The 10 Best Electric Bikes (E Bikes) for 2020 : Perfect for Commuting


When you are looking to buy yourself an electric bike there are so many things that you need to consider. It is important to make sure you know who you are buying from and it is important to make sure that you are aware of the features that the bike comes with so that you aren’t disappointed. There are so many electrical bikes available on the market and it can be extremely hard to narrow down your options and find something that you like if you have no idea what you should look for. In order to help you with your purchasing decision, we have come up with an electric bike buying guide as well as a list of our picks for the top ten electric bikes available on the market.

One thing that could have a massive influence on your purchasing decision is how fast the bike is capable of going at its top speed. This could be very important for you if you are considering buying a bike in order to make a bit of a longer commute, or if you like leaving your duties until the last minute. When considering speed it is also a good idea to consider how many gears are incorporated into the design so that you know just how many speed options the bike is capable of traveling. You may also want to have a look at the tire size/ width if you plan on traveling around on the bike at high speeds for any length of time as a wider tire will help to give you more balance and support throughout the duration of your ride.

Electric Bike Comparison Chart

Buying Guide


This is generally the first that people look at when it comes to buying a product and it can make a large difference in the overall quality of the bike. When considering what price you are willing to pay to buy yourself an electric bike it is important to make sure that you set yourself a budget so that you are can be sure that you will be able to afford the bike and not be in financial difficulty as a result of your purchase. Electric bikes have gotten a lot more popular in recent years and there is certainly a range of budget bikes available as well as more expensive bikes for people who have a higher budget. Just make sure that you don’t base your thoughts on the bike solely around the price; many people with a higher budget end up buying a lower end bike because there are definitely some nice options available and only you know what is going to work for your circumstances.


Warranty is definitely one of the most important aspects of buying a bike and is always something that you should take a look at before making your purchasing decision. Some companies will charge an additional price tag in order to be able to offer a warranty over a longer term; this is a nice offer from the company if you have the money for it as it can really give you peace of mind knowing that two years down the road when you encounter problems with the product the manufacturer has your back. Always make sure that you read the warranty agreement given so that you don’t end up paying for something that you don’t want or need.


Depending on the bike that you buy, you will notice a range of distances that the bike is able to travel before the bike requires a recharge. It is important to make sure that the distance you wish to travel on the bike is well within the confounds of the maximum distance that the bike can travel as the battery within the bike may not charge quite as well and last as long over a long-term period.

Charging Method

Depending on how expensive of a model you buy it is always a good idea to check and see how the bike charges. Depending on the bike you may actually need to purchase or install a charge station in your home as an electrical outlet may not do the job for you. Another thing that you should definitely consider is that time that it takes in order to fully charge the product. It is even more important to know how long it takes to charge the product if you are going to be going on regular trips with the bike such as taking it to and from work so that you can be sure that you always have a vehicle available to you.


This can be an especially important factor for some people if they are going to be using the bike to commute to and from work. Some people will surely want some extra features that allow you to store your personal items somewhere on the bike and others will just want a comfortable, adjustable bike so that it can suit their height and weight. Another thing that you may want to consider is whether you want the bike to have suspension built into the design. Depending on the conditions that you ride in you will likely have a different need suspension as well as comfort wise and it is important to follow your own needs rather than follow what other people say that you should do.


One thing that you will notice when you are looking at a variety of electric bikes, is that they may have different safety features incorporated into the design. This may make a large difference to you depending on the purpose of the bike that you want to buy. For instance, if you are thinking about buying a bike for your child you will likely want to purchase a bike that isn’t too fast for them so that they don’t end up hurting themselves as a result of losing control of the bike and running into something.

