10 Best Hockey Sticks : Adult & Youth

There is a reason some of the best hockey skaters started playing the game when they were just barely out of diapers. That is because hockey has so many different skills you have to master in order to become good at it.

Even the best players though will not be able to perform at their peak ability if they are not supported by the right equipment and part of that is selecting the right hockey stick to compliment your game.

That is why we have taken the time to come up with this hockey stick buying guide and supplement it with some reviews on the best hockey sticks available.

Why is it important to have a good hockey stick that is the right size for you? The answer to that is because so many parts of the game involve using your hockey stick. Shooting, passing, defending and blocking all involve your ability to use your hockey.

That is why it is so important not to just buy any old hockey stick but to buy one that fits you right so it will help elevate your play.


Hockey Stick Buying Guide

Hockey sticks may just look like a chunk of wood or composite material but there is actually a lot that goes into the making of them.

It is a lot like a baseball bat in comparison; they don’t look like much but the details in their construction can make a big difference in how well you play your sport.

With that being said, there are definitely some key components to hockey sticks that you will need to take a closer look at before you decide which stick you will buy.

All of the items on the following list will come together when selected properly to make the perfect hockey stick to help you play the game at a high level.

Here are the key characteristics of hockey sticks to take a look at before making a final purchase:


Price is always a big factor when shopping for a product and it is not something you want to take lightly. These days a hockey stick can cost you hundreds of dollars so it would certainly not be wise to get stuck with one that does not work right for you.

You also don’t want to make the mistake of thinking that the most expensive hockey stick is the best one for you or your youth hockey player because that is not always the case.

Also, just like with any other type of product, there are some great deals out in the marketplace on hockey sticks; you can find some sticks that have all the features of the best ones made a much lower price.

Price is also a factor because you most likely will be working on a budget too for you or your youth player’s hockey equipment.

So figure out how much you are willing to spend on a jockey stick and stay in that budget range when shopping so you will be happy with your purchase.

Extending yourself financially often makes shopping for hockey sticks more stressful than it has to be because good hockey sticks come in a wide variety of price ranges.

Price can also be used as a determining factor to help you decide between two different hockey sticks that you like.

If you are comparing apples with apples there is no good reason not to purchase the lower-priced hockey stick.


There are several different materials that hockey sticks are made out of these days. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the four main types of hockey stick materials.

  • Carbon Fiber

In a nutshell, this is the best stick material you can buy.  It offers extraordinary lightness, stiffness, responsiveness and durability.  It’s also the most expensive. 

It can be manufactured in a variety of “weaves” since fibers can be manipulated.  We touch on some of the qualities of the various weaves in our individual reviews later in this article/review.

  • Wood

This is what all hockey sticks were once made of and many players today still use wooden hockey sticks. One thing that keeps them popular is their affordable price tag compared to metal and composite hockey sticks; they are significantly cheaper to say the least.

The big drawback with them is that they break much more easily than any other type of hockey sticks.

  • Metal

This was the second big phase of hockey stick production that at one time captured a large percentage of the hockey stick market.

The market for these types of hockey sticks has steadily declined with the introduction of composite-based hockey sticks into the marketplace. These sticks still used a wooden blade inserted into the base of them.

They are virtually unbreakable but they are a very stiff stick and it can be difficult to change the wooden blade insert on them.

  • Composite

This is the major player in the hockey stick marketplace these days. These sticks are made from strong but flexible carbon fibers.

They are virtually indestructible which means most youth players will never have to buy more than one in a season; which is a good thing because they are by far the most expensive type of hockey stick to purchase.


The length of you or your youth player’s hockey stick is of critical importance too. A hockey stick that is too short or too long will make it very difficult to do such things as pass, shoot and stickhandle well.

The right length stick makes all of these important hockey traits smoother and easier to do.

How do you know what is the right length hockey stick for you? Well, you can consult the fancy charts that most all of the hockey stick manufacturers put out these days or you can do it the old-fashioned yet very effective way.

That is done by putting on your hockey skates and standing up with your back straight. The proper length hockey stick for you should come to just below your chin when it is straight up and down with the tip of the blade touching the ice.

