or strain that can result in a painful condition called plantar fasciitis.

Along with protection from fatigue and strain, a supportive sock will fit close to the foot even with strenuous activity and sweat, instead of shifting during movement and bunching into corners of the shoe.

·      Compression

Athletic clothing with compression is becoming increasingly popular, as we can see with professional athletes. Compression helps prevent lactic acid buildup and improves circulation during intense activity.

Even though socks offer compression on a smaller scale, this feature can benefit those who suffer from swelling or fatigue.

There are different levels of compression that are offered, with the lower compression being more common in athletic socks. Higher, medical-grade compression socks are available but are not suitable for strenuous activity and they can lead to overheating during play.

·      Padding

Thickness was once associated with padding, and while it is still true to some extent, modern designs use strategic padding to protect points of impact while providing light, breathable coverage to the rest of the foot.

The level of thickness that one needs depends on personal preference, the fit of their shoes, and their own points of impact.

Everyone is different, and while some may benefit from added padding on certain pressure points, others may find that this just crowds the shoe.

·      Seams

Traditional seams are not ideal for some players, as they can bunch in the toe of the shoe and cause friction or added pressure during the intense stop-and-go tennis match. Many designs feature flat seam or seamless toes now, which eliminates this problem.

This feature may not be ideal for everyone, as seamless toes can add compression in the area. Those with a wider foot may feel like their toes don’t have enough room-this is entirely dependent on the player’s anatomy.

·      Style


This is the traditional tennis sock style that ends 6-8” above the shoe line. This style is ideal for cool temperatures or for those who play with ankle braces or tape for support. The additional coverage can also keep the shin and ankle protected from dust when playing on clay or Har-Tru courts.

Mini Crew/Quarter

This style covers the ankle bone and is ideal for those who are prone to heel blisters or friction to the Achilles during play.

The mini crew is a good middle-of-the-line style for those who want coverage without the added compression to the lower calf.

It is also ideal for those who are prone to low or no show socks migrating into the shoe during play.

Low/No Show

With this style, there is slight or no sock appearance. This is currently the popular style and is ideal for hotter temperatures or for keeping the ankle and leg cool during intense games.

This style is more likely to slip into the shoe than the higher-profile sock, but designers have taken steps to avoid this problem.

Strategic compression and durable synthetic materials that have been developed have helped to create a sock that hugs the foot to prevent migration. Many low or no show shocks now feature a tab to protect the upper heel and Achilles from friction.

Best Tennis Socks Reviews


1.   Warrior Alpaca Socks – Men’s Sport Mini Crew Sock


Warrior Alpaca Socks - Men's Sport Mini Crew, Alpaca Wool Socks - Anklet with Terry lined Cushion Footbed (Off White/Gray Medium)


There are plenty of patented synthetic moisture-wicking fabrics on the market, and there is no doubt that these materials have their merits. For those who favor natural fibers, alpaca is excellent for moisture-wicking and softness.

Alpaca is a sustainable resource and does not require pesticides or other chemicals during production as cotton does. This fiber is superior to cotton when it comes to moisture-wicking ability, making the Warrior sock ideal for those who prefer natural materials but still need protection from moisture.

This low crew sock is lightweight, with a lined footpad for extra cushioning and prevention of irritating friction. The alpaca component is unique in that it is appropriate for all seasons-feet will be kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

This hypoallergenic sock is ideal for those with sensitive skin.


  • Moisture-wicking
  • Soft, good for avoiding blisters
  • Durable


  • More expensive than other materials
  • Have the potential for shrinkage




2.   NIKE Dri-Fit Classic Cushioned Crew Socks


NIKE Dri-Fit Classic Cushioned Crew Socks 6 PAIR White with Black Swoosh Logo) LARGE 8-12


The eco-friendly Dri-FIT by Nike is definitely a proven mainstay in the industry.  Made with partially recycled material, the Triple Fly features a left and right foot-specific design for a more tailored fit and long-lasting comfort.

The cotton/synthetic Dri-Fit blend (76% Cotton/21% Nylon/2% Spandex/1% Polyester) wicks moisture away from the foot while remaining soft. The snug fit prevents migration that can cause bunching in the shoe or friction from added bulk.

These crew cut socks have compression in the arch to protect from fatigue and strain, making them ideal for intense or extended activity. Strategic padding adds protection to impact points without added bulk to crowd the shoe.

These socks are durable and retain their shape wash after wash. 


