10 Best Baseball Turf Shoes for 2021

So, you’re considering some turf shoes for baseball? You’ll need footwear that will support your feet with excellent comfort and traction without tearing up the surface beneath you right? Luckily, turf shoes do just that. In baseball, there may be days where you’ll be playing on a grass field and other days where you’ll play on artificial turf.

Top Baseball Turf Shoes Comparison Chart

You want to be prepared for both occasions! Metal cleats would tear up a turf surface whereas turf shoes wouldn’t provide enough traction to properly maneuver on the baseball field. But aren’t turf shoes the same as running sneakers? No. Turf shoes should be used on artificial turf opposed to running sneakers because turf shoes have a sufficient amount of tread on them. They can deliver the perfect amount of grip for the harder surface, which is artificial turf in this case.

Baseball Turf Shoes Buying Guide


The first characteristic you should look for is tread. While an artificial turf surface doesn’t need the same amount of tread that regular baseball cleats provide, you still need something to create enough traction so that you can move with balance and speed.  Basic baseball cleats for a grass surface gains traction with the long spikes that are located throughout the outsole. If someone without common sense decided to use baseball cleats for a game played on turf, they would most likely destroy the field in addition to potentially causing their feet a significant amount of pain. After all, using those types of cleats on a hard surface is a recipe for disaster. Just like regular shoes, lack of tread can cause slipping, which could potentially cause the player injury.


Let’s get right to it. Durability is important for anything. Literally anything. Since the feet are used every single day, durability is just as important, if not more. Depending on how often you play baseball on turf, you’re also going to want turf shoes that are made with strong leather. If you play on turf often, you’re going to need something that is going to hold up for a long period of time. A common mix of material that provides both durability and a lightweight feel is synthetic leather with mesh. Most purchases you make should be an investment. If you really care about your investments, you will want to get the most value out of them for the longest amount of time. So buying a durable turf shoe is the goal instead of looking for a quick fix that will get you by on the baseball diamond.


Look for something light. It is an inconvenience in baseball [or any sport] to wear a bulky shoe that brings down your mood and level of play. Having a lightweight turf shoe will not only enhance your speed on the field, but it will also provide you with just as much comfort, if not more. Being fast on the baseball diamond is beneficial to the player and the team. Compared to a baseball cleat, a turf shoe would be lighter because it lacks metal/rubber spikes. While this doesn’t take off a large margin of weight, it still counts towards a lighter feeling when playing baseball. Wearing a bulky shoe will likely increase its weight. A majority of turf shoes boast their lightness because no one in modern sports wants to be held down by a heavy shoe!

Ankle Support

While Ankle support isn’t an absolute must for turf shoes, it is very useful for those who appreciate it. A good handful of turf shoes are considered low cut, while there is another select group that is mid cut. If ankle support isn’t in your list of baseball priorities, then either make would likely satisfy your needs. But if you’re someone who needs that extra stability in the ankle area, go for mid-cut turf shoes. A turf shoe with exceptional ankle support will be able to stabilize your ankle and discourage it from rolling. Ankle support more of a preference than it is a standard, but something to seriously consider for the competitive baseball player.


Baseball is fun. Being on your feet for long periods of time is not very fun. When searching for the right shoe, you’re going to want something that feels comfortable to you. The most comfortable turf shoes are those that have a soft midsole that absorbs running shock. This will open up your ability to run for the ball at a fast pace. Baseball is one of a few sports where you can physically have two games in the same day. That’s a lot of running. In order to protect your feet from frequent pain, having a comfortable shoe is crucial. To summarize, look for something with a great amount of cushioning. This will protect your foot from potential aches and/or injury, resulting in consistent comfort.

Best Baseball Turf Shoe Reviews


1.   Nike Diamond Trainer

Nike has been an elite footwear brand for decades. This element is no different in the Baseball market. The Nike Diamond turf shoes are specifically engineered for baseball played on turf. Wearing this shoe on artificial turf will guarantee a comfortable and safe playing experience.

Running with the Diamond Trainer turf shoes will feel as though you are using traditional running shoes, except these shoes are designed for playing baseball on artificial turf. They have just enough tread on them to engage with the artificial surface and keep the player balanced. The outsole of this shoe is made of rubber and has a “nubby bottom”, which satisfies the needs of baseball players who play and/or train on a turf field.

A majority of the comfort in the Nike Diamond Trainer is derived from the midsole. This shoe contains a full-length Phylon midsole, which absorbs any impact that occurs during the running process. The Air-sole unit, located on the heels, delivers excellent protection to the bottom of the foot and ultimately enhances the comfort of the shoe. Most of the upper is manufactured with lightweight synthetic leather that keeps your feet light and stable. There is a high chance that you will get a reasonable amount of time with these turf shoes based off of the strong leather they were made with.

