The 6 Best Pool Tables: Great for Bars, Basements, & Man Caves

Pool is one of the most popular games all over the world. The sport can be played in bars and there are even world championships where the best pool players come together to test their skills. Having your very own pool table can definitely take away some of the boredom and even relief some work stress when you get home after a long day at the office.

Top Pool Table Comparison Chart

There are various types of pool tables and they all fall under different price ranges for you to choose from. Many of the features will be great for improving your game, while other tables should be great for simply having a little fun with friends at a party, but a pool table is definitely something that you should look into buying if you want to spice up your man cave.

We have set out to find the best pool tables and also look for the pool tables that will offer you the best value for your money. These pool tables are all good for having at home and with a few modifications, they can even be used in your pub if you own one to bring in a little extra income.

But before we dive into the top pool tables, you will need to understand how to buy the best pool table when you are searching for one on your own. There are certain features that are really important and then a few that will only be great for more of the advanced players, but let’s look at a few of these important features:

Pool Table Buying Guide

Professional pool tables can be really expensive and therefore, we have set out to show you some of the features that you will need to consider looking for in your cheaper pool table to ensure that you still get great value for your money. Having all of these features will also be expensive, therefore, you can choose the table with the features that you need to save you a few bucks.


There are two types of pool tables that you will have the opportunity to choose from. These two tables are the American pool tables and the English pool tables and both of them vary quite a bit as you will see later on.


the size of the table must be taken into account and while the 7-foot table is the most common because it does not take up as much space, the pool tables can go up to 9 feet long. American pool tournaments are usually played on the 9-foot tables and they also offer a great opportunity for you to play some snooker as well. The average pool cue is 4 feet long and this must be taken into account and we recommend having a 14 by 11 feet room at the minimum to fit your pool table in.

Pool Dining Table Option

The pool dining table is a little different from the standard pool table and it offers much more leg space underneath. These tables are also a little cheaper than your average pool table and they will offer you great multifunctional use and also improve the space usage in the home as less space will be wasted.


There are two types of construction to choose from. The first type is the wood laminated MDF style. These pool tables are cheaper and they are not made from high-quality woods. Plywood is used most commonly. The slate bed tables are more durable and they are made from solid wood. The wood can be of your choosing, but they are more expensive. The slate bed will also allow you to customize the style of the table much more.

Added Accessories

When purchasing a pool table, you will receive a set of balls depending on the table and the game and also a cue to start with as well as a triangle, but there are also more accessories to choose from and we recommend adding accessories like specialized brushes as well as snooker ball to have some fun.

With these five features, you can really simplify the choice of the table that you want to buy. We do consider the dimensions to be really important, especially since it will have an impact on your playing experience. One of the hardest choices is usually between American and English pool tables, so let’s have a look at the difference.

American Pool Table vs. English Pool Table

American Pool Table

The American pool table is a little bigger than the English pool table and this is because the balls are bigger. The cue ball is usually 2 ¼ inches and will be hard to pot on the English pool table. The pockets are also a little wider in design and this will be the best pool table to start out with.

English Pool Table

The English pool table is a little smaller in term of the pockets and it features a furry design that will slow down the game. The cue ball is 2 inches big and even though this might not seem like a big difference, it does have a huge impact on the play. English pool also uses a smaller cue to play with and this is around 6 to 8 mm wide.

Now that you have a better understanding and more knowledge on how to choose the best pool table, it is time to look at the best pool tables and how they can help you improve your game and also provide great fun for the family.

Best Pool Table Reviews


Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table

Dimensions: 78 x 44 x 32 inches

The Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver billiard table is a little smaller than the average recommended size for a pool table. This pool table is 6.5 inches long and will be great for people trying to fit the pool table into smaller rooms.

Since the table is not the best for professional play, this table will be great for having some fun with your friends and family and you will receive one set of balls, 2 cues, a brush and a triangle to get started. The MDF play bed has been double sealed to improve the durability and the Bamboo laminated outer rails look really stylish.

Should you be struggling with the leveling of the room at home, you need not worry as this pool table already has leg levelers fitted to allow you to place the table on almost any surface type. The nylon cloth is quite durable, but it does slow the game down a little, thus meaning that it should be great for having fun at a home party.

We highly recommend this table for the affordability and the fact that it is only marginally smaller to allow you to save some extra space. Beginners will also enjoy this table for getting into the sport, but it will not be the best table to hone your skills.


  • Saves a little space
  • Really affordable
  • Durable double-sealed MDF construction
  • Easy to level


  • Quite complex to set up
  • Not the best for improving your game


Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Billiard Table

Dimensions: 31.25 x 55 x 99 inches

The Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Billiard table is more the kind of table that you will be looking for to improve your pool game. The table is also available in the cheaper MDF construction, but the slate-style will give you much more durability and also longevity. The slate is extremely expensive and also quite heavy to move.

The table features the exact measurements required for American pool and you will also receive most of the accessories needed for the game to start you out with. The added red wool cloth will add more resistance to the ball and you will be able to play for longer periods of time. We do recommend that you brush the table at least once after each play session to increase its longevity.

Furthermore, the legs have been reinforced and they have also been fitted with chrome levelers to make the leveling process easier. The setup of the table is quite challenging, but for an extra fee, you could have this done for you as well. The K66 nose rubber on the inner edges will also provide you with a consistent rebound after every shot.

We recommend this table for people a little more serious about the game and this will be the perfect table to help you hone your skills. The cheaper MDF version is also a great buy and will be great for having a pool table to entertain the family and guests.