  • Good support with arch compression
  • Patented Dri-Fit technology for excellent moisture wicking
  • Socks stay put during activity


  • Snug fit may be unsuitable for larger or wider feet
  • Not as much cushioning as other designs
  • Cotton/synthetic blend may not be ideal for warmer temperatures




3.   Thorlos Men’s and Women’s Running Thick Padded Roll Top Socks

Thorlos J Max Cushion Running Rolltop Socks, White (3 Pair Pack), Medium

The original cushioned athletic sock, the runners’ design by Thorlos is great for tennis players. 100% synthetic material gives maximum breathability and moisture-wicking to get you through the most intense game.

The signature cushion is designed to protect high-impact points to reduce stress on the foot, providing comfort while protecting from injury.

Made in the USA, these socks were designed for intensity, with extended padding over the toes to protect the feet from the impact of lateral movement and fast stops.

For sock stability, the roll-top on the back prevents the sock from slipping into the shoe while protecting the Achilles from friction. The low profile allows for freedom of movement and cooling in warmer climates or intense play.

This stylish design is yet another great option from a highly rated manufacturer.


  • Strategic padding over toes good for tennis players
  • Thick cushion on impact points
  • Stay in place better than most no show socks


  • Can be too bulky for some players
  • Extra padding over toes can crowd tighter-fitting shoes




4.   Dahlgren Trainer Socks


Dahlgren Trainer Socks, Charcoal, X-Large


With strategically placed alpaca and merino wool wicking channels in the toe and heel, Dahlgren’s patented DriStride® technology keeps the foot dry and comfortable.

The sock is cushioned only at the pressure points of the foot for impact and friction protection without crowding the shoe.

Dahlgren Trainer Socks are designed to maximize performance during intense activity, with snug arch support to prevent fatigue and injury. The dual-tab ankle helps the sock stay in place and protects the ankle from friction.

This sock is great for those who are prone to blistering, as it is designed to protect from friction without added pressure from excess bulk.


  • Strategic wicking channels
  • Stay in place during play
  • Cushions at pressure points only for less bulk


  • Can be a bit tight for wider feet
  • Alpaca and merino wool not ideal for very hot temperatures




5.   Vitalsox Low Cut Drystat Compression Socks



Vitalsox Low Cut Drystat Compression Socks, Black, Small


Specifically designed for tennis, the compressions socks from Vitalsox features patented Drystat® technology that not only wicks moisture away from the foot, it slows the growth of fungus and bacteria, making this design ideal for those prone to athlete’s foot.

Fungus and bacteria thrive in a warm, moist environment, which is hard to avoid in a sport as active as tennis.

The arch and ankle support is firm yet comfortable, so these socks are versatile. This design is not only suitable for athletes but can benefit those who work on their feet all day or who suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Added cushioning in the toe area also prevents injury in stop-and-go activities and sports.


  • Offers foot and ankle compression
  • Prevents bad sock odors
  • Strategic cushioning on pressure points


  • Can run large in the toe area
  • May not have enough compression for narrow feet




6.   Huso Men’s Tennis Performance Sports Ankle Compression Socks


Tennis Ankle Socks HUSO Extra Cushion Reinforced Compression Support Running Low Cut Socks for Men White 3 Pairs

The Tennis Performance socks from Huso are another great option for those prone to bacteria or fungus related infections. The antibacterial properties of these socks also help prevent the bad odors associated with heavy sweating and intense activity.

This seamless sock is also ideal for those who have trouble with friction and bunching from traditional seams.

Huso uses a special blend of fibers that has been developed to wick moisture away from the foot and provide support to the arch and plantar fascia with just the right amount of padding to pressure points.

This patented material is designed for a snug, lightweight fit to avoid crowding supportive shoes tennis players need.


  • Anti-bacterial for odor control and skin health
  • Deep heel cup for superior shape retention
  • Seamless toe to prevent friction and crowding


  • Snug fit due to compression-may be tight for wide or large feet




7.   adidas Tennis Traxion No Show Socks


adidas Unisex Traxion Tennis No Show Sock (1-Pair), Black/Shock Red/Onix/White, Large, (Shoe Size 9.5-12)

The Tennis Traxion socks from Adidas are perfect for those who prefer the look and freedom of movement that comes from no-show socks but don’t want to sacrifice support and moisture control.

Strategic cushioning absorbs impact and protects high-friction areas along the heel, toe, and ball of the foot.

Compression throughout the foot provides prevents fatigue and sock migration during intense play.

To protect the Achilles, this design also features a tab that follows the contour of most tennis shoes for better prevention against friction-putting the Tennis Traxion above other no-show socks in this category.


