Best Biometric Gun Safes

The 10 Best Biometric Gun Safes : Keeping Weapons, Jewelry, and Other Valuables in Your Control

We all have valuables that are quite dear to us. Some valuables, such as firearms, that are dangerous and could put other’s lives at risks if taken, need to be secured in a safe that’s tougher to break into than one with just a key-activated lock. Biometric safes are the solutions to this problem and provide an unprecedented security blanket that can be extremely beneficial to anyone that owns one.

Biometric safes simply make use of a fingerprint scanner that reads a specific print. This print opens the safe, and in some cases, can close it as well. The benefits are clear – if you sense your home or office is being broken into, you can quickly access your weapon from within the safe, without having to worry about finding the right key or remembering the correct code.

If the location of your safe is compromised, biometrics ensure that your fingerprint will be the only print that has access to your safe, unless you allow someone else to register theirs.

If you’re looking to give your home a secure upgrade or if you’re looking to give your weapon a new, safe, and foolproof home, a biometric gun safe is the safe for you. Below, we’ll take a look at the many things you’ll want to consider before you purchase your very own biometric gun safe.


Biometric Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide – Getting the Most From Your Weapon Storage

A safe is simple – you keep your precious goods and dangerous items safe, locked away, and out of the reach of those who shouldn’t have their hands on them. A biometric gun safe, however, needs additional considerations if you want to get the most bang for your buck. Below, we’ve listed a bunch of things you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re deciding which biometric gun safe to buy.

Know Your State’s Legal Parameters

Many states have certain rules you have to adhere to if you’re planning on keeping personal firearms in gun safes. From the material of the safe to the type of technology the safe utilizes, there are many things to keep in mind.

It’s important to get familiar with your state’s laws so you don’t run into any unexpected legal hurdles if something goes wrong. You own a gun to protect your property; don’t let it be the end of you!


If something happens that compromises your security, you’ll want to ensure that your firearms or precious items are kept safe. Your safe should be composed of a material that keeps its internal components safe, and out of harm’s way.

 Imagine if your house or office was broken into and the person got away, with your safe. You’ll want a safe that can withstand a beating, to say the least. We’d recommend looking for a safe composed of carbon steel if you can get your hands on one.

Additional Security Measures

While there isn’t any doubt that a biometric gun safe offers the best form of security, you’ll want to also consider if there are additional security measures present, on or in the safe. It’s nice to have several layers of protection to keep your firearms untouched.

 We’d recommend a safe that contains internal security brackets, anti-pry latches, and additional ways of entry if you so desire. For instance, you might want a safe that has a code with a fingerprint scanner, as a final line of protection for your precious items.

Fingerprint Closing

It’s obvious that a safe with a biometric safe has fingerprint opening. What’s less obvious, however, is that many safes don’t have fingerprint closing. While this may not be the most necessary of features it can surely offer convenience to whoever’s using the safe.

 Battery Charge

It might not seem obvious at first, but all biometric safes derive their power from some form of rechargeable battery. Most operate from a standard lithium ion battery cell, which is rechargeable. Getting a safe with a great charge time and battery capacity will mean less worry and less upkeep.

 While charge time might be as important, we’d recommend hunting for a safe with a maximum battery life of four months. While biometric gun safes might feature various types of lighting and additional features that could wear down their battery life, it should only take 2.5 hours at most to get yours fully charged.


Illumination is important when it comes biometric gun safes. Odds are that the area where you’re storing the safe is already quite dark, such as your closet. A safe should have illumination on the inside and the outside. Consider purchasing a safe with enough external lighting to stay visible in dark areas.

 Depending on the capacity of your biometric gun safe, you might not need internal lighting. For instance, if you’re in possession of a safe that’s designed to fit one handgun, for example, you won’t need lighting to let you know where it is. If you own a multi-gun biometric safe, however, you’re going to want some form of internal lighting.

Remote unlock

Sometimes, you might be away from home. If other family members find their selves in the path of an armed robbery, what should you do? The answer lies in remote unlock features.

Remote unlock is a mechanism that can be used to unlock your safe from a distance. While the distance might not be more than a couple of miles, it can still help to have access to this form of locking mechanism.

Group Fingerprints

Do you have more than one person that needs access to your safe? If so, you’ll want a safe that has the ability to store several types of fingerprints. Or, you might be looking to install several fingerprints of your own, as an added safety measure.


The capacity of a biometric gun safe is also an important factor to consider. If you have multiple guns, for instance, you won’t want a safe that can only accommodate one pistol.

 Some safes are even designed for a specific type of weapon, as well. You’ll want to know what your space/storage requirements will be before you purchase the safe.

Safe Style

This isn’t referring to the type of security associated with it, but the style of the safe itself. For instance, do you prefer a safe with a door opening on the top of it or do you prefer a safe that opens from the side? Do you want a compartment that features shelves to help you keep track of different items associated with your gun?

 You’ll have to ask yourself these questions before you finally a buy a biometric safe for your firearm.

