10 Best Adult & Youth Softball Gloves 2021

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Have you ever had one of those days where you felt unprepared? Whether it was at work, school, athletics, or even a random art class, it’s likely that you felt absolutely useless. That feeling could arise again for softball players if they do not pick the best glove for them. If you don’t come to the softball diamond prepared with the proper glove, you won’t be able to contribute to your team and become useless in concept. The best softball gloves will have a mix of comfort, quality, and high levels of protection.

Top Softball Glove Comparison Chart

Softball Glove Buying Guide

Looking for a softball glove is very similar to looking for a baseball glove. First off, you need to make sure the glove you are looking at is tailored for your position. This process is pretty straightforward. If you play mostly infield, then you are better off purchasing an infielder’s softball glove. Same thing with the outfield; you play mostly outfield? Go get an outfielder’s glove. Next is the quality of the glove. If you’re looking for the best softball gloves, you are going to need something durable, which means the glove is made with great quality. By choosing a glove made with great quality, you will be assuring yourself that you will have your glove for a long period of time.

Something that is a little more obvious between the two sports is ball size. A softball is clearly much larger than a baseball, therefore the glove you are looking for will need to have the ability to open wide enough to catch the large softball. If the pocket is well made and the glove is durable, you should little to no difficulty when opening your glove, even if it takes a short period of time to break it in. Padding is also another benefit to a great softball glove, specifically palm padding. Having soft, well-aligned padding in front of the palm makes the difference between a good softball glove and a superior softball glove. Palm padding is important to the softball player because it protects the hand from shock that occurs when the player catches a softball coming at a high velocity. The padding will be able to absorb the shock so that the player isn’t uncomfortable during their game, so it goes without saying that your glove preference should be the one with the best palm padding.

Best Softball Glove Reviews


1.   Easton Natural Elite Softball Glove

This Easton softball glove has a more natural look and feel to it, along with patented technology that helps the user play to their best ability. The Natural Elite glove is durable, comfortable, and stable for softball players at any level. The Natural Elite glove has a fit unlike any other. Easton has a patent-pending fit system that mixes comfort with flexibility. The adjustable wrist strap can also enhance your fit. Players can adjust their strap to a fit of their liking, so that the glove can be as secure as possible during gameplay. The Natural Elite glove has a double deep pocket that is fully capable of taking on the size and speed of a softball. The pocket contains an enlarged leather pattern with an extra segment between the middle and index fingers so that the player can open and close their glove with ease.

Tired of your glove feeling slimy because you’ve been sweating during a hot summer game? The Easton brand has you covered with the Bio-Dri technology. This fabric is lined within the back of the hand strap and wicks any form of perspiration that occurs on the inside of the glove. So no matter how hot it is, or how much you are sweating during a game, the Bio-Dri technology from Easton will assure you that your hand will be dry at all times.

Easton’s Natural Elite glove also proves to be durable based off of the materials it is made out of. This glove is primarily made with USA Steer Hide, which happens to be one of the strongest leather materials in the world. It would take years upon years to truly break down this type of leather, so you know as a potential buyer that this glove will last you long term. The Oasis cowhide lining is also very durable and enhances the player’s comfort experience.


  • Glove is very durable; made with USA Steer Hide Leather
  • Bio-Dri feature absorbs moisture so your hand will be dry at all times
  • Patented Fit System offers a unique fit
  • Pocket is deep


  • Slow to break in
  • Expensive


2.   Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Series Softball Glove

Franklin’s Fastpitch Pro series has the features necessary for a great softball glove. It is designed with a technical mesh that enhances durability and stability in the glove. The mesh comes soft, so you won’t need to worry about breaking in your glove upon purchase. The soft mesh makes it fairly easy to open and close your softball glove, so you will be ready when the time comes for you to catch that line drive. The adjustable strap located slightly above the player’s wrist will help them find a comfortable fit. They won’t have to worry about their hand being suffocated because the fit is fully in their control. The wrist strap stabilizes the hand pretty well so that you can have full control of your softball glove while on the softball field.


  • Lightweight mesh enhances durability
  • Adjustable wrist strap stabilizes the hand for a better fit
  • Deep webbing is very durable
  • Palm padding shields the inside of the hand from the impact of the softball


  • Could be used by all experience levels, but recommended for beginners
  • Only two color options available


3.   Louisville Slugger Diva Softball Glove

The Diva glove from Louisville Slugger is an infielder’s softball glove designed for the female athlete. This glove is considered an infielder glove because of its size. The Diva glove has shorter finger linings that are curved so that you can easily scoop up ground balls and catch incoming line drives. Since the material used in the Louisville Slugger Diva glove is soft pig leather, it won’t take much effort to break it in. You could pretty much take this glove off of the shelf and go directly to a practice or game use it effectively. There is also an opening for the index finger to expose itself. This feature will help players with their grip and ultimately provide a better experience.

