The 9 Best Yoga Towels

Yoga towels are fairly inexpensive, but there are a few of the more elite brands that will charge you closer to $50 per towel.

There are not many differences in yoga towels and users generally agree that only the price and some of the materials that are included in the construction makes a difference.

We have set out to find some of the best yoga towels and show you how you could benefit from these towels.

We also looked at many of the features and after a lot of research, we did find some of the more common features in yoga towels and the impact they have on your performance during the yoga session.

It is also important to note that you should have a great yoga mat as well, but sometimes if you are on a tight budget, a multifunctional yoga towel can really make a difference in improving the comfort you have while you are performing yoga.

Since yoga is a practice of relaxation, the average bath towel might not work as it does not offer the moisture absorption properties found in most of the top yoga towels.

But before we dive into the top yoga towels, we need to show you the features that you will need to look out for in the best yoga towels and how they could improve or just simply affect your yoga performance.

Yoga Towel Buying Guide

As we mentioned earlier, yoga towels are fairly inexpensive for the features that they provide and many yoga towels can be picked up for anywhere between $15-$20 with the hand towels a little cheaper.

But let’s look at a few of the important features of yoga towels:

Towel Type

There are two types of yoga towels that can generally be chosen from. The first in the hand towel and the other is the larger mat towel.

The mat towel is great for adding more traction and even comfort to your yoga mat, while the hand towel is simply there for you to wipe the sweat from your face, but both of these types are much better at absorbing moisture than the average bath towel.

Towel Color

The towel color symbolizes your very own personal style and while many people might take just any color, it has been proven that the color can significantly impact the mood and the performance you have, therefore, brighter colors are usually recommended for these towels.


The material of a yoga towel generally comes down to personal preference and some materials are softer than others, but the thickness must also be taken into account when it comes to comfort underneath your body on the mat.

Moisture Absorption

It is important to know that your towel can absorb a lot of sweat and moisture. Having a towel with bad absorption can really be irritating and force you to continue in a disgusting sweaty puddle.


The dimensions of the towel are equally important in terms of covering the entire mat to give you more comfort. The larger the mate, the more you will be able to exercise without having to constantly adjust the mat for each new position.

We consider these five features to be really important, but the level of importance will vary from person to person.

Beginners should definitely try and have all of these in their yoga towels, especially if you cannot afford an expensive mat with better traction.

The hand towels are quite debatable, but having a quality hand towel will allow you to easily wipe off the sweat and feel much more comfortable while performing yoga.

Best Yoga Towel Reviews


1.   Clever Yoga Non-Slip Towel and Hand Towel Made With The Best, Durable Microfiber


Microfiber Towel Set - Ocean Blue Non Slip Mat Towel and Matching Hand Towel


Materials: 100% microfiber

The Clever Yoga nonslip towel and hand towel combination are one of the most affordable and durable towel combinations on the market.

These towels have been constructed from 100% microfibers to enhance durability and also improve the resistance to sweat and moisture.

The larger towel is big enough to completely cover your yoga mat and it has been designed to allow you to have a slip-free workout.

The microfibers also offer added traction and the antibacterial properties will ensure that your body is protected from any possible infections from bacteria.

The towel will easily absorb the sweat of the user for the entire duration of the yoga session and afterward, you can simply pop it in the washing machine to have it cleaned.

The towels are available in multiple different colors to make it easier for you to choose the best one to show off your style and the “Namaste” lifetime warranty will ensure that you get a full refund if you are not happy with its features.

With all of the reviews and people liking the towel, it is no secret that this is considered to be one of the best yoga towels and we highly recommend this towel and hand towel combination to anyone looking to get into the art of practicing yoga.


  • Really affordable
  • Offers great value
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Extremely soft


  • Bleeds a lot of colors on the first few washes and on the yoga mat




2.   Hot Yoga Mat Towel and Hand Towel Set of 2 YogaAddict


Hot Yoga Mat Towel and Hand Towel Set of 2-100% Microfiber, Non Slip, Skidless, Super Absorbent, Ideal as Bikram, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, for Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Fitness, Sports, Beach - Lavender


Materials: 100% microfiber

The Hot Yoga mat and hand towel from YogaAddict are another one of the top combinations that you can buy.

This Yoga towel combination is a little more expensive and will provide you with some of the best moisture absorption properties on the market.

