The Best Ski Gloves for 2021: Waterproof, Heated, & Comfort

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With all the tireless planning you have put into perfecting your skiing experience, don’t let cold hands ruin your trip! There are few things worse for the skiing experience than having to grip your ski poles with freezing cold hands. Skiing gloves are built in many different ways and to accommodate many different needs. Some places are colder than others! Some snow can be very wet! One of the most important things to primarily consider with your skiing gloves is the insulation. You should opt for thicker insulation if you get cold quickly.

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There has been an emergence of high tech insulators in skiing gloves that can be a bit pricey, but it will allow for maximum mobility within your fingers and unique technology that allows for the passing of vapor to keep your hands warm, and also very important, dry. This brings us to the next important factor of skiing gloves, are they waterproof? When your gloves get wet, you can completely forget about all insulation properties offered by the gloves.

At some locations/resorts around the world, it will be essential to fight against moisture from snow and rain from getting into your gloves. Waterproof gloves come in many different styles that will be discussed in this article. There are many different engineered textiles to choose from that feature different weaving patterns.


There are many popular waterproof technologies to consider. The biggest names in waterproof gloves are Gore-Tex, Entrant, Omni-Tech, MemBrain, and HyVent. The Gore-Tex technology is the most popular type of water-resistant gloves, and it is frequently found in gloves because it offers guaranteed high water resistance and breathability. Membrain and Hyvent are specific to the respective Marmot and North Face brands. It is also important to note that this is directly correlated with the eventual breathability of the glove. You will need a quality passage from the moisture in the atmosphere and the escape of water vapor from the glove.


Quality breathability will be essential for having a positive experience because otherwise your hands will get sweaty and over time, the gloves will start to stink like sweat. There are many different ways to find a good fit for your skiing gloves. You may opt for a bigger fit either for additional comfort potential or for a child who will eventually grow into the bigger gloves. Bigger gloves will require more energy to heat up the airspace and it will also become detrimental for your grip with the skiing poles.

If you get gloves that are too small, it will trap the heat inside of your hands. However, it will limit movement and the constriction of blood flow can be very annoying and maybe even painful. This is why it is very important to get the right sized gloves. When you search for gloves you will find that many of them have heavy variance in their cuff length.

Longer cuff lengths are engineered to provide more protection and keep snow out. The shorter length models will offer greater flexibility in your wrist and allow for better grip and control of your ski poles, (also handy in case you plan on eating or drinking anything with the gloves on).


As with many textile products, there are many different materials to choose from. Traditional gloves are usually made of a synthetic outer shell and thick lining. Synthetic insulation is usually less expensive and it will provide great insulation when wet and it will also dry a lot faster. This can be extremely beneficial if you find yourself frequently in the snow or getting your hands wet. If you choose to get gloves made out of leather you can expect excellent grip and durability.

They will also stand up to cut and tears better than most materials. Unfortunately, leather is not very waterproof unless specifically designed to be. Synthetic outer shelling is usually best for freeriders skiers who opt for dexterity and grip control. High-quality gloves usually utilize a coating of Polyurethane for increased waterproofness/breathability.

Heated Ski Gloves

There are many examples of new and exciting features being added to skiing gloves. Some gloves are catching up with technology trends and have been adapted on the fingers and palms to use your smart devices while equipped. Touch-screen gloves are usually found in lightweight gloves and not gloves fortified to battle extreme temperatures.

There are also interesting gloves being built that feature heating systems. Heated gloves increase warmth and can prevent hypothermia and other cold weather conditions while being recharged easily. However, these are usually only found in more expensive models and they will be heavier than typical gloves. There are less expensive options for glove warmers.

Some gloves will offer a zippered pocket that you can easily sneak a disposable hand warmer into. A less technological driven feature, there are thumb wipes designed to help you deal with runny noses on the slopes. This can also be very helpful for your comfort and experience. Some gloves also feature wrist cords similar to the Nintendo wii controller that will help bind you and your gloves and avoid accidentally losing them on a sharp turn or ski lift.

These are some of the most important things to look at when reviewing skiing gloves for potential purchase, now let us look at and review some of the most popular skiing gloves out there.


Best Ski Gloves Reviews


1.   MCTi Waterproof Windproof Men’s Winter Thinsulate Thermal Ski Gloves

These gloves have a very sleek, all-black design and a top of the line insulation package. Widely praised for being lightweight for the insulation offered. These gloves are very comfortable and durable. They are also very accommodating to supplementary tightening straps. For the purpose of tightening the gloves, they come equipped with bungee cords at the opening and another anterior clip to fasten the gloves to your hand. They come with a laundry list of features that will “wow” you (compared to the competition that is!)

