Brand Spotlight Review: Yocaher Skate Supply

Looking for a new skateboard or longboard for the summer?  Well look no further, as Yocaher’s new summer line of decks and completes are here!

This is definitely an up and coming brand with an attractive price compared to other brands on the market today.  A great buy for beginner and intermediate skaters or someone looking for an alternative method of transportation this summer.


Aluminum Longboard


Yocaher Aluminum Drop Through Longboard Deck - Gold and Black - 36 inch Boards (Aluminum Deck - Black)


This aluminum board is one of Yocaher’s signature boards that helps to set it apart from the rest. The aluminum construction of this drop-through board helps to make it extra durable, while still allowing it to still be lightweight and portable.

This board is great for larger individuals because it can carry a heavier weight, up to 250 lbs, and still maintain great responsiveness. The drop-throughs flat shape is great for cruising or bombing hills because it offers more stability at high speeds.

The unique look of this board is sure to turn heads. The vibrant gold color is unique to the industry and will maintain is shine and pleasant appeal for quite a long time.

Yocaher’s aluminum drop-throughs come in two color variation, gold and black, or black and grey.



Spirit Animal Series


Yocaher Spirit Animal Drop Through Longboard Deck - Wolf

Pintail Shape

The Yocaher pintail shape is modeled after a surfboard, which helps take longboarding back to its roots. This shape is excellent for cruising and carving over concrete the way surfers would carve waves.

This smooth ride is excellent for longboard riders of every skill level and is the perfect longboard to purchase as a gift.

As with all Yocaher longboards, the pintail shape comes with premium grip tape, ABEC 7 bearings, and 70mm longboard wheels. The pintail shape is made of 9-plies of maple wood, allowing it to be flexible, while still being strong.

The wheels are rated a 78a hardness on the wheel barometer, which makes them great at gripping the ground and maintaining high speeds.

The graphic on this pintail is the ‘Spirit Wolf’, which is part of the spirit animal series. The series depicts the different spirit animals longboard riders identify with,

The Owl, The Wolf, and The Lion. Each of which has its own personality and riding style, all available at

Available shapes: pintail, kicktail, fishtail, drop-down, drop-through, lowrider, and slimkick




In the Pines Series


in The Pines Rasta Longboard Complete Skateboard - Available in All Shapes (Drop Down)

Kicktail Shape (this series available in all shapes)

Yocaher’s Kicktail shape is designed for individuals who are a little more advanced at longboarding. The shape allows for great carving and cruising, while the kicktail allows for extreme turning and pivoting.

The kicktail is one shape that utilizes the best of both worlds when it comes to turning.

These longboards are constructed with 8 plies of maple wood. The board measures 40” x 9”, and has a wheelbase of 27”. The color of the trucks for kicktail boards can be selected as either polished or matte black.

The kicktail board depicted is the natural color scheme for the ‘In the Pines’ series of longboards. The series comes in multiple color schemes including red, blue, and rasta colors; along with complimentary wheel colors.




The Geometric & Wander Series


Yocaher Geometric, Wander, Candy Series of Standard Skateboards and Cruisers (Complete-02 - 7.75" - Geometric Green, 7.75)

Micro Cruiser

This wonderful multi-color longboard is part of Yocaher’s Geometric Series in the Micro Cruiser design.  It looks a lot like some old school plastic boards from the 1970s and that is by design. 

It can be used by kids since it’s only 25 inches long and a mere 6.5 inches wide.  Though the design resonates with those looking back with nostalgia to a simpler time, Yocaher was sure to incorporate modern developments into this board. 

The new designs in the Geometric Series use negative space and that shows off some of the excellent grain in the wood which in itself is a work of art.

The Micro Cruiser has a 13.5-inch wheelbase attached to the 7-ply maple board.  Abec-7 Chrome Bearings are standard and it features 8mm risers. 

You can visit Yocaher’s website for full details (link at the end) but you can get a great overview on AMAZON as well! 

Available shapes: Geometric, mini-cruiser, and micro cruiser






Yocaher Punked Complete Skateboards 7.75" or Mini Cruiser or Micro Cruiser Shapes - Pika and Chimp Series (Complete-02-7.75" Charm)

Standard Skateboard

Yocaher also offers an assortment of amazing Standard shaped skateboard decks, including their forthcoming ‘Comix’ series. The pictured board is the Pika graphic, which is a spicy, punked, version of many people’s favorite furry friend.

The standard skateboard shape is most commonly used for doing tricks because it has a double kicktail and a light bowed concave.

This shape tends to be the exclusive shape of board ridden in all skateboard competitions including Street League, X-games, and all amateur competitions.

These skateboards are constructed with 7-ply maple wood, with an average length of 32” long. Yocaher offers these boards with varying widths from 7.5” – 8.5” to be able to conform to different rider styles and size preferences.

Available shapes: standard, mini-cruiser, and micro cruiser




New York


Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard Skateboard (New York)

Lowrider Shape

One of the best-selling graphics that Yocaher has is their New York graphic. The graphic is a black and white overview of the beautiful city of New York.

This graphic is part of their cityscape series, which depicts iconic architecture from longboard-influenced cities.

Along with being one of the best-selling graphics, this shape of decks is also Yocaher’s best seller.

The Lowrider shape is a combination of the downward curvature of the drop-down shape and the unique drop-through truck system.

The combination of these two features gives the longboard rider the maximum amount of control when carving and maneuvering.

These lowrider longboards are constructed with 9 plys of maple wood with a 32.75” wheelbase.

The board is equipped with premium grip tape to also provide excellent foot control, as well as 78a rated wheels that are sure to help grip the road.




Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Overall Yocaher is a great brand with a wide selection of boards, graphics, and sizes for all rider levels, and personal preferences.

The boards range in lengths from 25-42 inches, which allows shoppers to purchase the length they will be able to best maneuver, and which they find the most desirable.

Along with having attractive graphics, and great quality, Yocaher has a great price to boot. To be able to take advantage of the best prices and great quality, remember Yocaher when you are shopping for a new longboard or skateboard.





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