The 9 Best Horse Blankets : Winter, Rain, & Shine

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If you’ve been struggling to find a way to easily keep your horse warm, or if you’ve resorted to piling blankets on your horse while it’s resting in its stable during the winter season, you’ve reached the right article.

We’re here to introduce you to the best of horse warmth and weather protection.  That said, it’s noteworthy to understand that horses in the wild can survive very harsh northern winters with no blankets at all, and no real shelter to speak of. 

Most horses are not big fans of blankets, nor do they probably need a lot of blanketing, but on occasion, there may be some environmental factors that might make blanketing a safer option during a polar vortex and high winds.

Now, back to the issue at hand! 🙂  A horse blanket is a fantastic invention and one that easily usurps the formerly tedious task of trying to keep your horse warm with household blankets or garments.

For you and your horse’s sanity, you’re going to want to purchase a horse blanket.

There is a large selection of horse blankets, so we’ve put together a guide to help you if you decide to buy one. First, we’ll look at what to know before you begin to shop. Then, we’ll take a look at the nine best horse blankets you can get your hands on. Let’s go for a ride!

Horse Blanket Guide/Overview

Don’t forgo doing the correct research before purchasing a horse blanket for your steed – it can truly cost you! Below, we’ll look at several key things to consider before you finally end up purchasing a horse blanket.

After you’ve finished reading the list below, it might be helpful to keep it up or take some notes from it, while you’re doing your horse blanket shopping. Let’s begin with the insulation!

Understanding the Fill of the Blanket

The fill of the horse blanket simply refers to the amount of insulating material that’s packaged in the blanket. The more fill the blanket has, the more insulation your horse will have while it’s wearing the blanket. The fill is measured in grams. 

Fill can increase the price, so make sure you understand which outdoor and animal conditions truly require a horse blanket with a large fill quantity.

The smallest fill is usually 100 grams, while the most insulating quantities can exceed 300 grams. The fill is composed of either Fiberfill or Polyfill.

When assessing what quantity fill your horse will need, you’ll want to consider factors such as the climate and whether or not your horse grows a heavy coat.

Turnout or Stable Blanket?

It’s important to know which type of horse blanket you’ll need – don’t risk getting the wrong blanket for the wrong conditions!

Turnout blankets are blankets that are designed to give your horse protection from the elements. These blankets are waterproof and can stretch from your horse’s head to its tail if you need that length of blanket.

Stable blankets, on the other hand, are strictly for indoor use. They’ll keep your horse warm, but they won’t protect against rain. Keep stable blankets away from dampness and moisture.

Each type of horse blanket will usually feature several features that make it either more comfortable or more accessible for your horse. Some blankets, for instance, come with an optional hood that can be zipped on and off at your desire.

It all depends on what type of blanket you think your horse will be the most comfortable in!


A turnout blanket needs to durable, to keep your horse’s body dry. While there’s no guarantee that your horse’s blanket won’t succumb to the withering effects of age, certain features can make your horse blanket much more durable. 

One thing to look for is the “denier” rating of the turnout blanket. This rating quantifies the strength of the turnout blanket. It’s a great indicator of durability and needs to be considered if you’re strongly considering a durable turnout blanket.

The denier rating of a blanket starts at 210, which is considered the lightest of blanket strength. It goes as high as 2100, which is the maximum level of strength a turnout blanket can have. The strength you need for your horse blanket will largely depend on the climate of the area you ride it in.


Don’t think that horse blankets are a “one size fits all” type of item. You’ll want to take into account the size of your horse and align it correctly with the appropriate-sized horse blanket.

Don’t forget to check on certain features that might be considered extra, such as a hood or a belly cover!

Imagine the feeling of purchasing a hooded horse blanket only to find that while the jacket fits, the hood doesn’t. Avoid costly and frustrating errors like this by making sure the size of the blanket correctly corresponds with the size of your horse!


This might not be a necessary feature for you to keep on but it can certainly affect the way other people view your horse, while you’re out riding! You might want a cool blue blanket to compliment your horse’s gray hair.

It can be helpful to do a little research before you pick out a horse blanket, to see if the blanket you’re looking to purchase doesn’t clash too badly with your horse’s mane or coat!


While you might think that having more straps makes a horse blanket more secure, the blanket you purchase should ideally have as few straps as possible, in order to avoid any uncomfortable situations for your horse.

Consider looking for blankets that have only feature a couple of straps – straps that extend around the bottom of your horse’s belly and, depending on the size of the blanket, straps that extend around its ankles.

Now that you’ve seen a list of the critical features of horse blankets that you’ll want to pay attention to before you finally purchase one, it’s time to give our attention to the nine best horse blankets available for your purchase.

