The 10 Best Pitching Nets for 2021 : Baseball & Softball

Pitching is an attribute that’s admired by many but mastered by few. Whether your sport is softball or baseball or whether you’re a pitcher or a coach, a great pitching net can help improve the accuracy of you or your player’s throws, increasing the likelihood of the opposing batter striking out.

Winning a baseball or softball game starts with well-thrown, tough-to-hit, accurate pitches. Not every pitcher has what it takes, however. That’s where pitching nets come in. Often seven feet or taller, pitching nets are nets that are built for pitchers to practice throwing at, without having anyone to throw with.

If you’re a coach, you’ll want a pitching net to warm your players up with during practice sessions. If you’re a player, having your own pitching net is a great way to get better when baseball isn’t in season or while you’re at home, away from a baseball field.

Pitching nets are easy enough to find. Picking one out is a different story, however. Finding the right pitching net largely depends on several important factors. Below, we’ll take a precise look at everything you’ll need to know before you purchase your very own pitching net, for your team or for yourself. Don’t make the wrong choice!

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Buying Guide

Don’t throw your pitch at a sub-par pitching net. Make sure you get the most out of your purchase. If you pay attention to all of the information presented below, you won’t throw your money towards a net that isn’t great.


While pitching is certainly a skill that requires intense training, other on-the-field baseball skills also need training. You’ll want a pitching net that accommodates a variety of different training options, such as outfield and infield throwing, hitting, and even softball skill training. While this isn’t as important if you purchase the net for yourself, it can be incredibly important if you purchase a pitching net as a coach who’s in charge of training a group of players with a diverse range of positions.

You don’t want any of your players to fall short, and having a pitching net that only accommodates pitchers is one way to do such a thing. While versatility isn’t a necessity, it’s certainly appreciated.


Whether you’re purchasing a pitching net as a coach or as a player, the ease of setup and storage is a crucial thing to consider. If you’re working on your pitch, odds are that you’ll be working on it at least five times a week. Imagine if you had a pitching net that took five minutes to assemble and five minutes to disassemble. That’s almost an hour a week you’re dedicating solely to putting together your net!

Nobody, player or coach, has time for lengthy pitching net assembly. If you’re a coach, you might have to do most of the setup on your own, making purchasing a pitching net that’s quick to put together a necessity. We recommend looking for models that boast a setup time of fewer than two minutes. If it takes any longer than this, it’ll cut into your team’s practice time!



Is the pitching net simply a net in a frame? Or, does the pitching net come with a strike zone, a hitting tee, and weighted baseballs? Some pitching nets have some of these accessories, some have one of them, and some come with none. When it comes improving your pitching, you’ll want supplemental materials to help with skills such as targeting. 

It doesn’t make any sense to throw at a pitching net without any goals in mind. Accessories such as strike zones challenge you, as a pitcher, to improve your accuracy. Other accessories to keep your eyes peeled for are weighted baseballs, extension nets, and replacement nets.



The size of the pitching net is a very important factor when it comes to purchasing the best pitching net for your needs. If you plan on practicing and drilling in an area that’s already dedicated to baseball practice such as a baseball field or park, you’ll be able to get away with buying a net that’s on the smaller scale of net sizes. 

On the other hand, practicing in areas such as your back/front yard, your driveway, or in the street of your neighborhood will require the use of a larger pitching net, for safety purposes. You already throw the ball hard enough – you don’t want your baseball flying into any unwanted areas! In addition to safety, you’ll want a larger net to practice on if you’re a newer pitcher.



We touched on how valuable quick assembly and disassembly of a pitching net can be already, but the ability of the net to be taken from place to place can be of even greater value. Whether you’re a coach or whether you’re a player, the value of a travel-friendly pitching net can’t be underestimated.

If you’re a coach, you know how arduous of a task carrying equipment to the baseball field for practice can be. Why complicate matters with a pitching net that’s too large or too awkward to carry properly? If you’re a player, especially if you own your own pitching net, the ability for it to be packed up and fit in a small space is a crucial attribute.



The stability of a pitching net is one of the most important things to consider before buying the net of your dreams. What’s the point of a pitching net if it can’t withstand the force of your throw? Unless you’re the hulk, a good pitching net will be able to hold out in the face of your powerful throws. A lot of this has to do with the net itself. 

If you’re unsure of whether or not the pitching net you have in mind can withstand your throws, bear in mind that many pitching nets come with stability steaks as accessories. Long story short – a pitching net that doesn’t stay on the ground shouldn’t be worth your time. With this being said, it’s important to make sure any pitching net you’re considering purchasing comes with ground steaks, just in case.