Other things to consider include whether you want your bike to be safe to ride while you are out at night. In order for a bike to be safe while riding at night, it should have headlights, as well as a taillight, incorporated into the design of the unit and it should also have a variety of reflective lights on the bike in various locations as well. A proper bike helmet is always a smart thing to wear when riding at any time of day. Often time’s companies will put reflective lights on the wheel spokes and they will often have a reflective patch on the rear of the bike as well in order to help improve visibility at night. If you are going to be traveling in high traffic areas another thing you will want to consider is some type of a bell or some type of a horn so that you can let other vehicles know what your plans are and where you are located so that you don’t get injured while riding around.


Often times an electric bike will have a maximum weight capacity and it is important to follow this so that you don’t break the bike, but also so that you stay covered under any kind of a warranty that the bike has. Another thing that may affect your purchasing decision is how heavy the bike is. If you are going to be using the bike on rougher terrain or a place with a lot of sharp turns it may be more convenient for you to have a lighter bike so that you can maneuver around easier.


Electric Bike Reviews


  1. Ego Bike 26″ Fat Bike Tire

This is a great bike available for a mid to high price range. If you can afford this bike it does have a lot of nice features incorporated into its design in order to make it appeal to a broad audience. This bike is powered by a 500-watt motor which actually allows the bike to travel at pretty fast speeds. The bike can travel at speeds of up to 20 mph and it also has seven different gears incorporated into the design so that you can travel at a slower speed if you like to have more control. The wide tires on this bike help to make for a very stable ride and the bike is capable of holding up to a 260 lb person without issue. The bike itself weighs a total of 58 lbs making it kind of heavy to lift around but not so heavy that you can’t pick it up and put it away for storage purposes. The battery used in this unit is a 36 Volt 11AH battery and the design is capable of being fully charged in a period of six hours. In order to speed up the bike, there is a throttle to make the task quite easy; all you have to do is twist in order to gain speed. To make braking safer and more performance efficient there are rear disc brakes on the back of the unit so that you can slow down in a pinch if you need to. Generally, this bike is meant to be used for people who are 5’8” in height to about 6’8” in height meaning that this bike is capable of working for quite a variety of people.


  • Made out of a more expensive aluminum frame rather than a steel frame
  • Rear disc brakes so that you can stop faster
  • Fits people who are 5’6” to 6’8” in height
  • Fat tire size helps to provide great stability while riding
  • Can travel at speeds of up to 20 mph
  • Throttle allows you to change your speeds with ease
  • Powerful 500-watt electric motor


  • Takes six hours to recharge which is not great if you are using this as a commuter bike
  • Price range may be out of reach for some people



  1. Ancheer Power Plus

This bike is a little bit on the cheaper side of things as far as electric bikes go. The nice thing about this bike though, is that it has many of the same features that you would find on a higher end electrical bike. Amazingly this bike sports a high-end aluminum frame rather than a steel frame like some of the other cheaper bikes have on the market. In order to make the bike even more lightweight and allow it to travel at a faster speed the fork of this bike is even made from a carbon fiber design. This bike has very good brakes for the price as it uses disc brakes on the front as well as the rear wheel to offer an optimal braking experience. This bike has an amazing 21-speed transmission built into its design so that you can travel at any speed you like during your journey. This bike has a nice bright headlamp on the front of the brake as well as a horn and a wheel reflector light in order to make riding in darker conditions much safer. The design holds a 36 volt 8AH battery and is capable of traveling anywhere from 35-60 km on a single charge depending on the speed that you are traveling at. The tires that come with this bike have a fair amount of tread on them allowing you to tread on rougher terrain with ease. Something you don’t see too often on an electric bike are pedals and this bike allows you to use pedals or the motor in order to maneuver around as you wish.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork allow for better maneuverability
  • Very large 21-speed transmission allows you to choose your speed as you wish
  • Capable of being pedaled like a regular bike as well as being used without pedaling
  • Disc brakes on the rear as well as the front of the bike help to offer optimal braking
  • Can travel anywhere from 35-60 km on a single charge, can travel from 25-35 km/h
  • Headlamp, rear reflector light as well as a horn built into the design help to make it safer when riding in traffic or dark times of the day