This is a reliable and time-tested way to find the right size hockey stick for yourself.

Remember, you can always cut down a hockey stick that is too long but you can’t add on to one. So err on the side of caution and get one that may be too long as opposed to buying one that is definitely too short.


This is one of the most important but often most overlooked aspects in a hockey stick. It would be a big mistake to not consider it when purchasing a hockey stick for yourself or your youth player.

Ignoring it means you might end up playing with a hockey stick that actually takes away from your ability to play the game at a high level.

What is the lie in a hockey stick? In layman’s terms, it’s the amount of the bottom of a hockey stick blade that comes into contact with the ice at one time.

Hockey sticks come in different lies because a person’s arm length, leg length, torso height and skate height all affect the angle that a hockey stick blade contacts the ice.

Lie is expressed as a number value and printed on each individual hockey stick. To find out what lie hockey stick you would use you need to take your skates to your local hockey supply shop with the skate guards on them.

When you get to the hockey stick section put on you or your child’s skates.

Try different lie sticks until you find a lie number that puts the highest percentage of your hockey sticks blade bottom into contact with the ground when you are in a slightly bent over hockey position.

Once you determine you or your child’s proper lie number make sure you remember it because it’s very important.


You will find very few hockey players that do not have a curve on their stick these days. A curve is good to help you cradle the puck a little as you stick handle and to help lift the angle of your shot a little quicker.

There are all different types of curves on hockey sticks these days so you may have to try several sticks to find the type of curve that suits you best.

The cheapest way to do this is to borrow some of your friend’s hockey sticks with different curves to use during practice.

There is no set rule on how much curve you should or should not have on the hockey stick you use. It basically is one of those things that totally comes down to personal preference and how well you are playing the game with the current curvature of the stick you use.

Don’t be afraid to experiment once in a while to try and improve your game either.

Keep in mind that if you are a player that likes to use a backhand shot a lot of the time, you really have to pay attention to the amount of curve you have on your stick.

The general rule is that the more curve you have on your hockey stick the harder a backhand shot will be to get off.


Flex is another very important hockey stick characteristic. It is the amount of bend you get in your hockey stick when you shoot the puck.

Telling someone what type of flex they should use in their hockey stick is the same as telling someone what type of music they should listen to; it is totally a personal preference and up to you.

Big strong hockey players generally do not need any flex in their hockey stick to get power behind their shot.

Smaller and less strong hockey players often prefer the extra speed on their shot that the whip action of a more flexible hockey stick gives them. It is generally a good idea for youth players to use a more flexible stick to start with.

Once again you should try a variety of different stick flexibilities to see which one suits you best.


Let’s face it; most of us take great pride in looking good as we play a sport. Truth be told there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

Sometimes if you feel you look good when playing a sport it will even give you a little extra jump in your step as you play. That is why you should not be afraid to purchase a hockey stick that has some style to it.

These days’ manufacturers know that sometimes the cool looks of a hockey stick can actually increase sales of it too. So many manufacturers put some extra effort into making their hockey sticks stylish and appealing.

That means that anyone should be able to find a stick that not only helps them play the game of hockey better but also makes them look good as they are doing it, but don’t make this the main priority when shopping for you or your youth player’s hockey stick.


Best Hockey Stick Reviews

Here are some of the better hockey sticks that you will find in the sports marketplace these days:


1.   Arsenal Covet Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick – Senior/Adult

Arsenal Covet Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick (Senior/Sr/Adult) (Left, Grip, 85)
Arsenal Covet Carbon Fiber Senior (Adult) Ice Hockey Stick


Arsenal is going all out in this carbon fiber (CF) stick.  The stiffness of the blade is increased significantly with the carbon fiber, and the Covet’s blade pattern matches the most common pattern available today. 

The optimized “kick point” allows for a fast puck release.

Arsenal would love to sell this stick to anyone, but at this price point (well over $100), it’s really targeted to the experienced player who knows and feels the difference between a good stick and an exceptional one. 

The performance, weight and durability factor are just about perfect in this stick.  The carbon fibers are both Uni-directional and woven to give maximum stiffness in the direction(s) where it is most needed.