Backup Key

A contingency plan is important, which is why it’s important to have a backup key in the case of emergencies. Let’s say your safe runs out juice, preventing the biometric function from working. If you have a backup key, you won’t have a problem (If someone breaks into your home, that is!).

 Bluetooth/App Usage

Some safes are able to be unlocked through the use of apps on your phone or tablet. These applications make use of either Bluetooth or Wifi and can be incredibly convenient.

 While they aren’t necessary, they’re certainly nice to have!

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of all the features that truly make a biometric gun safe stand out, let’s take a look at ten of the best gun safes you can get your hands on. These safes will be ordered from best to worst. Just because a safe is tenth on this list, however, doesn’t mean it’s not great! Let’s take a peek at the premiere biometric gun safes.

Top Ten Biometric Gun Safes


  1. VAULTEK VT20i

 The Vaultek VT20i biometric gun safe is an excellent choice for someone looking for mobile security, without compromising safety. Whether you’re using it in the house or in your vehicle, the VT20i is durable, well-lit, and excellent for up two guns and one knife! One remarkable way that this gun safe stands out is through its weight. Whenever you have to move it, if you ever have to, you won’t feel like you’re carrying an armful of bricks. The V20i comes with a safety key, mounting technology, a keypad for additional security, a phone app, and much more. You’ll certainly get a lot from this gun safe – say goodbye to frustrating locks that falter and break!


  • Many layers of security
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Lightweight
  • Portable – fits under your car seat


  • Not waterproof
  • Only holds two guns

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery (Black)


  1. Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

The Sentry Safe Quick Access Pistol Safe is a well-designed biometric safe that keeps quiet in the face of danger. Its pry-resistant top lid rises to your touch, in the quietest manner possible for total security. It’s designed specifically for pistols, so don’t think you’ll be able to fit any other items or weapons in it. It holds pistols of all types, however, from small revolvers to massive handguns like Desert Eagles. You can get it in two sizes, with one being significantly more portable than the other size. We’ve found that the bigger size is still quite portable, however! In addition to being portable, it’s also quite durable due to its steel construction. You might want to keep it well out of eyesight, however – it doesn’t have the ability to be mounted on a wall or grounded to the floor.


  • Designed for quiet weapon access
  • Small size
  • Pry-resistant lid


  • Not fire-resistant
  • Only designed for pistols
  • Can’t be secured

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock, 1 Capacity


  1. Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500

 If you’re looking for a unique way to keep your firearm safe and out of sight, the SpeedVault SVB500 is the vault for you. You’ll find that this safe is easy to use, can hold up to 120 different fingerprints, is constructed with 18-gauge steel, and has the ability to be mounted in almost any area you’d like it to be mounted in. You won’t have to worry about buying extra tools to mount it, either – the SpeedVault SVB500 comes with all the supplies you’ll ever need to get your safe mounted in the appropriate place. If you run out of power, don’t worry – the safe comes with a backup key for emergencies, to be used if the biometric actuation fails! The safe is designed with a mechanism that drops the drawer down upon it being opened – don’t worry about having to open any doors or lids! Overall, it’s a conveniently built biometric safe that’ll keep your firearms safe and hidden.


  • Holds up to 120 individual fingerprints
  • Can be installed in almost any location
  • Comes with an emergency backup key


  • Doesn’t have that much interior space
  • Odd shape prevents it from being used in locations with tight spaces

GunVault Speedvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500


  1. BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe

If you’re looking for a mid-sized gun safe with biometric capabilities that open AND close the safe door, the BARSKA Top Opening Safe is for you! It has a lot to offer, as far as space and security are concerned. The safe features factory-drilled holes that allow it to be easily mounted to floors and walls, or ceilings if you desire! The safe comes with mounting gear so you won’t have to purchase any additional setup materials. The safe itself is quite spacious and can accommodate a number of different items in addition to your handgun. It’s safely locking with three different bolts and can be closed with the touch of your fingers. The only downside worth mentioning is that it runs on AA batteries, which aren’t rechargeable and don’t offer that much power output.


  • Easily mounted
  • Spacious
  • Biometric opening and closing capabilities


  • Large
  • Runs on AA batteries

BARSKA AX11556 Biometric Fingerprint Top Opening Security Drawer Safe Box 0.23 Cubic Ft


  1. Barska Compact Biometric Security Safe

 This safe can fit anywhere you’d like it to fit, due to its compact design. Just because it’s small, however, doesn’t mean it won’t do its job! It’s well-equipped for easy use with the ability for biometric fingerprint recognition to both open and close its door. You can store up to 30 fingerprints in addition to your own, as well. It’s able to be mounted quite easily, because of holes that have been drilled into its back. While the safe is small, it can comfortably accommodate your revolver and other items, as well. Quickly accessing your gun or jewelry has never been easier with the Barska Compact Biometric Security Safe!


