The 9 Best Pool Basketball Hoops & Nets : Summer Edition

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Who doesn’t like having fun in the sun? For most people, the summer is a time of year where the number of outdoor activities you can take part in are unlimited.

Having a poolside basketball net can make time in the pool fun, while being competitive with your friends and family.

Basketball nets made for the pool come in different varieties and prices, so the best thing to do before buying one is to weigh out the pros and cons of each hoop and see which one best fits your agenda.

After talking to a local pool toy company owner we have created this list to help you save time and money when buying your new pool basketball net.

Things to Look For


When it comes to a water accessory, durability is crucial. Plastics and metals have a high probability of getting damaged when exposed to rigorous weather conditions such as rain and snow.

Having a long-lasting pool net will give you the most out of your money, and subsequently give you a better playing experience. Unless you have an indoor pool, your hoop is going to be outside.

With that being said, your net needs to be built for all different types of weather conditions that occur outdoors. Having a basketball hoop that is made from durable material will increase the chances that it will survive after a snowstorm or rainy days.

When looking, you want to make sure you have the best rim, net, backboard, and base, so that you gain the best value. Stability also plays a factor in regards to durability.

It is very important that your hoop stay in place throughout its lifespan because it loses value to the player if it becomes flimsy. They will have difficulty shooting and slowly lose satisfaction.


Everyone has a different idea of how much money they are willing to spend for their product. When it comes to pool hoops, it is important to acknowledge the budget you have set, and what you are receiving in your hoop.

There are some poolside hoops out there that are low in price, yet they are made with poor quality material.

On the other hand, some products are extremely high priced, and are strong in material, but might not be an investment you are willing to make at the time. The best thing to do is find a balance between price and value and come to your own conclusion.


Price and durability are important when it comes to a pool basketball net. Another feature that correlates to the two is quality. Generally speaking, most hoops are either made of stainless steel or hard plastic.

The quality of the hoop likely determines the lifespan of the product, and the price is, unquestionably, a reflection based on how good the quality is.

Adjustable vs. Non-adjustable

Having an adjustable hoop is strictly a consumer preference. The height of the pool hoop generally depends on the age range of the people using the hoop in question.

If younger children are using the hoop a majority of the time, it makes the most sense to purchase a hoop low to the ground (if you don’t purchase an adjustable one.)

If the participants are fairly older, then maybe it is acceptable to buy a hoop that has more height, but overall the adjustable hoop is the way to go if you have any doubts.


Pool Basketball Hoop Reviews


1.   Lifetime 1306 Poolside Portable Basketball Hoop


Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard


Having an adjustable pool hoop can benefit players of all ages. Get ready to bring you’re a game with this basketball net! The Lifetime Poolside basketball system is the perfect pool accessory.

This hoop has a shatterproof Fusion backboard that is made out of high-quality polyethylene. The material within the backboard enhances its overall durability and strength.

The hardest of shots could hit the backboard at a high pace without the backboard taking any effect. The base of the hoop can be filled up to 27 gallons of water or sand in order to provide an effective anchor.

This base provides a substantial amount of stability, as it stays in one place once there is enough weight behind it. No matter how tall or short you are, you can adjust the rim to your liking! Feel free to change the height of the rim to test your skills.

The base is also easily portable so if you want to change the area in which you play pool basketball, you can do so with minimal effort.

The Lifetime brand offers all buyers a 5-year manufacturer warranty to reassure the quality of the hoop. This gives you plenty of time to interact with the hoop, test it through different weather conditions, and if need be, get another one from Lifetime.

A majority of warranties out there don’t last as long, so there’s a high chance that this hoop is meant to last for a long period of time.

The Lifetime 1306 adjustable pool hoop was designed to handle the worst of weather conditions, so it shouldn’t come to a surprise that the warranty is set at such a long timeframe.

This means that you can leave this hoop outside all year round and feel relaxed knowing that the poor weather conditions of rain, sleet, snow, wind or any other aggressive natural forces won’t affect your basketball hoop.

One of the most common complaints that have come from buyers has been that the rim rusts very easily.

Whether this is due to the chlorine in the pool water or poor weather conditions, you might want to occasionally grease the rim if you are concerned about rust.


