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Finding the best women’s basketball shoes is extremely important, because when it comes to a high impact sport like basketball you need the necessary comfort and support to prevent serious injury. Nothing can ruin a good basketball game more than an unwanted sprained ankle because the shoes you were wearing were lacking the proper ankle support. Or sore feet because your foot is too wide for the show you chose.  Along with ankle support and foot width, there are many other things you need to think about before buying just any pair of basketball shoes.

Buyer’s Guide

Basketball is a very competitive sport, where you are constantly running up and down the court and guarding someone man on man to make sure that they do not score against you. With that being said, you need all the advantages you can get. And making sure you have the best basketball shoes can help give you the speed and agility needed to be the best player.  Having the best shoes and equipment is particularly important in women’s basketball because there is less physical contact and more precision and fundamental skills are required.

Top Women’s Basketball Shoes Comparison Chart


Like with most shoes, the most important aspect for most people is that their shoes are comfortable. Without having comfortable shoes to perform in, it is difficult to be successful and stay focused on performing to the best of your ability.  When basketball shoes feel natural on your feet they are more likely to be doing their job, which is to make sure your feet are protected from any injuries. If you are wearing uncomfortable shoes while playing basketball, or really while doing anything, they can cause prolonged discomfort or long-term problems including plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

When it comes to looking for comfort in basketball shoes there are a couple of areas that you need to pay close attention to.

  • Midsole

    The midsole of the shoe is the area that your foot rests on. Some people may refer to this area as the insole, like the thing that you can switch out of your shoes if you are dissatisfied with what the shoe already has in there. The midsole is one of the most important areas to look for when it comes to comfort because it is where all the nerve endings on your foot will be resting as you are wearing these shoes.

  • Heel Collar

    Since most basketball shoes are mid or high-tops (as you will learn about below) it is important to find basketball shoes that have a padded heel collar. The ideal heel collar will provide you with stability and comfort, plus it will be made out of a nonabrasive material that will not cause any problems such as irritations.

Shoe Height

When it comes to basketball shoes there are multiple lengths of the tops of the shoes. The classic high top converse, were one of the first shoes considered basketball shoes, and they had a higher “top” to them that was built to protect your ankle. Basketball shoes nowadays are built with a little more stability to help support your ankles while you are playing this rough sport. But not all basketball shoes have a high top, there are many different varying lengths for this part of a basketball shoe.

  • High Top

On these types of basketball shoes, the material extends above the ankle to help provide support. These types of shoes are best for the centers who need to have as much stability as possible when scrambling to get a rebound. A high-top cut shoe is also found to be a little bit more heavier and durable than the other shoes because they are built to be strong

  • Mid Tops

Perfect for any position, the mid-top is just right in between low and high top. As it may seem since “mid” means middle. These types of sneakers provide some ankle support like high top shoes do, but they also have the flexibility needed to move around a little more agilely.

  • Low Tops

This type of shoe is cut to allow your ankle to be exposed. Low-top basketball shoes are ideal for guards, because it allows them to have more control over their speed. These basketball shoes also allow you to make quick cuts to the rim for a layup. But don’t let all the advantages fool you, without that extra support from high top or even mid-top basketball shoes, you are more likely to end up with a rolled ankle in these shoes.

Laces, Straps, or Zippers

Making sure that your basketball shoes stay on your feet may be the most important thing having to do with basketball shoes altogether. If they are not on your feet then how can they even help you out? There are many different ways that basketball shoes can fasten. Each has their perks and their downfalls.

  • Laces

The most popular way to fasten basketball shoes to fit onto your feet tightly is lacing. The majority of basketball shoes have laces. Unfortunately, if your laces come untied while playing basketball that could cause a problem, you could trip, or worse, lose the ball.

  • Straps

The straps that are on basketball shoes can either be fastened with Velcro or sometimes a D-fasten belt. Straps help tighten your shoes, or some shoes have both laces and straps, so the straps keep the laces in place so they do not come untied.

  • Zippers

The easiest to secure of all of the fasteners on this list is the zipper. A decade ago (history of basketball shoes), it was very common to find zippers on basketball shoes.  Some with just zippers alone, but most had laces that have a zipper closure above the laces to keep the laces tight and in place.  Although not as common today, you may still see a few styles of basketball shoes with zippers.

Shoe Material

Basketball shoes can be made from a variety of materials. When it comes to the materials that basketball shoes are made out of it is important to consider where you will be playing, plus what type of feet you have. For example, if you have feet that get excessively warm, you should probably look for a more breathable material to minimize foot sweating that call lead to smelly feet.