  • Compression throughout the foot for secure fit and additional stability
  • Heel tab to protect Achilles and heel from friction and blistering
  • Traction in heels to prevent sock slipping around in the shoe


  • Low cut offers no ankle support or compression
  • Not suitable for players that require ankle braces or tape




8.   Prince Men’s Low Cut Performance Athletic Socks


Prince Men's Low Cut Performance Socks for Running, Tennis, and Casual Use (6 Pair Pack) (Men's Shoe Size 12-16 (US), White)

A long-running company, Prince has committed to designing the ultimate athletic sock, and this low-cut option has the same features as more expensive brands.

While this sock does not have any exotic components, it is still one of the most popular options in its category.

Made of 100% synthetic materials, this sock channels moisture away from the foot without bunching. Cushioning on the sole protects the foot from repeated impact and the spandex component provides arch support and compression to prevent fatigue.

To prevent the abrasion and irritation that is common with stop-and-go sports, this sock has a smooth toe seam instead of the traditional bulky seam.


  • Hugs the foot for superior fit and stays put
  • Smooth toe seam to prevent abrasion and blisters
  • An economical option that has many features of more expensive brands


  • Can run large
  • Less cushioning than some designs, may not be suitable for those with sensitive impact points




9.   Danish Endurance Crew Cut Tennis Socks


Performance Crew Tennis Socks for Men & Women 3 Pack (White Retro Multicolor (1 x Red/Blue stripes, 1 x Black stripes, 1 x Green/Yellow stripes), US Women 11-13 // US Men 9.5-12.5)


These Danish Endurance socks offer you more than the usual qualities found in athletic socks.  Sure, you have the breathable and moisture-wicking abilities of any respectable sock, but these socks have more. 

Consider the technical cooling lanes that keep feet unusually comfortable (and more importantly, DRY) all day.  There’s the cushioning that keeps blisters at bay, and of course, they look good.  But wait, there’s more! 

These socks are made for EVERY sport and even daily wear.  

They actually are designed in Denmark, and then made elsewhere in Europe (Portugal to be exact).  The socks are free from harmful substances as evidenced by their OEKO-TEX standard 100 certification. 

These socks are fully-endorsed by Danish Ironman athlete Anders Hofman who has set a world record for the northernmost triathlon ever finished and will compete in 2020 in a triathlon in Antarctica

(and hopefully overcome the issue of Leopard Seal attacks on small seals – that look just like him in a wetsuit!!).

Customer support (yes, for a pair of socks!) is stellar, so if socks are important to you, here’s your pair!


  • Targeted cushion zone on impact areas allow for comfortable, prolonged performance
  • Smooth toe seam prevents friction and bunching in the shoe
  • Cooling lanes and other tech features that raise this sock above the “average” athletic sock
  • It comes in lots of colors


  • I’m workin’ on it – don’t rush me!




10.   Pure Athlete Running Socks



Ultra-Comfortable Running Socks - Anti-Blister Dot Technology, Moisture Wicking (Black/Blue, S/M)


The Pure Athlete socks are cutting edge in the sports clothing market. Along with all of the expected features of tennis socks, the advanced dot cushioning system makes this design unique.

For optimal design, this modern sports sock has been tested by professional athletes for comfort and quality.

Light compression throughout the foot and ankle make for slip-free wear, along with providing arch support for decreased fatigue.

The advanced polyamide/elastane blend is lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, keeping feet dry and helping prevent infections like athlete’s foot.

What puts the Pure Athlete sock at the top of the line is the unique dot padding system that cushions pressure points without the added bulk of the padding.


  • Light compression for comfort
  • Constructed from moisture-wicking and anti-odor materials
  • Unique, strategic padding for comfortable wear without added bulk


  • More expensive than some designs
  • Can be tight for larger feet




Conclusion & Recommendations

These are just a few of the many tennis socks that are offered, but they have been tested and rated as the best in their category.

As we can see from all of the features and options, there are many factors that go into selecting tennis equipment and athletic wear, especially socks since our feet bear the brunt of the activity in most intensive sports.

Everyone’s feet are different, but everyone requires support and protection from the impact on some level. There are also external factors to consider, such as ambient temperature and the type of court on which the game is played.

For those who prefer the full coverage of a crew sock, the Nike version of this style is the best, as the design also has all of the moisture-wicking and supporting benefits of the lower-cut socks.

If a cooler climate calls for temperature control, the Warrior and Dahlgren designs are constructed with alpaca and wool, which can act as natural insulators while wicking moisture away from the foot.

Lastly, the popular low and no-show designs on the list are all ideal for warmer climates and freedom of movement, with Prince’s design being the best bargain.

Choosing the best sportswear for your individual needs can definitely be confusing, especially with the number of options that are available.

Understanding what your individual needs are is the first step to deciding what features are best for you. Hopefully, this guide and list will help you decide which style, quality, and design is best for you.



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