  • High-end performance stick
  • Stiff shaft
  • Perfect blade-to-shaft weight ratio


  • Over $100 for a “not-so-well-known” brand




2.   Frontier 1500 Kid Hockey Stick



Frontier 1500 Kid Hockey Stick, Right Curve




This stick makes our list because of the adequate performance combined with a killer price!  Another way of saying that is “awesome value”.  It’s really just a beginner stick made of wood and is not designed for adult use (it’s too short!).

It is, however, anatomically correct and contains 12-ply birch wood.  The blade is ABS with a fiberglass overlay for strength.  While the blade is not replaceable, the low price point makes it a very attractive option for anyone looking to equip their young player.

The blade on this stick is well-designed too. It has just enough flex to boost your beginner players shot a little and help them catch passes from other teammates easier.

It’s great for both ice and outdoor street play!


  • Great price point for an ice hockey stick
  • Light and flexible youth hockey stick
  • Industrial grade ABS blade with fiberglass overlay


  • Basic design pattern
  • Non-replaceable blade
  • Not big name brand





3.   Easton Stealth Cx 100


Easton Stealth CX Hyperlite E28 Flex 100 (Left)


This is an exceptional hockey stick that Easton has designed, to say the least. The only reason that it is not higher on our list is that of its high price point.

With that being said, after testing it we feel this stick is worth every penny that you pay for it … if it’s within the budget!   It is a great stick that will enhance any adult or teen players’ overall game.

The best thing about this stick is its durable one-piece design. The Easton Stealth CX is a true one-piece design without the use of a hosel (part where shaft meets blade) fashioned to the blade.

It is strong yet flexible to help you shoot and pass the puck well. With its reinforced design it is also not overly flexible like a lot of composite hockey sticks tend to be. The shaft also tapers nicely to shed weight and improve stick control.

This stick’s blade is also exceptionally well-designed. It even has reinforcement built into the toe of the blade so you will still get power behind any shots that are not perfectly centered on the blade.


  • Reinforced stiff blade
  • Light and flexible senior hockey stick
  • One-piece composite construction


  • High price point
  • Too flexible for some shooters taste
  • Basic looking design




4.   Fischer Hockey Senior SX3 Composite Stick


Fischer Hockey Senior SX3 Matt Composite Stick, 100 Flex, 61-Inch, Black with Matte Blue, Left, P4

Fischer is not one of the biggest names among hockey stick manufacturers but this hybrid composite stick is definitely no slouch. It is a really good looking hockey stick with some very advanced design features. It should enhance the game of any teen or senior league hockey player.

This stick has a unique shaft technology built into it. There is a thin layer of foil wrapped around the stick that is designed to minimize vibration from such things as hitting the ice when you shoot or when opponents slash your stick.

The fiberglass added to the shaft should make this one very durable hockey stick.  The shaft is 100% composite with high-grade carbon. It features a matte finish 100% Composite Aircraft Carbon Shaft, Aircraft Carbon with AG759Lite ABS Core Blade.

The blade on this hockey stick also has a nice feel to it when we shot pucks with it. It feels fairly stiff no matter where we had the puck on the blade.

That means you don’t always have to have the puck on the sweet spot of the stick to get a hard shot off.  it’s also made of carbon with a lite ABS core that increases the durability stiffness, which in turn increases the accuracy and velocity of the puck. 

The stick weighs around 510 grams and it’s 61 inches long.


  • Pro pattern blade
  • Light and flexible senior hockey stick
  • Pro Ski Technology
  • High-grade carbon construction


  • Fairly high price point
  • Too flexible for some shooters taste
  • Shaft does not taper




5.   Bauer Supreme 180 Composite Stick

Bauer Supreme 180 Composite Hockey Stick 87 Flex Left P1A Staal


The Supreme 180 stick from Bauer is a top-end model for a player looking to squeeze every advantage they can get from their equipment to elevate their game! 

Incredible, technical details like fusing the core of the blade to the exterior (TeXtreme Carbon) was an advancement Bauer introduced in this year’s model, and it eliminates the need for lots of glue and binding material. 