  • Bike does not come tuned and you will need to take it to a bike shop to get this done
  • Button display can be challenging to learn at first or without reading instructions



  1. X-Treme Trail

If you are looking for something in the mid-low budget range then this could very well be the bike for you. This bike offers very good maneuverability as a result of having a small engine and battery. This bike uses a 300-watt motor as well as a 24-volt battery in its design. You will find that this bike does have pedals that you can use should you want to get some exercise and it incorporates the use of a twist throttle in order for the bike to gain speed. This bike is capable of traveling anywhere from 20-25 miles on a single charge and a charger is included with your purchase of the bike. This bike incorporates a total of seven gear options in its design so that you can change the speed to something that is comfortable and suitable for the job that you are performing. In order to offer extra comfort for the buyer and to allow the bike to travel over rougher terrain, this bike does have a front shock as well as a shock absorbing seat post in its design. This is a very sturdy build and it allows a rider that weighs up to 350 lbs to be able to use the bike which is quite good for this kind of a price. With your purchase, you can have some peace of mind with a 90-day warranty from the manufacturer as well as a six-month battery warranty based on your weight and the types of areas that you will be riding the bike in.


  • Capable of traveling at a very fast speed of 20 mph which is quite impressive for the size of the smaller motor
  • Can travel anywhere from 20-25 miles on one charge depending on the speed
  • Very sturdy design can hold a 350 lb person
  • 90-day warranty and six-month battery warranty depending on weight and terrain that you ride on
  • Seat is adjustable for added comfort
  • Twist throttle makes it easy for the rider to change speeds
  • Aluminum frame
  • Pedal option is available on this bike if you want to get some exercise
  • Rack on the rear of the bike can be used to attach storage devices.


  • Price may be out of reach for some people
  • No headlight built into the design for night time or dark time of the day



  1. ANCHEER Folding

If you are looking to get a bike that is in the low price range but you don’t want something that is a rock bottom price then this may be a good option for you. One thing that you thought you may not have been able to get an electric bike is present in this design. The bike sports a folding design which allows for awesome storage ability and makes it super easy for you to transport your bike around from place to place. This bike has a fair size 36-volt 250-watt motor that it uses to move the bike around. In order to help suit your personal color tastes this bike is available in a white as well as a black frame design. This bike has a set of pedals that you can use in order to get some exercise and it is capable of traveling for up to 25 km on its own power. This bike uses a 21-speed transmission which is great for allowing the rider to choose how fast they are going. This bike can be charged in a period of 4-6 hours which is faster than some of the other bikes in this price range. You will notice that this bike does have a few nice premium features in its design such as a kickstand that you can use to hold the bike in the air, a headlight on the front of the unit as well as good tread on the tires in order to be able to carry you over rougher terrain.


  • Aluminum frame was used in the design of this bike
  • 21-speed transmission allows the rider to be able to ride at the speed they please
  • E-bike and pedal assist mode so that you can exercise or relax as you wish
  • Battery capable of charging in 4-6 hours
  • Front and rear disc brakes make it very easy to stop the bike
  • LED front headlight and horn make it much safer to ride in dark times of the day as well as busy areas


  • Could have more suspension to allow riders to be able to travel on rougher terrain with ease



  1. Prodeco Outlaw SS V4

If you have a high budget range and you are looking to get a premium electric bike then this may be a good option for you. This frame is made out of aluminum and sports a large 750 watt motor in the design. The larger motor does add some weight to this bike, but it is capable of traveling at speeds of up to 28 mph and can travel without issue between 17 and 20 miles without having to recharge the motor. It’s also designed for off-road use!  The bike incorporates easy fork thumb throttle control in order to allow the rider to shift between the eight speeds available as they need. Since this is a higher end model this model has hydraulic disc brakes as well as a derailleur and pedals in case you want to get some exercise. This bike looks very good in Burnt Orange color scheme, but it definitely has higher end parts built into its design which help it to stand out amongst its competitors.