  • Very durable
  • Long-term warranty
  • Large base that improves stability
  • Base is also portable
  • Reasonable price in comparison to competitors


  • Rusts easily if not properly maintained
  • No parts included for assembly




2.   S.R. Smith Swim N’ Dunk Basketball Hoop


S.R. Smith S-BASK-CH Swim N' Dunk Salt Friendly Challenge Basketball Game, black


The S.R. Smith Swim N’ Dunk poolside net is a heavy-duty basketball hoop made of stainless steel that is built to last throughout different weather elements.

Playing with this hoop will be just like playing in the gymnasium, except your arena is the pool instead of the court. Durability plays a substantial factor in the appealing nature of this pool net.

The Swim N’ Dunk poolside net has a highly sturdy upright dual post frame that simulates a true basketball experience. In addition, the backboard is frameless and made of a durable acrylic material.

One of the more unique features of the S.R. Smith Swim N’ Dunk basketball hoop is the in-deck anchoring system.

This properly secures the hoop onto whatever material surrounds your pool, whether it is concrete, brick or another callous mixture.

In order to keep the pool deck safe, the Swim N’ Dunk has plastic anchor cover caps that can easily attach to the deck without permanently damaging the surface.

The S.R. Smith brand gives consumers everything they need for a good time. Included with the S.R. Smith pool basketball hoop is a regulation rim with a net, a needle, and a basketball.

Despite the high level of durability, it isn’t a good idea to hang onto the net after slamming a dunk, unless you’re willing to land in the pool with a broken hoop.

Although the stainless steel used in this product is fairly strong, some consumers have argued that it isn’t as strong as expected, which is something to keep in mind.

The cliché “you get what you pay for” directly applies to this pool basketball net. Considering this net is essentially an investment. You can expect to spend well over a few hundred dollars when purchasing the Swim N’ Dunk pool net.

If you’re looking for something similar to an actual basketball game, with a product that will last, it might be worth it to take a chance with the S.R. Smith Swim N’ Dunk pool basketball hoop.


  • Anchor caps make it convenient to install
  • Acrylic backboard provides sturdy surface for basketball shots
  • Durable


  • Very high in price
  • Assembly is complex




3.   Dunnrite Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop


Dunnrite Products Pool Sport 2-in-1 Swimming Basketball Hoop and Volleyball Combo Set


Looking for a real-life basketball experience in your pool? It’s getting hot and you need a way to increase the fun in the pool? The Dunnrite pool basketball hoop is a sturdy poolside net that acts as the center of your water-filled basketball game.

After being filled with water to anchor it down, the hoop weighs about 115 pounds, so you can be confident that it will stay wherever you decide to place it. The rim is measured at about 36 inches above the deck, and cannot be adjusted.

This hoop has potential to be great for young kids as well as adults with average height, but if you’re taller than average, it may become too easy to utilize this basket.

A feature that increases the value of the Dunnrite pool hoop is the one-year limited warranty included with the product upon purchase.

This warranty essentially promises the consumer that their hoop will consistently be in great condition, providing some form of peace of mind.

Some consumers might not be content with the inability to move the rim, although an upside would be that players would get the opportunity to legitimately work on their shooting by aiming high.

When it comes to a hoop that can’t be adjusted, you can expect the water from the pool come in contact with the net, so if the net becomes damaged due to the chemicals in the pool, users will be able to exercise their warranty within the first year after purchase.

When it comes to pool basketball hoops, one of the most common concerns that are typically raised is rust that accumulates around the rim. This is due to the water coming directly into contact with the rim.

Since the hoop can’t be adjusted, you cannot raise the height in an attempt to bring the rim away from the water.

With that being said, the best thing an owner can do is maintain the rim by spraying a rust-resistant grease in hopes that the water from the pool or the rain doesn’t damage the hoop.

The Dunnrite pool hoop also comes with a medium-sized ball that matches the color of the rim and backboard square, so expect to be playing pool ball in style with this hoop.


  • Fair price
  • Warranty available
  • Tough backboard
  • Very sturdy overall


  • The rim and other metal parts rust easily
  • The net itself lacks durability




4.   SwimWays Poolside Basketball Net


SwimWays 2 In 1 Pool Sport Combo Set - Outdoor Volleyball & Basketball Net For Swimming Pool - os


The SwimWays brand has come out with a heavy-duty poolside basketball net that opens up doors of fun for all those who are looking for a fast-paced pool basketball experience.

With a base made primarily of plastic, this basketball net has a sturdy base that will keep the net in place during gameplay. Most of the hoop is made with a heavy-duty plastic, engineered to last long despite any type of aggressive weather conditions.