They will provide very strong resistance to water and snow getting into the gloves and have features like the fact that they are insulated with 40 grams 3m Thinsulate and 140 grams warm cotton. It is thick enough to keep hands warm in cold chilly weather in skiing, snowboarding, winter riding, hiking and other snowsports etc. MCTi gloves also feature a very cool zippered pocket design for the purposes of keys, hand warmers, wallet items, etc. The material is also very good for waterproof purposes.

The exterior shell will keep snow and water outside of the glove and the interior is designed for moisture-wicking and optimized breathability. It is advised to buy these a little tight at first, as they will be able to expand to fit your hand through use. Some have complained that these gloves are bigger than the sizing suggests. These gloves come at a great price and offer nearly all the functionality in the ski glove marketplace.  Oh, and they also come with “nose wipe fabric” built-in. 

I’m a little “iffy” on that one – sounds kinda gross (I think I’ll stick with Kleenex or maybe TP in an emergency!), but hey, it’s an upgraded feature so I’ll take it!


  • Design
  • Excellent Insulation
  • Lightweight
  • Zipper Pocket
  • Strong waterproof resistance
  • Nose Wipe Fabric


  • Lack of touchscreen functionality



2.   Andorra Men Waterproof Thinsulate Touchscreen Winter Ski Gloves

These gloves are significantly more overtly thick than most models. They are constructed with layers of Thinsulate insulation designed especially for heat retention within the glove. Be careful putting these gloves on because the seam from the Thinsulate connected to each finger is very delicate. Also, try to avoid taking the gloves off too quickly.

This glove does not offer a lot of flexibility. It also features a zipper pocket on the back of the hand that can fit things of the size such as keys, cards, etc. It also comes equipped with advanced thumb and fingertip designs that allow for the use of your smartphone without having to remove the gloves. The fitting of this glove is also very good.

It comes with a buckle wrist strap as opposed to many other gloves that usually use a bungee cords synge sealing system. They also come customizable in five different colorways, black, blue, grey, heather grey, and white. They are priced great and are definitely a great glove to consider if your number one priority is warmth and thick insulation, without too much bulkiness.


  • Insulation
  • Smartphone functionality
  • Fastening system, wrist strap
  • Not too bulky


  • Delicate to take off



3.   HUO ZAO Winter Snow Ski Gloves

These gloves immediately stand out because of their very low price tag. In addition to being one of the most affordable gloves on the ski glove market, they also have many great features. They are prided on being lightweight and durable.

They feature a classic bungee cord fitting system at the wrist with additional cuff length to ensure warmth and tight-fitting gloves. They feature a pretty unique design and come customizable in five colorways. They have many qualities that are basically essential for your skiing gloves such as being waterproof and have some type of quality insulation. The insulation is made of a super fine fleece material that provides solid interior warmth.

A major benefit to these gloves is that they are not as bulky as many other models. Some things to be worried about when buying these gloves are the quality of the material, especially the interior lining. If you are too reckless with these gloves, you could easily run the risk of tearing the lining. Overall, these gloves are very lightweight, not too bulky, and easily one of the cheapest pairs of gloves out there.


  • Price
  • Lightweight
  • Fitting System
  • Not Bulky


  • Insulation
  • No Touchscreen Functionality
  • Quality of material



4.   BURTON Baker 2 in 1 Gloves

The Burton Baker gloves have a little higher price tag than most ski glove models, but they make up for it with far superior insulation technology. They also come with many of the other popular ski glove features such as a hand warmer pocket, closure system, and strategic waterproof/insulation design, (more on that later).

They come with a thinner inner layer that can be optionally attached or removed depending on how cold of a situation you are dealing with. The outer shell and inner shell can be separated, but it is important to keep in mind that the removing of the inner shell will cause a different fit for the glove. However, they also come with quality fitting apparatus to accommodate the change.

They provide amazing insulation for their lack of bulkiness. These gloves also have great touchscreen functionality. One downside to this glove can be that it is somewhat difficult to take them off without removing the inner shell as well as your hands from the glove. One of the biggest things that stands out with these gloves, is that they have a very cool design. If you are looking for flexible insulation options, all of the state of the art technology features, cool design, and don’t mind paying a little extra, these are definitely the recommended glove to buy.


