Best Youth & Adult Catcher’s Mitts of 2018

For those unfamiliar with the game of baseball, you should know that each baseball player has a special glove to meet the demands of their position.  Technically, the catcher’s glove is actually a “mitt” (short for mitten) because it’s the only unit that a baseball player would catch a ball with, that has no individual finger channels.  All other positions have gloves with finger holes which allow for more flexibility while running, diving, etc.  The catcher’s mitt is used only to catch balls thrown directly at it, so the versatility factor is not as relevant.  The catcher’s mitt is unique in structure; as it is bulkier than most baseball mitts because it needs to absorb the impact of pitches, and picking the best youth or adult catcher’s mitt is important for hand safety. Some pitches come in at over 90 miles per hour, so the Catcher’s mitt usually has protection for the inner hand and the wrist. The catcher’s mitt has a lot of extra padding around it and the leather is stitched to resemble a claw so that it is fully able to catch pitches no matter to speed or angle it is coming from. Based off of the way the catcher’s glove is shaped, it is also easier to scoop balls from the ground.

In addition to protecting the catcher’s hand, the catcher’s mitt is also bulky so it can provide the pitcher with a reasonable target. If the catcher’s mitt was smaller, like the glove of an infielder, it would be a smaller target for the pitcher, but perhaps more importantly, it would be less capable of protecting the catcher if the catcher does not have stellar hand/eye coordination. The proper catcher’s mitt should also have a strong web in between the index finger and the thumb so the ball can be caught correctly inside the pocket.

Top Catcher’s Mitt Comparison Chart


Top Youth Catcher’s Mitt Comparison Chart

What to Look for in a Catcher’s Mitt

Compared to other baseball gloves, the Catcher’s mitt stands out like a sore thumb. A desirable catchers glove will be made with good quality leather for durability.  Most people don’t think about the fact that unlike most of the baseball players on the field, the catcher is using their glove every single time the pitcher launches the ball. It will also have plenty of padding inside the pocket so that the inside of the hand will not get hurt while catching balls from the pitcher. The palm of the glove should be padded because that is where a majority of your intercepted baseballs will hit. The constant impact can result in a sore hand and potentially some long-term health consequences, so there should be some form of padding to compensate for that.

Keep in mind, the type of glove you purchase also depends on what arm you throw with. In simpler terms, if you throw with your right hand, you wear a glove on your left hand, and if you throw with your left hand, you need to get a glove for your right hand.

When it comes to a youth catcher’s glove, you want something that will fit the kid pretty well but also give them the opportunity to grow into it. That way, you get your money’s worth due to its longevity. Children have growing bones and it is important that they are protected at all times. Your youth glove should have reasonable padding on it so that your hand can take the beating that comes with being a catcher in baseball. An essential of the youth catcher’s mitt is the ability to learn how to play the position effectively. Using a catcher’s glove at the youth level can show you the stress your catching hand goes through, and what you need (regarding padding and other features) and what you can go without.

If you receive a stiff glove after purchase, do not be alarmed. For those who don’t know baseball well, it will take time to break in your glove. Some people wrap up the glove and use oils to soften the leather, while others just use the glove until it becomes easier to catch baseballs with. It is crucial to break in your mitt one way or the other because if you don’t, the mitt won’t be as effective. A glove that isn’t broken into will be unable to catch baseballs, and that is the primary responsibility of the catcher.

Best Adult (Full Size) Catcher’s Mitts Reviews


Rawlings Catcher’s Mitt

The Rawlings Catcher’s mitt is the ideal glove for catchers in baseball. The stitched web composes a deep pocket for a secure catch, and there is also an opening above the wrist for ventilation and easy adjustment. That way, you can adjust the mitt to your liking and feel comfortable grabbing baseballs out of the strike zone.

The oval shape of the Rawlings catcher’s glove provides a wide target for the pitcher. Current users have claimed that this catcher’s mitt is relatively easy to break in; using it no more than two times before recognizing that it was no longer stiff. This particular glove is available on Amazon in “right-hand throw” (for those who throw with their right hand.)


