The 7 Best Golf Bags of 2021: Walking, Carrying, Travel, & Cart Bags

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Whether you are playing golf in the big leagues of if you are simply on your way to play golf casually, having the best golf bag could make life a lot easier for you. Golf bags are considered to be an investment in the sport and they are really an investment as you will be using the golf bag for multiple years before you eventually need to buy a new one. Some casual players also stick to the same bag forever if they have managed to find a great golfing bag.

We have set out to find that best-golfing bags and show you how the best-golfing bags could potentially make life easier for you on the course. With so many bags to choose from, many players tend to get lost and they go for the best name or even the best looking bag without fully understanding the fundamentals of golfing bags.

We have selected a list of bags that we feel will improve your life as well as your golfing experience, but before we get into these golfing bags, there are a few things that you will need to understand when it comes to selecting a bag. Not all the bags you see in the pro shop is the same and making the wrong choice could be a very expensive mistake, but with these features, you can be sure that you will be making the right one.

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Types of golfing bags

As we have mentioned, there are different bags to choose from and all of these bags fall into their very own class or type. These types will also vary in price and size, thus making it an important choice when you start out on your golfing journey.

Pencil bags or Sunday bag

The Pencil bag is one of the smallest bags you will find on the market and they have definitely become more and more popular over recent years. These bags can easily hold up to 14 clubs and they are thinner and lighter, which will make them easier to carry along on those longer par five courses if you do not yet have your own caddy.

Stand bag

Stand bags might cost you a little more than a bag that you will need to carry along and the stand bag is really one of the more comfortable bags to have. These bags have their own foldable stands that will allow the bag to rest on their sides and also keep the bag out of the dirt. It is important to know that when you select a stand bag, you will need to ensure that the stand is durable and can support the weight. The stands do vary in quality as well.

Cart bag

The cart bag has primarily been designed for the female or the older golfers and the bottom of the bag has been designed to allow the bag to fit on the golf cart or even an electronic trolley. These bags are often also referred to as “lazy” bags, but they will certainly make life easier on those longer golf courses.

Cart bags are also larger than most of the other bags as the designed have taken it for granted that no one with such a bag will be carrying the bag.

Tour bag

Tour bags have been named that for the reason of professional players usually taking these bags while playing. These are some of the largest bags you will find and many of them are in the range of 45lbs. The bags also provide additional space for the golfer to add their clothing, a large amount of clubs and the additional playing balls.

These bags are also waterproof and designed to resist the elements much better, but they are definitely not recommended for players planning to carry their own bag on the course.

Travel bag

The Travel bag has been introduced to make life easier for casual golfers planning to play a little on holiday and the bag has taken on the form of a suitcase. There are various travel golf bags now available and you will be able to choose between a hard case and a softer padded bag to help ensure that your clubs are protected when they are in transit.


Key features to take note of when buying a golf bag

Now that you should have a better understanding of the types of bags available on the market, you will also need to ensure that you know what to look for in these bags when you finally have to make your pick. The bags might be different in design and have different purposes, but in the end, all of these bags will be the same when it comes to the key features.

  • Type of bag

First of all, you should decide on the type of bag, but as we have just gone through the most popular bags types, it should be quite easy for you to make that decision. Each bag type has its specific purpose sometimes it won’t do any harm to have two types to ensure that you are ready for everything, but the pro bags are certainly recommended for professional players with their own caddies to boss around.

  • Weight

Since you will most likely not have your own caddy, you will need to find a lighter bag that will allow going the distance when carrying your clubs. The more weight you are able to shave off the bag itself, the farther you are likely to get when carrying your own bag.

  • Number of clubs it Holds

Each bag will have its own maximum number of clubs the bag could hold and this number is likely to be of great impact. Depending on where you play, you will need to ensure that your bag does have the capabilities of carrying all of your clubs. There are also many cheaper bags that will not really accommodate all of the important clubs and you will need to ensure yours will all fit.

  • Number of Pockets

When it comes to storage space, you will probably never have enough and you will need to have storage space in your golf bag. It is essential to carry along all of the equipment like gloves and additional balls unless you would like to buy a new one at the pro shops or dive in the water to find your lost ball.

  • Stand Stability (Stand bag)

This feature is only important if you plan on purchasing a stand bag and the stand must be checked out to ensure that it is stable enough to stand on its own with the weight you have loaded the bag with. Weaker stand might give in and limit the amount of weight you could potentially add.

