5 Best Skate Shoe Insoles : Prevent Heel Bruises

Skateboarding shoe insoles can be a crucial element to any skateboarder’s arsenal.  Having good skate shoe insoles is just about a must in today’s world. 

A good pair of insoles will help protect you from falls as well as helping when you do land from high heights and prevent heel bruises.  The fact that they protect you in this way is absolutely huge. 

You can’t overstate just how much damage is possible to add up over time after time of skateboarding, especially if you are doing so from great heights.  So a pair of good skateboarding shoe insoles can go a very long way to helping you protect yourself. 

In this buying guide, we are going to look at the factors that influence your decision on what kind of insole to buy.  We will then look over some of the best options available to you on the market for this year.

Skate Shoe Insole Buying Guide


In addition to protecting you from wear and tear and big falls, to an extent, skate shoe insoles also have other purposes that they address. 

For one, if they are made of good quality material, they can help you by making sure that the pressure is distributed evenly throughout your foot.  This will protect you greatly. 

If the insole were loaded to the back, for example, you could come away with a bad ankle injury as the torque would be too great for you. 

This allows you to not only be comfortable because all of the areas are evenly pressured, but it also allows you the chance to move much quicker and take action better. 

There are also some insoles that can correct tendencies that you may have developed over the years, such feet or ankles that are either too weak or too strong.

Your Shoes at Purchase

Most people will know this to be true, but it does need to be said.  When you make your shoe purchase, no matter what kind of shoe it is, it comes with a generic insole. 

They are usually just the same old thing, and they don’t do all that much for your foot in way of support or comfort or anything.  And they certainly don’t help any of the issues that you naturally have. 

This isn’t to say that they are necessarily bad, it’s just to say that they are not specifically designed.  This is almost always the case with skateboarding shoes.  You’re not going to find very many that match up exactly to what you need. 

So, you need to identify what you need and approach the situation in an informed manner. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that some shoes do not allow you to easily remove insoles.  This is an annoying thing to happen sometimes, but it is not the end of the world at all. 

There are insoles that you can purchase that will just simply fit on top of the existing insole. 

This may not be quite as comfortable, but they are better than nothing and will get the job done for you.

Making Sure Your Insoles Fit

One of the best things to do when trying to find an insole that is right for you, if you’re in person, is to quickly test them out.  The test is a simple one, but it can go a very long way in helping to make sure you don’t waste time, money, or effort. 

First, take the insoles and lay them down on the ground.  Do not put them in the shoes.  Next, take one of your feet and stand on the corresponding insole. 

After you have done this, raise your other leg so as to put all of your weight and pressure on the foot that is standing on the insole. 

This is a good way to see how much pressure you’re going to feel when you are skateboarding and will tell you how stable you will feel. 

Also, you need to make sure that your heel is “cupped,” which just means that you feel a nice little supportive ‘hug’ that gives you the chance to feel more at ease! 

If they pass this test, then you can move on to the next test.

The next test is to try them out inside your shoes.  If the insole of the skate shoe is removable, you will want to remove it at this point before you put the insoles in.  This is now where you are going to be checking to see if the fit is good. 

The level of support should not change all that much unless the sizing is off.  If it is, then you may have to go back to the drawing board for another, more suitable answer.  You still want to make sure that you remain to be stable and locked in. 

One last thing to do is to make sure that the insole doesn’t take up too much space.  If it’s too bulky inside your shoes, it will cause a lot of pain and discomfort eventually.  This could lead to blistering or any number of other painful issues.

Taking Care of Your Insoles

Skateboard insoles are not meant to last forever.  Nothing is!  But you can help extend the life of your insoles by taking good care of them. 

Doctors recommend that you change insoles every year, so you’re going to want to get as much use out of them as you possibly can.  Here are a few tips for taking care of your insoles:

  • Remove your insoles after use- this doesn’t have to be done all of the time, but it would be wise to do this every once in a while.  Removing your insoles allows you to alleviate the moisture that gets trapped in between the shoes and the insoles.  This will not completely take away all of the sweaty smell, but it will go a tremendous way to cutting down on it.
  • Washing them- If you find that they are dirty after you’ve removed them, you can wash them to make sure that they stay clean and smelling as good (as possible).  You must do this by hand with a mild soap, and you should make sure that you let them air dry when you are finished.
  • Look them over well- Like a car, you should look over your insoles regularly.  If they are coming apart, you are going to be doing yourself a big disservice.  You may be saving some money, but you could be causing yourself harm.  If it’s before twelve months, and this is happening, you still need to go ahead and replace them to ensure you stay safe.

High Profile vs Low Profile

There is one major difference in the type of insoles that you can use for skateboarding.  It all depends on what kind of skateboarding you are going to be doing. 

If you are someone that does really crazy tricks from ridiculous heights, you need something more high profile.  If you are not someone like that or you are a beginner, low profile is a better way to go as you won’t need as much help. 

This label, for full disclosure, has been given because Etcetera, an insole maker, has a “high pro” and a “low pro” option.  We found that is would helpful to classify them as such because they really are two completely different types of skating.

