10 Best Volleyball Nets : Indoor, Outdoor, & Portable

It’s easy to see why volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s relatively safe, low contact game that doesn’t have the injury risk that some sports do.

The rules are pretty simple so that most people can easily understand it while still being insanely physical and using every muscle in the body. Playing on a team fosters communication, teamwork, and leadership and it’s easy for people of all ages to play together.

It’s also relatively inexpensive to start playing. There’s no pricey gear to buy, like pads, gloves, or helmets. You can play just about anywhere – in your backyard, at a park, on the beach, in a gymnasium. All you really need is some open space, a ball, and a net.

Volleyball Net Buying Guide

If you’re looking to play volleyball, buying a net is the first place to start. But a volleyball net isn’t something most people buy regularly, so you might not know where to begin when looking for the right one.

We’ve rounded up a list of some of the best volleyball nets on the market to help you figure out which one is best.

Before we give you the list of the top nine volleyball nets, we’ll first take a look into how to choose the right net for you. There are a few criteria to consider…

Net or Complete Net System

If you’re planning to play somewhere that already has a court in place, you might just need to buy a net. Some public parks and beaches have courts set up so all you’ll need to bring with you is a net to get the court ready.

If you don’t have access to poles that are already installed, you’ll need to invest in a complete net system, which includes poles and usually some extra accessories, like a way to mark court boundaries and sometimes even a ball and a pump.

Indoor vs Outdoor

This is a pretty easy decision to make because it relies solely on where you plan to play. Usually, people are looking for an outdoor net to use in their backyard, at the beach, or at a park.

Most people aren’t going to have an indoor space large enough for a game of volleyball unless they’re looking for something to be used in a school or youth center. Both indoor and outdoor nets are available so you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs.

Again, which one is best for you will depend on where you’re planning to play, but unless you have a large indoor area, you’ll probably want an outdoor net or system. There are some systems that can be used indoors and outdoors, but they require some additional supports to if you want to set them up inside.

In-ground vs Portable System

Depending on how serious you are about playing, you might want to consider installing more permanent poles.

If you live in a warm climate where you can potentially play all year round, it might be worth considering installing more permanent poles and just getting a net to attach to them.

But, if you live somewhere with harsh winter weather or you only plan to play casually, the alternative is a portable system. These can be taken down when the game is done and travel with you from backyard to beach.

In-ground systems will be more stable and permanent and a great choice if you’re getting serious about the sport.

But a portable system can go anywhere, so if you want to play in your yard one weekend and take it to the beach the next, a portable net will give you a lot more options.

Easy to Use

Some nets are easier to set up than others. If you have access to poles and public courts where all you’ll have to do it hang up the net, you’ll have a pretty easy time. But some of the portable systems are much more complicated than others and some even involve using some basic tools.

Try to find one that’s easy to set up and take down with instructions that you understand.

If you’re going to be moving your net frequently, try to get one that you can set up quickly and easily. You don’t want to be spending a lot of time trying to get the net ready with every change of scenery.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be one with the easiest setup, just one that you can do quickly and skillfully.

Size and Weight

There are a variety of sizes available. If you’re planning to play outdoors at a park or beach or somewhere that will have poles already in place, get a regulation sized net so it will fit across the poles properly.

If you’re using a full net system, you’ll have more options. There are smaller sized nets available if you don’t have room in your backyard for a regulation net.

When choosing a portable system you should also consider the weight and material of the equipment. Portable systems have poles that come in a few different materials like aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber. Pick the one that easiest for you to carry, store, and transport.

Skill Level

Skill level is only really important for professional or league games where there are regulation requirements. If you’re a recreational player, you generally don’t have to worry about it. But if you’re looking into competing or buying a net for a competition, make sure you pay attention to the skill level. It should be noted on the packaging.


Buying a brand name net is not necessary, but there are some brands that have excellent reputations which will assure that you’re getting a high-quality product that might last a little longer than a generic brand.

Brand names will typically cost a bit more but last a little longer, so consider your budget when deciding whether or not to buy a name brand.

Optional Accessories and Features

Some sets have special features that you don’t really need but that could improve your experience. You can find sets that have scorekeeping systems, come with volleyballs and pumps, or even some that are wireless.

Consider what features are available, what you need, and what fits in your budget before buying a set with a lot of special features. They’re nice to have, but chances are you can get by without them.

Best Volleyball Net Reviews

Taking all of these factors into consideration, here are the picks for the top nine volleyball nets of this season:




Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic: Portable Professional Outdoor Volleyball Net System, Blue

The Park & Sun Professional Spectrum Classic Volleyball Net System is a standard outdoor net that’s easy to set up and transport.

The aluminum poles are telescopic and have three different height adjustments making this a great system for families with younger children. You can raise it for the adults to play and lower it when the kids want in on the game.

