The Best Baseball Cleats : Molded & Metal

Cleats are essential in most outdoor sports. Baseball is no exception. A legitimate pair of baseball cleats will feel lightweight so you can move and have spikes that will give you the ability to dig into the dirt and run fast.

While there are a few options, you will see a lot of metal cleats in professional baseball because it isn’t a contact sport.

The metal from the cleats is usually beneficial to the player because it goes into the dirt and/or grass no matter what the weather conditions.

The last thing you want to do as a baseball player (especially a pro) is to blow a big game for your team because you slid on the grass and failed to catch that easy pop-up.

However, metal cleats may not always be legal at all levels for safety purposes.

There are countless occasions where a baseball player will slide into second base, third base, etc. where their foot is the first body part heading towards the opposing player attempting to tag the batter out.

In these situations there is always the potential for the tagging player to get accidentally pierced by a sliding player’s cleats, so make sure to check your local regulations prior to purchasing metal cleats.

If whatever league or school district you play in forbids metal spikes in your cleats, you can turn to a safer alternative in molded baseball cleats.

Of course, rubber cleats won’t puncture everything they come in contact with like metal cleats would, but you will still have fair traction on the diamond and you won’t be on a disadvantaged playing ground because everyone will have to wear non-metal cleats.

Baseball Cleats Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are the batter, infielder, or outfielder, you are going to be running frequently (unless you’re the pitcher or catcher.) With that being said, you are going to want to purchase baseball cleats that are made with durable material.

If you’re an athlete that takes your craft seriously, you’re going to want to purchase sports equipment that will last a while and support you while playing to your best ability.

You’re going to want to buy a pair of cleats that have a reliable bottom so that you will be able to run through the grass and the dirt with ease. Besides metal cleats, there are rubber-molded cleats, which are basically cleats with a rubber bottom.

Just like football cleats, baseball cleats come in different varieties. You will find some that are low ankle cleats, and some that offer mid ankle support.

This decision is totally up to your own preferences, so it ultimately comes down to the amount of ankle support you desire from your baseball cleats.

If you are searching for ankle stability, it is important to look for mid-top cleats, some of which will have an adjustable ankle strap for security.

Like most pairs of shoe-wear, you will also want to acknowledge the width of your cleats prior to purchasing. If you get something too narrow and unable to be broken in, you wind up very disappointed to say the very least.

You will constantly be in a mode of discomfort and in the long run your play on the baseball diamond will be affected by this feeling. If you believe you have wide feet, try and look for cleats that are designated in wide sizes.

This way, your feet won’t feel suffocated and you’ll be able to go out there comfortably and play ball. The softness of the midsole goes a long way as well.

Most baseball players, especially the ones who play long tournaments, will need a pair of cleats that are comfortable so that there isn’t an extreme amount of stress on your feet.

Let’s journey into the top ten baseball cleats out there:

Best Baseball Cleat Reviews


1.   Mizuno 9 Spike Mid Baseball Cleat


Mizuno (MIZD9 Men's 9-Spike Advanced Franchise 9 Molded Baseball Cleat-Low Shoe, Black/White, 6.5 D US


These cleats are a mid-level pair of shoes that are specifically designed for baseball. The rubber studs on the bottom of these cleats make it very easy to run on the baseball diamond while offering comfort and durability for long-term use.

The Mizuno cleats will keep you on the field no matter what regulations your league has thanks to the rubber sole.  They are also great for further customization.

The only downfall about these cleats is that it was reported to have spikes that “fold under you” when using them. So beware when buying rubber cleats because the last thing you need is to trip and get hurt due to poor footwear.

You want something that delivers excellent traction and keeps you going strong. Some rubber spikes are capable of doing so, but in the end, it depends on the person and more importantly the brand.

If you choose a pair of cleats that don’t have molded spikes with good quality, you may run the risk of getting hurt.

Despite any potential downfalls, the Mizuno brand is pretty reliable in baseball and these cleats are a safe bet when it comes down to it.


  • Rubber sole is comfortable for the player
  • Mid-style gives good ankle support


  • Molded spikes were said to “buckle under you”; poor quality
  • Run small




2.   Under Armour Harper Baseball Cleats


Under Armour Men's Harper Mid RM Baseball Shoe, Red (600)/White, 13 M US


Bryce Harper’s signature cleats have a powerful design, high-end ankle support, and tough spikes that provide traction and durability no matter what type of field you’re playing on.

The Under Armour Harper cleats sport six different color combinations.

These cleats come with a mesh tongue that encourages ventilation, so you will have the luxury of having cool and dry feet, even if it’s 110-degree weather during your baseball game.

Although the Harper one cleats are rubber molded, they are made with excellent quality thanks to Under Amour.

You could be on the natural grass, or even synthetic turf, and you will still have great support on your feet and your ankles, which will help you stay away from lower-body injuries when push comes to shove.

These Under Armour baseball cleats have possibly the best ankle support currently in the market. The ankle strap attached to this mid-level cleat will provide you with reliable support, reducing the likeliness of ankle injury.

