8 Best Adult & Youth Hockey Bags for 2021: Backpacks, Duffles, & Wheeled

Hockey is a great sport that is now played all over the world and enjoyed by millions. It is a sport that not only takes some skill to play but there is a very physical element to it also. That means that everyone who plays the sport has to wear protective equipment and a lot of it. That creates a problem getting that equipment from your home to the rink on a regular basis. That is why one of the essential pieces of equipment for a hockey player is a good carry bag. You don’t just want to buy any bag and that is why we have taken the time to review some of the best hockey bags in the marketplace.

Top Hockey Bag Comparison Chart

Why can’t you just throw your equipment in any old duffle bag? That is because most hockey players have a set routine that they use when putting on their hockey equipment and a good hockey bag helps keep a player organized. Hockey bags are spacious and compartmentalized to make organization easy. They also have straps and/or wheels to help make carrying all that equipment a whole lot easier.

Hockey Bag Buying Guide

We mentioned already that a good hockey bag is considered essential equipment for most hockey players. There are quite a few different types available in the marketplace. We will help identify the key characteristics that you should consider when you are shopping for a hockey bag.

Here are some things about hockey bags that you definitely want to SE aware of as you are shopping for one:


Without a doubt, price can be a big factor in any hockey bag purchase that you are looking to make. A good hockey bag can run you well over $100 depending on the quality and size of it. You have to be careful here not to be too miserly when making your purchase and get a big that does not fit your needs just to save a little money. So it is definitely the type of purchase you don’t want to compromise on that much. You can find some really good hockey bags at affordable prices if you take your time looking when shopping. It is also never a bad item to buy offseason when the prices tend to come down significantly.


Here is another characteristic of hockey bags that you have to take a close look at. You don’t want a hockey bag that you have to stuff all your gear into tightly; that makes it very inconvenient to take your equipment out and put back in. You also don’t want a bag that is so big your stuff moves all over the place as you transport it. So how do you know what is the right size bag for you? You have to find a happy medium and that is a bag where your equipment fits in it easily, yet the equipment is slightly snug up against each other when you zip up the bag.


There are several different types of hockey bags as far as how you transport the equipment in them. Here is a brief overview of those:


Just like wheeled luggage has made it easier to get around airports, so too has wheeled hockey bags made it easier to take equipment back and forth from the rink. Hockey equipment these days can get a little heavy, and being able to roll it will significantly reduce the amount of weight that you actually have to move around.


These days this is considered an old school way to tote a hockey bag around but they are still out there in the marketplace. With these, you simply carry your bag with a strap going over one shoulder or you pick it up and carry it using the two handles that are in the top center of it. When your bag is carried this way you are physically hauling every bit of weight in the bag. Your best bet is to hope the arena entrance is close to where you park.


These have become more and more popular recently. This is where your hockey bag is built more like a backpack and you put the two adjustable straps over your shoulder to better distribute the weight as you move with it.


This is fast becoming the most popular style of hockey bag because you get the best of both worlds with it. It combines two or more of the hockey bag styles mentioned above. For instance; you can’t very well roll your hockey bag off the bottom of the bus, so you get your bag off the bus using two built-in handles and get it to the locker room using the wheels.


Hockey bags have to function in some pretty rough environments such as luggage compartments under buses, the car trunk and the back of a pickup. That means you want your bag to be made out of a material that is tough and will hold up well. Inexpensive bags made out of such things as heavy vinyl will rip easy and tend to dry out and crack over time. Look for a bag that has a space age material that is both lightweight and durable. These bags tend to last you a long time and resist absorbing moisture too.


You don’t just want to have your bag just a big empty space inside. It’s best if you have compartments in there to separate the equipment. Most bags will have a separate padded compartment to keep your skates safe. Other useful compartments are ones that store hockey tape, you can put your towel and soaps in and you can also use to put your hockey undergarments in. We talked about how important organization of your equipment was before and hockey bags with compartments will help a lot with that.