That elimination means the weight has decreased noticeably!  The softer blade allows for a better “feel” of the puck while receiving passes, and the puck is “cradled” longer on a slapshot, which means maximum energy transfer in the process!

The Aero Foam 3 blade core improves balance and core stability while remaining lightweight. The blade on the Supreme 180 hockey stick is also wrapped with 3k carbon-composite material, adding durability to the entire blade.

The mid-kick point allows for you to unload on shots from every angle.  The stick is 60 inches long.

As far as a profile, this stick uses the amplified mid-kick point flex profile which will (in theory) load maximum power on slap shots. 

The stick also features Bauer’s Monocomp technology, which is Bauer’s one-piece stick molding process that tends to create move overall consistency and balance.


  • Super high-end performance stick
  • Light and flexible
  • Durable composite construction with lots of new technology
  • Mid-kick point can help certain players a lot!


  • Too flexible for some shooters taste




6.   Fischer Hockey Senior SX7 Grip Composite Stick


Fischer Hockey Senior SX7 Matt Composite Stick, 110 Flex, 63-Inch, Black with Sulfur, Left, P32
Fischer Hockey Senior SX7 Stick

Here is another really high-quality hockey stick made by Fischer. Once again they have taken hockey stick design to an all-new level.

There is an incredible amount of advanced features built right into this hockey stick. This stick will enhance the game of any teen or adult player.

It features Fischer’s “CAP” technology borrowed from Fischer’s ski tech.  It’s a thin, foil wrap that covers from the top of the shaft to the base of the hosel (the area where the shaft merges into the blade). 

This foil transfers energy evenly through the impact zone and it also reduces vibrations from slashes!  The 100% composite shaft is (according to Fischer) 30% more durable than competitors’ sticks.

This hockey stick is built using aircraft grade carbon fiber material. It makes this an incredibly lightweight hockey stick. The shaft has a medium flex to it and a surface that holds your glove in place as you are playing the game. 


  • Pro pattern blade
  • Light and flexible senior hockey stick
  • Aircraft grade composite construction


  • High price point
  • Too flexible for some shooters taste
  • Generic design




7.   Mylec MK3 Goalie Stick – Senior


Mylec MK3 Goalie Stick - Senior

There is nothing that says a goalie cannot have an advanced style hockey stick to use when playing the game. This good-looking goalie stick from warrior fits that bill nicely.

They have made a strong but lightweight goalie stick that comes in one of three different color styles.

This is one tough goalie stick too. That is exactly what you need when you are standing between the pipes defending your net. With its advanced carbon fiber construction, this stick can take a beating and still be good to go for your next game.

That is the type of confidence you need when you invest a little more money in a high-end composite goalie stick.

Since this stick is so lightweight and durable there are a lot of things that a goalie can do with it well.

These include coming out of the net to play the puck and when poke checking one of the opposing team’s players.

Mylec’s 57″ Pro Foam Core Goal stick gives an experienced goalie the performance stick they would make for themselves if they could!  It features a foam core laminated paddle for ultra-lightweight and a reinforced shaft for rigidity and durability.


  • Exceptional construction
  • Lightweight goalie stick


  • High price point
  • Too stiff for some goalies to use
  • Slightly slippery shaft
  • Not big name brand




8.   Mylec 60-Inch Sr. Edge Hybrid Stick with Carbon Fiber Blade


Mylec 60-Inch Sr. ABS Mult Lam Stick - (Right)
Mylec 60-Inch Sr. Edge Hybrid Stick with Carbon Fiber Blade


This is by far one of the most versatile hockey stick products on our review list. Mylec is one of the biggest names in the street and roller hockey business and this is one of their stick models that have crossed over so it can be used on ice too.

That makes this a great stick that can be used on the street and as a low-cost practice stick for hockey.

The shaft design on this stick is made of all wood. There is not a lot of flex with it because of the fact it is made using wood in its construction.

There is a layer of fiberglass reinforcement wrapped around the wood to improve this hockey stick’s durability too.

The blade construction is definitely the highlight feature of this stick. It is made using a heavy-duty ABS plastic that gives this blade superior strength over hockey sticks that use all wood in their construction. 