The synthetic leather makes this cleat tremendously comfortable and won’t put much stress unto your feet and ankles.

Based on the quality, ankle support, and efficient spikes, the Under Armour Harper One baseball cleats are definitely a top consideration when on the lookout.


  • Ankle strap offers excellent support
  • Mesh tongue provides ventilation for a cool and dry feel
  • Rubber molded spikes are durable and have optimal traction


  • tall ankle collar rise may not suit everyone with regards to comfort




3.   Nike Huarache 2K Mid Baseball Cleat


Nike Air Huarache 2KFILTH Elite Mid Baseball Cleats Orange/Anthracite/Volt (8)

The Nike Huarache baseball cleats are metal spiked cleats that offer standard ankle support thanks to its’ high top. The materials for these cleats are a combination of mesh and synthetic leather.

Using these types of materials, Nike is able to offer consumers a pair of cleats that are an accurate fit and can last for a long time.

Just like the Bryce Harper cleats, the Nike Huarache baseball cleats have a lightweight mesh tongue that will help your feet feel cool and comfortable on the baseball field.

The Huarache 2K baseball cleats are ideal for the player who desires ankle support, comfort, and metal cleats.

These metal spikes will pierce through grass, dirt, and turf, so as long as your league allows it, you should be on your way to becoming an elite baseball player.

The grey and black color scheme for this particular pair of baseball cleats goes very well, and it is evident just by looking at the Huaraches that they are made from strong material that is sure to last long.


  • Lightweight material keeps you feeling light, fresh, and dry
  • Mid-level ankle support helps you with stability
  • Metal spikes help with traction


  • Metal cleats aren’t allowed at all levels
  • Lack of colors to choose from




4.   Nike Trout 2 Pro Baseball Cleat

Nike Mens Trout 2 Pro Baseball Cleat Size 7 Black/Volt/White

Nike’s Trout 2 baseball cleats are similar to the Huaraches, but different in both color scheme and structure. The Trout baseball cleats have a low cut on the ankles with a lightweight midsole.

On the bottom of these baseball cleats are six metal spikes that are full length, joined with three other spikes that are significantly smaller. Part of the cleat has a synthetic leather feel mixed with a mesh interior.

The Nike Trout 2 baseball cleats are best for those who aren’t very concerned about ankle support but are still looking for lightweight metal cleats.


  • Material is lightweight
  • Low cut ankles for those who prefer that fit


  • Runs small




5.   Adidas PowerAlley 2 Baseball Cleats

adidas Performance Men's PowerAlley 2 Baseball Cleat, Black/Carbon/Carbon, 11.5 M US


This baseball cleat by Adidas comes fully equipped with protection. The “Adi-tuff” technology applied to the toe of the PowerAlley cleats fights cuts and scrapes in that area.

This characteristic is a big plus in the durability field because the “Adi-tuff” material isn’t easy to damage. This will be useful when you are in tough games that require a lot of sliding and diving.

It is always good to have that sense of security when it comes to the durability of your baseball cleats.

Made mostly of nubuck and synthetic leather, the Adidas PowerAlley baseball cleats will feel good on your feet, and as a result, you’ll play good (hopefully.)

These materials also make the cleats flexible, so that you won’t feel stiff when running or trying to make a play. In other words, the break-in process will be a lot more advanced compared to other cleats.

While consumers have claimed that the PowerAlley cleats run somewhat small, you will get your most out of the metal spikes on the bottom.

The metal cleats attached to the rubber sole will make good traction and get you going on the baseball field.

The two-tone design with the textile print is an attraction for the eye; so if you want to stay up to date with fashion and play well during your baseball games, check out the Adidas PowerAlley 2 cleats!


  • Adi-tuff technology provides unique protection
  • Metal Cleats will help with traction
  • Interior liner absorbs moisture for a dry fit


  • Runs small




6.   New Balance Low Baseball Shoe


New Balance Men's 3000 V4 Metal Baseball Shoe, Black/White, 12 M US


New Balance comes out with a low-cut metal baseball shoe that will help you succeed on the field. The New Balance Cleats distinguish themselves from other baseball cleats thanks to their interior camouflage design.

Depending on what color scheme you buy, your cleats will have a camouflage design on the inside, in between the “N” logo, and something even on the bottom of the shoe.

When wearing the New Balance baseball shoe, you’ll have eight metal cleats on each shoe for dominant traction through any field.  The SEVENTEEN colorways are a nice touch too!!!

The New Balance Baseball shoes will be low cut, lightweight, and easy to wear! New Balance has been known for comfortable shoes so I wouldn’t be surprised if these baseball cleats were very kind to your feet.

In the long run, the New Balance cleats are a reasonable baseball cleat that could be worn by the most experienced players. Just like most metal cleats, the New Balance cleats have the ability to pierce any type of playing field.

So whether you are on hard dirt or bumpy grass, you will be able to have great traction wearing these cleats, which will be beneficial to your play.


