The 7 Best Speed Bags : Beginners & Home Workouts

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In the world of boxing, speed bags have become a staple top train with and they offer great advantages to the boxer. Speed bags are designed to help boxers develop better hand-eye coordination and also keep their hands upright and parallel to the ground.

We have set out to find the best speed bags that will help you improve your boxing. But, before we dive into the top speed bags, there are a few things that you need to consider when purchasing a speed bag.

These features are there to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money and to allow you to save a few bucks on the features that you will not need.

Not all speed bags are the same and they generally do vary a lot in price and quality, but having a high-quality speed bag will save you money in the long term and your skill will also be developing better.

These are the features we consider to be essential when it comes to purchasing a speed bag:

Buying Guide


  • Durability

    The durability of the speed bags is really important and this does directly refer to the material quality and the stitching. Poor stitching might lead to a disintegrated bag which will be hard to replace and to train with.

  • We recommend not skimping on the durability to give your speed bag a longer life and also allow it to take more punishment as speeds bags are some of the most used boxing equipment.
  • Size

    Speed bags come in various different sizes and the sizes will relate to your skill. The smaller the bag, the more accuracy it will require to constantly hit and if the bag is small, it will generally be lighter, which means that rhythm could be an issue.

  • Weight

    Speed bags are also available in various weights and these weights do generally impact the quality of your performance. A heavier speed bag will be harder to move, while a light speed bag could disrupt your rhythm.

  • We recommend that you find the ideal weight to ensure that you can comfortably train and improve your hand to eye coordination.
  • Swivel type

    The swivel type is also fundamentally important and there are various types of swivels that will have a different impact on the speed bag.

  • The “hook and ball’ swivel is the most common choice for beginners and it slows down the speed at which the ball travels to help improve rhythm as well as accuracy.

By understanding these four features, you should be able to make the best choice when it comes to purchasing the best speed bag for your boxing performance.

Variety is also important and changing up speed bags every once in a while will keep you focussed and your brain guessing. This will also improve your adaptability to certain situations in the ring.

There are 4 major advantages of having and training with a speed bag and we have decided to have a look at these four advantages to help show you why it is essential that you invest in a speed bag for your boxing training.

Advantages of training with a speed bag

  • Improved hand speed:

Defending yourself and taking advantage in crucial situations are extremely important for a boxer and the faster you are able to move your hands, the better you will perform in the ring.

The speed bag improves the rate at which you can move and use your hands and with the improved reflexes, you will also be blocking those stray punches all the time.

  • Improved timing rhythm and coordination:

As with most sports, coordination and timing are fundamentally important, but in boxing, you will need rhythm as well.

Having rhythm will keep you from tiring out as fast and when you look at someone like the legendary Muhammad Ali, you will see how he could dance around opponents and keep rhythm until they make mistakes.

Hand to eye coordination will improve your accuracy when landing punches in those crucial situations and the better your coordination is, the more accurate you can land these punches and even block a few from your opponent.

Timing is essential in all sports, but with boxing, timing becomes a real difference-maker. Improved timing will ensure that you make those punches stick and even possibly deliver a knock-out blow to your opponent when they let their guard down.

The speed bag will help you systematically improve all these aspects of your boxing technique.

  • Improved cardio and muscular endurance:

Fitness and muscular fitness is really important when it comes to outlasting your opponent in the ring and the better your cardio is, the more stamina you will have.

This also means that you will be more inclined to pull ahead in the final rounds when your opponent starts to tire.

The muscular endurance comes into play from moving around and also taking some of the hits. If you have better muscular endurance, you will find that punches don’t hurt as much and you could take more punches before falling down.

  • Develops overall boxing skills:

Beginners will notice that you need to have top-level boxing skills when it comes to entering the boxing ring and the speed bag is designed to do just this.

Speed bags improve the general boxing skills and the speed of the boxer to make them more ready for competition and that first big fight.

Now that you understand some of the basics behind the speed bag and you are ready to go out and buy one for yourself, we have some good news as we have already set out to find the top speed bags to ensure that you are able to get the best value for your money. 