  • Canvas:

When having basketball shoes that are made out of canvas, it means that the shoes will be more breathable to help keep your feet dry from sweat. Breathable shoes also help keep your feet from overheating, which can cause your feet to swell and potentially make your shoes feel too tight.

  • Leather:

Although leather is a more expensive material to have basketball shoes made out of, they provide a lot of support and durability. Most shoes are not made entirely out of leather, they are normally made of a combination of canvas and mesh, to help keep your feet well ventilated.

  • Synthetic leather

A less expensive way to get the durability and support that leather has is to buy a pair of basketball shoes that are made out of synthetic leather. Or if you are an advocate for PETA, then synthetic leather would be the way for you to go. They are also normally engineered with other materials such as canvas to help keep your feet dry.


While most basketball is played indoors, so you don’t have to make sure you have a sole that is complete for rough terrain, you do need to find a pair of basketball shoes that are appropriate for court use. The outsole or the traction on the bottom of the shoe is another important aspect to look out. You will need a shoe that has a rubber bottom that can provide a nice grip to the slick court surface. But the outsole should also provide stability, support, and protection from your feet. Without this type of protection and grip to the court, you are likely to be slipping and sliding, as if you were gliding on an ice skating rink.

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AND1 Women’s Master 2 Basketball Shoes

AND1 is a less expensive variety of basketball shoes, but some people may view them as being the classic brand for basketball shoes. Created with a TPU clip, to help with the stability of these shoes, the Master 2 AND1 basketball shoes provide an all-day comfort level. Especially since these shoes have a double density midsole, you can be confident you will not mark up the court you play on. The outer sole of the shoe has a diamond-shaped traction pattern that allows for the bottom of the shoe to grip to the court surface tightly without any problems. Another great aspect of the AND1 Master 2 basketball shoes is that they are made of synthetic leather and mesh to help with the airflow and breathability of the shoes, to keep your feet dry.


  • Diamond Shaped Traction
  • Airflow and breathability
  • Very Affordable Price


  • Fit small

Under Armour Women’s UA Torch Fade Basketball Shoes

Under Armour is a little new to the basketball shoe market. Yet they have stepped out with a line of perfect shoes for any position on a basketball team. These shoes are one of the few basketball shoes that are engineered and created specifically for women. Designed for people with more narrow feet, Under Armour has added additional padding to the heel of the shoe to help keep the shoe fitting snug. The cushioned midsole offers shock absorption to help prevent any pain from jumping or landing. Like most basketball shoes, you will find that these Under Armour shoes are lined with a herringbone triangle shaped traction design on the bottom sole of the shoe to help with traction and grip even on the dustiest courts.


  • Herringbone Tractions
  • Shock Absorption


  • Built for narrow feet

Nike Women’s Hyperdunk 2016

Called the Hyperdunk for multiple reasons, this basketball shoe has a HyperFuse upper, which is durable and made to provide your foot with needed support and stability. The HyperFuse will also help fit your ankle into the shoe tightly. The Dynamic Flywire which is another Nike Basketball Shoe technology provides more added support and keeps your foot locked into place. The cushioning that is found on the Nike Hyperdunk is mostly in the heel and forefoot, which are the areas that take the most impact while playing basketball. This basketball shoe is great for indoor use because the traction pattern that is featured on the sole of the shoe is perfect for a slick court.


  • Dynamic Flywire comfort
  • Ankle support and stability


  • Indoor use only

Under Armour Women’s UA Micro G Torch Basketball Shoes

With complete Micro G cushioning, this Under Armour shoe will feel like you are running on top of a cloud. The softness of this shoe will keep your foot protected with a thick layer of foam. The foam padding is also built to absorb any shock while running onto hard court floors to keep your foot safe and protected. The top on this pair of basketball shoe is a cross between a mid-top and a low-top. The low part of these shoes appear in the back part, letting you have the flexibility to change directions easily, but the front of the shoe has a mid-top that helps keep your ankle supported from any injuries. Made from synthetic leather, these shoes have great durability and support, plus good ventilation to keep your feet dry.


  • Ventilation
  • Micro G cushioning


  • Lacks arch support

Adidas Women’s Pro Model Zero W Basketball Shoes 

Made with TORSION SYSTEM technology, the Adidas Women’s Pro Model Zero W basketball shoe is great for anyone who needs to move across the court quickly. With a leather trim, these shoes not only look professional but provide the strength and support that the best basketball shoes can. Made out of leather, the upper on this shoe provides your foot with needed support so you can avoid any injuries while beating the opponent to the basket. And most importantly, this shoe has a molded EVA midsole and a PU insole that provides your foot with the best comfort you can feel while playing on the court.


