The 10 Best Tennis Nets : Portable to Professional

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Whether you want a new sport to pick up to keep yourself active or just want to improve your existing game, investing in a tennis net can be a great way to improve your health and ability.

Tennis is one of the longest-lasting and most played sports across the globe, and for good reason.

It is quite easy to learn regardless of your athletic ability and can be played virtually anywhere where you have a flat surface and some open space along with the necessary basic equipment.

It can be played by several people and brings a nice social aspect to it. Even if your abilities aren’t up to par with your neighbors practicing can still greatly improve your ability with a limited toll on your body compared to other sports and activities.

One of the benefits of buying a tennis net is that you can take it with you and set it up where you want. You won’t have to depend on a public park where other people might be using the courts.

It allows you more freedom to set up and play when you want since you won’t necessarily have to build a tennis court in your own yard.

Buying a tennis net may seem straightforward for the most part but there are many things that go into nets that people may not know.

Buying Guide

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make in purchasing your tennis net is choosing between the two common styles of netting. The type of web you select depends on how frequently you want to play and the length of your season.

Your playable season will greatly depend on the weather and climate in your area, and also the kind of court surfaces available to you.

Nets that face significant usage and will go through a long season need a net that lasts and is sturdy over extended periods of time.

The best tennis nets are typically made with braided net cord material and often have double mesh on the top six rows, side pockets for fiberglass dowels that keep the net tight and vinyl-coated steel cables.

Net Materials

Nets of the braided variety are often created to be more durable than twisted nets because they are built to be stronger. Instead of the ball ricocheting off the net, the added absorption will allow the ball to remain closer to the net.

Some people might find this to be a minor detail, but at the end of the day, it will save you a ton of time not having to chase down the ball the entire game.

The two materials commonly used are polyethylene and polyester which make up some of the top-quality tennis net materials because they are less likely to be damaged by sun radiation.

They also react to different types of weather well. In addition, your court style and personal preference will have an impact on what type of headband to get.

Another important piece of tennis nets to consider is the headband. Headbands are often double layers of polyester or vinyl-like material and are made up of four rows with locked stitching to hold the layers together.

Nets with polyester headbands are more commonly used on hard courts than because the surface material can easily stick to the fabric.

Vinyl headbands are more common on soft courts because they’re more resistant to dirt and ground debris which makes them easier to clean.

Trying to decipher the difference between nets can be difficult for many people if they don’t have direct tennis net buying experience.

There is no universal standard in tennis net yarn thickness, so it can come down to a personal preference in the end for this size you decide to get but most will be in the range of 2.8 to 4mm to be most optimal for repair.

There are of course different factors in deciding between a quality net. When you choose your tennis net it should be somewhat durable and sturdy at the most basic level and then you can choose options that better suit your needs.

The stronger the net will translate into better-looking nets that will last longer. If you are more interested in something portable and with multiple uses, the durability and strength of the net may not be the first priority but is still always something to consider.

Best Tennis Net Reviews


1.   Dynamax Sports Super Pro Tennis Net Single Series 600


Dynamax Sports Super Pro Tennis Net, Single Series 600


The Dynamax Sports Super Pro 600 tennis net is built for strength and durability that features double meshes along its op six rows of netting making it extra heavy duty.

The net itself is a standard three feet six-inch height that tapers to three feet toward the center and spans 42 feet wide.

The net body is built from polyethylene and is 3.5mm thick which features a heavy-duty headband that has four rows of stitching that locks. All nets include a center strap and tensioning dowel and a center strap.

The braided net will give you some additional strength where it matters most and is one of the more respected brand names in tennis net production. It works as a great all-around tennis net perfect for beginners or experienced players.

The high-quality tennis net will sure to give your tennis game a boost, but for a fairly higher price. Since it is a professional-grade, you are paying a bit more.


  • Durable material
  • Wide to fit any court


  • Moderately expensive




2.   Zume Games Tennis Set


Zume Games Portable, Instant Tennis Set Includes Two Rackets, Two Balls, Net, and Carrying Case


If you want one of the ultimate sets that is more casual and suitable for kids, the Zume Games Tenniz Set is a perfect portable and versatile option. It’s an instant set that kids (8 and older) can use alongside parents and friends no matter the occasion.

It’s great for smaller areas like if you live in an urban setting and don’t have the luxury of larger surfaces. It sets up quickly and works on any flat and hard surface.

In addition to the set being great and portable, it also includes two rackets, two balls, the 12-foot net, an easy-to-use carrying case, and how to play guide that is perfect for kids and beginners.

It’s a great design if you want a more slow-paced and leisurely feel than having to set up a full-length net. Escalade Sports has been around for almost 100 years, and has been making toys and products for kids for nearly a century.

It developed into an international sporting goods manufacturer and distributor and with years of experience, you are sure to get a quality product.

It’s made with durable metal material and is designed in the USA, great for additional stability and consumer pride.