It also comes with a boundary set up so it will be easy to set up a court anywhere.

This system is exceptionally easy to set up quickly and a great net if you’re someone who is going to play regularly.

It’s just a little pricey, so it might not be the most economical option for someone just wants to set up a net in the backyard every once in awhile for family picnics, but it will last a long time.

If you play regularly or plan on using it summer after summer, this is a great net to keep you in the game for a long time.



  • Adjustable height
  • Easy setup


  • A little pricey for a casual player






Home Court Volleyball Net Pool/Backyard Play - VRR16 (White)

If you’re looking for a great net to use when playing in the pool, this is it. It’s 16 feet wide so it will fit across most swimming pools. The netting is weather treated so it will hold up to the hot sun and constant water exposure it’ll be getting on hot summer days.

It’s easy to install and will last for a few seasons. Plus, you don’t have to use it strictly in the pool – you can use it anywhere you have access to poles. Keep in mind that this net does not come with poles of its own.

You won’t be able to use it right out of the box without some pre-planning.



  • Durable
  • Weather treated


  • Does not come with poles for installation





Champion Sports VN600 Official Tournament and Olympic Sized Volleyball Nets, Tournament (32' x 3')

If you’re not interested in getting a full set but are serious about playing, this is a great net to heavy-dutyThe Champion Sports Official Olympic Volleyball Net complies with rules for regulation professional and tournament games and is made for long, intense play.

It has a steel cable along the top and bottom and wooden dowels on the sides of the net for stability. For people who play regularly or competitively, it will hold up to sun and rain and last for several seasons.



  • Durable
  • Made for professional play


  • Does not fit well on an indoor crank pole system





Park & Sun Sports Regulation Size Indoor/Outdoor Professional Volleyball Net with Steel Cable Top and Bottom, Blue, One Size

Here’s another great option for a serious player who doesn’t want to buy a full set. The Park & Sun Pro Steel Cable Volleyball Net is a professional grade net that’s made with a steel cable design and durable heavy-duty vinyl taping.

This one will last a long time. It comes with everything you’ll need to attach it to existing poles and start playing whether you’re at the park or the beach.

It costs a little more than other nets but it will last through multiple seasons of play so you won’t need to buy another one anytime soon. This isn’t a net that a casual player should invest in, but if you play a lot it’s one you should consider.



  • Durable
  • Easy to attach to poles


  • Price





Park & Sun Sports Regulation Size Indoor/Outdoor Recreational Volleyball Net with Rope Cable Top, Blue

This is a simple net from a well-respected brand. It’s made of nylon so it can handle a little bit of rain and will stand up to the sunshine. It’s 1.5 inch taped top and braided sides give it durability, and the rope cables help keep it from sagging.

This isn’t a top of the line net with a metal cable to keep it taut so you may not get quite the same level of support as you would with a more expensive net, but if you’re looking for something simpler to put up for a family vacation or a day at the park, this is the one.

Plus, it’s versatile enough to use inside, too, if you have an indoor area where you have access to poles. Some people have also used this net with other Park & Sun net systems when the original one breaks or gets too worn.



  • Good price
  • Indoor/outdoor


  • Does not come with poles





Gared Mongoose Wireless Indoor / Outdoor Volleyball Net System


This net is not a low-end econo-version!  This is a regulation net that sports NO GUY WIRES!   It features a patented tw0-stake inground plate system and sturdy pole padding. 

Sand wedges on the base plate are used for beach volleyball.  The tensioning system is efficient to allow for competitive play.

This is the original Gared Mongoose wireless system. You can use it in the sand or grass and even inside if you get the additional adapters. This is one of the only systems out there that can be adapted to go from outside to inside.

It’s a bit expensive, but it’s very sturdy, versatile, and safe since it doesn’t have guy wires so there’s nothing to trip over.

The instructions are pretty poor and a lot of people have difficulty setting it up. You’ll also need a heavy hammer to get the stakes into the ground. But, once it’s set up, it’s really sturdy and solid.

It’s also fairly expensive so not recommended for casual players. If you’re someone who plays year-round and will be able to take advantage of its ability to be set up indoors, this is a great investment.



  • Wireless
  • 2 Adjustable High-Strength Anodized Black Aluminum Post
  • Steel Ground Plates
  • Sand Wedge Adapters for Optimal Beach Play
  • Regulation Net


  • Might be difficult to set up
  • High Price compared to other lesser quality options on our list





Triumph Classic Volleyball Set - Includes Regulation Size Volleyball, Pump and Padded Carry Case

Despite its name, the Triumph Sports Beach Volleyball Set isn’t just for the beach. You can use in the grass, too, so it’s great for days at the park or weekends camping.

There’s a scorekeeper on the net and it comes with poles and anchors for both sand and grass. This set also comes with a ball and a pump, so it really does have everything you’ll need to start the game.