  • EVA and PU comfort
  • Lightweight


  • Break in time needed

Nike Women’s Air Visi Pro V Basketball Shoes

These Nike Air Visi Pro V basketball shoes are perfect for any player. With the Nike Air technology in the heel of the shoe, it helps provide you with a bounce in your step. The traction at the bottom of the shoes are in a herringbone pattern to help keep you from slipping and sliding all over the floor while you are covering a player on man to man defense, and it has the Nike Phylon foam in the midsole to provide excellent comfort coverage. While the upper is lightweight, it is also durable and breathable; made from a synthetic leather. The shoes may seem a little stiff at first since they are made out of leather, but would only need a day or two to break them in to fit on your feet.


  • Phylon foam cushioning
  • Nike Air technology


  • Break in time needed

Under Armour Women’s UA ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes

The Under Armour UA Clutch Fit Drive 3 basketball shoe is a show stopper. With their crazy pattern designs, these shoes are great for looking cool on the court. But they also have a lot of engineered technologies that help makes this one of the best basketball shoes for women. The ClutchFit technology provides a lot of support and protects the ankle and Achilles heel with extra padding and a more secure fit. The bottom of the sole has diamond shaped insets that provide great grip and traction when shuffling around the court, and can prevent slipping while making sudden direction changes to speed around the opponents.


  • Herringbone Traction Pattern
  • ClutchFit technology


  • A little pricier than others

Nike Prime Hype DF II 

Engineered with Phylon cushioning, these shoes will provide you with a caring amount of comfort to ensure happy feet at the end of a long game. Created entirely from synthetic materials, it is safe to say that these shoes are ventilated well. Keeping your shoes breathable help from your feet to become overheated or sweaty, Nike calls this technology Breath Tech. The high ankle collar in these Nike basketball shoes helps keep your foot in place in the shoe and prevent any rolled ankles. But the ankle support is really the only support that these shoes have. The rubber sole at the bottom provides a fair amount of traction on a slippery floor with its multi-directional pattern, but even the sole lacks some support.


  • Ankle support
  • Phylon comfortable cushioning


  • Lacks support (other than ankles)

Under Armour Women’s UA Jet Mid Basketball Shoes

The best feature of these shoes is the compression foam midsole. This midsole provides an all over comfort. Even though it has a simple design, it is one of the best basketball shoes on the market. With a high ankle collar in the front but a low top in the back, these shoes provide support and flexibility; which makes these shoes great for any point guard or shooter. The mesh upper creates circulation throughout the shoe to keep your foot dry and cool. But this shoe also has leather and synthetic overlays that help keep this shoe tight and secure on your foot during ever play till the last buzzer.


  • Ankle Collar Support
  • Breathable


  • A little pricey


Nike Overply VIII Basketball Shoe

While it may look like a typical basketball shoe, the Overply VII basketball shoe is created with patented Breath Technology, only provided by Nike. This technology provides a great circulation of air so your feet won’t overheat or become moist from sweat. With lightweight Phylon cushioning that runs from heel to toe, these shoes are lightweight and make moving around the court easily. The multi-directional traction on the bottom of these shoes also helps with moving around the court easily, as well as gracefully. It is hard to play a sport on a court if you are constantly slipping or sliding.


  • Phylon Cushioning
  • Ventilated shoes keep your feet dry


  • Only comes in two styles


When comparing the best basketball shoes it is hard to determine which one will be the best for you. Since everyone is created differently, everyone will have a different style, foot type, or cushioning preference or tolerance. And these are all things to take into consideration when purchasing a pair of shoes. It is also important to know, while we do offer links to the shoes that we rate, to ensure that the shoes you are going to buy are the best shoes for your feet, you should try them on instore. Sometimes a shoe that was great and amazingly comfortable for one person, can feel like wearing wooden clogs to another person.

Overall, the best and most versatile basketball shoe on this list would be the Under Armour ClutchFit 3. Although Under Armour is a little new to the basketball shoe game, these shoes are the most versatile and best shoes on the list. Not only do they have a variety of cool and colorful designs for the outer part of the shoe, they also provide a great secure fit with their ClutchFit technology. The foam padding in these shoes provides the best comfort that you can expect from playing four long quarters of a basketball game against a hard opponent.

But if you are looking for the best bang for your buck, the AND1 Master 2 basketball shoes would be the way to go. Don’t let the inexpensive price fool you. With the dual density midsole, these shoes can provide comfort like a slipper, and the herringbone traction featured on the bottom of these shoes will make sure that you are not slipping and sliding into other players. Also, the Master 2’s are made out of mesh and synthetic leather, so they are breathable and will keep your feet dry, no matter how sweaty they get. These shoes may seem like classics or too old school for some players, but they are the best basketball shoe you can find for a relatively inexpensive price.

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