The 5 Best Gun Safes Under $1000 : Protection & Security

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The world is not like it used to be.  Acts of terrorism and violence have become commonplace and many people have turned to firearms provide security and protection for their families.Since guns are now become more and more on the streets and in homes, people are sometimes neglecting the fact that they do need to have a good gun safe to keep their guns secure.

We have decided to help in the effort to make guns a safer in the home and to help gun owners find the best and most affordable safes in which they could keep their weapons. In our search, we tried to choose the best gun safes that will cost less than $1000. Many of these safes might still seem expensive to some, but we have tried to ensure that you are able to choose the best ones and still get away with paying the most affordable price.

But, before we can simply dive into the top gun safes that will cost you under $1000, you will need to know which features are important when you are looking to buy a gun safe. There are also multiple choices that you will need to make to ensure that you do get a great gun safe at an affordable price.

Gun Safes Under $1000 Comparison Chart

Buying Guide

Many products will only require you to look at the top features and then select which one you want, or which one you feel is the most affordable of the bunch. These choices will ensure that you are able to have the perfect gun safe, that’ll keep your weapons safe and also make life much easier for you when you need to access the weapons.


The size of the gun safe is fundamentally important and getting the correct size for your gun safe, will definitely make a huge difference. If the size of the safe is not correct, your weapon will not fit. The larger gun safes are made for long rifles, but because of the more advanced and bulkier construction, they also tend to be more expensive.

Lock Type

Gun safes come in a variety of different locking options. The biometric and electronic locks are now the most common, but if you want the ultimate speed when trying to access the gun safe, you should look into getting the biometric locking safe. These safes are also very secure and they make use of a fingerprint scanner to give you access to the weapons. The standard mechanical lock is also great and with this lock type, is very trustworthy, but will take much longer to give you access to the contents on the inside.

Wall vs. Standing Safes

The choice between a standing safe or a built-in wall safe is also one that you will need to consider. The wall safes are much easier to conceal and many of them will also be perfect for your office if you need to have your firearm close by.

These are the three main things that you will need to consider and look into when you are going to buy a gun safe. Now that you have the 3 main choices that you are going to make when buying a gun safe, you will also need to consider the key and important features that will be looked at when you are in the process of purchasing a gun safe.

Key Features to Consider 

Gun safes are all designed differently and they will definitely differ from each brand. We have used these key features as part of our criterion when just completing the assessment and ensuring that you can choose the best gun safe under $1000 to meet your needs. Here are the features we consider the most important.

Lock type

The type of lock that you choose will also have a huge impact on the overall price of the safe. Biometric safes are generally more expensive and they have more technology that has been incorporated to make them work faster and be more secure. The biometric fingerprint scanners are generally best used on smaller safes and will give you more versatility in terms of access.

If you plan on storing the larger rifles, you will still manage to find bigger biometric safes. Unfortunately, you will have to pay extra for the size and this is where the mechanical lock can easily come into play.


The durability of the safe is mostly determined by the steel that is used in the safe itself. The quality of the steel will show you how hard, or how easy it can potentially be for someone to get into the safe and break it open. We highly recommend looking for the toughest possible steel to ensure that no one can break open the safe or get inside without your consent.

Fireproof and Waterproof

The top safes are also fireproof and they have an added layer to protect all your things on the inside. This fireproof layer is definitely important if you are living in a highly volatile area that might just catch fire at any moment. The insurance companies might also give you a little bit of discount if the safe you choose does match the entire list of criterion they want and the more safety features it has, the better the safe will be for you. We recommend that you research or just simply check the safe to see if it has a fire rating and for how long you will be protected.


If you like traveling a lot, you should look to invest in a safe that can be carried along with you and is portable enough for you to keep in the car. A portable safe will make life much easier for you and will always ensure that your belongings are carefully protected when you are on the road. These safes can also be effective to use in the place of a briefcase.


It is really important to ensure that the safe is covered by the backing of the company. This usually comes in the form of a warranty. Most safe companies will have decent warranties against break-ins, but if you live in an area that is volatile to fire and those kinds of situations, the fireproof safe and its warranty will certainly come handy. The top fireproof safes generally have huge warranties that will be great and will also protect you forever.

These 5 features will be the main features that you will need to be concerned about when you are looking to buy a decent safe while not breaking the bank. There are even more intricate features like lighting and fancy keypads, but with these features, you will have a good safe, that could keep your weapons and even your valuables safe from any possible intruders.

With that being said, here are the top gun safes we found after talking to experts and gun enthusiasts.


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1.  Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652

The Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 is one of the more modern, but still highly effective safes on the market today. The safe is designed from extremely high-quality steel and will be durable to almost any attack from an intruder. This includes the use of heavy machinery and torches.

On the inside, the safe is also very functional and it can hold up to 4 long rifles. The inside also features brackets that will keep the weapons in place and will ensure that the guns don’t swirl around and bump into one another. The 3-point deadbolt locking system is quite strong and there will be no way an intruder can pry open the safe without making too much noise or taking a very long time.

The safe makes use of a biometric fingerprint scanner to keep your items and weapons securely locked up and out of harm’s way. This fingerprint scanner is also quite versatile and you will be able to store up to 120 different fingerprints on it, with the first one being the administrative fingerprint. If you have administrative access, you can add or remove anyone at any moment.

In terms of pricing, the safe is actually really cheap and affordable and should be a bargain for the right buyer. All the mounting hardware has also been included in the package, but since the safe is quite heavy, you might need to have someone to help you set up the safe and have it correctly mounted for the best security.