This glove is labeled by users as a “beginner’s glove” and would be great for any rookie softball player who is trying to get used to the feel of a softball glove and how to use it properly. Technically, the Diva softball glove is sized at a youth level. Does this mean adults can’t use it? It really depends on your hand size. If you have a naturally small hand, the odds of efficiently using this glove are a lot higher compared to a bigger hand.


  • Made with soft leather
  • Comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Inexpensive


  • Not as durable as other gloves
  • Exclusively for infielders
  • Specifically for youth level


4.   Easton Synergy Elite Fastpitch Glove

Specifically designed for women’s play in the infield, the 12″ Easton Synergy glove offers prime padding and excellent quality material for a durable experience.

The Easton Synergy glove is extremely convenient, comfortable and secure, mostly because of the lockdown wrist strap. This strap can be used to properly adjust the fit of the glove to whatever tightness comforts them most. With this lockdown strap, the infielder won’t have to worry about being hindered by a loose glove; potentially costing his or her team the ball game.

This glove is made of steer hide leather that offers exceptional durability but Easton touts this glove as also being soft!


  • The steer hide leather is very durable
  • Lockdown wrist strap can adjust to the user’s wrist/hand size
  • Finger lining is comfortable
  • Specifically made for women!


  • Specifically made for women!
  • Runs small
  • Pricey!!


5.   Wilson A500 Siren Series Softball Glove

The Siren Series softball glove from Wilson is arguably the most versatile glove on the list of best softball gloves.

This softball glove is made to support all positions with its 11.5″ corset web design.  Whether you’re an infielder, an outfielder, or both, the Wilson A500 Siren Series glove will give you what you need in quality and support. The top grain leather shell that this glove has will keep it feeling very light, yet sturdy…that way, you can move around and make plays on the field without the vexing worry of damaging your glove.  Plus, Wilson swears by its policy of “no break-in time necessary”.  That’s a pretty good deal!

The deep pocket of this glove is very durable. The dual welting and double palm construction within the lightweight pocket ensures you that you can take on even the hardest or fastest softballs coming your way. The Siren Series glove easily secures the glove to the player’s hand for a perfect fit. The two-piece closure right above the back of the wrist will help you secure the glove to your liking; so that you can go out there and play without being bothered by a poor fitting glove. The Siren Series comes in both right-hand thrower and left-hand thrower styles, so you can choose which one is best for you upon purchase. The option of which hand you can throw with opens the market for this glove because it isn’t limited to one type of thrower.


  • High-quality leather keeps the glove light and durable
  • The pocket is wide and easy to open/close
  • An adjustable wrist strap secures the glove to your hand


  • No color options


6.   Easton Salvo Softball Glove

One of the more expensive gloves in softball, Easton provides the customer with excellent quality and close to perfect sizing for a positive experience out on the softball field. The pocket is wider and deeper than your average glove, and it has a “double-deep palm design” that is friendlier to the large size of a softball rather than a baseball. The Salvo softball glove is also made with strong materials that make it very durable, while also having mesh applied throughout the glove for more flexibility and a lightweight feel.

A majority of the durability in this glove comes from the cowhide that is used for the Salvo softball glove.

The Easton Salvo glove has an opening right under where the index finger is located, and instead of having the index finger exposed through the opening, there is a leather patch over the finger so that the player can have a good, comfortable grip without having their finger exposed.


  • Mesh material promotes flexibility and lightweight feel
  • Palm padding keeps hand comfortable with a wide grip


  • Slightly above average in price
  • Lacks color variety


7.   Louisville Slugger Dynasty Softball Glove

Louisville Slugger’s thirteen-inch softball glove comes with dependable features that could help any softball player excel on the field. The tan glove is laced with a single post web to keep it minimalistic. The web of this glove is very wide so it could easily catch a large softball. This glove is primarily used by in-fielders.  It’s a shorter glove than an outfielder’s glove, but there’s a reason.  It offers a much quicker response for infield bounces and it offers a better feel for the ball once it’s in the pocket (you KNOW you have it).  Because the webbing is a single post (basically a “T-pattern” for the web) it minimizes bulk and weight.  It also allows for a slightly deeper pocket.   A Single Post web is going to mostly be used by a first baseman. The construction creates a consistent (and slightly deeper) pocket for receiving the ball. With a deep pocket, securing throws across the infield becomes much easier for the player. The downfall of the deep pocket is that transfers can be tougher and slower, and that’s why it will generally only be used at first, a position that does not require quick transfer very often.