  • Extremely portable
  • Great for kids
  • Cheaper than many other models
  • Get additional equipment


  • The net is not full size
  • Not good for competitive and serious tennis players




3.   The MacGregor Tennis Net


MacGregor Varsity 300 Tennis Net, 42-feet


The MacGregor net is a more professional style tennis net with black 2.5mm twisted polyethylene material composed of a breaking strength over 225 pounds.

It’s heavy-duty, and the headband is made of vinyl material that is strong enough for 320 pounds worth of pressure. The four rows of locked stitching in the headband give the 42-foot design extra strength compared to many other models.

The length is wide enough for any regular-sized court and can withstand wear and tear and can be easily maintained in most settings. The net itself weighs about 17 pounds which is fairly light for the size and strength.

Ultimately, this is a good option for many casual or serious players, with the slight downside being cost. You will get a good professional style net but it will come at a more expensive price tag than other options.


  • Durable and strong
  • Fairly lightweight
  • 42 feet long for a variety of sizes to play with


  • Moderately expensive
  • No additional equipment




4.   The Wilson EZ


Wilson EZ Tennis Net (18-Feet)


The Wilson EZ is one of the few models that is approved by governing bodies such as the United States Tennis Association for ages 10 and under players.

It is super easy to set up and take down and is perfect for parents and young players learning the game together. Wilson is one of the biggest and most respected names in sports and especially in tennis.

It’s highly portable and can give you a great addition to your family get-together regardless of where it is.

It’s super easy to install and weighs just 15 ounces, giving it one of the lightest weights on our entire list of tennis nets.

If you had to pick any tennis net to start your kids with, the combination of Wilson and an approved model by the USTA is a great place to start.


  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Great for beginners
  • Very affordable
  • Designed by one of the biggest names in tennis equipment


  • Somewhat flimsy design
  • Only 10 feet wide
  • Limited use for serious players with experience




5.   Vermont ProCourt Combi Net


Vermont Procourt Combi Net | Net for Tennis, Badminton, Pickleball & Soccer-Tennis | Portable Badminton Set | Mini Tennis & Badminton Sets for Backyards (10ft Wide)


A completely portable and convertible net frame, the ProCourt Combi is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It is comprised of both badminton and tennis nets in addition to pickleball and even soccer tennis

It can be easily converted by easily moving a sliding pole to get your desired net height. The net can extend to 20 feet, but also has models with 10 and 30 feet extensions if you need a different size.

Its uniqueness in the industry is that it is the only portable and convertible set that is made out of steel. Its strong design gives it extra durability and will last for years to come with limited maintenance.

It is rust-resistant due to the powder-coated surface and the mesh is 6-ply PE which is superbly resistant to weather damage.

The carry bag comes included and the net comes with a sleek blue and yellow design, making it somewhat unique in the style department.

It’s regulation height and is always dispatched within 24 hours, making it a perfect option for a last-minute barbecue, graduation party, or family gathering.

It’s convenient and portable and gives you a professional feeling tennis net without the hassle of lugging around a heavy and hard to assemble net.


  • Comes in three different lengths
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor events
  • Easy to assemble and lightweight


  • The 30-foot net can be flimsy




6.   Lifetime 90541  Volleyball, Paddle Badminton, & Pickleball Set


Lifetime 90541 Volleyball, Paddle Badminton, & Pickleball Set

With the Lifetime 90421 tennis net, not only do you get the net and stands, but you also get four wooden paddles, two tennis balls, two pickleballs, and two shuttlecocks, giving you the chance to play several different games with the same net.

It has almost everything you need to have a great outdoor event while giving you potentially hours of games to choose from with the tennis net bundle package.

It’s a perfect option for camping or for kids to take to school since it has many games that can be played with the tennis net package. It is on the heavier side at roughly 25 pounds for the whole set, and this is its major downfall.

It’s coated to resist damage from weather and general wear and tear, another positive for traveling and being used by kids. The tennis net itself is 20 feet wide and has three adjustable height settings based on the game that you want to play.

The bases can be filled with sand or water to keep them in place which can give some extra stability on the go.


  • Multiple uses
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty


  • Heavy compared to many other sets
  • On the more expensive side




7.   Edwards 40LS Tennis Net


Edwards 40LS Tennis Net

The Edwards 40LS is a premium quality tennis net that has been used at U.S. Open events because of its superior quality and works great at all levels of play.

It is built to last for years if maintained properly and with regular use while strung up across a private court.

It has dual cable loops for tension and double netting on the top half that includes sun-resistant nylon-fabric tape to keep the net looking fresh and clean.

It weighs over 25 pounds but it is not meant to be used strictly for portability as other tennis nets. If you have a private court or have a community area where you can assemble your own, this is a perfect option to consider.

The net measures 42 feet in total length and is made from 3.5mm braided polyethylene. It has a head-duty polyester headband and is reinforced with six rows of double netting and fiberglass dowels and center strap.

It really is one of the cream of the crop tennis nets but is much more expensive than many other models. If you aren’t willing to dish out extra cash or you aren’t a serious tennis player, stay away from the Edwards 40LS.

If you want to invest your time and money into improving your game with professional-grade quality, then this might be for you.