  • Easy to break in
  • Closed web netting creates a deep pocket for the fastest baseballs
  • Open back offers ventilation and easy adjustment


  • Strings don’t look like they are tied tight enough
  • Select users claim that the bottom of the glove sometimes irritates the wrist area


Wilson A360 Catcher’s Mitt

The Wilson catcher’s mitt looks sleek with it’s all black design and yellow lettering. This glove is very appealing and seems to be credible due to the MLB logo sitting on the side of the pinky finger. There is a strap on the wrist with “Wilson” stitched on it, and this strap is used to adjust the tightness of the glove. There is also an opening for the index finger to be exposed for more freedom when catching baseballs coming your way.

The Wilson A360 catcher’s mitt is available for a great price in both right hand and left-hand throw versions, so no matter what arm you throw with, this glove is definitely available.


  • Available in both right and left-hand throw styles
  • MLB logo promotes Major League players using the Wilson A360 glove
  • Index Finger hole offers ventilation and tight grip


  • Glove could possess more padding
  • Takes longer than usual to break in
  • Some users claim that the netting is weak, which could cause baseballs to leave the web


Mizuno Catcher’s Mitt

The Mizuno catcher’s mitt is a pro-style catcher’s mitt made out of the retro-style leather. This tan and black catcher’s glove has reasonable padding on the inside of the glove and has shock resistant material in the glove to absorb constant impact into the glove. This is useful as a catcher because your hand is absorbing impact repetitively. The Mizuno brand states in the product description that this glove offers an “easy break-in” and could be bought and used the same day of your baseball game, which is rare.


  • Soft leather material ensures an easy break-in
  • Finger Channels in the glove help absorb stress that is concentrated in the hand
  • Plenty of padding in the front of the glove


  • Brand isn’t known in the world of baseball equipment; taking a chance when buying
  • While the padding looks like enough, some say there could be more


Easton APB2 Alpha Series Catcher’s Mitt

The Easton catcher’s mitt comes off as very durable and comfortable. According to Easton, this mitt is “game ready” which means that there you only have to apply minimal to no effort in order to break it in thanks to the soft leather material. The web pocket looks very thick and reliable, so there isn’t any doubt that the ball you are trying to catch will fall out.


  • Glove doesn’t require break in thanks to soft leather
  • Web is thoroughly made for a sturdy catch


  • Users complain that the quality of the material is not up to par
  • Web pocket could be a lot larger


Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Glove

Another brand that isn’t necessarily well known, the Akadema Prodigy Serious catcher’s mitt is bound for surprises. This glove is available for both lefty and righty throwers, and contains a deep pocket made with a spiral lock web. This will secure any ball coming your way. The “praying mantis” technology in between the index finger and thumb will protect the hand from injury and pain cause my high-speed baseballs.


  • “Praying Mantis” technology is unique and beneficial to the health of your catching hand
  • Double sided padding expands target and makes it easier to catch


  • Brand isn’t known well, so you don’t really know what to expect
  • Doesn’t look big enough for a reliable target


Louisville Slugger Omaha Catcher’s Glove

The Omaha catcher’s glove will provide you with premium leather, a 32.5” catcher’s pattern for an authentic catcher’s experience. The section above the wrist is opened and sports a Velcro strap for an accurate fit and some air inside the glove. The Louisville Slugger brand has been known is baseball for producing wooden baseball bats, as well as moving into aluminum bats and other baseball accessories.

The vintage leather used in this glove will help you open and close the glove a lot easier. It will also help with the impact your hand and wrist receives when you catch pitches. While the material is supreme, I feel that the web could be a lot bigger/deeper for a better catching experience. With a smaller pocket, it may be harder to retain incoming pitches.