One of the more unique features of the Nike Diamond Trainer in comparison to the other shoes on this list is the removable tongue flap. While it looks awkward, the tongue flap is a great asset for someone who wants their shoelace knot to stay tied throughout the entirety of the game. It protects the tongue area of the shoe so that your shoelaces don’t untie and trip you up when it matters most.


  • Removable tongue flap helps your laces stay tied
  • Soft midsole offers foot protection and high-quality comfort
  • Just even tread to gain traction without hindering the player
  • Fair price


  • Runs small
  • Lacks Color variety



2.   New Balance 3000 v3 Turf Shoes

The 3000 v3 Turf Shoes from New Balance has the look of a baseball cleat, but functions as a turf shoe. The rubber outsole has an aggressive tread that will effectively grip onto the turf and won’t make you feel uncomfortable due to the length of the tread. The gum-like midsole is made with a Revlite material that absorbs shock and keeps the foot comfortable at all times. You can run naturally, as fast as you can, and not have to worry about the annoying shock, which tends to occur when you are running on firmer surfaces.

This New Balance Turf shoe comes in black, red, blue, grey, and navy, at an average price for baseball shoes. The 3000 v3 Turf shoe is also made of mostly synthetic leather with some mesh parts for breathability. These materials keep the shoe light and durable; who wouldn’t want that?  This shoe also has a debris-free tongue, which is resistant to any dirt or material that could potentially latch on to the tongue.

The price for the New Balance 3000 v3 is average. For what you get in this turf shoe, you are paying a fair price for a pair of shoes that hopefully pay off in the long haul.


  • Excellent tread
  • Insole is very comfortable


  • Runs small
  • Narrow



3.   Under Armour Men’s Glyde TPU Baseball Shoe

With the advanced technology that this brand applies to its products, it comes to no surprise that an Under Armour turf shoe is in the top three. The UA Ultimate turf shoe has the look and feel of a baseball shoe that’s ready to hit the turf and make an impact! This shoe is durable, comfortable, and light; offering the player a superior experience.

The SuperFoam technology in the insole is the primary reason that this shoe scores so high in responsiveness. This part of the shoe provides shock absorption, so your feet won’t be bothered as you are running. Most artificial turf fields are going to be flat and hard. This means that you are likely to encounter the shock that occurs when you run, so having a responsive turf shoe is crucial.  The flexible midfoot straps hug both sides of the foot for ultimate lockdown & support.  The Threadborne knit upper offers a superior breathable, compression-like fit that delivers lightweight directional strength.

 This midsole is light and comfortable, as the foot is low to the ground, which better stabilizes the foot. The upper is made with a mix of breathable mesh and synthetic leather that forms a natural fit and makes you feel as though you are walking with socks on your feet.

The lightweight outsole of the UA Ultimate shoes can easily generate friction with the surface area, yet isn’t obnoxious like the models from select brands. This is great news for the baseball player looking for a training shoe that feels non-existent yet fulfills the needs of the athlete. Whether you are playing on soft turf or a surface that feels no different than the sidewalk, these turf shoes from Under Armour will deliver.

One common complaint from users is not about the material itself, but the way the shoe is designed. A select group of users has complained that they have obtained blisters after frequent use because the shoe’s material is constantly rubbing against their exposed skin. In a situation like this, the best solution is to wear thick, good quality socks that can protect your skin from irritation. This downside isn’t necessarily proven, but something to look out for in a new pair of turf shoes.


  • Inexpensive
  • Made with high quality Under Armour technology
  • Midsole is responsive
  • Feels lightweight


  • Lacks color options
  • Material tends to rub against skin; subsequently irritating the player



4.   adidas Originals Men’s Speed Trainer 4 Baseball Shoe

Maybe you’re fed up with the traditional color choices offered by most shoe companies. You want something that speaks to your unique character but can’t find a brand that doesn’t offer more than the same standard color schemes. If that describes you, this Adidas turf shoe might be what you are searching for.

There is a great possibility that the Adidas Speed Trainer 4 turf shoes have the largest quantity of color options. Interested customers have the ability to choose from well over a dozen different color schemes, which keeps the customers engaged and feel as though they are choosing a turf shoe that either expresses their team colors or simply their personality. Even though some color combinations are available in certain sizes, no other brand in this market offers as many color options as the Adidas Performance Speed Trainer 4.

