10 Best Water Guns : Fun for Both Adults & Kids

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Water guns are a source of amusement all over the world.  Water guns allow people of all ages to have fun with one another and to cool off in the summer time when the days get long and hard.  Water guns first came onto the scene in the year 1982 when a man named Lonnie Johnson accidentally- as many inventions are- figured out a way to make a water gun when repairing his water heater.  Johnson’s invention would soon become the first Super Soaker.  It is important to point out early on that not all water guns are super soakers.  There are many other types, but Super Soakers are more of a generic name given to water guns as a whole.  This is similar to how people would refer to any soda as “Coke” or “pop.”  So, this is just to clear up any confusion that one might have.  Today, we are going to go over the many characteristics that make a water gun great.  We’ll help you find what you need for your specific purposes, and then we will review the top ten most popular water guns currently on the market.

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Best Water Gun Reviews


NERF Super Soaker Tidal Tube Blaster 2-Pack

wanna look like the earth version of Han Solo while shooting water at someone or mimic Yosemite Sam?  Here’s your answer.  This two gun set allows you to shoot water at quite a distance despite being relatively small and easy to carry. It holds up to 10 ounces of water, and it routinely sprays over 30 feet!  Adults can manage to get it to spray even further with the pump action.  For a medium range price, this is a great addition to any collection or a great gift or toy for any child as it promises to absolutely soak you with a hard stream of water!


  • Two pack means you can play with someone else
  • Great distance at small weights
  • Great price for two


  • For 6 years and up because a certain level of strength is necessary
  • Holds only ten ounces at a time


NERF Super Soaker Zipfire Blaster

Looking to conceal your attempt to soak someone with a nice water pistol?  Look no further as the Zipfire is your answer.  The Zipfire allows you to easily maneuver and hide it as it is very small.  However, despite it being small it can still shoot water at a range of up to 20 feet.  Like all water pistols, it is a bit short when it comes to how much water can be put into it at only three ounces.  It comes at a very reasonable price and it holds up very well and is very safe for children.  The great thing about it is that when you are in stealth mode situations, it will not leak!  So, you can store it in your pocket and wait for hours until the time is right!


  • No leaking in your pockets
  • Good stream for a pistol
  • Great, low price


  • Only holds three ounces of water.
  • Mass produced which sometimes leads to small defects


NERF Super Soaker Freezefire Blaster

once again NERF is back (we’ll have to get used to it!) with a true blaster.  This blaster is different from the first because the Freezefire literally will make your foes surrender to your awesome power.  The Freezefire holds up to 23 ounces of water at a time, which is a massive improvement over the Tidal Tube.  As such, this one is going to weigh more, however!  But this should be no problem for an older child or adult.  It also has a range of up to 38 feet, and possibly even further if you are strong enough with the pump!  It also comes at quite a reasonable price, so it is well worth a look.  Just remember that the stream here is all dependent on the user!


  • Holds 23 ounces of water
  • Range of 38 feet
  • Good price


  • Not great for weaker people
  • Does require two hands to operate at all times


NERF Super Soaker Microburst Blaster

This NERF blaster is different from any of the above ones because it is a hybrid of sorts.  The Microburst is small, but it isn’t too small.  Despite its relatively diminutive looks in comparison to other soakers or blasters, it pack quite the punch. Want to hide it from someone and then unleash a spray that is unforgiving?  This blaster gives you the chance to do both at the same time.  It holds up to 10 ounces of water and it can spray at a range of up to 33 feet!  It also is easy to pump in comparison to many others.  It shoots out in a single stream, but practically anyone can use thin one since it is a little easier and smaller.  It is also at a very reasonable price!


  • Can be hidden
  • Shoots quite a stream
  • Light and easy to handle


  • Leaks some from multiple places
  • Doesn’t hold as much water as some other blasters


Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka

The Soakzooka is an excellent addition to any aqua arsenal since it is large and intimidating and even carrying it will put the competition in a bit of a panic if you’re actually using it for aqua combat!  It holds 55 oz. which is also 1.6 Liters which is nearly half a gallon!  It can be a challenge to carry for the wee ones and anyone under about the age of 9 or 10 would have a tough time pumping the firing mechanism back and forth while still actually being on target and having fun.   Officially it’s recommended for ages 7 and up, but that’s only in order to include as many people as possible in the recommendation.