Net Quality

A quality net can go a long way when it comes to pitching net. You’ll want a net that’s composed of a weather resistant nylon material, or polyethylene. Relating to the net, many pitching nets feature an ability known as “bounceback”. Simply stated, a net with bounceback with shoot the ball back towards you once you pitch at it. This can be a blessing and a curse. It can be tough if you don’t know what you’re doing when you pitch! 

Now that you’ve taken a look at everything that makes a great pitching net truly spectacular, let’s take a look at ten highest rated pitching nets! Whether you’re a coach looking to supply your team with the tools for success or whether you’re a player looking to personally improve his/her pitch, all ten of these nets will certainly give you the help you need. We’ll start with the best and end with the worst. The worst net is simply the worst-rated on the list, however – don’t take it for granted!


Baseball & Softball Pitching Net Reviews


  1. Rukket Sports 7 x 7 Baseball & Softball Practice Net

 The Rukket Sports 7 x 7 pitching net is a superior net that suits a variety of uses for pitchers, batters, and throwers alike. Apart from its versatility, it’s also extremely durable. It has ultra-thick netting built to handle the toughest of throws. Whether you’ve only played tee-ball or whether you’re a high-school baseball player, this pitching net will withstand your throw. If it doesn’t, don’t sweat it – this Rukket pitching net comes with the best warranty you can get! The manufacturer claims you can set it up in two minutes, and it comes with a carrying bag that’s compact for mobility and storage. At 7 feet wide and 7 feet tall, you’ll be able to practice your pitching practically anywhere. Whether you’re on top a building or in your front yard, you can throw your heart at this pitching net without worrying about balls flying into places they shouldn’t end up in. We couldn’t find much that was wrong with this net. We will say that there have been reports of the net fraying after a season of use. Also, the bag’s zipper has a tendency to get stuck.


  • Easy to set up, store, and carry
  • Durable net
  • Large enough to be used in any environment, safely


  • Net may fray after long periods of use
  • Zipper can be frustrating at times



  1. Rukket Sports 9 x 9 Baseball and Softball Practice Net 

When it comes to pitching nets, bigger is certainly better. With the Rukket Sports 9 x 9 Pitching Net, you’ll have a durable, well-made net that’s perfect for any occasion. If you set it up in your yard, beware – it’s so large that you might not want to take it down! When you have to, however, don’t worry – it’s simple enough to take apart and store in less than five minutes. While we’d recommend a disassembly time of less than two minutes, sometimes you have to make sacrifices for a net this big. In addition to this, there are plenty of other positive attributes to talk about. This Rukket Sports pitching net is strong, with respect to its net and its frame. You’ll get many seasons of performance from this net, without having to worry about it collapsing out of the blue. It’s also versatile. You can use it for long and short distance throwing practice, hitting, and softball pitching practice. There isn’t much wrong with this net. The setup can be rather time-consuming, due to its size. The sheer size of it might limit where it can be set up, as well.


  • Huge size makes it easy to practice a variety of different baseball and softball-related activities
  • Durable net and frame


  • Its size might limit its use in certain areas
  • While it might be easy to set up, it can be time-consuming



  1. Bow Net Big Mouth Net Big Mouth Net

 The Bow Net Big Mouth Net is a well-crafted pitching net that’s large enough to be safely used in a variety of different areas. In addition to its size, it’s also easy to assembly. If you purchase this pitching net, expect to have it up and ready to use in less than two minutes! One of the best features of the Big Mouth pitching net is all of the extravagant accessories it comes with. It’s practically like you’re getting a gift box of pitching practice accessories! At a glance, the accessories include ground stakes for superior stability and a carrying a bag for easy packing. The company also claims to use a technology that’s present in the net, which dissipates the energy absorbed from the shock of the ball hitting the net. This enhances durability and longevity of the entire pitching net. While the net may last awhile, the fabric isn’t as durable. The carrying bag also seems rather flimsy, which can be problematic for the transportation of the net in the long run.


  • Easy to set up
  • High-quality net
  • Comes with plenty of accessories


  • Fabric surrounding the net isn’t the most durable
  • Carrying bag is low quality



  1. Rukket 5×5 Baseball & Softball Practice Net with Strike Zone Target 

This Rukket pitching net is impossible to mess up while you set it up. If you do, don’t worry – the lifetime warranty that comes with it will have you covered. In addition to this stellar warranty, the Rukket 5 x 5 Pitching Net comes with a strike zone that’s easy to see and well-designed, a compact bag for easy packing and travel, and a net that’s woven with high-quality seven-ply weaving. It’s perfect for practice. There are only a couple noticeable flaws with the Rukket 5 x 5 pitching net. First and foremost, its size restricts its use to certain environments. Another problem relates to its stability. It’s not as great as larger models of pitching nets. You might want to purchase ground steaks for it if you plan on buying this pitching net.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a strike zone for target practice


  • Smaller size makes it unsafe for certain environments
  • Stability is questionable



  1. Easton Collapsible L-Screen 

Sometimes, simple is better. With the Easton Collapsible L-Screen, you’ll have a simple, stable, and large screen for adequate pitching and throwing practice. The nets are high quality, the screens are easy to disassemble and pack up, and the frames can be adjusted to accommodate left and right-handed pitchers. It would be better if it had wheels, however, since it’s a large and immobile piece of equipment. It’s quite heavy, which makes transporting it from one area of the field to the other quite a tough task.