High Profile

High profile is exactly what you’d think it’d be.  It’s for someone that is insane.  Or just insanely good at what they do.  These are people that are going to be jumping off of very high ledges and stairs.  

A lot of padding is needed in order to support the foot and protect the user’s ankles.  Depending on how good your insole is, it can help you be less sore and be able to skate for longer periods of time.  If you do not end up with a good insole, then you might be done earlier than usual!

Low Profile

This doesn’t mean you are boring or crappy at what you do.  It just means you aren’t going to fling yourself down 100 feet or something. 

This requires a little more comfort and ability to turn better laterally as you are going to be grounded for the vast majority of the time you are skating. 

You can easily get higher profile insoles for use for this purpose, but it’s not encouraged to go the other way with it!

Best Skateboard Insoles Reviews


1.  Remind Insoles Remind Insoles Medic Reflexology (7-7.5 M's/9-9.5-W's)

Remind insoles are a great option for anyone that is looking to be a moderate impact street skater.  They are great for people that will jump from smaller heights as they try to land their tricks. 

They are also on the high-end price wise, but they offer arch support that forms to your very arch.  They also have protection from bruising of your heels.  They offer a good feel and protection as well.


    • Great for more moderate-level skaters
    • Has good feel
    • Offers good protection


    • A little expensive
    • Not for huge heights




2.  Shred Soles Skateboarding Shoe Insoles


Shred Soles Performance Skateboarding Insoles (Extra Large Men 11.5-13)

We like the Shred brand for its layer of ShredBed microcellular urethane under the forefoot.  This feature does two things that are not commonly found in insoles. 

Firstly, it instantly dissipates the impact of your landing through the whole foot (that’s a good thing) and secondly, it still allows you to have good board-feel.  Usually, those two properties are mutually exclusive, but it looks like

Shred has figured out how to have your cake and eat it too!  



    • Protects from great heights
    • Comfortable
    • Great Arch Support
    • Antimicrobial properties (“no-stink”)


    • Arch support is pronounced so it may not fit every foot without causing discomfort
    • Best for cruising rather than high jumping since the padded feel is minimal




3.  Footprint Orthotic Insoles Kingfoam Skeleton Black Custom Orthotics Insoles


Footprint Orthotic Insoles Kingfoam Skeleton Black Custom Orthotics Insoles - 6/6.5

The Kingfoam Orthotics insoles will significantly reduce sore ankles and leg fatigue to help you stay on your feet longer. 

Footprint Kingfoam Orthotics insoles provide superior cushioning and protection by turning the energy from impacts into heat. Recommended by doctors and used by professional skaters like Brandon Biebel and Aaron Homoki.

Kingfoam Orthotics insoles offer built-in arch support and a formed heel cup for added protection. These insoles are a little thicker and tend to work best in vulcanized shoes, but can be worn in cupsoles.


    • Great for flat-footed users
    • Very comfortable
    • Protects arches
    • Fully Stitched Shell


    • Expensive
    • Will not be great for people without flat feet




4.  Dr. Scholl’s Sports Insoles


Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insoles // Superior Shock Absorption and Arch Support to Reduce Muscle Fatigue and Stress on Lower Body Joints (for Women's 6-10, also available for Men's 8-14)

It may come as a surprise to some that these made the list, but many skaters love these because of the way they feel.  They allow you to feel the board better as you are skating, and they also offer a lot of comfort and protection. 

They wouldn’t be great for very high heights, but they get the job done for many.  They do take a little bit of assembly, however, but they do come in at a very low price.  They are designed for superior shock absorption and arch support to reduce muscle fatigue and stress. 


    • Very low price
    • Great for comfort
    • Give you increased feel




5.  Shock Doctor Skate Insoles

Shock Doctor Active Ultra Insole, Men's 4.0-5.0/Women's 5.0-6.0

You’ve gotta know that at a price point of over $60, these insoles are probably the best on the market for protection and orthotic support/correction.  They’re not at #1 on our list simply because of the restrictive price tag. 

If, however, you can look past that for just a second, the features are second to none!

These insoles are worn by actual pro athletes worldwide, and they feature what Shock Doctor calls “adaptive arch technology”. 

This is the term they use referring to the ability of the insole to adapt to any foot shape (for ultimate comfort) while at the same time, offering the promised support. 

They are very “shock-absorbing” in nature.  The Air/FX top layer of the sole provides ventilation so it minimizes stink! 

There’s both a forefoot and a heel shock dome that absorbs any jarring shocks that would otherwise transfer to your knees, lower back and even hips.  

The full foot control bar is a feature that aligns the forefoot and heel right through your entire stride.  The purpose of that feature is to relieve stress on the joints in your lower body.


    • Offers THE best protection of all insoles on our list and maybe anywhere online or beyond!
    • Foot and body bone structure correcting properties


    • Jaw-dropping high price



Conclusion & Recommendations 

Skateboard shoe insoles are not expensive given what they offer (except for the Shock Doctors and maybe the Gamechangers).  Most of them run between $10 to $35. 

They can help protect you a tremendous amount, and they should definitely be worn by all skaters – no matter your skill level or frequency of use.  Do not let price affect your health and level of comfort by skipping out on insoles!


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