Ability to clean it

If you have been a hockey player long you realize that it is very tough to keep your equipment dry when playing and even tougher to keep it from smelling afterwards. Some of the mold, mildew and sweat smell inevitable transfers into the material of your hockey bag. That is why you need to factor in how easy any hockey bag is to clean. It makes it nice if your hockey bag is made of a material you can wash or wipe down. Add-ons such as wheels can really get in the way of this if they are too bulky in nature and exposed. So make sure you consider this when shopping for a hockey bag or you might end up hauling around one very smelly equipment bag.


Just because your hockey bag is made out of a tough material does not mean there won’t be any problems with it. Zippers can fail, materials can have defects and stitching may fall apart because it was not done well in the first place. These types of things should all be covered under warranty, so the longer a warranty a hockey bag has the more peace of mind you get about purchasing that bag. Be smart and familiarize yourself with the warranties of any hockey bags that you are thinking about buying.

Best Hockey Bag Reviews

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in stores looking at hockey bags or surfing online for one, then you don’t have to because we are here to help. We looked at several different models of hockey bags and have come up with a list of what we think are the top ten. This list is based on such things as quality, value for the money and other intangibles.

Here are some quality hockey bags that we really like:

1.   Jetstream 36 Inch 3-Pocket Hockey Equipment Duffle Bag


  • Attractive Price
  • Tough and Rugged
  • Legal for Airline Travel (size)


  • No Frills
  • Not as Durable as some owners would like
  • No specific shoulder strap

Here’s a great no-frills bag with a great price tag and decent owner reviews.  In some cases, a touch of “quality craftsmanship” was missing, but for most, the bag fit their needs.  This is a great option for those who are willing to take a calculated risk on a lower-priced bag which may be your best purchase of the year, or….

2.   ICE USA 36-inch Wheeled Cargo Outdoor Mountain Hockey Duffle Bag


  • Large duffle bag type shape
  • Great value for the price
  • Wheeled for easy movement


  • Not the most durable material
  • Not many outside compartments

The crazy thing about the ICE bag is that most of the buyers of this bag didn’t use it for HOCKEY!  Ya, I know – very weird.  On the bright side, about 95% of the buyers gave it a 4/5 or 5/5 rating.  The only “bad” things were issues like exterior material was thin and it wasn’t as large as some would like.  Hmmm… I’d say it’s a pretty good deal, and with  Amazon’s return policy, why not give it a go!?  What else does it have?  Here’s a partial list:

  • ★ 36″ x 17″ x 15″ . 1200D Denier Polyester
  • ★ 3-wheel inline skate wheels for smooth rolling
  • ★ Telescopic Pull-Out Handle
  • ★ 3 Support Bars at the Bottom
  • ★ Two Front Pockets, each 13″ x 11″

3.   TronX Pro Travel Hockey Equipment Bag


  • Large Size
  • Interior Skate Pockets
  • Excellent reviews on Amazon
  • ID window on top of bag


  • Light-duty zipper
  • Not the toughest material

With a size of 38 in x 18 in x 16 in, no one has yet accused this bag of being too small.  In fact, everyone who bought this bag seems quite taken with it.  It’s REALLY not expensive, and it seems that many who have purchased this bag have low expectations (presumably because of the low price tag of under $50 as of the time of this review).  Perhaps those low expectations were a bit off-base since no one has reported any malfunctions yet!  The internal skate pockets allow for easier transportation of your gear and protection for your skates, so we like this design.

4.   Under Armour Hockey Pro Equipment Bag


  • Large duffle bag type shape from high-end athletic gear manufacturer
  • Affordable
  • Versatile


  • NOT recommended for carrying all gear for adult player

Here’s an excellent bag with great construction.  It’s coated mesh vents on all sides allows for unmatched airflow qualities so things don’t end up stinking as quickly!  Side skate pockets of reinforced to minimize the risk of blade slashing (but if you cover your blades with a plastic guard, you won’t have those problems at all!  There’s an accessory pocket for stuff like keys, wallets, phones, etc.  It has long straps to make carrying easier, and the handles are all reinforced for heavy loads.

There’s really only one thing we don’t like.  It’s not BIG ENOUGH for an adult’s full list of hockey gear.  We wish there was another version to accommodate adults!  What an idea!  Oh wait, I think we have a winner!  Check out the big brother of this bag at the end of our list!

