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In these winters days, nights are longer than the days, and for runners, it is a serious problem because they have to go for running at night in darkness. But worry not; we have got you covered with these amazing headlamps for those who love to run.

The best thing about headlamps is that you do not have to keep them in your hands and direct them where you are looking. But with the headlamps, you just need to snap them on your head and then have light exactly where you are looking. If you are going to run with your friends, then headlamps will give you more than enough light to light up your way in the dark, scary night, or it can also be used as an additional source of light for more brightness and more vision. If you are the kind of person who is a hand-held light user, then headlamps have amazing innovative designs to match your need too.

Top Running Headlamp Comparison Chart

If you are a runner, you would know that as a runner, the only obstacle is the uneven path, hills, and trails, these things inhibit the runner from running with their heart out. Few of these challenges are the ones that can be overcome without any extra effort, but for some obstacles, you will definitely need good quality and durable headlamp, and without which, you may face a lot of trouble during your run.

The night is the time when most of the people are free from their hectic routines and want to burn some calories, and for this purpose, they hit the roads for workouts and running. These roads are busy in the daytime, but at night they are perfect for running. Apart from this, there is something in the running at night that is incomparable. One may feel more connected to the inner soul during night running maybe because there is not a distraction while running at night and you can quickly focus on your run and think about yourself. All you can hear while running at night is the pounding sound produced by your shoes as you run.

With all that said, let us talk about the hazard that is associated while running at night time that one will never have to face when running at night. For the first one is visibility, you need to make sure that you are visible to other cars passing by and for this purpose you will need to wear headlamps or any other source of light for maximum security. Other than this, reflective patches on tracksuits can also help you to be more noticeable.

Running Headlamp Manufacturers

There are more than countable businesses that specialize in making headlamps for a runner, but not all of those companies deliver quality to the customer. The most renowned companies are Petzel, Energizer, CREE, Princeton, and Yalumi. From the high end, Black Diamond is not the top of the list who are known to provide expensive but durable headlamps for the runner. Petzel is a more affordable brand that offers a wide range of headlamps of different price tag to the customers. We have gathered a complete list of brands that provide full information on various to headlamps brand. This list is based on the products most liked and used by the runner, and how practical they are.

History of headlamps

In the early 20th century, headlamps were made solely for the miners to help them in better living in deep and dark mines as the use of flames for light was hazardous in the enclosed mines. Soon after they became a huge hit, they are stated to be used for other activities as well as running, camping, spelunking, etc.

Why should you be buying headlamps?

If you are a night runner or jogger, then headlamps will help you to increase your safety. These headlamps fit in your head so make sure to get your hands on the headlamp that has buckles to adjust the strap according to your head size. These headlamps will illuminate the area where you are looking because the movement of your head will also change the direction of the light. These headlights are also used by runners who run for longer distance or who are triathlon participants who need to practice day and night. It does not mean that casual runner who runs for few hours cannot use headlamps, of course, these headlamps can be very beneficial for you as well.

What to look for when buying headlamps (Buyer’s Guide)

The markets are full of the variety of headlamps ranging from a few dollars to quite an expensive one. They are also available in a different variety in terms of their purpose and utility. Some are for high performance and professional use while other are for daily night jogging with a little bit of running. Following are the things that you need to look for when buying headlamps for yourself.

Performance and durability

This point varies from location to location. For example, if you mostly run in the area where there are humidity and water you may want to go for waterproof batteries. If you run in the hillier area, then go for the headlamp with intense and long vision lights.

  1. Beam Quality

For example, if you are going to run mostly in casual areas like beach, parks, roads you will not require a heavy-duty light, you only need a conventional basic headlamp. For the runner running in trails and hill will need more visibility, for which the width and depth of the light are paramount. Also, if you run in places where some patches are lit while others are semi-lit then opt for the headlamps that have reactive lights so that they can adjust according to the light needed. For the paths that are unpredictable and have paths with rocks, branches, etc. will need to have a beam that has more width hand depth to help you know the path that you will be going on.

  1. Weight and fit

If you are a runner who runs for hours, then it is best for you to find headlamps that are lightweight and fit to your head properly. Make sure to buys the headlamps that have traps with adjustments options rather than just an elastic band. The perk of buying adjustment ones is that you can make adjustment according to your head size, and even your other family members can also use the same headlamp whenever they want to go out for running.