  • Professional grade quality
  • Reinforced fabric
  • Durable and built to last


  • Not portable
  • Very expensive




8.   Net World Sports’ 3.5mm Double Top


Vermont 3.5mm DT Championship Tennis Net [22lbs] | 42ft Doubles ITF Regulation | Tennis Accessories Sports Netting | Doubles Tennis Net with Tennis Headband (Wimbledon Headband (42ft), Double Loop)


Net World Sport’s 3.5mm Double Top is a 42-foot-long model that is of professional quality and featured in championships such as the Australian Open and French Open. It’s regulation size and made of professional-grade quality.

It comes with a 2-year warranty, although you shouldn’t need it if you maintain it well, and works with round or square styled posts.

The double-layered mesh cover on the top of the net is braided HDPE twine and easily attaches around the common tennis posts.

The quality is far superior to many of its competitors, complying with ATP and WTA Tour standards, they are used at the highest level of the game and can give you the extra satisfaction of fantastic quality.

The 42-foot-long and 42-inch tall net weighs roughly 22 pounds and can give your home, school, or club a superior look and playing style. It works perfectly for both indoor and outdoor courts, but you will need to pay a pretty penny to get it.

Obviously, with the quality of the company and net, you are bound to pay a hefty amount, but some may feel it’s too overpriced.


  • Professional tennis quality
  • Used at several major tournaments
  • Two-year warranty


  • Height is not adjustable
  • Very expensive




9.   F2C Instant Setup Portable Tennis/Volleyball/Soccer Tennis/Pickleball Net


F2C Instant Setup Portable 10FTX 5FT Badminton Net Set Kids' Volleyball Soccer Tennis Pickleball Net Set W/Steel Frame Stand Freestanding& Carrying Bag Indoor Outdoor Court Bench Driveway Gym

If you really want to be a crowd-pleaser at your next neighborhood cookout, this nylon mesh portable tennis net additionally comes with designated heights for badminton and volleyball.

Its two height options are 59 inches for volleyball and badminton, and 31.5 inches for tennis. It’s easy and quick to set up and requires no tools to get up and going. It easily folds and can be assembled by adults or children learning to play the games.

The net is made of superior high tenacity polyester sewing thread with 600D oxford fabric to avoid tear and textile with double seams& painted steel to ensure more stability. 

That said, it’s not exactly a pro-quality net and you may be disappointed if you’re looking for the features and qualities of a $200 net in this $25 net.  BUYER BEWARE!

The sides are made of durable nylon sleeves that allow for extra durability and stability with no tear. It doesn’t give up any quality with its flexible material as it still won’t tear from general usage.

It’s fairly affordable for a combination net but as mentioned, it lacks professional style and fabrics.


  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Multi-purpose usage


  • Only two height options
  • Good quality, but not professional grade
  • Can be stretching its capabilities by trying to cater to too many sports




10.   Vermont ProCourt Mini Badminton and Tennis Set


Vermont Procourt Combi Net | Net for Tennis, Badminton, Pickleball & Soccer-Tennis | Portable Badminton Set | Mini Tennis & Badminton Sets for Backyards (10ft Wide)


The ProCourt Mini combination set is fully portable and convertible complete with a mini badminton net and frame package. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and works well for essentially any age of players.

It can be changed for either game by simply removing a pair of posts and comes with an easy-to-carry bag for transportation. It’s available in 10 feet, 20 feet, and 30 feet designs to give you the ultimate decision on what type of size you want.

A unique plus for this set is that it is the only portable and convertible steel set available. The steel gives it an added sense of durability and is designed to last several years with good upkeep.

It’s great for kids and adults, no matter what the game is or the experience level. The one downside is the cost and demand. While it is always moved within 24 hours, the demand is high and may drive up cost and limit numbers available.



  • Slightly more expensive
  • Very high demand




Final Thoughts & Conclusions

If you managed to get through all 10 of the options listed above, you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed. That’s okay and it is totally understandable.

Tennis nets aren’t necessarily like other sports equipment based on the limited amount of physical usage. It’s not like a tennis racquet where you can directly see the results and positives of each model.

Many of these are very similar in the very basic sense and it will ultimately come down to your taste, location, and of course, your budget.

If you are purchasing on behalf of a club, school, or public tennis court, it might be a good idea to look around at neighboring courts to see what brands and styles are popular near you.

If you’re a parent just looking to find a net for the court in the backyard or want something portable and easy to assemble for the kids, consider what they intend to use it for before you buy.

There are many great options for tennis nets and additionally other uses. A smaller net is not always a bad thing, it can be more portable and help with control and ball placement.

Additionally, it is important that you use this as a simple guide and not as an ultimate solution in your decision-making process.

Everyone has different tastes and interests when it comes to sports and leisure, and what might be right for you might not be right for someone else.

Take the time to do some additional research online to see what would be the best fit for you, your game, and your playing area. There are many great options out there and tennis is a great sport no matter what your level of skill is.

Hopefully, this guide helped you narrow down your decision for which tennis net you will be purchasing.




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