The 8 Best Football Socks : Blister Prevention & Performance

The shoes and the socks you wear are really important in terms of comfort on the football field. If your socks are not thick enough, you might have some blisters and your feet might also hold back a lot of sweat.

Blisters can be irritating and this could cause you to stop playing the game, having blisters on your feet will also make you feel uncomfortable throughout the game and this will really hurt your performance on the field.

Why EIGHT socks on the list and not 10!  ‘Cause you don’t need more than 8 options!


We have searched for the top rated football socks to guarantee that you are able to play more comfortably, without any fear of blisters.

While many people love certain brands because of their football affiliation, there are also multiple other brands, who will also ensure that you have great quality protection for much cheaper and we made it our mission to find them and present you with the best product for your money.

Before we dive in and look at these socks, you might even be able to use a normal sock if they have the same features as football socks. You will be able to use this buying and make it easier for yourself when you have to purchase that next pair of football socks.

Football Socks Buying Guide

Key features to look for in football socks:

Most people think that the socks should be extremely thick, but that is not the case and sometimes a thicker sock will be more expensive and also give you a hard time fitting your foot in the boot.

It is important to look at your weight as well and the amount of pressure that is put on your foot cushions.


The boot is usually enclosed and therefore, the build-up of sweat is much more apparent. This does become extremely irritating. Without moisture-wicking fabrics, all the moisture will build up and you will feel like walking through a swamp.

The moisture-wicking also helps with odors.

Antimicrobial Materials

Whether we like to admit it or not, our feet are a prime spot for bacteria to grow and thrive. By having antimicrobial bodies added to the sock, your feet will be kept germ-free and thus the risk for bacterial infections can be reduced.

Abrasion Resistant

Leather boots are tough and they might not have abrasion-resistant liners built-in, but having the right socks could ensure that abrasions do not occur. This is extremely important when it comes to breaking in those new boots

Blister Protection

While it can be hard to determine exactly what in the boot will cause the blisters, but it comes down to abrasions once again. A thicker sock will great at protection your feet from blisters and also providing you with a more comfortable running/walking experience.


A stretchable sock is much more comfortable than a plain cotton sock. The reason for this is the ability of the sock to provide that comfortable fit. Spandex is used by top brands such as Nike and this really provides a seamless, but perfect toe and heel fit.

Should you manage to find socks with all of these features, you can be sure that they will get the job done on the field. Top brands spend a lot of time and research to develop the best socks and therefore, it is important to invest in quality for your feet.

It is also worth mentioning that the boot insole plays a huge part in making a sock comfortable and ensuring that you have comfort while running around. AN uncomfortable shoe also plays a huge part in letting fatigue set in faster.

With that being said, let’s look at the top football socks for a comfortable and blister protected playing experience:


Best Football Sock Reviews


1.   Nike Men’s Elite Vapor Cushioned Football Socks


Nike Men's Elite Vapor Cushioned Football Socks


The Nike Men’s Elite Vapor Cushioned football socks are great for comfort and they are also reasonably priced. The socks are designed from 100% nylon to increase the durability of the socks, while the seamless design is great for having that perfect fit.

Zonal cushioning has also been incorporated throughout the shoe. This will relieve some of the cleat pressure on the feet and the joints and the added Achilles protection will protect your ankles when someone accidentally steps on the back of your shoe.

Furthermore, the Dri-Fit technology has been patented by Nike and it dries up sweat much faster. This should keep your feet cool and you will avoid that irritating mushy feel.

The socks have also been designed for each specific foot to ensure that you have a comfortable fit. Support has also been added to the arch of your foot and you will be able to easily slide your foot in the boots, while still avoiding any abrasions.

We highly recommend these socks for junior and intermediate football players and they are also really affordable. The socks are also great for new boots and they will protect your feet from blisters.


  • Specific design for each foot
  • Added Dri-Fit technology absorbs moisture
  • Zonal cushioning to reduce pressure on the foot cushion
  • Added Achilles protection.


  • Small design needs to be taken into account when purchasing




2.  adidas unisex-adult Adizero Football Cushioned Crew Socks


adidas Adizero Football Cushioned Crew Socks (1-Pair),Black/White,L adidas Adizero Football Cushioned Crew Socks (1-Pair),Black/White,M

We like this pair of socks in part because of the great name and reputation of adidas for quality products.  We love the profile of these socks and the technical design.  They offer a mix of fabrics that take advantage of all the best qualities of these materials.