The extra-large backboard gives players a better chance of either getting the ball into the net or at the very least keep the game inside the pool, rather than have the ball go out onto the grass and other surrounding areas.

The SwimWays poolside net also comes with a pro-style basketball, although it is obviously not the same size as a standard adult basketball. One of the unique features of the SwimWays Poolside basketball net is the built-in ball rest on the hoop’s durable base.

This enhancement gives you a place to put your basketball when not being used so that it is less likely to get lost or damaged.

Another popular part of the SwimWays pool basketball net is the fact that it’s so easy to assemble. You can simply put together the hoop without any tools, and get the game started. 

With regards to budget, this pool not is fairly affordable. It currently sits at well under $100, a price beyond reasonable for a poolside net. For those looking for common complaints, the only downfall of this item is that it lacks stability.

The hoop has been frequently described as “flimsy”, so that’s something to consider before purchasing a hoop on a windy day. Overall, this pool net is a great asset to your pool.

When things start to get dull on a hot summer day, what better way to mix things up by playing some basketball inside the pool!


  • Easy to assemble
  • Heavy-duty plastic offers durability
  • Cheap price


  • Flimsy




5.   Swimline 9195 Super Wide Basketball

Swimline Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball Super-Wide

The Swimline 9195 is the ideal poolside basketball net. This pool net is fully adjustable, so regardless of how high you want to shoot, you have the flexibility to do so when it comes to the Swimline net.

This hoop is the “real deal”; it comes with a regulation size basketball, a metal hoop, and a heavy-duty net that can handle the rigors of basketball in the pool.

The extra-wide molded backboard will give the advantage to any player in the pool that is off balance or not very skilled at basketball shooting.

If you’re concerned about the hoop taking up too much space around your pool, don’t worry! The Swimline 9195, in particular, is wide, yet compact.

It will only occupy a small amount of space next to your pool, just enough where the people inside of it can have a fun time shooting hoops.

One of the biggest issues that have come up via buyers is the durability of the rim and the net.

From their experiences, many have claimed that their net would begin to rust over a short period of time, and on top of that, the net isn’t very long-lasting either. As far as the base is concerned, it is very sturdy and enhances the overall stability of the hoop.

But the rust on the rim was a deal-breaker for some consumers, especially when it dripped onto the cement surrounding their pool.

For what it’s worth, the Swimline 9195 is a fun poolside hoop that gives players a large target to work with, so that they can have a good time in the sun, regardless of experience level.

Depending on what you’re looking for, it might be wise to consider other options as well, such as higher-priced hoops that are more likely to last longer in the water.


  • Extra-wide backboard gives players a bigger target
  • Completely stable once filled with water
  • Simple to put together


  • Net does not last long
  • Rim rusts quickly




6.   MaxKare Pool Side Basketball Hoop System


MaxKare Pool Side Basketball Hoop System Goal Portable Height-Height Adjustable for Kid Outdoor with PVC Shatterproof Backboard Anti-Rust Indoor Adult Youth

This is no ordinary poolside basketball hoop! The SKLZ Poolside mini hoop is a versatile basketball hoop that can be used for the pool and the driveway as well!

This pool net is extremely durable; made with a polycarbonate shatterproof backboard that can absorb even the hardest of dunks; working along with the flexible spring action rim.

A majority of the pool net is made with heavy-duty solid steel; assuring the buyer that their hoop will last longer than the average pool basketball net. One of the best parts of the SKLZ mini-hoop is the 3-piece pole design.

When you use this net for the pool, the center pole is removed, leaving the net at a fair height. This feature allows the user to easily adjust the height of the hoop, so you can change how high the net is, depending on where you decide to place it.

The base of the pool hoop is easy to Included with this purchase is a seven-inch mini basketball. This small basketball makes it easy to handle in the pool while aiming for the net.

In comparison to other nets that are similar in structure, the SKLZ mini pool hoop is priced fairly inexpensive; at slightly over $100.

It may not be the ideal hoop for a potential buyer on the budget, but if you have a little to spend, and are seeking a “two-in-one” basketball hoop that serves you well both in and out of the pool.