  • Insulation
  • Zipper Pocket
  • Strong waterproof design
  • Versatile


  • Price



5.   Burton Profile Under Gloves

These gloves are overtly bulkier than the baker model. They are a little bit less expensive, however, and offer many great features. The main difference between these two is the lining material. The profile gloves feature a microfiber fixed lining which helps give the interior of the glove a feeling of space and comfort.

More ventilation means improved breathability inside the glove and will help you to avoid having sweaty and funky smelling gloves in the end. Unfortunately, the waterproof ability of these gloves has been heavily critiqued. It might be best to advise these gloves if your skiing activities leave you frequently facing conditions where your hands get wet.

They provide great insulation and provide one of the most positively reviewed touchscreen integration of available ski glove models. In conclusion, these gloves are not the best model for waterproof functionality, but they have great interior warmth, quality material that will allow for breathability to avoid sweat and fatigue, and they are a little bit less expensive for the quality guaranteed by the BURTON brand name product.


  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Price


  • Waterproof resistance
  • No touchscreen functionality



6.   The North Face Guardian Etip Glove

The famous North Face brand’s guardian Etip gloves are definitely on the pricey side in comparison to most ski glove models. First glance at these gloves may turn you off as they simply do not look close to bulky enough to handle extreme weather, and this is partially correct. If you are really dealing with extreme cold, I don’t think these are the gloves for you.

However, for most situations, these gloves offer great flexibility and control of your hands to be not only lightweight but allow for better grip of your ski poles or smartphone device. They are made of polyester which is pretty solid material in regards to durability purposes. These gloves are a little larger than you might expect.

The Etip touchscreen functionality integration in the gloves has been heavily praised. They are known for having great waterproof ability, as well as warm insulation. The North Face also prides these gloves on a signature engineering design called Radiometric Articulation. This was created with the intent of keeping the hands in a more natural position during use as opposed to some gloves that will force your hand to remain awkwardly propped up.

In conclusion, these are great lightweight gloves with amazing waterproof strength and one of the best gloves out there for use with your various smartphone devices.


  • Great compatibility with touchscreen devices
  • Insulation
  • Fitting
  • Waterproof strength


  • Very pricey



7.   FURST Women’s Storm Touchscreen Winter Ski Gloves + Scarf Set

These gloves have a unique design to the other gloves mentioned in this article. The FURST gloves have been centrally designed around having the best tech touchscreen functionality of all ski gloves on the market.  There’s a soft fabric on the back of the thumb that allows you to clean any smooth surface like goggle lenses, smartphone, etc.

A waterproof, breathable surface sheds water and snow.  The DWR (durable water repellant) beads water in order to ensure the exterior remains dry.  A Velcro (hook and loop) wrist strap is standard for a secure and comfortable fit.  This glove is designed specifically for active winter sports like skiing, sledding, snowboarding, etc. 

The Furst also features 100g of super-efficient Thinsulate from 3M.  This glove also comes with hidden zippered pockets for things such as a card, keys, etc. They also have great waterproof protection and breathable surface for enhanced breathability. These gloves are definitely the best option if you are looking for a cool design customized for smartphone use. They are a little pricier than most ski gloves.

Finally, we love the fact that we get a value-added product which is the Furst scarf which is soft, warm Acrylic wool.  As a sidenote, Furst is a California outdoors company that is fully employee-owned!


  • Warmth
  • Touchscreen use
  • Zipper pockets
  • Waterproof and ventilation


  • Price



8.   Terra Hiker Waterproof Microfiber Winter Ski Gloves for Women

These are one of the cheapest pairs of ski gloves on the market, so it is definitely worth looking into them and seeing if all the features of newer and more expensive gloves are really necessary for you.

These gloves have a very nice fitting system with plenty of cuff length to allow for small error in the wrist fitting system. The wrist pitting uses a classic ergonomic strap that you might compare to the tightening straps on the sides of a backpack. They come in two colorways, all black and blue and black.

The material is not quite ideal for extremely rainy conditions, and the durability of these gloves is questionable at best. When purchasing these gloves, it is important to keep in mind that they run a little small. In conclusion, these gloves are priced better than any decent glove on the market, and they offer great functionality for insulation and fitting options.


  • Price
  • Insulation
  • Fitting


  • Waterproof qualities
  • Material
  • Durability
  • Lacks zipper pocket/touchscreen capability



9.   Gordini Men’s Promo Gauntlet Gore-Tex Gloves

A very popular model, these gloves perfectly fit the mold of a classic glove. One of the best features of this glove is its waterproof resistance. The glove is made of 100% polyester and the fabric is made of a signature polytex derivative. This material is perfect for making sure that water does not get into the interior of the glove.