  • Extremely durable
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Includes all the added accessories to get you started
  • Can be leveled quite easily
  • Durable wool enhanced red cloth


  • Extremely heavy
  • Will need a large room


Fat Cat Pockey 7ft Black 3-in-1 Air Hockey, Billiards, and Table Tennis Table

Dimensions: 32 x 44 x 80 inches

The Fat Cat Pockey 7ft Black 3 in one table is great for entertaining guest and also giving you value for your money. The table is not specifically made for pool and will not be the best table for you to practice your pool skills, but it will allow you to entertain the guest with a large variety of different games.

The table comes with air hockey, pool and table tennis equipment already included and features a standard 7 feet long design. Pool lover will enjoy the faster surface, but there are multiple inconsistencies in the surface. By playing other sports and games on this table, you also run the risk of wearing out the surface much faster.

The added storage latch system will allow you to easily store all of your equipment and the overall slimmer design is great for saving a little space in the room. The design is quite solid and will also offer good durability as long as it is maintained regularly. As for the price, we believe that it offers great value with the inclusion of the other games and it will keep you busy for a long period of time.

We recommend this table to party lovers or younger game fans. The table is quite affordable and will be great for keeping all of the guests entertained. Since everything is included, you will also save a lot of money on accessories.


  • Offers multifunctional use
  • Great for entertaining the family
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Slimmer to save you a little extra space


  • All games will use an undersized table


Fat Cat Reno II 7.5-Foot Billiard/Pool Game Table

Dimensions: 89.5 x 50.5 x 31 inches

The Fat Cat Reno II 7.5 foot Billiard/pool table is one of a number of unique tables specifically designed for the American pool game. The table features drop pocket which will make retrieving the ball much easier and also save you a few bucks from the more expensive coin-operated pool tables.

The table is quite average in size and will be ideal for players to practice their longer shots on. The larger pockets in the corner are also ideal for improving the confidence of the newer players and the K66 rubber nose inner edges will ensure that you have a constant rebound effect after every shot. The table features a wool blend cloth to help add to the resistance of the table and the style is highly improved with the cherry oak finish.

Furthermore, you will get a huge 7-year warranty with this table and all of the most important accessories have been included to get you started at pool. Hidden leg levelers have also been added to the legs to make the leveling off the table much easier. For an added fee, you can also have the pool table assembled for you.

We highly recommend this table to more of the serious players and you will definitely get your money’s worth in terms of quality and value. The table is quite heavy and you will need assistance to set it up if you choose to do it on your own.


  • Stylish and durable MDF construction
  • Correct size for a pool table
  • Wool blend red cloth for more resistance
  • American pool game


  • Hard to put together
  • Quite expensive


Beachcomber Indoor Pool Table

Dimensions:  84.3 L x 48.5 W x 31 H

We like the Beachcomber’s great aesthetics and room presence.  That of course, is not a super great reason to buy it, but it’s a start, and it’s the first thing we noticed about this table.  The next thing we noticed was the dense wood fiber used to create the infrastructure of the table.  It sure makes the table heavy, but it’s quite strong and has almost a “plastic” looking construction when you look really close.  Lots of other features caught our attention too!  The Tetolon cloth allows for really easy ball movement along the playing surface.  The rubber bumpers provide better-than-average bounce.  We took note of the details in the corners of the table – they have silver accents (chrome).  The legs are really sturdy, but the real bonus in the legs are the heavy duty levelers.

It’ll arrive at your place with an impressive list of included items.  It has the 16 balls of course, but also 2 cues, 2 chalks, a brush to keep the playing surface free of debris, and a black triangle for ball setup.  The warranty is pretty decent, and they claim they’ll ship you not only new parts, but even a brand new table if there are any issues.  If you’re not thrilled for whatever reason, they promise a full refund.  That’s pretty generous for such a huge item, so if it’s true, we like their customer service.



  • Very good return policy that some have taken advantage of, and have confirmed the ease of returns and refunds.
  • Impressive-looking design and colors
  • Very sturdy


  • MDF construction is not typically as well-received as wood
  • Some customers complained of a “out of level” playing surface
  • Upper end of the price spectrum of tables on Amazon


Hathaway Park Avenue Billiard Pool Table Combo Set

Dimensions: 18.75 x 47 x 84 inches

The Hathaway Park Avenue Billiard pool table is extremely unique and it can be converted into a dining table as well. This means that there will be less wasted space in the house when the table is not used and the significant other might even like the idea of having a new dining table.

The table matches billiard standards when it comes to size and the design is for the American pool game, but English pool can also be played on this table. You will also receive two matching bench seats when you buy this table, thus making it easier for you to use as a dining table when your guest are done with the pool table.

The leg panels all have their very own independent leg levelers to make the leveling off the table easier and it also comes at a good price if you take into account the price of an average dining table. Furthermore, you will be receiving all of the pool accessories needed to get you started playing, but unfortunately for the other half, there will be no plates or table decorations included.

We highly recommend this table for the value it provides and the fact that it is a two in one combo that will save you a lot of space in the home. The table will also be great for honing your pool skills and with the larger pockets; you can even play a game of snooker.


  • Provides multifunctional use
  • Extremely durable and easy to set up
  • Can easily be converted into a dining table
  • Matches billiard pool standards


  • Not recommended to place heavy objects on the table top

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

Pool tables are great to have when you entertain guests, but we also consider it to be a specialty item. Pool tables should be taken care of to increase the longevity and we hope that you managed to find the ideal pool table for your needs.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you are now able to buy your very own pool table with all the right knowledge of the features. We would also like to encourage you to let us know if you agree with our list and if you think we might have missed any of your favorites.

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