5 Best Football Gloves For Linemen

football lineman gloves

In football, the Lineman’s most valued weapon is their hands. Unlike skill positions, linemen use their hands to engage with their opponent literally every single play.

Constantly being in the “trenches”, there is plenty of potential for jammed knuckles, broken fingers, hands, and even worse: getting your hands stepped on by cleats of other linemen.

That’s why you need to make investments in order to protect what is important to you. An efficient investment for Linemen is football gloves specifically crafted for their position; providing the protection and quality needed to perform their position at a high level.

Sure, most people who’ve watched and/or played football are fully aware that the lineman position isn’t the most glorious position in the sport. You rarely hear about lineman on any level of football; especially on the offensive side.

However, just because you don’t get to touch the ball every play doesn’t mean it’s not important to protect your most valuable assets by wearing gloves to enhance your play and prevent bumps, bruises, and other injuries that could threaten your playing time.

If you closely observe a weekend of football at both the professional and collegiate level you will notice a few things about lineman. Something you will notice cosmetically is that most linemen (excluding the center position) at both levels wear gloves.

This is because things get tend to get messy on the line of scrimmage and the last thing you want is to get your hand(s) stepped on or bruise your hand(s) to the point that you can’t use them and in result become an ineffective player.

What do you look for in a lineman glove?

There are four qualities you should look for in a lineman glove: protection, grip, quality, and comfort. The “perfect” lineman glove should possess all of these factors.

The difference between a “good” glove and a “great” glove is surely the latter two characteristics because in order to be an effective lineman you need protection and grip, otherwise, the glove fails to provide the player with an accessory that can give them an edge on the field.

Let’s go over these four qualities and why they are important to consider when looking for lineman gloves:

Padded Glove Protection

This is the most obvious necessity for a lineman. Both offensive and defensive linemen are constantly in the “trenches.”

Every play of every game offensive linemen are expected to block the man in front of them so that the quarterback or ball carrier is protected, and the defensive lineman is expected to use their hands in order to get past the offensive player and get to the ball.

Hand protection is significant to the lineman position and that’s why the lineman glove is the bulkiest compared to other football gloves. More bulk equals more padding, and more padding reduces the likelihood of receiving a cut, bump or bruise on your hands.

When you are making contact with another person at a fast speed, protection is always a necessity.

Glove Grip

Unlike wide receiver gloves, you are looking for mass and quality whereas a receiver is more concerned with a strong grip and light weight so that they can catch whatever passes come their way at a fast speed.

Nevertheless, grip is still important to a lineman when engaging with their opponent.

Without a solid grip, it would be more difficult for the defensive lineman to use their opponent’s jersey in order to get past them because they wouldn’t be able to maneuver the man in front of them.

It would be equally as difficult for the offensive lineman to play without a good grip, especially because they cannot grab on the other man’s jersey, therefore being able to use open hands with an effective grip is crucial.

You want to have the majority of your grip in the palm of the glove because that is where you make the most impact each play.

Since the offensive lineman doesn’t use their fingers often, don’t be surprised if your glove focuses its grip primarily in the palm area and less on the fingers.

Sure, linemen aren’t running routes and catching touchdowns, but grip is very useful for them and something to consider when looking for the glove that is best for you.

Glove Quality

The lineman position on both sides of the ball is the most physical position (next to linebacker) because players engage with their opponent every single play of the game.

The quarterback never willingly makes contact with the other team, and there are plays where other skill positions such as wide receiver and running back aren’t even touched.

The lineman, however, needs a good quality glove manufactured with durable material so that it will last longer during any weather conditions while persistently being put to use. I cannot emphasize how important it is to purchase a glove made with good quality.

The last thing a lineman wants to deal with in the middle of the game is the disappointment they will experience when their glove rips because it does not have the durability to cope with such consistent activity.


Players need to play their position effectively and collectively in order to win. Wearing comfortable equipment undoubtedly helps.

No one wants to play football with stiff, uncomfortable gloves because they won’t be able to use their hands how they want to and will be distracted by lack of comfort.

You may have to “break-in” your gloves by wearing them during practice, but if there is a continued feeling of discomfort after a few weeks then you did not select the best glove for a lineman.

Additionally, it is important that your gloves have ventilation so that sweat and heat don’t overwhelm your hand and create an unpleasant odor.

How do I know what size gloves I need?

 All brands come in different sizes. A Nike XL might not be equivalent to the XL of Adidas and so on.

The best way to find the right fit is to try on the glove in person, but if you’re buying online and unaware of your official size, check out the sizing charts for Cutters, Under Armour, and Nike.


Best Football Gloves for Linemen Reviews


1.   Adidas TechFit Lineman Football Gloves (Youth)


adidas Youth Techfit Lineman Football Gloves, Black/Gray, Medium

The Adidas TechFit gloves provide the player with comfort, protection, grip, and quality, hence why it had the most customer reviews on Amazon and makes this list.

Everything a lineman needs is in this glove: the back of the hand contains breathable mesh and performance grade lycra in order to give your hands breathing room; preventing sweat and heat from building up inside the gloves.

You can tell with the padding alone that you will be able to go to war wearing the Adidas TechFit gloves and not have to worry about hurting your hands.

In addition, the palm is composed of heavy-duty synthetic leather and Grip Tack, which provides the player with an enhanced grip despite any weather conditions.

Unlike most outdoor sports, football is essentially played in most weather conditions (except thunder obviously.)

Therefore it’s always important to have a good grip, especially when making tackles, otherwise you’ll risk the chance of embarrassing yourself as you reach for an opposing players’ jersey as they slip out of your grasp and change the momentum of the game. 