The towel dries 2 times faster than the average cotton towel and it can also absorb up to five times more moisture, making it great for using to wipe off sweat and to perform yoga on.

The premium microfiber materials do significantly increase the traction that is provided by this yoga towel and it will ensure that you never slip, no matter how much moisture has been absorbed.

The towel is also available in 10 different colors for you to choose from and you will also be able to easily pack up the towel and carry along when traveling.

This towel will be great for the highly hygienic and it will be great to use as a barrier between you and your yoga mat. The towel will not only provide you with comfort, but you will no longer need to practice yoga in your own sweat.

We highly recommend this towel combination to all people practicing yoga and especially to beginners.


  • Advanced moisture absorption
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Improves yoga hygiene
  • Provides added comfort
  • Reasonably price


  • Line dried, thus lacking in durability




3.   Yoga Mate Sticky Grip Yoga Towel


Sticky Grip Yoga Towel - Best Non-Slip Towel for Hot Yoga - Anti-Slipping, Sweat Absorbent Microfiber Towels with Silicone Grip Bottom for Standard & XL Sized Mats (Grey w/ Pink Trim)

Materials: microfiber

The Yoga Mate sticky grip yoga towel is unfortunately not available as a set, but it does come in 5 different colors for a variety of options.

The towel is quite soft and adds that extra layer of comfort to your yoga experience, while the microfiber construction definitely enhances the overall durability of the towel. 

The sticky silicone bottom allows you to stay in pose to help elevate your routine.

This towel is also super absorbent when it comes to moisture and will be great for capturing some of the sweat between you and your mat to give you a much more hygienic platform to exercise on and since the yoga mats are quite tough to wash, this towel can be used above the mat.

Once you are done, you will be able to throw it with your laundry for a quick wash. The microfiber materials also provide added traction to ensure that you do not easily slip.


  • Easy to wash
  • Provides great traction
  • Super absorbent
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only available in one size




4.   Youphoria Yoga Towel


Youphoria Yoga Towel 24 x 72 - Microfiber Non Slip Yoga Mat Towel - Skidless Grip, Ultra Soft and Sweat Absorbent

Materials: microfiber

The Youphoria Yoga towel is one of the more advanced towels on the list and it has the added feature of keeping you cool when you are on the towel as well.

By adding water to the towel before a yoga session, you will stay cooler and the traction will also be increased to ensure that you cannot slip easily.

The towel also features antibacterial properties to ensure that bacteria cannot spread and cause skin problems and even rashes, while it has super absorbent properties to help not only absorb the moisture but to evacuate it.

This towel will increase the longevity and lifetime of your mat significantly and also add a layer of comfort.

The super hygienic yoga practitioners should definitely have a look at this towel and the fact that it will ensure that you stay bacteria-free. The towel can also easily be washed, but we do not recommend washing it with your laundry.


  • Super absorbent
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Offers bacterial protection
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Quite expensive for the towel only




5.   Limber Stretch Yoga Mat towel


Limber Stretch Hot Yoga Towel-Non Slip Sweat Absorbent, 24x72

Materials: microfiber

Bikram yoga practitioners will love the Limber stretch yoga mat towel. These towels have been designed to improve your stability in the art and to ensure that you need not to worry about slipping.

The towels are also available in multiple unique and stylish colors, but they are a little more expensive than the average yoga mat available.

The towels are also super absorbent and will also fight odor and bacteria, thus making these some of the more hygienic towels on the market.

The towel is also extremely lightweight and can be easily washed, but we do recommend that you consider washing this towel separately as it might bleed some color on your older clothing.

This towel will be great for hot yoga and Bikram yoga alike. The towel provides a great stable platform and we do recommend this towel for all people considering getting into yoga.

The stylish design does make it a little more expensive, but it offers a lot of comforts.


  • Soft comfortable design
  • Great moisture-wicking properties
  • Stylish design
  • Slip-resistant


  • Expensive (ish) compared to some




6.   Shandali Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel


SHANDALI Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel, Color Evening Blue, Size 26.5 x 72

Materials: microfibers

If you are new and struggling with confidence on the yoga mat, the Shandali Gosweat hot yoga towel should be the perfect addition to your yoga equipment.

The construction of the towel is extremely durable and it will reinforce the stability on the yoga mat to ensure that you never slip while getting into the art of yoga.