They are 64% Polyester, 16% Cotton, 11% Polypropylene, 5% Spandex, and 4% Nylon.  The moisture-wicking yarn keeps your feet as dry from sweat as possible.  They’re even NCAA compliant (and NO, not all socks can say that!).

We like the little “BYE” message on the back of the sock (fold down) as a jab to those you pass while running!  At a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating on Amazon, they rank VERY well. 

Lots of users report how comfortable they are (as you might expect) but also how they are BOTH warm in the cold weather and breathable in hot weather.

We highly recommend these socks to any football players for the snug fit they provide. The socks are a little more expensive, but the quality should definitely justify the price.

The socks are also available in multiple different colors for you to choose from and they will be ideal for training.


  • Warm in cold weather, and breathable in warm weather
  • Raised and cushioned areas for targeted comfort
  • Arch and ankle support (compression)
  • Left/Right specific design and lots of tech features!


  • Expensive




3.   Red Lion Legend Athletic Crew Socks


Red Lion Legend Athletic Socks ( Purple / White - Medium )


Available in a multitude of different colors (sometimes only 1 color depending on inventory), the Red Lion Legend Acrylic crew socks will be great for football. 

The socks also feature an added acrylic cushioning to protect the feet and the thicker design will be great for reducing the risk of any blisters.

At the back of the socks, you will find added bars and these bars are great for promoting a more comfortable fit on the heel. Furthermore, the socks also have a fit in ankle and arch support to help reduce the strain on the bridge of the foot and the ankle joints.

These socks are not only great for football but multiple other sports, thus giving you multifunctional use at a really affordable price.

It is also worth mentioning that more of these features are available in the larger sock sizes, while the small sizes are limited. Overall, these socks will be great for football players of any age and they will also provide a lot of comfort on the field.

The only downside is the lack of moisture-wicking technology, but with decent ventilation in your boots, this could be overcome. We would also like to mention that these socks are really affordable and great value for your money


  • Extremely affordable
  • Added arch and ankle support
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Acrylic cushioning for more comfort


  • Lack of moisture-wicking fabrics




4.   Under Armour Men’s All Sport Performance Over-the-Calf Socks


Under Armour Adult Team Over-The-Calf Socks, 1-Pair, Black/White, Shoe Size: Mens 4-8, Womens 6-9

Designed mostly from polyester, the Under Armour men’s all sport performance socks are great for providing you with adequate ventilation. The socks are high cut, making them great for multiple different sports and they also offer great support for your ankles.

The socks are also designed from lighter fabrics and they are thinner than most socks too. This should really give you more comfort and help to absorb the extra sweat from your legs and feet.

Furthermore, the added foot support is great for reducing fatigue on the field and once your feet are comfortable, you will be able to move much more efficiently.

The socks are also available in multiple different colors to fit any uniform and they are one of the current best-selling sock types among football players.

We highly recommend these as one of our top 5 picks for any football player, but they can also be used for other sports as well. The price is reasonable and they are from a driven manufacturer.


  • Built-in foot and ankle support
  • Thinner design for better ventilation
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Will help reduce foot strain and on-field fatigue


  • Shorter life and more wear will be apparent with the thinner material




5.   Under Armour Men’s Football Crew Socks


Under Armour Adult Football Crew Socks, 1-Pair, Black/White, Shoe Size: Mens 8-12, Womens 9-12

The Under Armour men’s undeniable solid crew sock is a little thicker than the previous sock. This will give you more longevity when it comes to wear and tear.

The sock also features spandex material incorporated for a better fit and for that stretching ability to pull up the sock higher as nothing can be as irritating as a sock which is too short.

The sock also features left/right designs and this will ensure that both of your feet have socks that fit perfectly. The strategic cushioning at the bottom will reduce any strain put on your feet, while also taking some of the pressure off your ankle joints.

Furthermore, the Under Armour Dry material will improve the moisture-wicking of the sock and keep you from experiencing that mushy feeling.

Antimicrobial bodies have also been incorporated to reduce the level of bacteria in the sock and give you a cleaner, better-smelling boot after the game.