  • Price Range

With so many bags available, it should come as no surprise that the price will certainly vary from bag to bag and the top bags do command a very high price. We recommend that you stay in your budget and look at the different bags as you are very likely to eventually stumble across the ideal golf bag.

With these features, you should easily be able to choose the right bag at the best possible price to allow you to stay within your budget. The bags we have selected on our list are of a wide variety and they should certainly help to point you in some sort of direction when it comes to getting the perfect bag.


Golf Bag Reviews


1.   Sun Mountain Golf 2019 4.5 14-Way Stand Golf Bag

Bag type: Stand bag

The Sun Mountain 14-way bag is new for this year!  The Sun Mountain golf cart bag is the first bag to make it onto our list and since it has been designed by one of the top brands in golf, and it’s one of our best values when you consider quality, looks and included bonuses. The contoured 3-way straps make it very comfortable to wear and its new re-design for 2019 give it 14 individual dividers to protect all your clubs in any conditions!

Everything it has seems to be a bit of an upgrade over last year’s model.  It features a cart strap pass-through, leg-lock system, and a cart-friendly bottom.  Nine storage pockets, a hydration pouch and two velour-lined “valuables” pocket (including one with water-resistant qualities) and a number of other accessory pockets are another feature package just standard for this quality company.

The total weight is 4.5 lbs and a matching rain hood rounds out the nice package!

There are not many of these bags left so it’s prudent to grab yours now (I know that sounds like a cheesy “but wait, there’s more!” sales pitch, but it’s absolutely true!)


  • Very lightweight
  • Weather-resistant
  • Added cooler pockets for beverages
  • Purchase bonuses


  • At over $200, it’s not exactly the cheapest bag on our list (but is “cheap” what you want?)


2.   Wilson 2018 NFL Carry Golf Bag

Bag type: Stand bag

This carry bag is new for 2018 (hence the name!) and even so, in early 2018 there were still lots of comments and feedback from very satisfied users.  Compare that with only a tiny handful of comments for other bags that have been on the market longer.  Aside from the obvious cool factor of having any team you want, splashed all over your custom(ish) golf bag, this bag is not light on features!  The 4-way top with 2 full-length dividers is excellent for providing space for all your clubs. Lots pockets provide unmatched storage so you have plenty of space for golf balls, rain gear and more. Extra comfort is added with the use of a 4-point ergonomic double strap.  Here’s an outline of what else awaits you (if you’re lucky enough to get one since they sell out quickly and Amazon has to take back-orders) if you’re fortunate enough to buy one!

  • 9.5″ x 8″ 4-Way divider top
  • 2 Full-length dividers
  • 4-Point ergonomic double strap
  • Angled stabilization feet
  • 7 Pockets including 1 full-length garment pocket
  • 1 Valuables velour pocket
  • 2 Large accessories pockets
  • 1 Base cooler pocket
  • 2 Side base mesh pockets
  • 1 Large open pocket for rangefinder or beverage
  • Rain hood
  • Towel ring/glove and umbrella holder


  • Stellar List of Features
  • A unique concept of customizing for your favorite NFL team


  • Sells out occasionally and you may have to be put on a waiting list for re-orders


3.   Titleist Single Strap Caddie Stand Bag

Bag type: Stand bag

The Titleist single strap caddie stand bag is one of the more basic that you will be investing in if you start out. The bag features an additional standing structure that will allow you to easily set up the bag when you need to be playing your shot and the three full dividers will make it easy to section of your clubs for faster and easy access if you do not yet have your very own caddie.

The bag only features five zippered pockets to ensure that everything is secure and to keep the rain out, but since you will be carrying the bag yourself, this will be kind of a blessing in disguise to limit you from overstuffing the bag and then having to carry it all over the course. The pockets have also been velour-lined and this will make them resistant to water to ensure that all your valuables stay dry in a sudden rainstorm.

You will also have the choice of various colors to ensure that you do have the perfect bag to match your style and the added strapping will also make the bag much more comfortable to carry along. The bag also features an insulated beverage pocket to carry along some much-needed refreshment on those hot days and the bag is also light enough to not put you off your game if you need to be carrying it around the whole time.