It features a variety of shooting patterns for your pleasure 🙂


  • Intimidating looks compared to more “normal” guns
  • Shoot quite a distance
  • Holds more water than the gun held by your adversary in a fight (unless they too have a Soakzooka)


  • Too heavy for anyone under 9 yrs. old (hey, that’s just a generalization – don’t freak out at me if you have a big, muscular 7-year old!)
  • Not the least expensive option


NERF Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow Striker

Going back to earlier when we talked about price, this is the first on the list to cross the price point mentioned.  So, it is higher end and geared more towards adults, but not necessarily away from kids.  Not only does this one look different and cool, but it also performs very well, too.  It allows you to shoot three streams of water (hence tri) or just one stream at a range of up to 38 feet!  It holds an incredible amount of up to 40 ounces of water, which far surpasses anything else we’ve seen.  It is pump-activated, so it will depend on strength to a certain extent.  This is an adult’s water gun if you’ve ever seen one!  The one drawback is that it is not equipped with a trigger.  Rather it is a crossbow you have to pull back, so this may be a downfall for the younger crowd.


  • Huge range
  • Holds up to 40 ounces of water
  • Allows you to shoot three streams if desired


  • Does not have a trigger
  • Is much more expensive than other water guns


Moddan Squirt Guns- 12 Pack

a change up from NERF see us going to a high quantity set of water pistols made by Moddan.  These water pistols look very good considering they are very cheaply made and see through.  You can easily tell which water pistol as yours as there are a variety of colors.  These are very inexpensive, especially as a set, and are a great throwaway toy that won’t set you back a lot of money if you are entertaining a ton of kids at your house.  These guns do leak a little, so they wouldn’t be great for sneaking around.  Just good for the backyard or pool area.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Big quantity of them
  • Great for parties and the pool


  • Won’t shoot very far at all
  • Leaks very easily


NERF Super Soaker Breach Blast

the second individual gun to make the list as crossing the aforementioned price point is the Breach Blast.  The Breach Blast is still moderately priced, however, and it packs quite a punch for the price.  It holds an astounding amount of up to 50 ounces of water, which surpasses everything on this list easily!  It shoots up to 38 feet, and like the Tri strike, it does not have a trigger; instead it goes completely off the pump action alone to propel its blasts.  It also looks very cool and will give you a lot of pleasure as you soak your foes.  This one will require some force in order to get it to shoot out its single stream of spray to its maximum distance.  Unlike guns that hold more water, this one is also easily held and comfortable, so no worries about having to carry something that is too heavy or having to let water about because you can’t hold it!


  • Holds an incredible 50 ounces of water
  • Has a great range to hit opponents
  • Very comfortable to hold


  • The price might be a little higher than some would prefer for one gun
  • The lack of a trigger could be a problem for some


Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack Super Water Blaster

next on the list is a company that is trying something completely different in the water gun market.  The Astronaut has a “space pack” that allows you to carry water on your back while you run and shoot your friends and foes with water.  The pack is connected via tube to the blaster itself, which looks eerily similar to Star Wars with its white color scheme and contrasting red and blue.  They claim to allow you to shoot 30 feet with one pump, and it is all for a very reasonable price.  The one problem that we have is that it looks like if one piece breaks, then you may have a lot of issues.  Nevertheless, it has become very popular.


  • Space pack gives you something different, and possibly an edge up
  • The price is very good
  • Pumping wildly is not needed


  • Pack is sized specifically for kids
  • It does tend to leak a fair amount


Fun Express 25 Piece Plastic Squirt Gun Assortment

to round out our list is a very inexpensive, no frills good old bulk quantity item.  The Fun Express squirt gun isn’t going to give you great quality, it’s not going to hold up well, and it’s not going to look great.  But it will give you fun and lots of it as there are 25 of these in the pack.  This number is sure to please plenty as this would be great for people with smaller children at birthday parties or just for general everyday summer use.  These are pure plastic and you can even see the insides as they’ve went as cheaply as possible through the process of making them.  They do not leak, but they only reach a distance of about 5 feet, so be advised to not be disappointed!


  • 25 guns leads to a lot of play time
  • Don’t leak, so you can sneak up on people
  • Very inexpensive


  • Stream is very weak
  • Will tear up quite easily



Water Gun Buying Guide

Why Water Guns?