Each one of these blankets will feature some or all of the previously mentioned attributes and are great purchases to consider.

We’ll start with the highest-rated horse blanket, but don’t draw your attention away from the final few!

Best Horse Blanket Reviews


1.   Tough-1 1200D Snuggit Turnout, 300g

Tough-1 1200D Snuggit Turnout 300g 81In Turquoise

This hardy horse blanket will keep your horse dry, comfortable, and warm due to its exceptional fill and denier rating – 300 grams and 210, respectively. On top of its excellent insulating and durable qualities, it’s also available in a variety of different colors.

You can stick with the conventional maroon color, or you can spice things up a bit and go for a bold periwinkle, or a dashing royal blue.

This turnout blanket is a one size fits all blanket, with straps for optimal adjustment located around the neck of the jacket and the belly.

You won’t get any extra coverings with this turnout blanket, nor will you get the best windproofing. You will, however, get a durable, warm, and colorful horse blanket.


  • A wide selection of colors
  • One size fits all
  • Excellent fill


  • Costly
  • No hood or additional garment attachments




2.   Tough-1 1200D Snuggit Turnout, 200g

Tough-1 1200D Snuggit Turnout 200g 72In Purple

The Tough-1 200 Gram Turnout Blanket is the perfect mix of both warmth and weather protection – it’s 1200 denier outer shell will fend off most unfriendly elements while its 200-gram fill will fend off the cold, all the way down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The exterior is so tough it is recommended for horses who tend to bite or chew on their blanket or if the horse is put out with other horses who may do the same.

This excellent mid-range horse turnout blanket isn’t that expensive, either! With straps that adjust to the width of your horse’s stomach and neck, it’ll sit securely and comfortably. Forget about irritation – there are only three straps across its entire surface!

Overall, however, it’s an affordable middle-tier turnout blanket that is aptly suited to handle intense cold and harsh weather.  You can opt for red, green, purple, orange, or blue, depending on availability at the time of your order.


  • Excellent for rainy and/or cold weather
  • Durable outer shell
  • Very few straps
  • Very durable for longevity and for resistance to biting/chewing


  • Few color choices
  • Can only be used for a specific weather range




3.   Derby Originals Deluxe 600D Turnout Blanket


Derby Originals Classic 600D Medium Weight Winter Horse Turnout Blanket 250g

The Derby Originals Deluxe Turnout Blanket will have your horse riding around in style, wherever it gallops! The Derby Deluxe Turnout Blanket features a number of important attributes that make it a standout blanket, overall.

First, it’s filled with an insulation material that’s rated at 250 grams, making it ideal for warmth in cold weather. Secondly, it comes complete with a weatherproof outer shell that’s rated for decent elemental resistance.

Finally, it’s simply a good-looking horse blanket. Some flaws to note are its lack of straps on the bottom of the blanket, meaning your horse’s belly might be exposed to mud or water if the conditions aren’t great.

There aren’t any additional garments for added elemental protection, either.


  • It’s a great looking garment
  • Decent warmth and weather resistance


  • Doesn’t completely insulate
  • Doesn’t feature any garments for additional insulation and/or elemental protection




4.   Derby Originals Fleece Horse Blanket Liner


Derby Originals Classic Fleece Cooler All Season Sheet & Blanket Liner

This classic blanket liner is perfect for keeping your horse warm. It comes in two colors and is ideal for giving your horse an added layer of protection in the winter when its coat won’t do the trick.

While your horse will be guaranteed warmth if it wears this liner, you won’t want to let it wear this liner in the rain, or in any other outdoor environment. You’ll find that it’s susceptible to moisture, and isn’t built to wick rain away.

While it’s limited by its design, it does what it’s meant to do.  The fleece wicks away moisture and can keep your horse warm even if/when it’s wet.


  • Great body coverage
  • Keeps your horse warm
  • Great for sliding under other blankets


  • Can’t be used outdoors
  • Not waterproof




5.   Tough 1 1200 Denier Waterproof Horse Sheet 

Tough-1 1200D Snuggit Turnout 200g 69In Red

This horse sheet or horse blanket is a great rain shield for your horse, in the case of a sudden downpour. While we wouldn’t recommend using it for insulation, it’ll keep the rain out of your horse’s coat!

You might not want to keep your horse out in the rain for a long time because the waterproof lining can only hold up for a particular amount of time. Don’t count on it to provide insulation, either – it doesn’t contain any fill or insulating material.


