The 10 Best Golf Practice Nets for 2021

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In a world of saturated with imperfection, the only method to get better at a particular set of skills is to work on them repetitively. This is known as practice. Yes, I said practice. The sport of golf may look fairly straight forward, but one would be surprised of the amount of time and effort put into the skills that make golfers successful. Just like most things in life, sports like golf require a tremendous amount of dedication if you are a serious athlete looking to enhance your overall skills.

A key asset to any golfer’s practice regimen is a net. Having a good practice net will allow you to hit your golf ball at high speed without losing it or having to walk a whole football field to retrieve it. Golf is a sport that requires consistent concentration on the “little things”, so grabbing the net that emphasizes those minuscule skills will help you find your groove and really start progressing in the sport of golf.

Top Golf Practice Net Comparison Chart


Finding the right practice net for your golf outings isn’t a task to take lightly. In order to improve your skills and get the most out of your purchase, it is important to find the net that best suits your needs. Buying the best golf practice net will give you the ability to work on your weaknesses while improving your strengths. But let’s face it: it’s 2017, and most people have busy lives. Not everyone has the time to go online, search different platforms, do their research, and analyze each net individually. That’s why this buyer’s guide is useful in the buying process. This guide will make your purchasing decision because it has some of the best-listed products in the golf industry, gives you an idea of what to look for, and most importantly: it saves you time.

Golf Practice Net Reviews


  1. Rukket Haack Golf Net

Chris Haack, the head coach of the University of Georgia Men’s Golf team, has created a high-quality golf net that will help you with your performance. Golfers who invest in this net should be confident, as Haack was the coach of golfing great Bubba Watson back in 2000. One of the best features of this golf net is its durability. The Rukket Haack golf net is made with 4-ply netting that is designed to be used frequently without showing signs of wear and tear. This sturdy net is also firm enough to provide a rollback feature; essentially bringing the ball back to the golfer with ease. The ten-foot Haack net has a substantial amount of surface area, so you can rest assured that your ball will stay within the perimeter of the net and come back to you.

This lightweight practice net is also very easy to assemble. Similar to that of a camping tent, all you need to do is simply put the poles together (attached with the net) and place it wherever you would like to practice. If you’ve dealt with poor practice nets in the past, you need not worry about this Rukket product. This golf net guarantees an excellent product since they offer a lifetime warranty in addition to the Rukket Fair Play guarantee. If there comes a time where you’re using this net and it somehow becomes damaged over time, you can exercise this warranty regardless of how long ago you originally purchased this item. Having a lifetime warranty like this gives the buyer peace of mind knowing that they will be able to get a new product (and possibly even your money back) if the net becomes defective.


  • Large net provides a fair target
  • Reasonable price
  • Very durable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy assembly


  • Some nets aren’t as sturdy as others
  • Set up instructions are vague
  • Doesn’t hold up well against poor weather

  1. Ajillis 3 in 1 Golf Practice Set

The Ajillis brand has come out with a 3 in 1 practice set that is certain to make a difference in your performance. Once you purchase this product, you will receive a driving net, a chipping net, and a driving mat. These items are built with material that will protect them both indoors and outdoors. The chipping net is made with a weather-resistant material, so no matter what the weather is outside, you can leave it there knowing it won’t become damaged. The driving net has 2 expandable fiberglass poles that are expected to reach out to about 7 feet. This tall target will allow golfers to hook some golf balls without the worry of losing them. In addition to the item itself being resistant to poor weather conditions, there is also a nylon carrying bag that comes with the net. This is definitely handy for those times where you want to disassemble your practice net and put it inside for another time. Having a carrying case made with a strong nylon will prevent the poles from potentially rusting over time.

The driving mat was designed to simulate a real life experience at the golf tee. This part of the practice set is made with a top quality artificial grass on top of a sturdy rubber base. One issue buyers have had with the Ajillis 3 in 1 net is that it does not hold up well when used in windy conditions. Besides one or two downsides, this Aijillis practice set delivers three different aspects of golf for the price of one reasonable product.


  • Comes with nylon carrying case
  • Strong fiberglass poles
  • Net is a large target


  • Lacks stability during windy weather
  • Net isn’t durable

  1. Izzo Golf Tri-Daddy Hitting Net

The Izzo hitting net offers an advanced mixture of quality and value. This golf practice net has a tri-poled shape that builds a solid, wide foundation for golfers to aim at. This set up is fairly easy to assemble and take apart, making it extraordinarily convenient for golfers to practice wherever they feel like it, and move if they desire. The netting itself consists of a high quality mesh that is designed and tested to be one of the strongest materials in the sport of golf. Having such a net will keep your mind at ease as you can confidently hit your golf ball at full power and know it won’t damage your net. The metal ground stakes included with the set will allow you to properly plant your net in the ground so it stays stable throughout your practice. All you have to do is place the hollow end of the pole into the ground and keep the solid end in the air.