Also, we’d like to spare you the trouble of searching far and wide.


Speed Bag Reviews


1.   Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag


Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag

Weight: 1.1lbs

The Everlast Elite leather speed bag is one of the toughest speed bags you will find. The bag has been constructed from durable leather to ensure that you get multiple years’ worth of workout before the bag start showing signs of damage.

The bag is also not the heaviest bag and this will allow you to get into a rhythm without having to smash the bag.

The Everlast Elite speed bag has also been known for its response to shots, thus meaning that with this speed bag you should get a reat improvement in your rhythm and especially in your accuracy.

The bag is also not that big and it can be used inside the gym as well.

We highly recommend this speed bag to any boxers. The bag might be a little more expensive than most bags, but you can be sure that the added leather in the construction will ensure that you get the best possible life on your bag.

This bag will be perfect for improving your accuracy, but since it is also lighter, you will see great improvements in your rhythm.


  • Great for improving accuracy and rhythm
  • Lighter design
  • Extremely durable
  • Perfectly balanced


  • A little expensive




2.   TITLE Boxing Gyro-Balanced Speed Bags


TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags, Black, Small

Weight: Dependent on size

The Title boxing brand has been well-known for the quality of the boxing bags they design, but here they have also included that expertise into their speed bags.

The TITLE Boxing Gyro balanced speed bag has been designed with focus and emphasis placed upon the balancing of the bag and since it has also been constructed from durable leather, you will have the advantage of a durable bag that will keep you punching for multiple years.

The bag is also available in multiple sizes for you to choose from and the weight does vary with each of these sizes.

The price does stay the same and this means that you could pick up a heavier bag with your smaller bag at a bargain of a price.

Having more than one bag will also help to improve your coordination and keep your brain guessing as to how it is going to stay in rhythm.

We highly recommend this bag for the value it provides and the affordability of the bag. The design is a little off as you go for the heavier bags and this does have some kind of impact on the recoil, but not as much that it will put you off.

We do believe that the medium-sized bags will be perfect and adding a smaller one for accuracy will be great for people owning their own boxing gyms.


  • Extremely durable
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Reasonably priced


  • Sizing is a little inconsistent in the larger bags






Title Classic Speed Bag, Red, 6" x 9"

Weight: Available in different sizes

The TITLE classic speed bag is the more common choice made by most boxers and this speed bag has definitely stood the test of time when it comes to quality.

The speed bag is available in multiple different sizes for you to choose from and it is also constructed from extremely durable leather material.

To further improve the durability, the speed bag has also been triple stitched and will give you multiple years’ worth of training.

As with much of the Title boxing bags, this speed bag has been balanced to precision to ensure that you get perfect recoil every time you train.

The bag will also be ideal for beginners to focus on getting into rhythm and making the right decisions when it comes to speed. Unfortunately, you will have to settle for the standard red color when you choose this speed bag.

In terms of pricing the bag fits perfectly in the middle between the more expensive and cheaper bags. We recommend this bag to newcomers as well as veterans and we believe that you should be able to get the most value for your money.

You might also consider picking up two to keep your brain focusing and guessing.


  • Extremely durable and triple stitched
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • Required a great swivel to be effective




4.   Contender Fight Sports Boxing MMA Muy Thai Fitness Workout Training Punch Speed Bag


Contender Fight Sports Boxing Training Platform Speed Bag, Small

Weight: Varies in sizes

The Contender Fight Sports Boxing MMA Muy Thai speed bag has been designed for multifunctional use and this speed bag will not only be great for boxers but for MMA fighters as well.

The bag is available in multiple sizes for you to choose from to ensure that you get that perfect bag needed for your skill level and the extra-thick swivel loops have been included to ensure that the bag gets perfect recoil.

The bag has also been constructed from durable leather and extreme care has been taken when it comes to stitching.

This means that the bag will allow you to train for extremely long periods before you need a replacement.

Blowing up the bag is also quite easy and this can be done with a simple bike pump and a needle, thus ensuring that you save some money on sophisticated pumps.

The price of the bag is really affordable and this does make the bag a great choice for beginners and even MMA fighter who might not be constantly using it.