Chances are if you’re here, you know the answer, but then again maybe you don’t.  Water guns are a great and fun way to spend time with friends and family.  However, the reasons go above and beyond just this.  Water guns aren’t just always for the fun of sneaking up on someone and covering them with water.

Water Wars

Water wars are, of course, the most popular use of water guns.  These are battles between unlimited amounts of people that typically have no rules and are all about fun.  Maybe you do have some rules, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter!  This avenue is for having fun above just about all else.

Water Guns for House Work?

Another use for the water gun is for everyday house work.  It sounds like a bit of a crazy idea, but let’s think about it.  Say you garden or like doing landscaping and you can’t reach a certain area very well.  What would you resort to?  For many people, the answer has been the water gun filled with pesticides or even just water for that matter.  I also, suppose, you could water plants quicker with one in some cases.  This is outside the box thinking, but then again we’ve seen people find many uses for tennis balls, too, so that shouldn’t be discounted!  To go along with this, water guns can also be used for pressure washing.  It would take a special one, but it is possible to be used for this purpose as well.

Another reason that you might want a water gun is that you want to improve it.  For many, they see taking a water gun apart and then putting together something new and better as a challenging and rewarding experience.  For some, they like to find the flaws behind a water gun and then they see if they can fix them with their tinkering.  This may be something you want to look into doing as there are a number of cheap and cool looking designs on water guns out there that needs just a little tinkering!

Water guns are also popular with people who like to go rafting.  Taking a water gun out to the river can be a very fun time for everyone involved.  With the right water gun, you will be able to spray people from long distances away while you float down the river.  This is a great time for adults to just kick back and be a kid for a little while.

There are also people that enjoy collecting water guns out there.  Maybe you started playing with water guns in the 80s as a kid and you just have always been fascinated with them.  If that’s the case, then you have likely collected them for years and years!

Another use of the water gun is to replace the traditional gun.  We all probably know of a kid that desperately wants to have a gun.  But obviously, they just don’t need a gun right now.  The water gun can be a fun way for them to play, have fun, or even practice what life would be like with a real gun.  And oftentimes, but not always, water guns are cheaper than the toy guns you find in the toy aisle.

To go a little further with this, water guns are also popular and a great replacement for paintball or airsoft guns.  With the right water gun, you can play the same type of games that you could with paintball or airsoft.  The reason why is simple: it’s much cheaper.  It is cheaper because water is virtually a free resource that we have to use.  Paintballs have to be bought, and they are quite expensive.  In addition to this, you don’t have to worry about anyone getting seriously injured from getting hit with actual projectiles.  This makes water guns an even more attractive option for anyone looking into a gun.  Also, water guns themselves are MUCH less expensive than a paintball gun or an airsoft gun.  Even those that have been tampered and modified by their owners typically end up costing them much less than a paintball gun would cost.  And then you have to worry about maintaining a paintball gun.  A water gun is very easy to maintain as long as you store it somewhere safe from the elements.

To go along with this, the water gun is also superior to the NERF gun or anything similar because you have to purchase darts or disks of some for in order to play with those, too!  So water is often the best bet!

Types of Water Guns

There are many types of water guns, and here is where we go over the various types that you could see.    One of the types is the water pistol.  The water pistol is the equivalent of the normal pistol, of course.  It is small, very light, and is easy to carry and conceal.  As a result, it is the perfect water weapon of choice if you want to sneak up on someone.  As with all water guns, the water pistol can have varying levels of quality to it.  Some of them can shoot water much further than others, some can shoot it at higher pressure levels.  It all depends on the type you get.  The water pistol is very popular and typically the first type that is thought of because they are very popular and typically very cheap.  They are almost always in the “dollar” type stores, and they are seen as something that can be essentially thrown away in most cases.  This doesn’t make them a bad investment, per se, it just means that they are typically not quite as well maintained.  Water pistols are great for the pool as well because you know you are going to have a ton of water right there with you, so you will have the chance to refill as often as needed so you can spray that pesky friend or parent as long as you like!