Check out the fingerless ADULT version HERE!


  • Flexpad construction in High Impact areas of the hand (extra protection)
  • College players report they lasted the entire season


  • Some report lack of durability and toughness
  • The fit is small




2.   Under Armour Men’s UA Combat V Football Gloves


Under Armour Men's Combat V Football Gloves, White/Black, Small


The Under Armour Combat V gloves have a similar style as the Adidas gloves; a lightweight glove with durable material and bulky protection.

While the power strap on the wrist gives the player much needed support, the padding wasn’t as equally distributed as other lineman gloves.  It also meets all regulatory body requirements  (NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE standards)

If you are looking for an affordable glove from a reputable brand such as Under Armour, this might be the best glove for you.


  • The glove is pretty affordable
  • Wrist support provides the player with a comfortable fit.
  • The glove is made with extremely durable material; preventing easy damage.


  • While the padding protects the upper hand and fingers, it could’ve been distributed better.
  • Under Armour could have provided the player with more color selection instead of only black and grey.





3.   Nike Hyperbeast 2.0 Lineman Glove

Nike Hyperbeast 2.0 Adult Leather Lineman Gloves (Black/White, 4XL)


The Nike Hyperbeast 2.0 gloves are perfect for a defensive lineman. These gloves are sleek; with padding distributed throughout the fingers and knuckles, into the back of the hand and the palm.

It also provides solid wrist support and made with leather that gives the consumer a durable glove despite frequent use and poor weather conditions.

D-lineman should definitely use this glove especially if they are trying to get into the backfield. The lightweight material won’t hinder their speed and the palm padding and grip will protect them from an impact.

That is not to exclude offensive lineman from this glove as they can also benefit from this high-quality product.


  • Made with lightweight material for easy movement and durability.
  • Padding is evenly distributed for maximum protection.
  • Wrist wrap assures a snug and comfortable fit.


  • Sold at an average price
  • Needs more color selection on Amazon
  • Would benefit defensive lineman for than offensive lineman.





4.   Wilson MVP Lineman Football Gloves


Wilson MVP Adult Linemen Gloves


If you are looking for a reasonably padded glove at an affordable price, this is the glove for you.

This lineman glove from Wilson is a lightweight, lightly padded glove that would be best for a lineman who is more interested in their speed rather than protecting themselves in the “trenches.”

This glove provides full hand protection, but our only real complaint comes from the number of hardcore players who reported this glove as lacking durability over long-term play or issues pertaining to grip integrity in wet conditions.

Because of the feedback on the other side confirming construction integrity, the reviews are relatively balanced, but we would advise caution here. 

We can’t quite say the quality is absolutely poor, but I wouldn’t recommend this product to a lineman looking to get physical on the gridiron, without having 3 or 4 pairs for backup.


  • Affordable price for a lineman glove
  • Can provide easier mobility since it contains less bulk than most lineman gloves.
  • Amazon reviews claim these gloves fit the hand comfortably.


  • Quality doesn’t seem durable from face value.





5.   Cutters Force Lineman Gloves


Cutters Lineman Padded Football Glove. Force 3.0 Extreme Grip Football Glove, Flexible Padded Palms & Back of Hand, Adult, 1 Pair


The Cutters Force lineman gloves were the most expensive lineman gloves I’ve found on Amazon.com. The question that instantly consumed my head was “Does the price of this glove reflect on the quality?”

Cutters has been producing football gloves for a long time, so it is very reasonable to make a claim that they are the best glove brand in the market.

I would say the most value in this glove comes from the material. The Cutters custom C-TACK material placed on the fingers, thumb, and palm, which offers a one-of-a-kind grip experience.

In addition, the compressed foam padding protects the hand and gives it comfort with added ventilation. The double wrist strap offers above-average wrist protection that could help when it comes to stability in the hand and wrist.

If you have money to spend and want to make a smart investment, I would definitely recommend the Cutters Force Lineman gloves based on the reputation of their brand and the advanced material used to make the glove.


  • The advanced C-TACK material can give you an edge against the competition.
  • Foam padding protects your hands from injuries and is evenly distributed.
  • Extra wrist protection offers wrist and hand stability.


  • Most expensive glove on the market
  • Reviews on durability and quality are average at best
  • Seem to run small compared to other gloves





Honorable Mention: Adidas Scorch Destroyer Lineman’s Gloves


I wanted to make a top 5 list using a handful of lineman gloves manufactured by different brands. One glove that caught my eye, which I didn’t add, would be the Adidas Scorch Destroyer glove.

This glove offers good quality and wrist support, hand padding that can absorb impact well, and durable GripTack that can help you hold on to the slipperiest uniforms if needed. If you have a decent budget to spend on this glove, it may be worth your while.


Ultimately you want to find the lineman gloves that best suit you and your style of play. If you are an interior lineman that is always in the action and getting physical, you should purchase a glove such as the Adidas Techfit, or the Nike Hyperbeast.

These gloves give you the most protection and the best quality for the price you pay. For someone such as a defensive end looking for speed rather than protection, I would recommend the Under Armour Combat gloves, the Hyperbeast, or the Wilson gloves.

The Cutters Force gloves are great for any physical player; mostly lineman and linebackers, but are very expensive compared to other brands in the market.

No matter what brand you go with, always remember to consider protection, grip, quality, and comfort.

If you are able to get a glove that offers you these characteristics you are on the way to becoming a lineman who protects their most valuable weapon…their hands.



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