In regards to the type of golf balls you would use with this net, it ultimately comes down to consumer preference. Some golfers use plastic golf balls whereas others go with true hard golf balls. The biggest difference between the two would be the player’s hitting experience (obviously) and the value of the ball itself. Most plastic golf balls are inexpensive and can be easily replaced, while true golf balls are much heavier. Unlike competitors, this net does not return to the ball to you, but as long as you hit it within the net, you won’t have to worry about losing them.


  • Very Durable net
  • Tri-pole frame keeps the net stable
  • Easy assembly for the most part
  • Fair price in comparison to value


  • Some users have had their poles bend
  • More difficult to use indoors

  1. Callaway Home Range Practice System

The Callaway brand’s golf practice system provides you with everything you need in order to enhance your golfing skills. Included with the Callaway home range practice collection is a seven-foot hitting net, a ball feeder, and a hitting mat with a vivid launch zone. This bundle is an essential asset to the practice items of the average golfer. Starting with the skeleton of the net, the Callaway practice net is a four-point, cross base design made with a fiberglass frame and premium netting. This set up will ensure that the net will stay together at all times, even when you nail a golf ball onto the target. The designated target in the middle of the net will help you focus on your aim while swinging, as it sports a white circle with an arrow, surrounded by a red circle.

If you’re tired of cluttered golf balls you’ll be impressed with this part of the practice system. The Callaway practice system has a pro caddie that efficiently holds up to thirty-five balls. All you have to do is tap your clubs onto the caddie, and it will feed one ball at a time until you run out. Talk about convenient! In addition, there is the ft launch zone made with a turf surface made to handle frequent use. This turf base will help simulate a real experience at the tee and won’t move upon impact in the slightest. If you are interested in this advanced golf Practice set, it won’t come cheap. Although some reviews believe this part of the group could have been better quality, it still is a good asset to have for any golfer looking to improve their skills.


  • Caddie helps organize golf balls
  • Durable launch zone


  • Difficult to put together
  • Net doesn’t last long

  1. Jef World of Golf Collapsible Chipping Net

This chipping net from Jef World of Golf is an affordable item that offers convenience to the user. After applying consistent effort to your swing, this collapsible chipping net will help improve your chip shot. This mobile net has the potential of three nets in one. This net easily transforms from a 23-inch frame into a 7-inch diameter frame; which gives you more options to practice with. The opening in the middle of the net allows you to hit your target and retain the golf balls within the net itself. One of the best features of this net is that you can essentially use it anywhere you want. You can use it outside, inside your room, the living room, or the garage. This idea of portability encourages golfers to practice their skills regardless of where they are or the weather that is outside.

The biggest plus from the Jef World of Golf is the reasonable price. When looking into this net, you are essentially buying three nets for the price of one. Other competitors offer similar products for a higher price, so consumers with limited spending should take a thorough look at this chipping net before making a final decision. On another note, this net is lacking in surface area, compared to the competition. Being strictly a chipping net also takes away from the overall value of this net from Jef World of golf.


  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible


  • Net and pole lack durability
  • Flimsy

  1. Spornia Golf Practice Net with Automatic Return System

Spornia’s large practice net offers a large target and a return system that makes practicing more fun. With this practice net, golfers can practice any type of swing, whether it be chipping, putting or full spring. A unique feature of this practice net is that it automatically returns your shots back to you. Even though you’ll only need one golf ball, the Spornia golf practice net comes has a ball stopper that stores well over 200 golf balls. This storage system is good to have just in case you beat down one particular ball. While other nets have a system where the balls that hit the target ricochet off the net, the Spornia golf net simply enter a net on the bottom so they aren’t hitting the floor.

The Spornia brand patented a specific material that can create different angles for the target, depending on the golfer’s preference. There is also an adjustable netting that manipulates the ball speed; offering a unique opportunity for you to truly improve the little things of your golf game. One of the most useful parts of this practice net from Spornia is the side barriers. These barriers help intercept poor shots and shanks so that you don’t have to walk out of your way to retrieve your golf ball. The part of this net that has been questioned the most is the frame. Some consumers are concerned about how well the metal frame will hold up, since it has been known to be a little flimsy when setting up.


  • Automatic ball return
  • Net is well-made
  • Set up is simple


  • The stability of the metal frame is questionable
  • Not as tall as other nets

  1. Goplus Golf Practice Net

The Goplus golf practice net is the ideal practice net for someone looking for an affordable, sturdy practice net. No matter the weather, you can work on your golf skills since this practice net is made with a durable, all-weather material. The Goplus practice net also has a backstop safety feature and a resistant shock-corded frame that keeps the net stable on the ground regardless of the force your golf balls are coming in. Versatility is a highlight of the Goplus golf practice net. You can use this net literally anywhere. Outside, inside, your backyard, or your garage, it doesn’t make a difference. This allows you to practice your skills regardless of the weather, as long as you have space inside your living area. In regards to price, it isn’t expected for consumers to shell out an exaggerated amount of money for this product. People on a tight budget can fairly assess the value of this net, since the price is very affordable. The only red flag from a net with such a low price is the quality. If you are content with the price you are paying, be advised that the quality might not be as strong as a higher-priced product.