In addition to cosmetics, the Speed Trainer 4 turf shoes have a mesh upper with synthetic overlays, which makes the shoe feel extremely light. You could clearly see that the mesh upper is soft and breathable, a look that adds to the high comfort factor. The Adidas Performance Speed Trainer 4 is a lightweight shoe with strong enough material to make it last for a long time. Based on current feedback, a handful of players claim that the outsole isn’t as durable as it looks. This doesn’t come to much surprise as the outsole lacks “nubs” prior to first use.


  • Very light
  • Plenty of colors to choose from
  • Could be used casually in addition to baseball training
  • Price is reasonable depending on your shoe size


  • Not much tread on the outsole
  • Outsole is not durable
  • Runs small for most users



5.   Mizuno Wave Swagger 2 Turf Shoe

Another great turf shoe from Mizuno, the Wave Swagger 2 offers advanced qualities that will benefit baseball players of any level. The upper is made of a strong synthetic leather that keeps the shoe together. It also provides a stable and secure fit. Playing with the Mizuno Wave Swagger 2 is almost like playing with a pair of running sneakers. The midsole and the outsole of the Wave Swagger 2 have enough cushioning in them to provide the player with satisfactory comfort. Since artificial turf tends to be thin (depending on where you’re playing), it’s important to be wearing cushioned footwear.

The Mizuno Wave Swagger 2 is a mid-top; therefore it supplies the user with premium ankle support. It is easy to roll your ankle in any sport. Since you are going to be playing on a hard, flat surface, you need to be prepared with the right amount of support in the right places. The Wave Swagger 2 will be able to stabilize the ankle so that it won’t be encouraged to move in awkward positions that could be potentially dangerous. In other words, the mid-top on this turf shoe reduces the chances of injury, although there is never a full guarantee in any sport.

If you are looking for a turf shoe that resembles both a baseball cleat and a running shoe, the Wave Swagger 2 is the best of both worlds. This turf shoe has a great amount of comfort in addition to a durable leather make.


  • Midsole and outsole are very comfortable
  • Fair ankle support
  • Synthetic leather provides an accurate fit


  • Lacks comfort
  • Durability is questionable



6.   Mizuno Jaws Blast 4 Turf Shoes

The Jaws Blast 4 offers some of the most secure forms of grip in the turf shoe market. The “Jawz” outsole is designed with large spikes for a maximum grip. These turf shoes slightly resemble a pair of rubber molded baseball cleats. This outsole will be able to grip onto the artificial surface with ease. Mizuno also offers a full-length midsole, which enhances the comfort of the shoe tremendously. With this soft midsole, you can sprint at full speed comfortably make plays throughout the diamond. The Jaws Blast 4 also has great flexibility. Equipped with Proflex, the Jaws Blast 4 allows the forefoot to flex in different positions without any difficulty. These shoes have subpar breathability, but they will definitely keep your feet cool during hot summer games. No more feeling like your feet are on fire thanks to the materials used in the Mizuno Jaws Blast 4.

Surprisingly, the Jaws Blast 4 is priced at a higher price in comparison to other brands. This item doesn’t look like an expensive shoe but has a higher price tag than some newer turf shoes. While there isn’t a clear justification as to why they are priced high, it is interesting to see how they hold up with consistent use.

Similar to the Easton turf shoe, the Jaws Blast 4 has a thick leather look to it. This shoe has great comfort thanks to the midsole but isn’t as lightweight as one would hope. With a solid outsole, comfortable feel, and decent price, this turf shoe is one to keep in mind when making your final purchase. But when it comes to the overall look of the Jaws Blast, it seems as though it takes up a lot of space.


  • Flexible Forefoot
  • Comfortable midsole
  • Excellent traction throughout the outsole


  • Runs small and narrow
  • Bulky
  • Lack of breathability



7.   Nike Zoom Trout 3 Turf Shoe

Mike Trout’s signature turf shoes from Nike are one of the brand’s more recent releases. This shoe is lightweight and perfect for the occasional and/or more frequent turf baseball player. The mesh upper of the Trout 3 is made with Nike’s signature technology called “NikeSkin.” This thin, light material offers a breathable feel for the player. While the upper contains light material, that doesn’t take away the durability of Nike’s turf shoe. The Trout 3 has Nike Zoom Air units in the forefoot and the heel, which offers an extremely responsive experience. By having this type of support, the player can run naturally and feel protected.

The outsole of the Nike Zoom Trout shoe has various bumps for a solid grip. The last thing any baseball player wants is to slip on the turf, make a fool of themselves, and potentially cost the team an opportunity to win the game, so traction is important for turf shoes. Another area of support in this shoe is Nike’s signature Flywire technology. Flywire keeps the shoe sturdy and provides the baseball player with a lockdown unlike any other.