  1. Battery types

There are two main categories of headlamps based on the batteries used in the headlamps. For one type, the batteries are rechargeable one but for the other batteries are nonrecordable. The most used and more practical batteries are the rechargeable ones. If you buy them, you will never have to buy batteries again all you will need to do is to charge your batteries and use them just like the new ones. However, if you are going for rechargeable ones, make sure they keep an extra pair of batteries with you because they may run out of battery more quickly. Try opting for the batteries that are more every day so that you can find them easily, for example, AAA or AA, etc. the time that you will be running your battery, and the intensity of the light play a significant role in battery’s life.

Where to Buy Headlamps for Running?

Most headlamps are sold at sports stores as well as stores that have running gadgets in there. If you do not want to go out and search for them, then you can also buy them only for different retailers like Amazon has a large verity of headlamps, and they are available of different specialty to fit everyone’s needs.

Running Headlamp Pricing

Headlamps are available in different price ranges from $10 to over $100. Headlamps more than $60 are something that you may not need and they often have the same specifications at the $10 ones. The $10 headlamps on the list below are equally as good as the expensive ones in many ways. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to the usage of the headlamps. If you are a professional, then you may consider an expensive model for reasons like brand power and public perception, but if you are more of a regular running average Joe or Jane who doesn’t care as much about brandishing the latest gadget from a big brand company, then I’d suggest sticking to a middle of the road headlamp.  Probably the expensive headlamps are more durable and comfortable to wear, but the cheaper ones are perfect for someone who runs on the road at night time and wants to “get ‘er done”.

They may look a little weird when wearing them but trust me they are crucial running gadget and you need to buy at least one. All you need to do is to figure out the extent to which you will use yours and where will you use it.

Following is the list that we have created based on the reviews

Best Runners Headlamps Reviews

Numerous companies make headlamps, but not every one of them is suitable for running and jogging. On this list are a lot of lamps that are cheaper in rate but deliver same qualities. Take a look at the list below:


Petzl Pixa 3 Pro Rechargeable Headlamp

This rechargeable headlamp is a huge hit with professional runners. This not only provides long lasting battery life but it also has the capacity to resist 80kg., this headlamp is an excellent companion for an early morning walk, a crawl project or even perfect for a camping trip. Give this gadget a try, and you will fall in love with it.


  • It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • It is very easy to attach to anything.
  • The elastic head of this headlamp is washable


  • A little bit expensive for some users
  • May not be the lightest headlamp in the world



Black diamond icon

As the name suggests this headlamp is truly a diamond within itself. It comes with a lumen output that is perfect for someone who wants maximum visibility. Due to the size of its battery this headlamp maybe a little heavy but generally, you will find this headlamp to be the perfect companion.


  • The intensity of light is high powered
  • The body of this headlamp is completely waterproof
  • The top LCD displays the remaining battery percentage.
  • The overhead strap keeps the headlamp firmly in place.


  • It comes with a little expensive price tag



 Revtronic 168 lumen LED headlamp

These multipurpose headlamps are perfect for camping and also for an early morning jog and maybe for a nighttime walk on the road. One thing that you need to do is to make sure to figure out what kind of headlamp you need and will be suitable for you then decide on the following ten products. One headlamp may be perfect for one person while that same maybe total flop for another person. Let your gut decide and do not make decision based on what others told you can on their views. This headlamp is very simple but very easy to use and efficient in doing its job.


  • The batteries are USB rechargeable.
  • The price is very affordable is reasonable for a beginner
  • The operation is very simple and easy to use
  • It is multitasking and versatile
  • Very consumer friendly


  • This headlamp lacks overhead strap for precise adjustment
  • The beam of this headlamp is narrow in width



Black diamond sprinter

This 130 Lumen brightness headlamp is a heavy-duty headlamp but it will definitely require more batteries than normal headlamps do. If you are in a race at night time, then this is the right choice for you because the vertical strap on it makes sure that the headlamp stays nice and secure.


  • Very durable, fewer chances or burn out quickly
  • It comes with a variety of options
  • Batteries are very easy to charge
  • Straps are very comfortable and adjustable


  • This lamp is not the world’s powerful lamp



Tec Quad 4 Princeton LED Headlamp

This headlamp is very sleek and elegant in terms of the design and it’s built. This is perfect for those runners who look for simplicity in everything. The best thing about these headlamps is that they come with rechargeable lenses to fit for every situation for example night vision will be perfect for night time vision.