  • Made of premium leather
  • Velcro strap makes adjustment simple


  • Glove is fairly difficult to break in
  • Considered smaller than the average adult glove
  • Web pocket could be a lot larger


All Star CM3000SBT Catchers Mitt

The All-Star Catcher’s mitt stands out from the crowd due to its extremely high price. So why is it more expensive than the average adult catcher’s mitt? Are there some special capabilities that we don’t know about? Well, apparently the All-Star Catcher’s mitt is specifically intended for the player with experience. The glove is made of Japanese steer hide leather which extends its life and makes it easier to break in.

The back of the mitt is hand built to take control of the ball and provide the user with comfort and support. The attached pocket makes receiving pitches easy and is a sustainable target for the most experienced pitchers. On the wrist, there is a Velcro strap for adjustment and an opening on the back of the hand area.


  • Handmade with genuine leather for durability
  • Mitt is built to protect the hand from shock


  • Mitt is more expensive than most
  • Built for right-hand throwers only


2017 Wilson A2K Catcher’s Mitt

This mitt is the most recent edition to the Wilson catcher’s mitt line. The 2017 Wilson Catcher’s mitt is built with pro-stock leather for a quality break in and a durable life. The pro stock select leather is considered by many to be the best leather for baseball gloves out there. The most impressive feature of this glove is the wrist lining that quickly absorbs sweat and other wetness, keeping your hand dry and cool. This glove has a pocket that was diligently focused on and should be strong enough to obtain even the fastest pitches. If you are looking for something inexpensive, this glove is not the best option.

This is a more expensive glove, this catcher’s mitt is recommended for someone who takes the game seriously and somewhat experienced. While the price is very high, it may be worth it for the player who is looking for a long lasting glove that will protect your hand and give you the ability to play the catcher position at a high level.


  • Built with high-quality leather for a longer life
  • Wrist lining resembles “dri fit” and keeps your hand dry
  • Pocket is deep and well made


  • Priced high
  • Not a glove for beginners


Champion Sports Catcher’s Mitt

The Champion Catcher’s glove looks like the standard glove for a catcher. The two-tone black and brown glove has an adjustable wrist strap with an opening above the strap. There isn’t much to this mitt online and from the way it looks, I could see this being a solid beginner’s glove, but nothing more. The 32-inch version starts at a very low price on Amazon so if you are looking for something inexpensive or temporary you can go with this glove, although I am not certain if the quality will be good enough for the glove to be long-lasting.


  • Glove looks like a typical catcher’s glove; meaning it can take on the responsibility of a catcher
  • You can fix the way it fits using the wrist strap
  • Cheap glove


  • The material of the glove looks average


Easton Mako Catcher’s mitt

Looking at the Easton Mako glove, it has the look of the ideal catcher’s mitt. The pocket in between the index finger and thumb looks sturdy and should definitely handle any pitch coming your way. The lacing in the pocket is doubled up so there aren’t any rips or breaks from repetitive use. The padding used in this glove will reduce the chances of injury to the hand. The leather used in this glove is also high end compared to most gloves. When it comes to the Easton brand in baseball, any product you purchase should have long-lasting quality.


  • The Easton brand typically provides good quality items
  • Pocket is stitched with double the effort for outstanding durability


  • Wrist area is adjustable
  • Tough to break in


Best Youth Catchers Mitts Reviews

Rawlings Youth Catcher’s mitt

Wearing the Rawlings youth catcher’s mitt will help you or your young one learn how to handle catching pitches comfortably and safely. There is plenty of padding in the front of the glove, which I’m assuming will protect the hand from shock. The web pocket is stitched thoroughly and is shaped so you will be able to efficiently scoop any ground balls and keep control of incoming pitches. The finger hood above the index finger also protects your finger from any impact or an accidental swing of a bat.


  • Padding in the front of the glove will definitely protect the hand well
  • Finger hood gives the finger room to move while offering protection


  • Hard to break in


Easton Natural Youth Catcher’s mitt

The Easton youth catcher’s mitt comes in both right handed and left handed styles, so no matter which hand you or your young player throws with, Easton is sure to have your back. This glove is specifically made for a youth baseball player; with a smaller hand opening and smaller pocket. This glove also has a palm pad so the youth player will not hurt their hand. The palm pad will absorb almost all the impact, so the player will be able to play their position confidently without the worry of that hurtful sting you get in your hand when you catch a fastball.