This bag is reasonably priced and we believe that new players with not as much club variety will find this bag ideal for playing and carrying around. The bag is also stylishly designed and the stand is also quite strong. We do recommend the bag for beginners and intermediate golfers to carry along a little less weight.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Multiple weatherproof pockets
  • Three dividers for easy access.
  • Very lightweight


  • Only has 5 small pockets


4.   Titleist Golf Players 4 Way Stand Bag

Bag type: Stand bag

Here’s another bag from one of the best-known companies in the golf industry worldwide!  It’s Amazon’s CHOICE for a reason.   There’s a proprietary convertible, self-balancing strap system and it features a “performance stand system”.  As expected, a dual-density foam cushioning system is provided for comfort, but that’s not unlike other companies’ offerings.  The full-length apparel pocket is a welcome feature while the stability is unmatched given the sturdy aluminum legs and hinged bottom.

Like most other Titleist bags, this one comes with a weather-resistant top cover to help when you get caught in a shower unexpectedly.  There are five different color options available.


  • Provides multifunctional use
  • Features weather-resistant pockets
  • Lots of color choices
  • Only 3.8 pounds empty


  • A little overpriced


5.   Sun Mountain 2020 C130 Golf Bag

Bag type: Cart bag

The C130 was designed mostly for a cart and the features it offers are made with this in mind, (but it can be carried with the comfortable shoulder straps!)  For example, there are 3 utility handles on the top of the bag and a reverse-orientation top.  There are 17 color combinations to choose from (very cool option) and I decided to feature an eye-catching Red/Black/Grey color combo, though there are lots of more conservative and radical choices too!  It has an integrated putter well (separate pocket on the exterior of the golf bag for your putter).  The Smart Strap system uses Velcro straps to attach the bag to a cart without interfering with the putter well.

As you would expect, it has 5 spacious club compartments.  It has 13 pockets and weighs 6.6 lbs.  A cooler pocket does “you know what” for your drinks.  The zip-off ball pocket face is ready for customization and of course in includes an umbrella holder, towel ring and rainhood!


  • 17 different colorways (including 2 camo pattern options!)
  • Probably the best, most solid and feature-filled bag on our list


  • The most expensive bag on our list (if only by $5 or so!)
  • Twice the weight of some competitors on our list


6.   Mizuno 2020 BR-D4 Stand Golf Bag

Bag type: Stand bag

It looks like Mizuno has not only hit this one out of the ballpark so to speak (they do make baseball gloves after all), but it’s arguably the best bag they’ve made to date!  The BR-D4 ranks a perfect 5-star rating on Amazon!

The BR-D4 is best suited to anyone who divides their course visits between walking with a pushcart, carrying over the shoulder and using a ride-on cart.  Mizuno makes a slightly lighter bag that is best for those who exclusively carry the bag over the shoulder.  The BR-D4 has only 4 divided compartments which means there is TONS of room for head covers on your clubs (if you use them) and your clubs are not forced to be too close together.  A magnetic pocket ads a factor of “cool”!  The straps on the BR-DR are attached not directly to the bag, but rather, through loops that are stitched and riveted to the bag.  This is an excellent feature that allows for easy replacement of straps – a welcome improvement over previous models and over other manufacturer’s designs.  Here’s a more “official” features list.  Check it out HERE.


  • Overall excellent features for the price
  • 6-way cuff
  • Zip-off embroidery panel
  • Insulated Cooler pocket
  • Carabiner accessory clip


  • Ummm…. well, I suppose it could be less expensive, but it’s not priced too high either!


7.   Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

Bag type: Travel bag/case

The Samsonite golf hard sides travel cover case is one of the top golfing travel cases you will find and while many people do like to go for the softer padded bags, we have found this case to be a little more durable. The bag is made from durable plastic and it has also been tested to be impact resistant.

On the inside of the case, you will find a quilted foam layer of padding and this layer will definitely make sure that your clubs are not rattling around on the inside to cause damage. The 4 multi-directional spin wheel will make pushing the case easy and you will not need to carry the case while you are traveling.

The case is quite expensive, but once you have invested in it, you can be sure that you will never need to invest in another traveling case. The case is also quite large on the inside and will easily hold your longer 48-inch clubs. We highly recommend this case for golfers who tend to travel a lot and need that extra layer of protection from the damages that could be inflicted during transport.


  • Very durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to push around
  • Fits larger clubs as well
  • Impact resistant


  • Really expensive


Final Thoughts & Recommendations

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you have managed to find the best golf bag for your needs. We do recommend all of these golf bags and these five have been specifically selected for the value they provide.

We would like you to let us know if you have been able to use the information and choose the ideal golf bag for your needs and also let us know if we might have missed any of your favorites.



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