  • Adjustable height
  • Shatterproof backboard
  • Fair price for the quality
  • The stable platform provides an authentic basketball experience


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Rim rusts easily




7.   GoSports Splash Hoop PRO Swimming Pool Basketball Game


GoSports Splash Hoop Pro Pool Basketball Game, Includes Poolside Water Basketball Hoop, 2 Balls and Pump


This sturdy, stable poolside basketball hoop from the Pool Shot brand will bring fun and intensity to the pool. Starting with the backboard, the Splash Hoop Pro comes with a durable backboard that is also UV-resistant.

In other words, the base of the pool hoop can take on rugged weather conditions such as rain, snow, high levels of sunlight, and even hail. 

That’s reassuring since I, for one, can forget about putting things like this away after a season of fun and I certainly won’t put it away every day! 

 This perk makes it that much easier for people who don’t want to be inconvenienced by draining the hoop of water or sand and storing it.

The pool net also comes with a waterproof basketball made of vinyl, so players can get competitive in the pool without damaging the ball.

The whole package includes 1 hoop/backboard/base set with 2 inflatable balls and a pump.  The overall construction of this system is robust.  While it is plastic, we know that not all plastics are created equally. 

This one is thick and tough – thus the near $100 price tag!   Also, even though the manufacturer boasts of its toughness and stability, we’ve seen that many owners of this basketball set from Splash Hoop Pro have commented on its sturdiness as well!

It’s designed for its base to be filled with water from your hose or pool.  Purchasers have commented on how quickly it was to set up (only a few minutes or as much as 15 minutes from arrival at your front door in a box, to being ready to play at poolside).

It’s available in either red or blue.


  • Durable throughout any weather condition
  • “anti-tumbling” design allows players to slam dunk
  • UV-resistant backboard assists players with their shot
  • Sturdier than most


  • High price
  • Height not adjustable




8.   Poolmaster All-Pro Water Basketball Hoop


Poolmaster All-Pro Swimming Pool Water Basketball Game


Who needs a backboard when you have a perfect shot? Another affordable option, the Poolmaster All-Pro water basketball net can float inside the pool and help people develop basketball skills while having fun in the sun.

The floating net comes with a hand-woven net, as well as a “poolside shooter” mini-basketball. The hoop itself is made of PVC tubing that provides a solid, durable base.

Based on the foundation of the hoop, it makes more sense to shoot the basketball into the net rather than dunking it. For those who aren’t savvy with their hands, no worries! The Poolmaster pool hoop has been claimed to be easy to assemble by many.

One of the downsides to this hoop is the lack of a backboard. High quantities of people enjoy having a backboard on a pool hoop because it gives them a more authentic basketball experience, and sometimes even an advantage.

In addition, the All-Pro water basketball hoop lacks stability. For someone looking for a consistent target, this pool net might not work out.

But if you don’t mind the lack of a backboard, the moving net, and the affordable price, you might want to look into this pool basketball hoop from Poolmaster.


  • Reasonable price – very affordable
  • Easy assembly
  • Good for developing shooting skills


  • No backboard
  • Lacks stability since it floats within the pool
  • Some nets fall apart after consistent use
  • Not for serious/competitive use – more of a fun toy for small children




9.   Swimline Floating Basketball Net


Swimline Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game


The Swimline Basketball Net is different from other items on the list simply due to the lack of stability and absent backboard. In order to keep this hoop fairly stable, the net and fluted tubing is made with a heavy, durable material that assists in weighing down the hoop.

Regardless of how heavy the material is, you should expect the hoop to move steadily within the water.

While this net may not be ideal for an authentic basketball experience inside the pool, it is fairly cheap in comparison to top pool basketball nets; something to consider if you are someone on a budget.

This Swimline net comes with a smaller basketball that is compatible with the hoop, but not a replica of an actual ball that you would use on the court.

If you’re looking for a cheap pool option, this might be for you, but if you’re looking for an experience resembling the actual game of basketball, other hoops on this list might be more desirable.


  • Inexpensive price
  • Relatively easy to assemble


  • Made with cheap quality material
  • No backboard




Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Basketball nets designed for poolside use can make the pool experience much more fun.

Competitive individuals, in particular, look for a pool net closely resembling that of an authentic basketball hoop, as well as a ball that can be handled well despite the wet surroundings.

When it comes to choosing the right net, consumers must balance cost and value. Based on this list, the higher-priced items are likely to last longer and offer the consumer a better quality product.

If you diligently consider durability, quality, and price, in particular, you can go out in the pool and shoot buckets until you can’t anymore!


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