  • Less amount of battery is required for the light
  • They are very lightweight
  • These headlamps have straightforward and elegant design
  • They are completely waterproof


  • In this headlamp, there is no overhead strap



Ion LED Headlamp Black Diamond

The weight of this headlamp is a total of 1.0 oz which makes it the lightest headlamp in the world. Its lightweight does not mean it will compromise on the light intensity, but instead, it will provide the equal intensity of light. Because of its light, it is tranquil to pack in your pocket.


  • It had a very compact design.
  • Good battery life than other headlamps
  • Very lightweight


  • A little flimsy in terms of its construction.



Petzl Tikka

This headlamp is perfect for an urban runner. The brightness of this headlamps in a spot on, it offers 200-lumen brightness and the design is very user-friendly and easy to use.

The beam is wide (that’s a good thing!) and it has a longer-than-average burn time per battery change.  It has a phosphorescent reflector for easy locating in the dark, and red lighting prevents group members from blinding one another while working as a team in the dark.  The Tikka light is compatible with the CORE rechargeable battery.


  • Two different lighting modes for different situations
  • The headlamps are extremely water resistant
  • Compatible with CORE rechargeable battery
  • The built of the headlamp is very lightweight perfect for long runs


  • An overhead strap is the only thing that is needed in this amazing headlamp.



Petzl zipka headlamp

From the same petzl company, zipka is another great headlamp for the runners. This headlamp is full of innovative and unique designs that is able to deliver proximity in lightening. This headlamp is easy to strap on just only on the body but to other parts of the body as well. The headlamp is a hit in terms of its versatility.


  • This headlamp has a phosphorescent reflector, which makes it easy for the person to locate it in the dark light when it is turned off.
  • It is very stress-free to control due to the large button present in the front
  • The design of the headlamp is very fresh and sleek in looking.


  • The strap may not fit properly and may get loose over time.



EX550 Olympia Water Resistant LED Headlamp

If you want extra bright light, then this headlamp is a must have. This headlamp is actually a military grade illumination but it is also used for running. The batteries of this headlamps are so strong that you will not need to recharge them again and again. This headlamp comes with a lock button to make sure that the light is not accidentally turned off in a dark place.


  • The overhead strap of this is easy to strap up
  • This headlamp is waterproof
  • The beam of this headlamp is a great distance and very high powered.
  • The inside of this headlamp is corrosion resistant.


  • It comes with a little hefty price tag.



Fenix HL05

This is another lightweight. It is perfect for the regular and casual runner who needs a little light but do not want to feel any weight on their heads. Although the light and the mechanism of the light is not very powerful, it is sufficient enough to make you visible and noticeable. This headlamp is easy to pack up in your pockets. With this reasonable price, you will not be able to find anything better than this.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • It comes with a clip to put on your belt or even on your backpack
  • Long life battery
  • You can also change the intensity of the lightning


  • The light may be a bit dim for some runners



The bottom line

All of the lamps listed above are thoroughly tested and reviewed and the list made is as on the feedback received from the users. As mentioned earlier, some of the headlamps are lightweight while others are more for professional use. In addition to that, all of these above-mentioned headlamps come with a warranty and therefore, if any defect occurs, the manufacturer will either replace or refund the gadget.

Other than this, headlamps are not the only thing that is needed for safety while running at night time. Firstly, make sure to stay alert while running at night. Secondly, make sure to get your hands on the headlamp with a reflective patch. Thirdly, get the headlamps that are not only for the purpose of visibility but also to help you see the path better.

In case if you are jogging in a well-lit area then you do not need any headlamp, but in an area where there is not light, you will definitely need to invest in a good quality headlamp that will fulfill all of your purposes.

All of the headlamps included in our list got a high score from the users. These headlamps are also available in athletic stores or even at online retail stores. The best stores for buying these headlamps on Amazon, you can find the largest variety of headlamps at a very reasonable price.

In addition to this, Amazon will also offer different discounts. this is a great offer for someone who wants to buy a heavy duty headlamp but the budget is a bit too thin.

We hope that this article will help you to choose the best headlamp that you need and also so you do not get lost in the market when you go out. Best of luck for your headlamp hunting.





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