Besides the fact that it doesn’t take up much space, the Goplus golf net is a valuable product because it is built like a cage. It is designed to keep in whatever enters that area, in this case: the golf balls that you hit. With this easy system in place, golfers that strike their ball at full speed won’t have to worry about their golf balls straying, because the net will catch them. For the price and the convenient set up, the Goplus practice net is an easy consideration as a tool that has the potential to benefit your game.


  • Easy to install
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Large opening


  • Average quality
  • Doesn’t hold up well in poor weather

  1. 10 x 7ft Golf Net Bundle 4pc & 3pc by SteadyDoggie

“Steady Doggie”??  Really?  No one could figure out a better name?  Oh well, what’s in name eh?  This system receives top marks from Amazon reviews, but it’s not perfect.   

This system offers you a budget price for something pretty decent and worth the money.  It comes with a net and hardware, a chipping target and a carry bag.  The 10×7 foot size is ample for nearly anyone and setup takes about two minutes!  The whole setup is about 3 feet deep as well so take that into consideration when determining a suitable location.  It also offers a ball-collect feature which is very convenient.  The ball return or fence is also a safety shield that prevents errant low balls from hitting and bouncing off the low support steel bar at the back of the net.

The frame is steel but also includes fiberglass support rods.  Each mesh square is about 3/4″ in size and the net is made out of 5-ply knotless weave.  That knotless design really decreases the storage space required!  And of course, I almost forgot to mention that this net is specified for use in other sports like baseball, soccer, and lacrosse!


  • Simple set up
  • Portable
  • Strong frame
  • 4.2 out of 5-star rating


  • Durability of the net is questionable and overall quality of some shipped units was sub-standard
  • Goofy name makes me laugh!
  • Indoor use may be limited as the net may need extra securing (sandbags) to minimize the front-to-back movement.

  1. Dynamax Sports Golf Practice Net

The Dynamax golf practice net might be one of the stronger nets on the list. Not posing to be anything complex, most of the net is made with a strong, twisted knotted nylon and a mesh. There is also a rope border around the net to provide a solid foundation that will be able to catch any shanks or balls hit with an iron. Being UV and weather treated, the Dynamax Sports golf net can be utilized year round, basically in any weather. So golfers no longer need to be intimidated if they live in an area where rain or snow is prevalent because this net is meant to take a beating. Plenty of buyers have claimed that they have used the Dynamax golf practice net over a handful of times per week, and have yet to encounter an issue with durability.

This simple net is pretty straightforward: set it up and get to work. While there aren’t any grand perks that go along with this net, it is definitely something that could be useful for a golfer who values simplicity. Granted, there are nets out on the market that can likely deliver more and might be at a lower price as well. There really isn’t any significant analysis on the price of this item. It is priced about average, but then again it is basically a sturdy rope, so you might be paying slightly more than what you’re actually receiving. The benefit of having a net like the Dynamax Sports practice net, is that it can be used for multiple actions.


  • Made with great quality
  • Sturdy & durable
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • Priced reasonably


  • Doesn’t come with anything to hold the net down

  1. The Net Return Golf and Multisports Net

While nowhere near the cheapest of our options, the Net Return is arguably the best option on our list.  The price is a bit of a killjoy but aside from that, we like this one!  Not only does it have a design that returns your ball as perfectly as possible to a basic front and center position for another shot, but it can be used for lots of other sports like baseball, soccer, hockey, football, and lacrosse.  The construction is a 1.5 inch tubular steel frame for ultimate rigidity.

It takes a full 5 minutes to put together (boo hoo)!   It weighs 39 lbs. and comes in a duffle bag for easy transport and storage.

As it pertains to golf, it can be used with any golf club from drivers to wedges.  It can handle golf ball speeds over 200 mph and it can be used with most golf simulators.  Overall, it’s our favorite net on the list, but it carries our least favorite price!

  • Easy to put together
  • Wide
  • Multi-sport
  • Carry bag included


  • High in price


Final Thoughts & Conclusion

These are the ten best golf practice nets available in 2017. Golf is a game of technique and repetition. In order to successfully master your golf skills, you’re going to need an extremely durable product that touches on all the aspects of golf. What you decide to go with ultimately comes down to your financial situation, quality, and what you are looking to work on. After going over this guide, stability and assembly are other things to acknowledge when looking for the right practice net. Some items on the list specialize in one particular motion, whereas others provide the tools needed for the full skill-cycle. At a surface level, those looking to work on their chipping game should strongly consider the Jef World chipping net, the SKLZ Quickster net, or the Callaway practice system. On the other hand, the Rukket Haack net and the Gopius net are better for those looking to generally improve their skills.


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