Kan Jam vs. Spikeball | Which to Buy?

kan jam vs. spikeball

Kan Jam and Spikeball are two insanely popular lawn games that have been spreading like wildfire across beaches, parking lots, lawns, and college campuses everywhere.  Both are relatively simple, but totally different in terms of how they are played and the level of athleticism require to play the game competitively and successfully.  Both are great games, but how do you know which one is right for you?

PictureNameNumber or PlayersEffort RequiredPortable?Similar toCostWhere to Buy?
Kan Jam4Moderate-LowYesWashers, Cornhole$$Check Price on Amazon
Spikeball4HighYesVolleyball$$$Check Price on Amazon

Kan Jam Review

Kan Jam is a Frisbee game typically played with 4 people, two people per team.

The “Kans” are usually placed at a distance of 50 feet so that the discs can be thrown easily by both of the players similar to cornhole bags. Players work as a team to either get the disc in the slot in the can, the top of the can, or hit the can directly or indirectly.  Different point values are assigned to each, ex. Slot is automatic win, indirect into can is 3 points, directly hitting the can is 2 points, ect.

Games are played to exactly 21. If a team goes over, they reset back to 15.

It may sound confusing from this description, but trust me it’s very easy to understand once you begin playing.

Depending on the skill levels of the players game can be relatively short (around 5-10 minutes) which is nice to allow for teams to rotate or play a series of games.

Kan Jam is similar to games like bowling, washers, or cornhole where you have a repeatable objective that becomes frustrating (in a good way) when you can’t perform consistently.  This is personally my favorite model for a good, casual lawn game.

Kan Jam is definitely a game that would fit a wider variety of participants from every walk of life.  Age and athleticism are about as much a factor in this game as it is in horseshoes or mini-golf.  I’d suggest this game if you want to look cool while at the same time being as inclusive as possible in your parties and social gatherings.


  • Very Easy to Learn
  • Great for All Ages and Skill Levels
  • Not Much Athleticism or Movement Required
  • Durable Can & Frisbee Construction
  • Lightweight, Easily Portable


  • Cans Difficult to Assemble
  • Potential to Be Hit in Face With Disc

Spike Ball Review

Spikeball has exploded in popularity recently, partially due to an appearance on the popular venture capital TV show “Shark Tank”

Spikeball on Shark Tank

Spikeball is a ball and trampoline based game played by 4 people. This activity is usually played 2 vs 2 by using the spike ball net which is placed between both of the team members.

How to Play Spike Ball

The easiest way to describe how Spikeball works is that it’s a combination of volleyball and four square as the hula Hoop-sized net is positioned at the ankle level of both of the team members acts as the net.

Players serve to an opposing team member who is typically positioned across from the server. The ball is returned when is it deflected or spiked on to the net.  Once the pay is in play, players from either team are allowed to move all 360 degrees around the net to continue the volley.

The ball can be touched up to three times by each team before it has to be returned on to the net, in a very similar pattern to volleyball’s “Bump, Set, Spike” play.

Typically players must maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from the net at all times so the opponent has the opportunity to return strikes.

If the opponent is unable to return the ball by spiking it on to the net, then the other team gets a point.

Games are played to 21, and you must win by two.

Spikeball, while looking pretty cool and being lots of fun, is typically a game that would exclude quite a number of people from playing if offered in a casual social environment.  It’s more suited for ages teen to “twenty-something” and certainly involves a moderate to high degree of athleticism and coordination to even be able to play the game for more than 5 seconds!



Similarities between Kan Jam and Spikeball

Both Kan Jam and Spikeball are fairly new lawn games that can be played at any age and skill level. Both games, rely heavily on teamwork and are typically played with 2 teams of 2. Tournaments are available for both games, and they both have active online communities. Both games are great for tailgates, weddings, or barbecues.

Differences Between Spike Ball and Kan Jam

The first main difference is that Spikeball is much more an active competitive sport like volleyball whereas Kan Jan is a more traditional lawn game similar to cornhole, washers, or disc golf.  Kan Jam is more subjective to randomness as a disc in the slot is an automatic win.  This gives lower skilled players more of a chance to win versus Spikeball where skill level is apparent.

The Final Verdict

Kan Jam and Spike ball are both great lawn games to play and own (I have both).  Picking only one would depend on your setting, athletic ability, and competitiveness.

I recommend Spikeball as a great outdoor beach game if you are young and have experience playing other sports and want to work up a sweat while competing with friends.

I recommend Kan Jam if you are tailgating or grilling and want to drink a few beers while talking and joking with friends.

You really can’t go wrong as both games are a great time, it just depends what you’re looking for.

Where can I Buy Kan Jam?

Check Out Kan Jan on Amazon HERE!

Where can I Buy Spikeball?

Check Out Spikeball on Amazon HERE!

P.S. Looking for a game you can play at night or in the pool?
Kan Jam is also available in nighttime and water version with a glowing disc and light up cans.

Thanks for reading this comparison, please leave a comment and let me know if you’ve played either of these games and which is your favorite!


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