The most useful part of this mitt is the extended pocket and index finger sleeve for comfort. The extended web pocket will be able to give the user a better chance of catching incoming baseballs. And if you feel your glove is too tight or too loose, don’t panic; just try the adjustable strap located on the wrist.


  • Extended pocket will make receiving baseballs much easier
  • Palm pad reduces pain in the hand
  • Is available for both right and left-handed players


  • Some users say ball is bound to fall out because of the big pocket


All Star Youth Catcher’s Glove

All Star offers a youth catcher’s mitt made with oil-softened leather for an easy break-in and maximum comfort. This glove is good for a rookie player because the material is good quality and very easy to open and close. The back of the glove has a wrist strap with the “All Star” logo on it and has fur on the inside so your hand stays dry and feels good. This glove is worth purchasing because it comes with a 1-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong with your glove, you can handle it with the company and get compensated either with money or a new glove.

The All-Star youth catcher’s glove is a good starter mitt and reasonably priced, so if you’re looking for a new glove this is something to consider.


  • One year warranty just in case the glove isn’t effective
  • Oil-softened leather make the glove durable and easy to open/close


  • There could be more padding in the front of the glove.
  • Two-toned glove, so if you want just one color, you should explore other options


Mizuno Youth Catcher’s mitt

This right-hand thrower glove has the look of a heavy-duty catcher’s mitt. The Mizuno Supreme youth mitt has a tightly sewn in the pocket that looks like it can take a lot of impacts. Luckily, most of the youth level doesn’t throw fast enough to blow out the pockets of catcher’s mitts, but extra support should always be appreciated.


  • Pocket webbing looks very durable
  • Easy to scoop up baseballs off the ground
  • Available for righty’s and lefty’s


  • Some people claim that the glove is not useful for a youth player
  • The pull strap on the wrist doesn’t look like it stays at the adjustment you want


Under Armour Framer Youth Catcher’s mitt

It isn’t often that you see Under Armour come out with a baseball mitt. With the Framer mitt, you see the Under Armour logo aggressively stand out of the black glove on the thumb side. This product is all black (besides the logo) and has red stitching all around it. The webbing looks legitimate but not as big as other catcher’s gloves.

Under Armour is a good sports brand, but not necessarily known for making baseball gloves. While I’m sure the Framer glove is made out of good quality material, I feel like the black material used for this glove is a soft, cloth-like material that could end up attracting a lot of dirt, which wouldn’t help the cosmetics of the glove.


  • Under Armour is known for producing good sportswear
  • Red and black color scheme looks nice


  • Material looks like it can attract and obtain dust and dirt
  • There should be a lot more padding for a catcher’s mitt


Wilson Showtime Youth Catcher’s glove

The Wilson Showtime glove is one of the more desirable catcher’s gloves because of Wilson’s affiliation with the MLB. The Showtime A800 has an opening on top of the index section for a better grip on the glove. It also has an adjustable wrist piece that helps with the fit of the glove. The best part of this glove is the added padding on the palm area. This padding will be useful when catching fast pitches, and the webbing for the pocket is structured so that it is easy to scoop up baseballs.

Also, the Showtime logo is right in the center of the front of the mitt, which could provide the pitcher with an effective target.


  • Extra padding makes this glove safer and more efficient
  • Index finger opening helps you with your grip
  • Adjustable wrist strap helps you wear the glove the way you want to


  • Not many openings for ventilation
  • Strings in the glove look like they can undo themselves


Rawlings Gold Glove Youth catcher’s mitt

Rawlings has another option for catchers at the youth level. The one-piece web holds up a durable glove that can take a lot of impacts. The pocket formed makes it very easy to control the ball and scoop up whatever ground balls come your way. The soft feel makes the gives the user a “game ready” experience, so you shouldn’t stress breaking in the glove too much upon purchasing the glove. The palm padding is excellent for a youth glove and will protect your hand from the most impact.


