The 10 Best Agility Ladders for 2020 : Football, Lacrosse, & Soccer

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Ever look in the mirror and feel like you can do better? Maybe you’re a star athlete at your high school, an outfielder in your local softball league, or even someone who is just looking to get in better shape. Any athlete or fitness enthusiast will always emphasize how crucial it is to set new goals to avoid complacency. The hidden value of the agility ladder will be able to help these individuals beat out mediocrity and get on top of their craft. The agility ladder is extremely versatile because people from various sports and backgrounds use it. This piece of sports equipment can be a valuable accessory to anyone’s locker or gym bag.

So you come to the conclusion that you want to get a new agility ladder, but you don’t know where to start? The agility ladder at face value is rather simple, but there are other elements offered by different brands that could make the decision-making process much more complex. By utilizing this buying guide, you will be able to see through the face value of the agility ladder and pinpoint what you’re looking for and which ladder is best for those needs.

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Uses for Agility Ladders

You can use the agility ladder for almost anything that demands athleticism and fast footwork. Those that prepare for football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and even baseball can use this product and enhance their skills over time. Having an agility ladder is also great for losing weight, especially if you take part in High-Intensity Interval Training. Overall, an agility ladder can be used to increase strength, speed, and agility for any type of physical activity.

Another great element of the agility ladder is that it can be used virtually anywhere that has open space. Whether you are on the football field, in the grass, your living room, the gym, or even the sidewalk, the agility ladder will be fully functional and able to serve its purpose. You can practice as much footwork as your ladder allows you, and some brands even allow you to attach an additional ladder!

One of the most common misconceptions of the agility ladder is that it needs to be pegged down with something or order to stay in place. This approach isn’t good practice because it raises the chances of users hurting themselves by accidentally stepping on a peg, or hurting themselves worse. While users tend to complain that the ladder cannot completely be still during their workout (especially outdoors), having an unstable platform could potentially improve their movement by keeping the user “on their toes”, both literally and figuratively.


A great perk of initially purchasing an agility ladder is that you won’t have to break the bank for good quality. Most agility ladders should cost no more than $50, and even that price range is pushing it. Brand name companies are usually the entities that release this type of sports equipment at an aggressively high price range, but when it comes to the agility ladder, there isn’t much of a different besides a name. In fact, most of the time consumers are better off purchasing a low priced ladder that comes with a few perks, rather than a brand name ladder that is made with the same material and is lucky to come with a carry bag.


Most, if not all agility ladders are made with plastic rungs, and a nylon material for the perimeter. When it comes to this product, price isn’t a clear indicator as it would be a car or a house. Since these speed ladders are fairly inexpensive, it is up to the buyer to decide how well the product was made by conducting trial and error. Regardless of the quality, the plastic rungs should be able to hold up even if stepped on. Rarely will you see a ladder made with different material, such as wood for example.

Additional Features

The additional features and equipment that go along with an agility ladder is up to brand that releases the product. Most (although not all) companies provide a carrying case for portability, while others provide a set of cones or an eBook that shows users how to conduct different exercises using the ladder. The most useful accessory for this product would be an eBook or instructional video that teaches buyers exercises that are unique to the ladder. By having some form of instruction, buyers can learn different techniques that can help them no matter what sport they participate in. These extras aren’t necessities, but would definitely be beneficial to the user in the long term.

Best Agility Ladder Reviews


Agility Ladder Bundle

Coming in at the top spot is this agility ladder/sports cones bundle from a brand called Trained. This product gives the buyer everything they need in order to be successful. What makes the Trained agility ladder a better value than the rest of the list you ask? Included with this ladder is an eBook providing different drills that the buyer can do to get stronger. An instructional eBook is great, but it doesn’t stop there. The Trained agility ladder also comes with training cones that can be used with the ladder or separately. With the right instruction and dedication, athletes of any skill level can turn into a competitor that is faster and stronger than their opponents. Users can adjust how big or small the space can be in between the ladder so that they can gradually become better and challenge themselves going forward.

Overall, Trained is #1 on the list because it provides buyers with all the tools needed to get in the right shape and blow past the competition. This price listed is arguably equivalent to the value one would receive with all the accessories included, so this is considered the best deal for athletes looking to enhance their skills.