In addition to the polyester lining, the glove is equipped with a leather palm for additional tear-resistance and durability. This glove is without a doubt one of the absolute best ski gloves in measures of toughness and durability. Another great quality of these gloves that can be somewhat underrated, is that they have a fastening strap at the wrist of the glove and then significant cuff length underneath the strap to ensure that there is no chance water or snow will enter the glove through the wrist.

The lining of the glove is very comfortable. When you are sizing them, you should be cautious that they are usually a little bigger than you might expect. In conclusion, these gloves have a great price tag and they are the top of the line in waterproof resistance and overall durability. Unfortunately, they are not adapted for use with your touchscreen devices.


  • Waterproof Resistance
  • Comfortable
  • Toughness and Durability



10.   Bruce River Men’s Pure Wool Knitted Gloves

These gloves are specifically designed to be multi-purpose and a non-slip silicone lining to ensure maximum compatibility with touchscreen devices during use. Some of the noticeable restrictions of these gloves, when applied to skiing purposes, is that they are not very thick.

These gloves are not the best option if you are facing very cold conditions. In addition, they do not have a very impressive fastening/tightening system.  However, do not be too quick to write these gloves off as an option for your skiing gloves because they come with a very low price tag. In addition to this, these gloves have a wool exterior – great bonus!  Oh, did I mention that out of all the gloves that are designed for touchscreen functionality, these are among the very warmest since they do include the Thinsulate insulation system as well as wool?  Well, they are and they do! 

They are very comfortable and warm, (for most weather conditions, although definitely will not hold up against extreme colds). In conclusion, these are cheap gloves with touchscreen functionality, great grip for your ski poles, sleek design, and they are very lightweight. However, they are not bulky at all and if you fall into the snow with these gloves, game over!


  • Touchscreen Use
  • Wool Exterior
  • Thinsulate insulation
  • Lightweight
  • Price


  • Waterproof Resistance



11.   Simplicity Waterproof 3M Thinsulate Waterproof Ski Gloves for Men

First glance at these gloves and you will notice that they are pretty bulky gloves. These gloves offer great interior warmth with their 3M thinsulate padding. They are very affordable and come customizable in four different colorways. One of the most interesting and different things about these gloves is that they have a very long fastening strap that resembles sort of a boxer’s wrist tape.

This will offer great fastening, and they also provide sufficient padding and length underneath the cuff strap to guarantee that snow does not leak into the interior of the glove. This bottom part features an additional cord to fastening which is rare to see amongst ski gloves. They will not allow you to use your touchscreen devices during use. Another nice feature they have is a clamp that will attach the gloves together when you are not using them to allow for easy and convenient storage.

These are great gloves if you are looking for thick interior material, guarantee that snow will not get inside of the gloves, although it will come at the price of touchscreen functionality, lightweight gloves, and quality grip on the palms/fingertips.


  • Insulation and Warmth
  • Fastening system



Final Deeeep Thoughts!

In conclusion, there are so many gloves to choose from and so many features to consider as well! What kind of glove you are looking for will depend heavily on the terrain you plan on skiing in. If you are going to be dealing with extremely cold weather conditions, you might be willing to sacrifice some flexibility and grip in your fingertips, and opt for a bulkier model with guaranteed insulation options. However, some ski slopes are not that cold!

If you do not have to deal with extreme cold it might be best to get a lightweight option that maximizes your grip and control of the ski poles, a model like the mocha touch screen gloves are very cheap, lightweight, and might be the perfect glove if you want light gloves at the sacrifice of warmth. There are many great models that offer different insulation and warmth packages. Some bulkier models simply try to offer a ton of padding to create warmth, whereas other models opt for the newer Thinsulate technology. Speaking of technology, time moves quickly and ski gloves are catching up with the times.

If you plan on using your phone or other touchscreen devices during your ski experience, there are many gloves that are designed to accommodate this need! Some gloves even offer outer and inner layer switching such as the FURST Hyper Tech gloves to provide maximum insulation and warmth, and also offer touchscreen use with the gloves equipped. Finally, it is very important that your gloves are waterproof!

Nothing will ruin gloves faster than having snow and water get into the gloves or through the fabric. Some gloves come with a strap around the wrist and extra long cuff material to guarantee that snow does not find it’s way into your bare hand. I hope this guide helped, find the right pair of gloves for you and hit the slopes!


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