  • Soft, “game ready” leather material
  • Palm padding protects the inner hand very well


  • The laces on the glove don’t look very secure
  • Closed web increases potential for baseballs falling out


Easton Future Catcher’s mitt

The Easton Future catcher’s mitt is made out of cowhide, which is thinner compared to other baseball glove material. This cowhide material makes the glove more lightweight and flexible, which could help with breaking in the glove and catching pitches that could be out of reach. The finger lining is soft and sponge-like, offering a comfortable feel for your hand that absorbs a lot of impact. The two-toned glove also has an adjustable wrist strap and an index finger pad for extra grip.


  • Thin Cowhide material makes the glove lightweight
  • Soft sponge finger lining helps receive impact from fast pitches


  • Might be too big for youth players


Akadema Youth Glove

Similar to the adult Akadema glove, this youth glove contains the unique “praying mantis” material keeps the glove soft and ready to use. The break-in should be fairly easy, and the glove will easily absorb pitches. The glove is handcrafted so I’m sure that the Akadema brand has taken time out to diligently observe this glove and how it can benefit someone playing the catcher position.


  • “Praying Mantis” material is unique in the market and could benefit the catcher
  • Soft padding makes it easier to catch fast pitches


  • Not everyone is aware of the Akadema brand


Louisville Slugger Youth Catcher’s mitt

Coming from the prestigious Louisville Slugger brand, this glove is basic yet can be beneficial for a player starting out. The mitt is made of lightweight cowhide; so don’t expect a heavy feel. The youth glove also has smaller hand openings and finger slots, so it fits the hand of a youth player for sure.

The Louisville Slugger youth glove doesn’t look very appealing, but it does serve its purpose. It has a secure web and a pocket that can handle a baseball. The shape of the glove could be more focused on scooping up baseballs, but at the youth level, I don’t think it is a make-or-break issue.


  • Made of special cowhide that is lightweight
  • Has smaller finger slots and smaller hand openings to fit a youth level hand


  • Based off of the color scheme, doesn’t look visually appealing
  • Shape of the glove could cater more to scooping baseballs using catcher’s mitt


The Verdict

Catcher’s mitts are essential to fulfilling all of the responsibilities of the position. Certain features are completely necessary when you play the catcher position in baseball. You need palm padding so that your hand doesn’t get hurt from the repetitive impact of high-speed pitches. You also need a product made of a material that is going to last. Temporary mitts are useful, but if you are a serious athlete you are going to want a mitt that is top flight.

For adults, I would go with the 2017 Wilson catcher’s mitt for sure. It has all the necessary characteristics of a catcher’s mitt and is made with great material. Now if you don’t have hundreds of dollars laying around to spend on a catcher’s mitt, I would recommend a brand a little more inexpensive, such as the Easton catcher’s mitt.

As far as the youth level is concerned, I would recommend the Under Armour mitt, the Rawlings Gold Glove mitt, or the Wilson Showtime glove. These mitts have good quality and fit a smaller hand very snugly. They also have pads that will absorb impact and scoop a ball like a spoonful of ice cream. They are also very lightweight so they will not drag you down when you are behind home plate.

When buying a catcher’s mitt, you want something that will protect the hand of the catcher while also giving the pitcher a big target to throw to. You’ll want a mitt with quality leather, a lot of padding for hand support, and a pocket that will take any ball, no matter how fast it comes in. Don’t worry about having a baseball glove that is bulkier compared to the rest. You need something that is going to protect your hand while it catches hundreds of baseballs thrown your way by some dude (or dudess) who’s throwing it as hard as they possibly can!

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    Akadema continues to grow in reputation with many of the elite players. I’ve had one for more than 12yrs and it’s still in great condition!


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