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An Introduction!

Welcome to Sportconsumer.com!  What are we?  Who are we?  Where are we?  Okay, one question at a time!

Sportconsumer.com is a small team of people that research and review a lot of products every year.  We review over 3000 products from around 300 categories (sports, activities, hobbies, etc.)  Because we review so many products, it’s really not possible to touch and feel 3000 of them annually (who has that kind of cash anyway?).  However, we do touch and feel lots of them, and the ones that don’t make it into our test facility get hours – yes HOURS of research online from manufacturer websites, forums, Amazon and other retailers’ reviews, etc.  We’re confident that we’re bringing you the best short, concise review possible.  We do NOT write reviews that are thousands of words long for one product just to rank higher in Google.

Time is Money, So We Won’t Waste Yours!

We know your time is valuable, and we don’t know of anyone who likes to spend 35 minutes reading someone’s opinion of a sports sock!  Believe me, you can find reviews like this that will gladly suck your time if you’re willing to give it up!  We give you small snippets or overviews on products and those overviews are meant to help you decide if you’d like to do further research.  Most of our products are available on Amazon, and that’s where you’ll find a lot of additional information if you’re interested.

Top Sports Products

Here at SportConsumer.com our team reviews literally thousands of products.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, we have to update them each year as products are taken off the market and newer products are added.  That’s no small task to be sure!  In the midst of this challenge (which we like very much), there are some products that stand out head and shoulders above the rest.  Our team has chosen a number of different products based on a whole whack of criteria (like price, value, cool factor, usefulness, popularity, function, Amazon ratings, etc.) and compiled our “best of” list which includes products from lots of different random categories.

It was hard to narrow down 3000 products to just TEN, but we’ve done our best.  Here’s the big list!


We really want to thank you for checking out our best of sports products and we hope you’ll check back with us often as you consider sports products for your diverse, active life!  We try hard to bring you the best and latest product reviews and we trust you’ll find it all useful and relevant!  Let us know if you have any ideas to make our services better!  We’re always open to ideas as we move ahead!

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