The weight of the bike is 64 lbs and its battery is a 51.2 volt, extra capacity 12 AH battery.


  • Capable of traveling at 20 mph and can travel for as long as 35 miles on a single charge
  • Easy to use throttle control to change between the eight-speed options available
  • Aluminum frame adds to the eye appeal of this design
  • High-quality shifter and derailleur
  • Large 750-watt motor is easy to get up to speed
  • Eye appealing ergonomic design and color to appeal to a broad audience
  • Can change between using the pedals or using strictly the E-bike portion of the bike


  • Price range will surely be out of reach for some people



  1. X-Treme Scooters

If you have an average budget range then this could definitely be one of the many bikes that interest you. This bike does contain some nice features for the price tag that it has. This bike is quite fast considering that it has a 300-watt motor built into its design. The bike uses a very nice aluminum frame and incorporates the motor INSIDE the frame so it enhances aesthetics and security.

In order to make this unit more comfortable for users, this unit has a fully adjustable seat and a nice kickstand that you can use so that you don’t have to hang your bike up somewhere in order to store it. Another thing that you will like about this bike is that there are reflectors on the tires of the bike and this definitely helps you to be able to see the tires better when you are riding the bike at night time or during darker hours of the day and makes you much more visible and safe when combined with the headlight and the horn that comes with the unit. This is a very sturdy bike design with a very high weight limit of 350 lbs which is quite good for the price tag on the unit. This unit has a very nice warranty on it in order to give you some peace of mind. With your purchase of this unit, you will receive a 180-day warranty on the bike as well as a one year warranty on the battery depending on your weight and where you normally ride.


  • Headlight, horn and reflective tire reflectors come with the unit
  • This unit has a top speed of 20 mph
  • The unit is capable of traveling for as long as 20-25 miles on a single charge
  • Very sturdy bike with a maximum rider weight of 350 lbs
  • Variable speed throttle on the bike makes it quite easy to change your speeds
  • Very nice aluminum frame with hidden motor
  • Can be folded in half for storage/transport


  • Higher price tag than some of the cheaper units may be out of reach for some people
  • Might get stolen simply because it’s an electric bike!!



  1. Vilano Atom Electric Folding Bike

If you have a low-mid budget range then this could definitely be a bike that may be of interest to you. This bike offers a very nice aluminum-framed design and comes in a unique black/green/white color that appeals to a broad audience. The bike is capable of being an E-bike as well as a pedal bike in order to suit your personal needs. This bike is capable of traveling anywhere from 15-25 miles on a single recharge and has five different speed settings built into the design that you can choose from for your own comfort. The battery of this unit is fairly large at 36 volts and 10.4AH which means it does take a fair bit to charge, but that is the price that you have to pay in order to be able to use your bike for a longer distance.

The Samsung Lithium-ion battery is housed inside the frame so it improves the overall aesthetic.  The 7-speed Shimano drivetrain offers unparalleled quality for the shifters and gear deraillers.  The Vilano Atom has mechanical disc brakes and very cool looking mag rims.


  • This bike can travel between 15 and 25 miles on one charge
  • Lightweight bike allows for good maneuverability
  • Offers 7-speed gear settings so that you can choose a speed that is comfortable for you
  • Aluminum frame offers long term durability and an eye appealing design
  • Can be pedaled or used as an E-bike in order to suit your biking preferences and needs


  • Smaller wheels and frame reduce overall road comfort
  • No shock absorbers at all!  Seriously?



  1. Merax 26” Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike

The Merax is a very decent-looking machine with a 350 watt high speed motor and removable 36-volt Lithium-ion battery.  It can reach speeds of 32 Kilometers per hour (20 mph), and under ideal conditions it can make it as far as 28 MILES on a single charge.  It does have an included front headlight for night riding safety.  It features 5 levels of pedal assist, so if you’re feeling wiped out, hit the thumb throttle and you can get a free ride.  The smart digital panel allows for easy adjustments on the fly.