  • Keeps most rain away
  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t insulate
  • Can only withstand moisture for a certain period of time




6.   Tough 1 Storm-Buster West Coast Blanket


Tough-1 Storm-Buster West Coast Blanket


The West Coast Blanket is a water-resisting horse blanket that keeps water away from your horse! We can’t say much about what it’s rated at, due to the fact that it’s filled with wool as opposed to Polyfill.

We can say that this blanket probably functions best in moderate temperatures with light rainfall. It’s composed of a nylon canvas that’s blanketed in a waterproof coating, making it a great choice for an emergency rain measure.

There are a couple of downsides – there isn’t a great color selection and you won’t be able to take it out in super-cold temperatures. Overall, it’s a decent purchase for a horse ride in moderate temperatures with light rainfall!

There are 3 color choices which is not bad, but not as good as some manufacturers offer on their blankets.


  • Decent middle-tier insulation and waterproof capabilities
  • Secure straps that fit over the belly and around the neck of the horse


  • Doesn’t feature accurate ratings, due to its non-conventional material composition
  • Poor color choice




7.   Derby Winter Horse Stable Blanket


Derby Originals Nordic Tough Closed Front 1200D Water Resistant Reflective Winter Horse Stable Blanket 300g Heavy Weight, Navy Blue, 72"

This is the Cadillac of winter horse blankets – you’ll truly keep your horse warm with the Derby Winter Horse Stable Blanket! It looks more like a sleeping bag or a down jacket, rather than a simple horse blanket.

It’s loaded with a 300-gram fill that will handle temperatures lower than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s lightly weather-resistant, with a 420 Denier outer shell.

It won’t cover the legs, the rear, or the head of your horse, but it will surely keep every other area delightfully warm and dry.


  • Built for cold weather
  • Decent moisture protection
  • Built from durable nylon


  • Doesn’t cover many areas of the horse, apart from the torso




8.   Tough 1 Storm-Buster Belly-Wrap Blanket 


Tough 1 Storm-Buster Belly-Wrap Blanket


If you’re looking for a secure way to keep your horse dry and warm in moderate temperatures, the Storm-Buster Belly-Wrap Blanket is the way to go. With plenty of straps for secure warmth, it’ll keep your horse warm as it needs to be when the temperature begins to drop.

It’s also water repellent, but not waterproof. This means that it’s not meant to be worn in weather that brings a lot of rain. Seriously, don’t do it! It covers a large portion of your horse, as well.

It doesn’t extend beyond the neck but provides protection to the top half of your horse’s legs and the outermost portion of your horse’s rear end. The rain protection is rather lacking, and the color choice isn’t the best. Overall, however, it’s a decent horse blanket!


  • Excellent warmth, decent elemental protection
  • Secure Straps


  • Poor color selection
  • The number of straps may cause slight discomfort in certain areas of your horse’s body




9.   Derby Originals Premium 18 Ounce Canvas Horse Winter Blanket 


Derby Originals Duck Canvas Horse Stable Blanket Wool Lining


The Derby Premium Canvas Horse Winter Blanket is a duly-equipped horse blanket with maximal, secure bodily coverage.

With insulating garments that stretch down to the knees of your horse as well as a tail/rear end cover, your stallion will be ensured total protection plus a secure fit.

Its 18-ounce duck canvas construction makes it moderately water-repellent, but they actually suggest not using it in rain, so we’ll go with that.  Officially it’s meant for “indoor use” only.

We’d say that, as far as flaws are concerned, the color of this horse blanket is notorious for fading after being exposed to sunlight several times. If you could find another color to purchase this blanket in, it would be alright, and for this season there is a tan color as long as it’s still available and in your size.

Also, there isn’t any fill that comes with this blanket. If you’re considering taking your horse out for a freezing-cold ride, we’d advise looking for a warmer blanket.


  • Great blanket coverage
  • Secure


  • Isn’t built for very cold weather
  • Fades if exposed to sunlight
  • No fill
  • Not meant for use in rain or snow – just outdoors IF the weather is nice and nothing is falling from the sky!



Final Thoughts & Conclusions

We’ve reached the end of the horse blanket reviews! One common trend that can be observed from all of the above reviews is that the more fill in the blanket, the more money you’ll pay.

With that being said, the above products are all great choices of horse blankets, with some being better suited to cold weather than others.

We’d recommend the Tough-1 1200D Turnout Blanket with a 300-gram fill.

It provides secure but comfortable coverage, a warm fill that’s suitable for temperatures below freezing, a capable weather shell that will keep most moisture out, and a wide range of color choices.

It practically takes an outstanding element from each category we talked about in the buyer’s guide!

A horse blanket is a great way to keep your horse warm and safe when the weather turns ugly. Having the appropriate knowledge at your disposal is an important part of making an educated purchase. We hope that we could help!


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