  • Mesh is made of light material with great quality
  • Outsole has enough studs for a superior grip
  • High response levels


  • High priced



8.   Rawlings Player and Coach Turf Shoes

One of baseball’s longest contributing brands, the Rawlings is offering us a bit of a generic multi-purpose turf shoe.  It’s advertised as a shoe for anything and anybody who steps on turf for anything including baseball players, football players, lacrosse players and coaches.  I have my doubts that it’s a good option for everyone including soccer players, but that’s what “they say”.  Nevertheless, it’s a well-built shoe that will give you proper performance as far as mobility and traction on turf is concerned.  It’s a durable shoe that can handle the rigors of the hard turf surface.

Other enviable features include leather and mesh upper, Cool FloTM technology, Mudguard, Armor tech toe cap, Full length EVA outsole, All rubber “Turf Tek” with built in pivot point for maximum traction on all types of surfaces.  I’m curious to give it a go, and for $60, the very worst I’m getting is a super tough and durable shoe.  Hmm…. not such a bad deal!


  • Extra cushioning enhances comfort
  • Durable outsole helps with traction
  • Good brand name and lots of toughness in the construction


  • Runs big
  • A bit clunky



9.   New Balance Men’s T4040v4 Turf Baseball Shoe

Built for stabillty, New Balance enters our top ten list with a “more-than-adequate” competitor.  This is a sleek shoe that will give you more of an athletic feel with its minimalistic design and feel.  It’s 100% synthetic (which is a good thing when it comes to lightweight performance shoes with some protection).  The sole is all rubber and it has a removable insole insert.  They do offer a ridiculous FOURTEEN color combo options.

Note that they don’t stretch and fit to your foot as a leather shoe might, but as long as they generally fit well, I’m good with that.  It means they’ll last long and the support won’t fade after a season.  It may be wise to order a size larger than you normally wear since several users tell our team that they did just that and the fit was perfect!

I don’t own a pair of these, but I know nearly 200 people on Amazon who do, and they have very high praises for New Balance Men’s Turf Shoe!


  • Price very reasonable
  • Tread is effective


  • Shoe fits small
  • Won’t stretch for customized comfort



10.   3N2 Mofo Turf Trainer

3N2’s Mofo Turf shoes are a lightweight turf option that will help you fly around the field with more than enough traction for a turf field. The 3N2 Turf Trainer delivers high levels of both comfort and quality, making it a desirable baseball shoe for turf surfaces. These elements primarily derive from the top quality leather and lightweight suede. Certain sections of the Mofo turf shoe are double stitched so that the player can rest assured knowing their shoe will hold up despite frequent use. The glide midsole was specifically engineered to remove pressure from the knee and back areas.

The EVA midsole within the 3N2 Turf Trainers enhances the comfort and support of the shoe. Turf can sometimes feel harder than the typical baseball field. With that being said, it is important to find a shoe that can absorb the impact typically created when running on hard surfaces. By supporting the forefoot, cleat pressure points are reduced at a high rate. The Mofo Turf Trainer comes in five different colors, so there is plenty of selection when it comes to the look of your turf shoe.

The 3N2 brand isn’t the most commonly known shoe brand in baseball or any sport for that matter. The price for this shoe is set at about average, and despite the lack of popularity, it might be something to consider for the player looking for a bargain price. The 3N2 brand might not be used the most by baseball players, but that doesn’t mean they are cheap in quality.


  • Midsole offers excellent cushioning
  • Upper is made with durable leather and lightweight suede
  • Outsole has superior tread


  • Too bulky for a speedy turf shoe
  • Lacks durability
  • Lack of brand awareness


Conclusion & Recommendations

Overall, the best turf shoes available are going to be the ones that are light, comfortable, and have enough tread on them to easily navigate the turf baseball field without any problems. The ideal turf shoe will offer these features at a reasonable price, which essentially describes the top three turf shoes on the list. The Nike Diamond Trainer will give you a popular shoe brand that contains the comfort of a running shoe, great durability, and the right amount of tread on the outsole for a superior playing experience. The New Balance turf shoe is known for comfort and an aggressive outsole that assists the baseball player in getting around. With these shoes, you’ll be able to stay on your feet and create enough traction to be a factor on the field. Under Armour has turf shoes that are made with their signature high quality, durable material that will keep it lasting long.

Every shoe on this list can get the job done on artificial turf. They each come with their own unique qualities that make them desirable to baseball players everywhere. What you decide to purchase comes down to what you value in an athletic turf shoe.




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