5.   CCM 350 Deluxe Player Hockey Bag


  • Efficient Carrying Style Bag
  • Great Brand
  • Waterproof, Rubberized Bottom


  • Zippers are potentially not the best

Here’s another no-nonsense hockey bag by one of the biggest brands in the sports world.  The ample dimensions of 37″ L x 19″ H x 16.5″ W (though there is a slightly smaller version) can hold all your equipment plus half of your goaltender’s gear!  It features 2 internal skate pockets which allow for an easier transportation scenario since the outside of the bag has flat edges with no added “stuff” outside (like skates) to get caught on door corners, etc.  This is especially important for large bags which will naturally be more difficult to manoeuver and transport.  

There’s an ID window on top and even a mesh laundry pocket for base layers of clothing or other smaller items.  This bag is made of a combination of 600D polyester, 420D honeycomb ripstop polyester and a water-resistant tarp base.  It’s a durable and light bag overall and with a name like CCM we’re confident in its quality.

6.   Bauer Vapor Pro Carry Hockey Bag


  • Big and Spacious
  • Looks Great
  • THE top brand name is hockey gear


  • Probably a bit pricier than it should be
  • Not exactly feature-filled

Here’s a bag from an iconic brand, so we’re very confident the quality will be evident, or they’ll make good.  Either way, you’ll end up winning.  It measures 32″x18″x18″ and this is actually adequate for a goalie to fit ALL their gear according to several verified purchasers on Amazon!  It’s packed with pockets so you can carry all the accessories you might ever want in your hockey bag.  In total, this bag offers you 10 internal accessory pockets, in addition to the double skate compartment.

On the top of the Vapor Pro bag, Bauer installed a double-layered DryOut top flap. The exterior layer of the flap can be zipped away from the interior layer and then rolled up and secured with built-in velcro straps. The interior mesh layer then provides a massive vent that spans the full length of the bag’s top flap.  The bag itself is made with a heavy-duty, pro-level tarpaulin for weather resistance and supreme durability. The bottom of the bag is an even thicker waterproof tarpaulin. The grab handles are double layered and reinforced with rivets, ensuring that they’ll last regardless of how much heavy equipment is packed inside.

7.   Grit HTFX Hockey Tower 33″ Equipment Bag


  • Efficient tower design
  • Holds your sticks
  • Tough Design


  • Much pricier than duffle style bags

This wheeled bag represents one of only a couple of our preferred styles of bag, and it’s one of the higher-end offerings in our review of hockey bags.  I’d stick with a bag like this if I were a serious player.  It has a sturdier construction profile, and offers you “Torsion Technology folding frame system” as well as a side panel shoulder strap.  It even has a removable pocket for your team logo!  Rounding out some of the better qualities of the bag are the mesh door accessory pockets and wet/dry mesh bag which is removable!

8.   Under Armour Hockey Pro Equipment Bag


  • Durable Construction
  • Large duffle bag type shape from a high-end athletic gear manufacturer
  • Affordable
  • Versatile


  • If I put something here, it’s just because no bag can be perfect right?

Here’s my personal choice for value!  It’s not a flashy design (other than the colors) but for the price, it’s a great bag with durable construction, smart looks and enough space for an ADULT player and everything he/she wants inside!  It has coated mesh vents on the front and back for cross-ventilation, two interior open skate pockets, an interior accessory pocket and heavy duty zippers.  Of course, like any UA hockey bag, it has reinforced carry handles for big loads.

Conclusion & Recommendations

Sportconsumer’s Pick for Quality, Value and Customer Satisfaction

The choices you have for hockey bags are a lot bigger than you have ever had before. That is why it is so easy to get the right bag for yourself or your youth hockey player. We really like the Grit Tower SE Youth 30` Large Hockey Wheel Bag for younger players and we also fully recommend the Grit HTSE Hockey Tower 36 inch equipment bag for junior and senior league players.

If you don’t like any of the items on our list of the 10 best hockey bags, then you can always refer to our handy buying guide to help you make the proper selection for you. Either way, you should have no problem finding a hockey bag that is just right for your needs.



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