It has a wrapped carbon fiber blade to give the feel of performance ice stick with the durability to play on rough surfaces.


  • Excellent price point (like $30-ish!!!)
  • Very versatile hockey stick
  • Wood/composite/carbon fiber construction


  • Possible durability issues with any 2 piece stick
  • Excessive blade curvature
  • Better on floors than when used on ice




9.   STX Stallion HPR2 Ice Hockey Stick


STX Stallion HPR2.1 Ice Hockey Stick IX X60 R X924 BS




The Stallion HPR2 stick is an intricately designed and balanced work of both art and technology.  Featuring a 3k Carbon Fiber with Spear Construction shaft and Pureblade Power constructed blade, this is one dependable stick.  

The Pureblade POWER blade is an upgrade from the previous “Pureblade” technology.  The Power features an upgrade to the blade core by reducing the amount of carbon and replacing it with a lightweight, yet highly durable foam.

Also, STX re-engineered the 3k weave on the front of the blade to increase overall stiffness for added power.  And, compared to other STX models, the HPR2 features a more traditional shaft profile which is much more “square” with sharper corner for added power and stiffness.

The HPR2 features a very high balance point, and this is a big deal!  For every inch that the balance point moves up the shaft, the stick feels 10 grams lighter in your hand.  That has to do with pivot points and leverage, etc.

Finally, we love the Nano Technology which is injected into the resin, and provides durability against impact micro fractures which lead to premature breakage.  Overall, this is a high tech stick that makes you shell out more than $150 to experience pure hockey bliss!


  • Aggressive taper design
  • 3K Carbon Fiber design
  • Amazing technologies integrated into every inch of this stick


  • Very high price tag




10.   STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick


Surgeon RX3.1 Hockey Stick, Senior, Right, 85, X88, Black/Blue
STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick

The STX Surgeon RX3 stick is not only an elite-level stick, but it’s officially an NHL-approved stick that features a patented Puregrip shaft technology that is specifically designed to increase puck handling ability. 

STX uses a “dual-flex” profile to achieve that ever-elusive “FASTER” puck release.  While we like t his generally, it needs to be said that a “faster” release is not necessarily a “harder” shot. 

STX also uses a Precision Flex II process which delivers a very unique “DUAL- KICK POINT”. 

What that means is that the lower hosel (the part where the shaft meets the blade) is stiffer and optimized to release “faster” while the upper portion of the shaft is a bit more flexible in order to maximize load capacity for a harder shot. 

The shaft is made from a full 3K carbon fiber.

An STX proprietary resin (Silver Streak) is injected along the base of the blade to increase durability and protection from breaking and overall wear and tear.  The high-performance carbon fiber includes 3K on the front and 18K on the back of the blade. 

You can read all about what the different carbon fiber weave designations mean HERE.

We really like the Pro-Grit (sandpaper-like) finish on the blade which provides lots of added friction to increase the puck’s responsiveness to your handling.  It’s just another tiny detail that has not been overlooked by STX.

It comes in a number of blade patterns including X88, X92, X28.


  • Elite level stick with ultimate technology
  • NHL approved
  • Junior, Senior, Left and Right-hand models available


  • Not many negatives other than a high price point (since it’s marketed towards professionals)




Sportconsumer’s Pick for Quality, Value and Customer Satisfaction


We looked at a lot of hockey sticks in coming up with this review list of the best ones. They are all very high-quality sticks but a few of them stood out with us when we were doing our testing.

As far as youth hockey sticks go we really like the design of the JR Supreme S 160 Griptac Ice; we just felt the way this stick was built it gives any youth hockey player the edge they need.

As far as senior sticks go there was none that could touch the quality of the Easton Stealth CX; even at its high price point we could not see why any teen or adult hockey player would choose another model stick aside from issues of budget or availability.

The truth is you can never go wrong with purchasing any hockey stick on our review list. They all possess several fantastic qualities that make them the best hockey sticks in the marketplace.

If you don’t like any of the sticks on our list then make sure you consider the information we put in our hockey stick buying guide.

There is some useful data in there that will help you find a hockey stick that you or your youth player will love using when playing the game of hockey.



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