We highly recommend this for anyone constantly moving with enclosed boots. These socks will be great for boots with limited ventilation.  It comes in 6 different color choices and it’s made of 67% nylon, 20% polyester, 10% cotton, and 3% spandex.


  • Made predominantly from polyester with stretchable spandex included
  • Under Armour Dry materials for better moisture wicking
  • Antimicrobial bodies to reduce bacteria
  • Great for boots with limited ventilation


  • Thicker design does mean that it will be warmer




6.   Men’s Sports Athletic Compression Football Soccer Socks Over Knee High Socks

Men's Sports Athletic Compression Football Soccer Socks Over Knee High Socks (White)

Designed for both football and soccer, these socks from Matari will be a great addition to your football kit. The socks are made from cotton, with polyester fibers and spandex also included to improve the fit and the durability of the sock.

The Y-direction reinforcement will give you that pocket-like feel in the heel and this will also prevent you from slipping, while the polyester fibers, which have been incorporated in the outer mesh, will help dry up any moisture and give your feet a cooler feel on the field.

Cushioning has been added to the heel and the foot to help reduce the friction and this will also reduce the risk of abrasions.

Furthermore, the spandex material does allow for a more elastic feel to the sock and also makes the sock better for stretching up higher. The added elastic at the top will also keep the sock secure and in place on your calve or knee.

We highly recommend these for multiple sports, but we believe they will be extremely comfortable and offer adequate blister protection for football players.


  • Great for multiple sports at an affordable price
  • Provides adequate ventilation
  • Added spandex material for that custom fit
  • Thicker cushioning to help reduce friction
  • Y-direction reinforcement for a non-slip and comfortable fit


  • Only available in a limited number of colors (like as if 6 colors is not enough??)




7.   Schutt Sports Socks Game Day Football Uniform

Schutt Sports Socks Game Day Football Uniform, White, X-Large

The Shutt Sports game day socks have specifically been designed for football players. They are only available in a few colors, but the comfort they provide make them great as training socks as well.

The socks are predominantly made from nylon to increase durability, but this also makes the socks warmer on the inside. But the spandex material will make this sock great for any feet size and also provide an all-day comfortable fit.

The longer design is great for adding your shin guards and the thicker nylon material will reduce the friction between the heel and the boot. This means that you will have fewer abrasions and blisters, with a more comfortable playing experience.

We recommend these socks for football, but especially for training due to the limited number of colors available. The socks are a little expensive, but they are from a trusted football brand and this should ensure that you have high-quality socks.


  • Designed by a trusted football brand
  • Spandex material included for a better fit and more comfort
  • Thicker design to help reduce friction and abrasions


  • Lack of moisture-wicking properties
  • Not as durable as a good pair from adidas




8.   Joe’s USA – Football Game Socks

Joe's USA - Football Game Socks Scarlet, Adult (10-13)

While not a well-known brand, Joe’s USA football game socks are great for a quick fix. The socks are really cheap and they are also available in multiple different colors for you to choose from.

The socks are made predominantly of nylon and spandex has also been included, but the polyester fibers will help with the ventilation and also provide you with extra comfort and blister prevention while playing.

The socks also provide a comfortable fit for your ankles and toes and the thicker design will be great for reducing friction. This should ensure that no abrasions or blisters occur and they will even be great for breaking in new boots.

We highly recommend them for youth players, as they are comfortable and easy to wear. The spandex will also give you more functionality for adding chin pads and the most important thing of all in the price.

These socks can be hard to find in stores, but they are durable and extremely cheap.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Available in multiple different colors (SEVENTEEN colors!!!)
  • Added spandex for more functionality
  • Thicker design to reduce friction and blisters


  • Length is extremely high for youth players



Final Thoughts & Recommendation

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you have the knowledge to make the best choice when it comes to football socks.

All of these socks are perfect for football and most for other sports as well, but after looking at stats and preference, the Nike brand seems to be the better choice (though I wouldn’t argue with someone who says adidas offers the better value).

The Nike brand already has close relations with the NFL and they spend a lot of money and research on developing their socks, so it stands to reason that they will add those enhancements to all of their socks.

It’s also important to remember that in order to fully protect yourself from blisters and play at your maximum potential, you must also wear the right cleats for your position and foot shape/size.

We would like to encourage you to let us know if you have any questions or if you think we might have missed one of your favorite pairs.


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