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The 10 Best Tennis Rackets of 2019

Best Tennis Racquet Reviews

The sheer number of tennis racquets available on the market is astonishing.  Combine this with the various tennis and athletic companies in the market today and it becomes overwhelming. The complexity turns off potential buyers because it makes it difficult for…
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Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet 2019

tennis shoes for flat feet

A flat foot can lead to very serious problems, especially if you are into sports with a lot of lateral movement like tennis.  The good news is most of the major shoe companies today produce shoes designed for people with flat…
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Learn the Tennis Serve: Tips for Beginners


If you have never played tennis before or you are just learning how to play tennis, you likely have somewhat of an idea of how important a tennis serve is. Generally speaking, the server has a large advantage over the…
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4 Steps to Improving Your Tennis Game

Tennis Line Drills

If you are a beginner to the world of tennis, it is very easy to become lost trying to understand how to practice it. A simple solution to improving your tennis skills might be to simply hit the ball back…
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