This net is not of the highest quality and can be a little difficult to set up. Once you figure it out, though, it’s a good, sturdy basic net for a day at the beach or at the park.

It probably won’t last much longer than one season, but it’s a decent price for some summertime fun.



  • Reasonable price
  • Includes ball and pump


  • Difficult to set up





Vermont Portable Volleyball Sets [Beach or Standard] | Volleyball Posts, FIVB Nets, Guy Ropes & Carry Bag



This net is approaching pro-quality, and it’s a great choice for clubs and schools as well as families!  Vermont offers a beach version and a regulation version. 

Both types feature a pair of telescopic posts made of aluminum, an FIVB regulation volleyball net, and a court line marking tape.  It also features a  carry bag that’s really tough and heavy-duty.  

This net is designed for years of use – not just good looks!  

Some of the construction features are more robust than most out there like 46mm and 48mm aluminum posts, 45 ply twisted polyethylene netting, and two – 7-inch diameter steel pole plates.



  • Can go inside or outside (depending on which option you purchase)
  • Pro-level product


  • Expensive
  • Installation instructions hard to understand





Cobra Sports 3 Game Volleyball net System

The Cobra net system is almost in a category on its own.  It’s among the most expensive offerings on our list, and that is for good reason!  It’s the most durably constructed system and is super simple and quick to set up. 

It’s rated as portable, but it’s as robust as it can be.  Keep in mind this is not for indoor play!  Added to that, you’ve got yourself a system here than can be set up for all the official volleyball heights AND both badminton and tennis configurations. 

The fact that net tension is maintained throughout play is a huge bonus, and the lack of guy wires is a bonus on a bonus!

It can be assembled in just 5 minutes and does not require burying sand kits.  All you do is hammer it in the ground and slide the side poles over the stakes.  It can’t be easier! 

You simply tighten the net after you install it using their tightening system and they guarantee it’ll stay tight during play with no sagging process throughout the day like most nets.

If you have the means, we’d suggest the Cobra for the highest quality net system in this class.



  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Well-constructed for a lifetime of usage
  • Won’t sag!!!!
  • multiple sport ready
  • Full tension remains through the entire game until the net is taken down (oh, did I already say the same thing in the PROS section?)


  • Pricey (but still under $500)





Baden Champions Volleyball Set



Incredible name brand quality and durability is the feature of the Baden system.  Baden is among the top 4 names for pro volleyball quality worldwide (Molten, Mikasa and Tachikara are the others).  This set continues the tradition of Baden quality.

More than just a net, this system features a Baden Match Point Volleyball, a ball pump and needle, two black powder-coated heavy-duty steel poles & stakes, a weatherproof net with regulation nylon mesh, waterproof tape, weather-resistant  boundary lines and a weather-resistant bag.  

New for this year is a quick tension guyline pull-down handles give you maximum net tension in seconds!  

I’ve played competitive volleyball for 10 years and I’m good with lots of products, but given the choice if all other factors were equal, I’d go for this Baden system personally!



  • Great price for what you get (ie. VALUE)
  • Good for casual players


  • Not made for dual (indoor/outdoor) use




There you have the top nine volleyball nets available.

Conclusion & Recommendations


The Park & Sun Professional Spectrum Classic Volleyball Net System is a great set for someone who plays regularly and likes to do a lot of practice while the Sportcraft SP Platinum Volleyball System is perfect for someone who plays a little less frequently and doesn’t want to make as much of an investment.

The Triumph Beach Volleyball Set is a great bargain for a family vacation at the beach. It probably won’t last through a lot of seasons, but it’s a solid set for casual use and is easy to assemble. Plus, it comes with a great volleyball and a pump.

If you’re looking for a net and not an entire system, the Park & Sun Pro Steel Cable Volleyball Net and the Champion Sports Official Olympic Volleyball Net are both solid picks.

The Champion Sports net is compliant with regulations for professional play while the Park & Sun Pro Steel Cable is a bit easier to install.

If you’re looking for a net that’s a little more simple and less expensive for casual play, try the Park & Sun Sports Regulation Size Indoor/Outdoor Recreational Volleyball Net – great net from a trusted brand at a reasonable price.

Or, if you want to play in the pool, the Homecourt Volleyball Net Pool/Backyard Action net is weather treated to hold up to those hot, water-filled days.

If you need a whole system (net, ball, poles, boundary tape), then BADEN is the way to go for sure!  It has a name that rises to the top of the International volleyball world and the quality won’t disappoint.

If you’re looking for a wireless set, Gared Mongoose has you covered. Their Wireless Volleyball System can be set up outside or inside with the proper adapter but is a little costly.

If you’re looking for a wireless net for outside use, try Gerad Mongoose’s LT Volleyball system, which is a light version of the original.

This list gives you a variety of great options. One of them is sure to fit your volleyball needs.




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