  • Stylish Design
  • Eight metal cleats will provide excellent traction on the field


  • Low cut structure may not be best for those who desire ankle support



7.   Asics Base Burner Baseball Cleats


ASICS Men's Base Burner-M, Titanium/White/Lime, 10.5 M US


Asics’ base burner cleats will keep you playing fast and tough. The low-cut Asics baseball cleat is made of synthetic leather that is strong and very easy to clean.

So whenever you get your cleats dirty from stealing bases or diving for that line drive, the Base Burner cleats won’t give you a frustrating headache when it comes to cleaning.

Asics have been primarily known for manufacturing shoes for wrestling and running, so the Base Burner cleats are taking a step in a new industry.

They are off to a good start with the compression-molded heel, which supports extra cushion. These metal cleats will fit you perfectly, so it is recommended that you purchase your true size.

I would recommend the Base Burner cleats for those who are loyal Asics customers or people who are looking for a pair of fair-priced metal cleats.


  • Cleats fit properly and comfortably
  • Metal spikes are sharp for stability and traction
  • Compression-molded heel maximizes comfort


  • There may be other brands that offer more for baseball
  • Leather looks somewhat cheap




8.   Under Armour UA Ignite Baseball Cleats

Under Armour Men's Ignite Low ST Baseball Shoe, Black (001)/White, 11.5

With the introduction of the Ignite baseball cleats, Under Armour is giving consumers another very good cleat option.

Starting with the large Under Armour logo in the middle of the cleat, these two-toned baseball cleats are ready to hit the baseball diamond.

You will be very comfortable while wearing these cleats since they are made of nubuck and synthetic leather. Comfort is always a big deal when playing baseball.

Players are often concerned about their footwear since they are constantly demanded to run either as a batter or fielder.

Under Armour claims that nubuck and leather combination “balances step.” If the materials in this product do in fact help you with your movement, it should be something to consider.

Under Armour is always good at keeping your body cool or warm, depending on what you’re looking for. The mesh tongue will give you enough ventilation to sweat while playing, without having your feet feel damp.

The most impressive feature of the Under Armour Ignite baseball cleats is the “ArmourBound” midsole cushions, which is known to absorb shock and balance out the pressure on the sole.

With the amount of pressure you apply on your feet by running, having cleats that absorb this type of shock is extremely beneficial.

If you’re a serious baseball player, get these cleats. If you play long, exhausting tournaments, get these cleats if you’re allowed to wear metal. They will serve you well in the long run while providing excellent quality, and top of the line traction.


  • ArmorBound midsole cushions force shock absorption
  • Mesh tongue helps ventilation so your feet are dry
  • Nubuck and synthetic leather boost your comfort while wearing these cleats


  • While mid-top is secure enough, an ankle strap would be a good idea for enhancing ankle stability


The Verdict

Baseball cleats are tools that help you run on the dirt and grass of the baseball field. They are supposed to offer you support for your feet and ankles, good traction, and lightweight material so you can be at your best.

It will be your decision to decide whether you will use rubber molded cleats or metal cleats. This decision ultimately comes down to your preference, and regulations that your athletic league enforces.

One thing you always want to keep in mind with baseball cleats is their quality because that will affect durability. Faulty equipment, especially footwear, puts the player at a higher risk for injury, so it would be pointless to purchase something “cheap.”

The first pair of baseball cleats I would recommend would be the Mizuno 9 Spike baseball cleats. After analyzing these cleats, one obvious feature I can point out is that they are arguably the “whole package” of baseball cleats.

Their Amazon customer reviews are insanely EXCELLENT, and the very low price (for what you’re getting) is hard to ignore. 

They’re comfortable and able to handle anything …. for the sub-$50 price point.  That’s INCREDIBLE and that’s why they’re at our number one position.

Next, I would recommend the Nike Huarache 2K baseball cleats. These cleats will treat you well because they are very lightweight, so there won’t be a time that you will feel held back by added weight.

The metal spikes attached to the Huarache cleats won’t break from underneath you and possibly put you in the hospital due to a bummed knee or a bad ankle.

If you’re a Nike fan looking for baseball cleats that look “out of the box” and have the ability to keep your lower body stable.

The last pair of cleats I recommend are the Adidas PowerAlley 2 baseball cleats. These cleats without a doubt worth purchasing because of their unique “Adi-tuff” technology that is arguably the most durable material available.

If you’re searching for a very durable baseball cleat with a moisture-wick interior, these are the best for you.

Baseball cleats help you tear up the dirt and grass. They make sure you don’t slip or break your ankle trying to run to first base.

Depending on what type of cleat you are looking for, these ten baseball cleats are the best to go for, including the three recently mentioned.

Remember, the first step in buying new baseball cleats is to confirm what type of cleat is allowed in your league and which isn’t.

This will make the process that much easier as all you will be left to do is filter out the ones you can wear and choose from that specific selection. Once you find the right pair of baseball cleats you will be on your way to third and heading home!



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