  • Extremely durable
  • Decent inner space
  • Holds up to 120 fingerprints
  • Strong 3-point deadbolt locking system
  • Really affordable


  • You might need some help with the mounting process

2.  Steelwater Standard Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes

The Steelwater Standard Duty 20 long gunfire protection safe is one of the more expensive safes that you will find. This safe has been constructed from extremely powerful steel and has the capabilities of withstanding fires and heat of up to 1875 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 1 hour.  The features are plentiful starting with interior LED lighting and a 3-way direct drive lock and bolt system.  The overall construction is 14 Gauge steel and it features a 5″ thick door with 2 layers of fireboard.  Fireboard also continues with 2 layers throughout the rest of the case including ceiling, floor, walls and door jams.

You can fit up to 20 guns (10/10) but the average workable storage is closer to 12-16 long guns.  There’s also an internal spring-loaded re-locking bolt to secure the safe in case the lock is punched out/removed during a break-in or burglary.  Another ingenious feature is the heat-activated expandable door seal that is not only designed to seal out smoke and water, but it expands up to EIGHT TIMES its original thickness in the event of a fire.

The semi-gloss textured powder-coated black paint looks appealing, especially with the silver pinstriping and polished chrome handle.  The safe has several pre-drilled holes to accommodate attachment to the floor for security and another hole to allow for the use of a dehumidifier.  The grey interior is fully upholstered, and the whole deal comes with a free dry pack (200 grams) of silica gel in the form of a rechargeable, dehumidifying box.

I could go on and one talking about the features, but one that we especially liked was the EMP-proof (Electro-magnetic Pulse) digital keypad which also comes with a double-bitted high-security bypass key.


  • Great durability
  • Fireproof
  • Includes a free dehumidifier
  • Very secure deadbolt locking system
  • High Capacity


  • Quite expensive
  • Tough to mount
  • Can’t be delivered to some locations (see Amazon for details)

3.  Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Portable Safe

The Vaultek Essential Series pistol safe is one of the top handgun and portable safes that you can buy. The safe is quite small and lightweight, which will make it extremely easy to carry along with you. The safe is constructed from 18-guage carbon steel (well, actually, all steel is “carbon” steel, it’s just a matter of how much carbon – but that’s another issue) and this will definitely protect your belongings.

The safe is also resistant to any impact it might take and the inner lining will ensure that your weapon and valuables are not running wild inside. The safe includes a good lithium-ion battery and this battery only needs to be recharged every 4-5 months. The design is quite stylish and the outer powder coating does not only make the safe look better, but it also protects the safe from corrosion and any outer damages.

The main selling point of the safe is the fact that you can use your mobile smartphone to open up the safe. When the safe is opened up, you will also have a responsive LED light that will go on. This will make it easier for you to see your weapon and give you fast access when you need to defend yourself.

In terms of pricing, the safe is actually really affordable and you will definitely get some great value for your money. The only downside we found was the fact that the safe must be mounted securely to avoid any theft, but the steel cable might not be the strongest way and the intruder might be able to break the cable with the right power tools. This safe is definitely recommended for those who like to travel.


  • Extremely durable
  • Small and portable
  • Decent locking mechanism
  • Rust and corrosion protected
  • Really affordable


  • The mounting might not be as secure as you might hope

4.  GunVault MiniVault Quick Access Compact Gun Safe

Here’s an ingenious model we’re thrilled to feature!  The GunVault MiniVault takes quick access to a new level.  This safe promises to deliver your firearm should you need it quickly – up to 20% faster than anything else on the market.  Why?  Well, it features an auto slide-out drawer that holds your handgun.  But to get to the slide-out drawer, you simply place one hand on the top of the safe on a panel that fits your four long fingers.  You use those fingers to quickly push the button under each of your fingers in the right order to unlock the safe and you immediately have the slide-out drawer under your hand.

An LED helps you see exactly what’s going on during the process, and the heavy-gauge steel combined with the tamper-proof concealed hinge and manual backup key offer added security features.  The low battery warning also helps make your overall experience a good one!


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Really affordable
  • Offers you lots of room for the price
  • Superfast handgun access


  • Very dependent on batteries, which tend not to last as long as they should!
  • Thinner steel and less secure overall than more expensive brands
  • Only useable for small items and not useable for long guns

5.  Barska Compact Biometric Security Safe

The Barska Compact Biometric gun safe is a great safe designed by the Barska Company to give you fast access when you need to access your weapons and will also give you great protection from any possible theft. This safe has also been constructed from extremely tough and durable steel and will certainly be impervious to anyone trying to pry open the safe.

The safe utilizes a decent biometric fingerprint scanner to give you access. This fingerprint scanner is capable of holding up to 30 different fingerprints and the first one will be the administrative fingerprint. With decent internal sizing, you could easily store up to 2 handguns inside without any real hassles or complications.

The safe can also be mounted in virtually any location and with the pre-drilled holes; you should have no troubles when it comes to mounting the safe on the counter or even on your desktop at home. This safe is very lightweight and with all the mounting tools included, you will only need the drill to put the safe securely into place.

This safe is also really affordable and Barska has always been one of the trusted brands when it comes to gun safes. We would highly recommend this quick access safe to anyone looking to have a safe near them where they might be in the house. The safe will also be easy to mount without the help of any additional people.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Versatile design
  • Good fingerprint scanner


  • The fingerprint scanner does have a few flaws

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we certainly do hope that you have managed to find the ideal safe to meet your needs and also to keep your weapons and valuables protected. There are many more safes available on the market, but we do consider these to be the top choices that you could make. In terms of recommendations, we would like to recommend the Barska brand. This brand is trusted everywhere around the world and will certainly give you what you are looking for when it comes to protecting your firearm and adhering to all current gun laws.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you think we might have missed any of your favorite safes and also be sure to tell us why you have chosen them. If you have any experience with our safes. Be sure to let us know what the experience was.


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