The towels are also fairly expensive, but they offer some o the best moisture-wicking properties and users were all hooked by the comfort it provides for your body between the harder mat and yourself.

The towel also features antibacterial properties, which makes this the ideal towel to take with you to yoga classes and you can hire a studio mat with no fear of any bacteria or sweat being left behind.

We recommend this towel for all of its top features, even though it is quite expensive, it will definitely improve your confidence as well as your performance at yoga classes.


  • Available in multiple unique colors
  • Slip-resistant
  • Improves confidence
  • Super absorbent


  • Really expensive




7.   YogaRat YOGA TOWEL


YogaRat Hand Charc-Ash 100% Microfiber Yoga Towels Size (15" x 24") Charcoal/Ash


Materials: microfibers

The YogaRat Yoga towel is similar to most of the other towels, but it does come in a combination pack that offers you a smaller hand towel as well.

The hand towel will be extremely useful for hot yoga where you are more likely sweat more as you burn those calories.

The towel has been designed to give you optimal grip and it is also super absorbent in terms of giving you the opportunity to place it over your yoga mat to allow it to absorb all of the moisture and also increase the longevity of the yoga mat.

It is recommended that you wash this mat with similar colors or on its own, as it has been known to bleed some color into regular laundry.

We recommend this mat for the value that you will receive and the fact that it is really affordable. Beginners should consider this towel or a similar towel to start with and it is also available in multiple colors for you to choose from.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Easy to wash
  • Slip-resistant
  • Provides excellent comfort


  • Might bleed some color on your mat




8.   Aurorae Synergy 5 mm Thick Yoga Mat; with integrated Microfiber Towel


Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat; with integrated Non Slip Microfiber Towel. Best for Hot, Ashtanga, Bikram and Active Yoga where you sweat and Slip; Stops Slipping and Bunching; Patent Protected


Materials: microfiber

The Aurorae Synergy 5mm thick yoga mat with an integrated microfiber towel is a little more unique and it offers you the added advantage of having your very own mat.

The mat is soft and offers great traction with moisture-wicking properties, but when you add the integrated towel, you will find that the mat becomes much more comfortable than your average yoga mat.

The towel has antibacterial properties to help stop bacteria from spreading and causing any problems for your skin, while the added cushioning will provide excellent comfort.

It is recommended that you wet the mat to give you much more traction while practicing yoga and you need not worry about any odor as the odor-resistant properties will ensure that you stay clean.

The washing of this mat is quite tricky and it does require you to wash it by hand.

This could take some time after every yoga session, but the towel and the mat work together to create a very durable and comfortable yoga surface that will help you practice yoga and improve your confidence as well.

Since this combination is fairly expensive, we recommend it for more advanced yoga practitioners to get even more out of every yoga session and to ensure that you have the maximum confidence.

This will also be great for yoga clubs and the money can be recovered by letting people rent one for the session.


  • Provides great value and durability
  • Super absorbent
  • Odor resistant
  • Prevents the spread of bacteria
  • Great for yoga studios


  • Tough to wash
  • $$$$$




9.   Nanga Yoga Hot Yoga Towel

Hot Yoga Towel – Mat Sized, Non Slip, and Absorbent for All Yoga and Exercise (Pink)

Materials: microfiber 

The Nanga towel is no slouch when it comes to performance.  It features non-slip construction and it can hold up to 7x its weight in moisture while drying twice as fast as traditional cotton towels. 

There are seven color choices and the dimensions are 72 x 24 inches.  Whipstitched trim and insanely absorbent fiber are just a few more excellent features. 

It’s hypoallergenic and you can wash it 500 times (I bet you can do more, but they have to be conservative so they don’t over-promise and under-deliver). 

It’s designed to be used as a hot yoga towel for your sweatiest Bikram, Corepower, or Ashtanga Vinyasa practices, but also great for slower Hatha, Asana, or Iyengar yoga which focusses on the precision of movement and poses that last a lot longer!

If you’re ever unhappy with this towel, there’s a no-hassle, no questions return policy!  Bonus!!


  • Super absorbent
  • Affordable
  • Provides multifunctional use
  • Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic construction
  • Doesn’t bleed color


  • Perhaps not really as slip-resistant as advertised



Final Thoughts & Recommendation


We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now have a better understanding of yoga towels and how they could benefit you.

Since most yoga towels are the same, we recommend all of these towels and we do think that it will ultimately come down to personal preference.




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