Water Soakers

On the opposite end of the spectrum to the water pistol is the water soaker (the equivalent of a rifle).  The soaker is the type of water gun that is big and bulky.  It can easily be spotted from a mile away, so it’s much less easy to sneak up on someone with one of these!  However, they have their own uses.  This type shoots much further on average than any water pistol would.  They allow you to hit distances, whether they are in the air or out in the field in front of you.  They also are great because they last much longer before running out.  This means that you don’t have to refill them as often, which is never something that is very fun!  One of the things that can set a soaker apart is the pump.  On many of these, you have a pump or some other mechanism that has to be used in order to spray water onto your foe or target.  This action can be hard on older and younger people at times, depending on the soaker.  This type is also generally much more expensive than your water pistol because it gives you much more opportunities to hit things.  Another reason that it costs more is that it simply takes up more space in the store, which means the retailer is losing potential money on something else.

Motorized Water Guns

Motorized water guns are also a subset that have to be mentioned.  The motorized water gun typically looks like a soaker.  The motorized option is popular because you don’t have to do any pumping in order to shoot it.  It is because of this that they can be a great option for the kids or maybe even older adults.  Keep in mind that this option doesn’t have quite the same amount of pressure that soakers have, which ultimately means that it will not shoot near as far as the normal soaker.  However, it may be worth it to you so you don’t have to pump so much!  Another potential downside to this choice is that it does take batteries.  This just means that there is going to be an added expense and that you are going to have to replace them periodically.

Which is right for you?  How about getting one of each and trying that out!

Style or Substance

An important factor to point out in all of this is the fact that too many water guns give you either style or substance but not both.  This is a very unfortunate fact.  There are so many people out there that end up being disappointed by how poorly their gun performs despite it looking very cool.  We probably all can remember a similar story from when we were kids.  That one really nice looking water gun just didn’t shoot further than five feet or maybe they broke easily.  Whatever the case, don’t always assume that its nice looks mean that it will be a giant success in terms of doing what you want it to do.  It may well be exactly what you wanted, but don’t expect it to be just based on packaging, marketing, or looks alone.

For Kids or Adults?

While it’s no secret that everyone can enjoy water guns, one of the big question marks is whether they are intended for kids or adults?  The industry, of course, would love to sell to as many people as humanly possible.  But lately, they have decided that the best course of action has been to mainly target kids specifically.  As such, we have seen a downtick in the quality of the water guns out there on the market.  This is a direct correlation with lower prices.  The lower prices that are commanded because parents simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on a water gun for the kids has caused the quality to be lacking.  A price point of about $20 is about the highest most parents would ever be willing to go.  With the price, it’s no surprise that a lot of the guns that come out are seen as failures to people that are hobbyists in this niche.  However, the failure may or may not have existed for the companies as they were merely looking to sell as many water guns as possible.  Another reason they’ve taken a lot of the better guns out is that they do take up a lot of shelf space at retailers, and the retailers have felt like they were selling as well.  This is a chicken or egg type situation that can go around and around, and it leads back to the $20 price point mentioned earlier.

A line in the sand was drawn, and NERF has come in to try and fill in the gap.  Hasbro’s brand is marketing more toward adults with more expensive and better-made products in the hopes of forming a market there.  These are, in theory, going to work much better and be more about skill (yes, skill) because adults are the ultimate users of these.  Whether or not the market can grow wildly is yet to be seen, but it is exciting to see NERF give it a go as they have done well with other things in the adult market.

Water Gun Parts

The first and most obvious part is the shell of the water gun, which is made from plastic.  In almost all cases, all water guns are made from this in order to keep prices down.  This means that water guns aren’t easily broken, unless you are trying to do so, so they should be fine in most instances.  Of course, there are other factors.  The trigger is a big part of the gun.  The trigger (or sometimes something else) will determine when the water is released.  The cap is also a huge part because the cap must be sturdy and secure in order to prevent leaking.  And lastly, the pump is instrumental because it will send the water on its way!

How in the World Do I Choose the Best Gun for Me (or my kids)!?

There is much debate across the world as to what exactly the best type of water gun is.  The reason is that each person has their own needs and wants.  There are many other uses for a water gun besides a water fight, as we have found as we’ve reviewed each of these water guns and listened to what others had to say.  Is the best water gun one that holds the most water or the one that sprays water the longest distance or is it which is the stealthiest?  This is a question that will probably be asked for as long as water guns are around.  The ultimate answer is that it’s up to you decide!




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