  • Versatile net for multiple forms of training
  • High-quality netting
  • Easy assembly and packing


  • Lack of wheels can make it tough to move around
  • Quite heavy and awkward to carry



  1. Cimarron Deluxe Pitchback

The Cimarron Pitchback pitching net is a durable, high-quality pitching net that’s simple to use and setup. While it’s not the largest of nets, it’s perfect for throwers or pitchers who want to hone their ball accuracy. While the size of the net certainly makes it more convenient to transport, pack, and unpack, it limits its ability to be used outside of a confined area, such as a baseball field. Be wary of the straps on the bottom of the pitching net – they’re made of an elastic material that’s prone to breakage if dragged across a rough surface.


  • Great for accuracy practice
  • Excellent for traveling, due to its small size


  • Elastic on the bottom of the frame isn’t durable
  • Small size limits its ability to be used in certain areas



  1. Rukket 4x7ft Baseball and Softball Rebounder 

This versatile pitching net is great for any sport! You can pitch a ball as hard as you’d like, and it’ll come flying right back at you! It’s built for long spells of outdoor use, with its net and frame both constructed from durable materials. It’s large enough to safely and accurately use in a variety of areas. Finally, it’s topped off with a lifetime warranty. This Rukket pitching/rebound net is a great tool for skill building! As far as flaws are concerned, there’s a major design flaw with the frame of this rebounder – the top corners allow water to absorb into them, which eventually causes the bottom parts of the frame to rust out. The net could be more powerful, as well. If you’re pitching at a distance of more than 60 feet, your ball might not come back to you as quickly as you’d like it to.


  • Large throwing area
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Can be used for sports outside of baseball


  • Needs to be tilted to the side, due to water collecting in its interior
  • Net isn’t powerful enough for long-distance throwing



  1. Crown Sporting Goods Multi-Sport Rebounder 

The Crown Multi-Sport Rebounder is an excellent way to excel in any game you play. For pitchers especially, this net is perfect for use on or off of the field. It’s easy to set up and withstands adequate amounts of force. You’ll even be able to use it for other sports, such as lacrosse, soccer, and basketball. With all of this taken into account, netting is poor quality. It doesn’t come with any supplemental gear. You might not want to throw too hard, or consider buying a pair of ground steaks to keep it in place!


  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for multiple sports


  • No accessories
  • No warranty
  • Poor-quality netting



  1. Champion Sports Multi-Sport Net

 This versatile pitching net makes getting better at any sport a breeze. With respect to pitching, it’s loaded with excellent bounce-back, a sturdy frame, and easy assembly. If you throw a pitch, be warned – this net’s responsiveness will have the ball flying back towards your chest, at least! It also weighs a fraction of what other pitching nets weigh. There are a few concerns with the Champion Multi-Sport Net. First, the directions make it tough to set up. Secondly, the assembly requires two people. Keep this in mind if you decide to buy it!


  • Excellent bounceback
  • Sturdy frame


  • You’ll need two people to set it up
  • Directions are confusing



  1. Franklin Sports MLB 7′ x 7′ Flexpro Baseball Net

The Franklin Flexpro Net is definitely not a toy to be used for any sport.  It’s a heavy-duty polyester net designed for long-term use and it features all-weather construction.  With 16 mm diameter poles made of fiberglass, it’s a tough piece of equipment.  The ball catch netting allows for easy retrieval of balls after use, and it’s equally good for pitching or batting practice.  It’s always a nice touch to have the travel bag included for easy storage.  

Though it’s nice to have 2 people involved in setup, it’s easy to do in just a few minutes if you can get a helper.


  • Easy to set up
  • Great for long-term use as well as heavy-duty usage


  • Netting has been known to rip along the bottom, but it can be returned for a replacement



Final Thoughts & Conclusion

If you haven’t figured out what pitching net to purchase, that’s okay – all of the above choices are great! We’d personally recommend a net that’s large enough to fit at your home, but mobile enough to quickly take apart and move as needed. A net such as the Rukket Sports 7 x 7 Pitching Net is a great option for novice and expert pitchers alike!

Making an educated purchasing decision is crucial, with respect to pitching nets. Pitching is a valuable asset in any baseball or softball player, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a coach, it’s important to make sure your pitchers are given the training and materials they need, to grow in the position they’re in. As a pitcher yourself, the appropriate tools can vastly improve your throw.




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