  • Smaller, quick glove 
  • Easy to break in
  • Very fair price
  • Great-looking mit


  • Opening near the wrist is too big


8.   Worth Women’s Storm Softball Glove

Worth’s softball glove is about average on this list. The Worth brand offers a glove with plenty of control, primarily due to the narrow hand-spread. While this hand-spread is something that stands out about this glove, it may not be of good use if it is too narrow, because you might not be able to handle a large softball at a high speed. Other than this downside, the glove is expected to open and close with ease, so that you will be prepared to protect yourself and make a play when it is demanded of you. The user will be in total control using the Storm softball glove.

One good thing about the Worth Storm softball glove is its’ hand protection. It comes with a sting reduction material in the palm so that your hand doesn’t hurt due to the impact of an incoming softball. This is important as your performance could be affected tremendously after catching a hardball coming your way. In this case, using a glove with subpar padding, you’re likely to be hesitant to grab the next ball in your area due to the fear of pain from impact. The best softball gloves will have good quality palm padding to enhance the experience of the player.

Finally, the Worth Women’s Storm glove has a custom Velcro strap that creates a secure fit regardless of your hand size. You can use the strap to make your glove as loose or as tight and you would like; giving you more options regarding the fit of your softball glove. This glove is also very durable, as it is made of a full-grain leather shell that is easy to break in and use frequently.


  • Durable
  • Palm pads reduce sting from catching softballs
  • Narrow hand-spread enhances control


  • Runs Small
  • Stitching isn’t good quality


9.   Rawlings Basket Web Softball Glove

Rawlings has quite the “basket” with a glove that has a large basket web which is designed specifically to catch the softball effectively. The pocket inside the glove has a wide opening and very deep, so that you could catch the biggest and highest softballs. The glove also offers premium hand protection as it is cushioned in the palm and contains finger back linings for even more shielding. For wrist security, there is an adjustable strap with the “Rawlings” logo across it, and an opening above it for proper ventilation.

While this glove passes the tests for fit, protection, and quality, there are occasional complaints that this glove runs too small for a handful of buyers. It is important to try the glove on before buying [if you can] and if you can’t, then make sure there is an opportunity to exchange or return the item if it doesn’t meet your standards. The best thing about this glove outside of physical features is the reasonable price. The Rawlings brand has been around baseball and softball for a long time now, so if you can get a glove from Rawlings with good quality and a low price, you should jump on the opportunity.


  • Basket web is large enough to handle incoming softballs
  • Plenty of ventilation through the small hole above the wrist strap


  • Runs very small
  • Absolutely needs to be broken in


10.   Mizuno Finch Prospect Softball Glove

The Mizuno Prospect Finch softball glove should be the standard for the right glove. Inspired by feedback from softball star Jennie Finch, this glove comes in styles for both left-handed players and right-handed players, so basically it does not discriminate. The most interesting feature of the Finch Prospect softball glove is the PowerClose technology, which has been patented by the Mizuno brand.

The PowerClose is a specific technology built within the glove that enhances flexibility and open/close control. The PowerClose material is designed in a way where the player has more flexibility within their glove, and can control the softball glove without any difficulty. By having a softball glove with the PowerClose feature, you could be confident in your ability to catch a softball that is approaching you in a rapid pace.

In addition to the patented PowerClose, the Mizuno Prospect softball glove has a “power lock” adjustable wrist strap which helps with a secure fit and stability. With this ability, you can decide how loose or tight you want your glove to be. By being presented with options, the player has a better chance of playing to their best ability because they chose their comfort level. Besides the “power lock” wrist strap, there is an opening placed where the index finger is for a better grip and additional comfort.


  • PowerClose feature enhances player experience
  • Adjustable wrist strap offers a comfortable fit
  • Full Grain Leather palm and pigskin back


  • Runs small; listing doesn’t explain that glove is used primarily for youth level
  • The material isn’t strong enough for adults

Tips on How to Buy Gloves (Youth)


Conclusion & Recommendations

Throughout all these reviews it’s important to understand the difference between slowpitch and fastpitch gloves and to purchase the right one for your situation.

The Easton Natural softball glove comes in first on the list for the best softball glove in a close competition within the top three. The Easton Natural softball glove comes out on top because of its extraordinary durability and Bio-Dri technology, which sets it above other gloves.  The brand is also well known for making bats and other softball equipment in the slowpitch and fastpitch softball market. This glove is the best investment for the softball player looking for a new glove because it will last longer and will be comfortable well throughout gameplay. Other gloves have appealing features that put them in the conversation, such as the Franklin Fastpitch glove and the Louisville Slugger Diva glove, but nothing beats the Easton Natural softball glove.

Overall, the Easton Natural softball glove is the best option for all softball players. Whether you are in a fastpitch after-work league or a contributing player on a varsity roster, this glove you provide you with the best possible softball experience.



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