The bag will also be great for people looking for a fun way to get in some training at home and since it is so cheap, you might consider buying both sizes for switching them out.


  • Really affordable
  • Provides multifunctional use
  • Great for beginners to start out with
  • Extremely durable
  • Extra-thick swivel loop for better recoil


  • Deflates quite fast




5.   Reyes Platform Speed Bags


Cleto Reyes Boxing Training Platform Speed Bag

Weight: Varies in size and color

The Reyes Platform speed bag has been designed for use by more advanced and intermediate boxers.

The bag is also constructed from premium leather to ensure that you have maximum durability and it is not only available in multiple sizes, but you can even choose the color that you like the most.

This speed bag also features an added nylon lining to ensure that you have the utmost when it comes to durability and the added thickness of the loop will improve the recoil compared to many of the cheaper bags that you will find.

The bag is also easy to inflate and it will also stay inflated for longer periods of time.

The bag is really expensive and there are cheaper bags available for you to choose from, but the quality of the bag does make it stand out significantly above those cheaper bags.

We recommend this bag to boxing fans and enthusiasts who are serious about the sport and who plans on using the speed bag a lot. The bag will also be ideal for gyms to buy.


  • Extremely durable
  • Well-stitched
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Provides perfect recoil


  • Really expensive




6.   Title Boxing Leather Speed Bag


TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags, Black, Small

Weight: 1.2lbs

The Title Boxing Leather speed bag is only available in one color and size for you to choose from. The 8 x 11-inch size of this bag makes it fall into the larger category, but this will be great for intermediate and beginners to get into the sport of boxing.

The bag is also constructed from durable leather to ensure that you get great value for your money and multiple years’ worth of training from the bag.

This bag also improves the life of the swivel that you are using and the quad wrapped design in the loops will help to protect the swivel and allow you to invest in a better swivel without having to fear that the swivel might get damaged.

Furthermore, the inner bladder has also been reinforced with nylon and the inflation process will be quite swift.

The bag is not that expensive, but there are cheaper bags available for beginners. We do; however, highly recommend this bag for intermediate boxers and people looking to become a little more serious about boxing.

We are also quite intrigued with the stylish design and this should be a great bag for your gym.


  • Really durable
  • Easy to inflate
  • Great for improving accuracy
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only available in one size




7.   Pro Impact Durahide Speedbag


Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speedbag Black – Heavy Duty Leather Hanging Swivel Punch Ball for Boxing MMA Muay Thai Fitness or Fighting Sport Training (White Black Medium)

Weight: 12 ounces

Last but certainly not least, we have the Pro Impact Durahide speed bag. This is one of the cheapest speed bags you will find in the market today and the bag has been constructed from durable durahide, which is a type of synthetic leather.

Since the bag is not made from real leather, it does lack a little in terms of durability, but this bag will be ideal for beginners to start out with and get into boxing.

The bag is also available in multiple sizes and for beginners; this should be a great bonus to help them make the best choice for their current skill level.

If you are not sure, you will still be able to pick up two of these bags for the price of one of the more elite bags and this could help you gain some more confidence and significantly improve your coordination while boxing.

The main focus point of this bag is the price and therefore, we do highly recommend the bag for beginners and even fans looking to get some sort of feel for playing around with speed bags.

The durability will also hold up well for beginners and a better bag might only be needed as you improve.


  • Really cheap
  • Great for beginners
  • Reasonable balancing
  • Does not require an expensive swivel


  • Lacks a little in terms of durability



Final Thoughts & Recommendation

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you are now able to find the best speed bag for your skill level and the amount of time that you plan on spending with the bag.

If you plan on going professional or improving your boxing skill; we do recommend that you do not skimp on your boxing equipment.

In terms of the best speed bag, we do recommend the TITLE Boxing Gyro-Balanced Speed Bags as our number one choice. This speed bag does offer perfect balance and the bag itself is not all that expensive.

We would also like you to let us know what you think of our selection and if you think we might have missed any of your favorite speed bags.

Please also mention in the comment section why you think your bag is the best speed bag.


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