  • Easy to mount
  • Can open and close at the touch of a thumb
  • Stores plenty of fingerprints


  • Small storage capacity
  • Doesn’t have any additional security measures

BARSKA AX11620 Biometric Fingerprint Mini Security Home Safe Box 0.29 Cubic Ft


  1. Barska Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock

This Barska biometric safe is a decent safe for keeping your guns, money, jewelry, and whatever else you need to be protected safely stowed away. While the safe’s height makes it a tad too large to fit in a place such as a vehicle, its compact enough for almost any other area. Like many of its similar Barska model safes, it has the unique ability to be opened and closed with the touch of a finger, a trait that’s quite desirable for easy and simple opening. Don’t worry about supplemental equipment for mounting, either. The Barska Biometric Safe comes with mounting equipment. You won’t have to order any additional materials! It’s a little bulky and doesn’t feature any additional features that could help its security, but it’s easy to use and gets the job done.


  • Easy to set up
  • Fingerprint opening and closing
  • Stores up to 30 fingerprints


  • Too large for travel
  • Only fits one gun

BARSKA Biometric Safe


  1. The GunBox 2.0 Quick Access Gun Safe

This impressive biometric gun safe is the perfect solution for on-the-go gun protection. It’s FAA approved to take on airlines and fits great in your vehicle. Its mobility can’t be compared to any other gun safes on the list; it’s built to be transported! The GunBox 2.0 utilizes a 360-degree biometric fingerprint scanner and can be charged through one of its two USB ports. It’s equipped with an anti-theft alarm as well! You’ll to be aware of reports of it being damaged while being shipped. You’ll also want to note that the interior of the safe isn’t as soft as other safe’s liners.


  • Perfect for transporting firearms
  • Secure fingerprint scanner


  • Poor quality material on its interior
  • Small size
  • No backup key

The GunBox 2.0 The Smartest Quick Access Gun Safe - RFiD and Biometric Fingerprint Scanner - Gunsmoke (Brown/Gray)


  1. Barska Biometric Wall Safe

The Barska Biometric Wall Safe is an excellent way to conceal your weapons or valuables, behind bookshelves, paintings, posters, or cabinets. Its enclosure is massive, with four shelves for optimal storage capacity. You can fit anything of value in it. You might have some trouble with larger handguns, but as far as pistols are concerned – most will fit! You can register up to 120 fingerprints, making it a viable gun safe for offices or security firms! Don’t plan on taking this safe with you, however; it’s purely meant for wall use!


  • Plenty of Space
  • Biometric storage capable of holding 120 prints
  • Can be easily hidden


  • Immobile
  • Some items may not be able to be stored as well as a normal safe could store them

Barska Biometric Fingerprint Security Wall Safe 0.52 Cubic Ft


  1. Gunvault MVB500 Microvault Biometric Pistol Gun Safe

 This miniature biometric gun safe will keep your firearm out of sight and secure. It’s small but still gets the job done, with a weight of fewer than five pounds. It’s a fingerprint friendly machine – you’ll have the ability to store up to 50 different fingerprints. The machine also adjusts to slight fingerprint changes that might occur over time. Another great feature of the MVB500 gun safe is the included safety cord. It comes with a steel cable that locks to a certain location, keeping the safe planted in place. Whether it’s in your closet or in your vehicle, this safe isn’t going anywhere.


  • Strong steel housing
  • Portable
  • Comes with grounding cable for extra security


  • Tiny compared with most safes
  • Weak battery power (non-rechargeable)

GunVault Microvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe MVB500


  1. Gunvault GVB2000 Multi-Vault Biometric Gun Safe

 Large, secure, and pry-safe, the Gunvault is a menace to normal folks and crooks alike – even the hardiest of thieves will have a tough time getting into this biometric gun safe! Its biometric system is capable of holding up to 15 unique fingerprints, making the safe accessible to a variety of individuals if necessary. The outside of the safe is made of hardy steel but the inside is as soft as a pillow, allowing to accommodate a variety of precious items, whether it’s your pistol or your engagement ring! It’s also quite large, making storage of a variety of items quite easy. It comes loaded with a shelf for easy organization, as well. You can mount in anywhere you’d like. Make sure no thief walks out with anything of yours that’s desirable. The only thing we’d have to note about the GVB2000 is that its size leads to a compromise with its portability. You won’t be able to take this along with you in your car, for example.


  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Large storage space
  • Secure


  • Large size makes it hard to move
  • Fingerprint reading can sometimes unreliable

GunVault GVB2000 Multivault Biomtrc 10X8X14, Multi Vault


Capping it Off

Long story short – there are a lot of things you’ll want to consider when purchasing a biometric gun safe of your own. The previous ten items are all great safes to purchase, but we’d recommend the Vaultek VT20i. It’s secure, durable, illuminated, and features a rechargeable battery that will last years.

From portability to extra security, there are many things to consider when looking for a gun safe. With a biometric gun safe, you won’t go wrong. Any thief will be foolish to try and enter your home. Purchasing a biometric gun safe is a safe step towards self-protection!


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