The aluminum alloy frame and sturdy suspension offer an all-around toughness with a degree of comfort.  It also features a Shimano drive train (that’s a very good thing) with 7 gears as well as disc brakes.  Its 250 lb weight capacity should include most of the American population, so you’ll be good to go!

With the battery, the whole bike weighs in at 48.5 lbs.


  • Good-looking bike
  • Set of pedals allows you to get exercise if you desire
  • Included headlight
  • Can travel up to 28 miles on a charge and can reach 20 mph
  • Moderately priced


  • Could have better and more REAR suspension for use off-road or in rough terrain areas



  1. Addmotor MOTAN

If you have a mid to high budget and you want to get yourself a fast bike then this could very well be the bike for you. This bike is capable of traveling at speeds of up to 30 mph and can travel up to 50 miles so long as you are using the lightest level of pedal assist available on the bike. This bike incorporates a fairly large 1000 watt motor in its design which does add to the overall weight of the bike but does help it to reach its fast speeds. This is a very sturdy bike and it is actually capable of holding one person who weighs up to 350 lbs. One cool feature that is in the design of this bike is the shark/tiger mouth commemorative color and design honoring the Flying Tigers during the second world war.  The 6061 aluminum alloy frame adds toughness and the fat tires add a tough, aggressive aesthetic, in addition to offering all-terrain usability.


  • Large 1000-watt motor can make the bike travel at speeds of up to 30 mph
  • This bike can hold one 350 lb person
  • Frame, pedals as well as the top tube of this bike all fold up for easy storage and transportation
  • This bike can travel at 55 mph so long as you pedal on the easiest level


  • Higher price tag of the unit could certainly be out of reach for some people
  • This bike does not have good suspension and this could be added (to the rear) to improve the off-road experience



  1. Razor Power Rider 360

This last bike is actually a bike specifically made for kids. This bike is an electric powered tricycle and it is a great, extremely cheap bike that you can get for your kids in order to get them used to driving around an electric vehicle. This bike is fairly durable and is made out of a combination of plastic, steel as well as rubber. The throttle on this bike is capable of traveling at nine different needs so that the rider can choose the speed that they are traveling at with ease. This tricycle can support a rider that weighs up to 120 pounds which makes this a great bike, suitable for almost all kids. The bike offers a comfortable backrest design as well as a 12-volt battery that it uses to power the bike and get it moving around. If you would like a warranty on this unit you can purchase one at an additional cost which is a nice thing to have in order to give you a bit of peace of mind with your purchasing decision. The bike does travel at fairly fast speeds for children at 9 mph maximum, but the machine is recommended to be used by children eight or older so it is important to use your personal discretion when buying this product.


  • Easy to operate hand brakes
  • Extremely affordable price tag, much cheaper than most electric bikes on the market
  • Backrest will help to keep the user comfortable even for a long ride duration
  • Fairly durable wood, rubber, and plastic design
  • Push button throttle is extremely easy to use
  • The user has to be under 120 lbs


  • This unit takes twelve hours to charge and can only be driven for 30 mins at a time
  • Could use more reflector lights as well as a headlight in order to make this bike more visible


Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Hopefully, after reading this article you now have a bit of a better grasp as to the electric bike that you may want to purchase. There are so many features and options available that it is likely going to take you a fair bit of time to narrow down the bike that is perfect for you. No matter the style or the brand that you choose for the bike it is always important to make sure that it has the features that you want and that it is made out of high-quality materials so that you can expect the bike to last for a long period of time. Always make sure that you have a look at the warranty before you purchase your bike so that you know exactly what you are covered for and so that you can be comfortable knowing that you are covered for the things that you want to be covered for and for a duration that you are comfortable with. Best of luck in your search for the best electric bike and hope you find one you like!



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