Team Sports

Football Rules : Football Positions & Basics

football team

Rules of American Football    NOTE:  This article is a general overview of American football rules and will give you a very good idea of basic rules, scoring infractions, position basics, etc.  However, this article DOES NOT cover every single…
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Indoor Volleyball Rules


Rules of Volleyball As a 6’6″ man, I was, and am, constantly asked if I played basketball and/or volleyball. While basketball is not my forte, I have always enjoyed playing volleyball and getting to use my height for something fun…
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Basketball Rules to Get You Started!

basketball shot

Basketball is one sport that is near and dear to my heart.  I had the privilege of playing college ball in Iowa back in ’88, with Emmaus Bible College of the NBCAA (National Bible College Athletics Association).  Unfortunately, I wasn’t…
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The 10 Best Youth Soccer Cleats for 2020

Soccer is played around the globe and crosses all cultural and language barriers. The regulations and rules are the same around the world. This means a team from Uganda can take a plane to Italy and play a match without…
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Baseball Rules Simplified

Baseball Rules, Strageties, Equipment and more! RULES: Baseball rules can be a bit confusing, but we’ll try to keep it simple.  It really boils down to two teams with nine players on each side trying to score more runs than…
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6 Youth Baseball Drills For This Season!

When you are trying to improve a baseball team, one of the easiest ways to see improvement is by putting the team through game-like drills so that they can use their experience from practice when they are put in the…
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