  • Comes with eBook via email
  • Easily adjustable
  • Comes with a carry bag and cones


  • Doesn’t come with setup instructions


SKLZ Agility Ladder

The SKLZ brand typically offers sports equipment that ranks high in quality, and this agility ladder isn’t an exception. The SKLZ ladder is about fifteen feet long, which is more than enough surface area to master your footwork. The seventeen-inch plastic rungs are just the right size for users to feel challenged without being overwhelmed. Over time, you will be able to effortlessly change direction and gain more balance. This sturdy ladder will hold up within various different environments, and almost any type of weather condition. It also comes with a large carrying gym bag and four stakes that are used to pin the ladder down into the ground.


  • Durable quality
  • 15-foot long ladder provides plenty of training area



Ohuhu Agility Ladder

Those who like to have options in color and size will be impressed with the Ohuhu agility ladder. This ladder is available in both blue and yellow, and can be bought in 8-rung, 12-rung, and 21-rung. The rungs are made with a plastic material that is designed to last for years at a time, although some testers believe that they aren’t as durable as expected. The setup is straightforward; simply place the ladder straight onto the ground and let your workout take care of the rest. In addition to color options, the Ohuhu ladder is a bargain due to its relatively low price. Depending on the size of the ladder you would like, this product can be purchased for a very reasonable cost.


  • Inexpensive
  • Different color and size options
  • Comes with carrying bag


  • Material is subpar
  • Doesn’t come with workout instructions


Yes4All Speed Agility Ladder

This ladder is similar to #3 in regards to the color and size options. The big difference maker with the Yes4All speed ladder is the 5-year warranty that it comes with. This will give buyers peace of mind, as they can use this product as often as they like without having to worry about significantly damaging it. Those who purchase the ladder can have their money back within 60 days (2 months) time, or they can receive a new ladder if it becomes damaged within the first 5 years. Based on the negative feedback received about quality, it is very important that the Yes4All brand included this warranty. Many buyers have felt as though this agility ladder was very flimsy and felt “cheap.”

On the plus side, this ladder is made with a strong nylon material that will assist in keeping the rungs as straight as possible while you work on agility drills. You can easily adjust the rungs closer or further apart; changing the difficulty to your desire. The carry bag that comes with this product will make it easy to store and carry around to wherever your workout is taking place.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Color choices
  • Comes with a carry bag


  • Seems flimsy
  • The option at the lower price point does not include the raised rung version (reviewed later in this article)


PepUp Sports Agility Ladder

PepUp Sports offers a unique selection of ladders that range from 11 feet to about 26 feet in length. This ladder contains rungs that are made with a high quality co-polymer material that is built to take a beating. Reviewers have said that this flexible plastic can bend up to 180 degrees without breaking. This feature will allow you to gain a longer lifespan from your purchase! The buckle clip at the end of the ladder increases its value because users can attach another ladder so that they can practice at a longer distance.

The accessories used to keep this ladder organized also make it a desirable item to have in your workout bag. The PepUp Sports agility ladder comes with elastic bands that can be put around the rungs collectively when the user is finished using them. This feature makes storage that much easier, especially with the waterproof carry bag that also comes with it. Even with a couple of accessories, the PepUp Sports agility ladder has a great value. Even the longest ladder is priced at less than other options, so buyers won’t have to spend too much in order to receive a quality item.


  • Made with high-quality plastic
  • Buttons on the end of the ladder allow extension
  • Comes with elastic bands


  • Difficult to keep idle


GHB Pro Agility Ladder

The GHB pro agility ladder is another item that gives users an option in color and allows them to add on another ladder once they’ve become accustomed to the standard 20-foot length. The GHB ladder offers rungs in both yellow and blue, so you can choose whatever color you like best and get to work. Similar to the PepUp Sports ladder, GHB allows users to attach another ladder by using buttons on the nylon. This process will give users more of an opportunity to go an even longer distance with the agility ladder. Finally, the carry bag that comes with this product will make it easy to take around without getting messy and potentially lost.

The biggest issue about the GHB agility ladder is that it doesn’t come assembled. Buyers had to distance the rungs themselves; becoming inconvenienced and discouraged to buy this ladder when others already come preassembled. Although this isn’t a major issue with the product itself, it does give consumers a reason to take their money elsewhere for their convenience.


  • Rungs available in yellow or blue
  • Carry bag allows easy portability


  • Most users had to set up the rungs themselves


Reehut Agility Ladder

The Reehut agility ladder is unique in appearance and size; keeping you stylish while practicing your footwork. Unlike a handful of ladders on the list that come in only yellow and blue, this ladder from Reehut is also available in red. The biggest difference between the colors is size. The blue and red versions come in 8 rungs, while the yellow version is available in 20 rungs. So those who are just starting out might be more comfortable using blue or red, whereas the more advanced athlete would be better off using the yellow ladder if they want to be challenged or maintain their skills.

This ladder is ideal for beginners, especially because of the free eBook that comes with it. This 12-page eBook will give thorough instruction on different drills to complete using the ladder, teaching users how to use it efficiently and eventually improve their craft. The carry bag is also useful for storage purposes, and will encourage users to take it to their workout environment and utilize it. This ladder from Reehut can easily be found for a low price, which is a steal for an agility ladder that comes with an eBook and carry bag.


  • Comes in red, blue, or yellow
  • Easy setup
  • Comes with free 12 page eBook


  • Some buyers didn’t receive the eBook.


Wacces Adjustable Agility Ladder

Athletes looking for a unique colored ladder will be satisfied with the Wacces adjustable agility ladder. This ladder is available in green, yellow, and orange, and can be found in 13 feet, 20 feet, and 30 feet. The unique colors of the rungs will allow users to avoid stepping on them and become more skilled with their footwork, regardless of the sport they play. Most buyers have noticed that the rungs are made with a durable plastic that can be used in virtually any environment. The nylon material is also very strong and the ladder as a whole can easily lay flat on unstable surfaces, including grass. The price is about average and fluctuates from high to low depending on what size you would like. These rates are considered average based off of the rest of the items on this list, so the typical consumer shouldn’t have any significant issues if they’re considering buying this product.


  • Comes in unique colors
  • Made with durable plastic
  • Available in different sizes


  • Doesn’t come with any instructions


Yes4All Agility Ladder with Carry Bag Footwork Ladder

This Yes4All agility ladder is our most unique offering.  It’s a 2-in-one design that offers the ability to have not only a traditional flat (against the ground) ladder with 2D properties, but also offers a 3D option of raised rungs to increase difficulty levels and training intensity.  The rungs can be raised at the 4-inch level (not variable) to add another dimension to your workouts.  They’re also tough enough to withstand constant abuse from errant steps and kicks. 

This is probably our best offering (though not the cheapest) and offers excellent training for athletes looking to increase body control in general and balance/lateral movement specifically.  


  • Made with durable plastic
  • Versatile – can be used flat on the ground or have rungs raised to 4″
  • Fair price
  • Amazon offers lots of options including color choices, rung quantity, raised or flat, etc.


  • Doesn’t come with stakes or instructions


QuickPlay Pro Agility Ladder

The QuickPlay brand has reinvented the agility ladder with this product. By using this product, athletes will no longer be hindered by the nylon webbing tangling up during their workout. QuickPlay uses a 7 strand Paracord that has a round shape; preventing it from getting tangled as a flat nylon material would. The bright neon yellow color that is applied to both the rungs and the cords will keep the ladder visible throughout your entire workout. The lock in system for the rungs will also help athletes utilize this ladder more efficiently. Unlike the traditional agility ladder, users can lock the rungs in place so that they don’t move around. You can now have room to accidentally step on the ladder during drills without disrupting the setup.

Arguably the biggest perk that comes with the QuickPlay Pro agility ladder is the 2-year warranty. QuickPlay holds a lot of pride in offering the best quality products, and this warranty just reinforces that claim. This ensures that the buyer will get the most out of this product, and if it does become damaged for whatever reason, they will be able to get a new product within 2 years. Some testers have run into a durability issue, stating that the ladder was damaged rather quickly, so having this warranty in place is in the best interest for both the QuickPlay brand and the athlete on the other end. This item will be priced reasonably, which could be considered slightly overpriced for a 13-rung ladder. Despite this downside, this ladder may be worth the extra dollars if it allows you to go through your speed drills without worrying about messing up the spaces within the rungs.


  • Unique structure
  • Comes with free carry bag
  • 2-year warranty


  • There is potential for the ladder to break easy
  • Price higher than average


Final Thoughts & Conclusion

While these ten agility ladders look the same in shape and size, there are subtle differences that help them stand out among consumers. Whether it is an eBook, an instructional video, cones, a warranty, a carrying bag, or a different color combination, the ten agility ladders in this guide display the best mixture of price, quality, and additional accessories. When it comes to the ladder itself, there isn’t much of a difference between one brand to another. You’ll see most ladders at a certain size, with yellow rungs (sometimes blue) and a nylon material solidifying the outline. What matters most is the quality, the price, and how many ways you can use the ladder to your benefit. Don’t wait, check out which ladder best meets your needs and take off running! Athletes of all levels will need to practice their footwork in order to become faster and stronger.


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