The 8 Best Baseball Bat Weights for 2021

Are you looking to enhance your swing when you step up to the plate? Are you having trouble finding a proper way to warm your swing up when you’re up to bat? If this is you, we’ve got a solution for you – a baseball bat weight.

A baseball bat weight, commonly referred to as a weight sleeve or a weight donut, provides batters with added resistance to their swing while they’re warming up. By doing this, it’s thought that your swing will feel lighter when you step up to bat, making it subsequently more powerful when you hit the ball. It is true that anecdotal evidence from a number of U.S. university researchers suggests a bat weight may be helpful during practice sessions or any training scenario.  That’s the good news!  However, the bad news (or not – depending on your perspective) is that donut weights may not be terribly helpful just before you step up to the plate.  They may cause you to use poor mechanics when you make the quick change from swinging with them to immediately swinging without them.  All that to say – use them with a deliberate strategy and if used correctly, they can add an extra, positive dimension in your overall training regimen.

Baseball Bat Weights can be used during a game or during practice, and many forms are legal in both recreational and professional baseball/softball competition. There are many types of baseball bat weights available for purchase, because of this, so what’s the right weight for you?

The ideal baseball bat weight depends on a variety of different factors. In the section below, we’ll break down precisely what those factors are. After that, we’ll jump into our picks for the eight best baseball bat weights of 2018. Keep reading if you want to avoid striking out on your next baseball bat weight purchase!

Top Baseball Bat Weight Comparison Chart


Bat Weight Buying Guide

From the type of weight to the size of your bat, a number of different considerations need to be taken upon the first-time purchase a baseball bat weight. Here are some of the most important considerations:

Now, let’s take a deeper look into these important items.

Bat Size

When choosing a bat weight, it’s important to know the size of the bat that you’re looking to accommodate. If you make a blind purchase without knowing the specific measurements of your bat, you’ll end up with a weight that doesn’t work.

Overall Weight

Speaking of weight, it’s imperative to purchase a weight that’s isn’t too difficult to remove, especially if you’re planning on using your bat weight in a game. 

Imagine stepping up to the plate, taking a warmup swing, and being thrown off by the substantial weight difference you experience. If you use a weight that’s too heavy, you might regret it once the first pitch is thrown.

League Regulations

Depending on the league you’re playing in, bat weights might be completely restricted or, they might be allowed up to a certain size or weight. On the other hand they might be allowed in all shapes and forms.

Knowing your league’s batting weight regulations is particularly important if you’re planning on using the bat weight for gameplay purposes.

Donut or Sleeve

Bat weights come in two forms, for the most part – a donut weight and a sleeve weight. Donut weights fit around the handle of the bat and allow you to take hits with the weight on the bat.

Sleeves, on the other hand, slide onto the body of a bat, making them ideal for practicing swinging. You won’t, however, be able to hit a ball with a weight sleeve on your bat.


Your overall age can influence the size of bat that you use, so it’s important to make sure the size of the weight you’re considering purchasing lines up with the size of your bat. Some weights are adjustable, and some aren’t.

Softball or Baseball

While softball and baseball bats at the youth level are generally the same size, length, and diameter, there are size differences between adult baseball and softball bats. It’s important to take note of these differences; baseball weights aren’t just one size fits all tools.

That was a real home run; you’ve just seen many of the important features of baseball bat weights, features that can truly make a difference to your purchase. Now, we’ll get into the eight best baseball bat weights of 2017.

With knowledge of the important/relevant features of this gear, you’ll be able to (hopefully) see which weights are truly great. We’ve ranked the items from best to worst, but we’ll let you make the final buying decision!


Best Baseball Bat Weight Reviews

Champro Bat Weight

The Champro Bat Weight is a simple to use, donut style bat weight that has got a lot going for it. First and foremost, it’s not expensive. It also comes in a variety of neat colors, perfect for complimenting any type or style of bat. You can get it in orange, green, red, yellow, silver, black, or gray. Since it’s a donut style baseball bat weight, you’ll be able to slide it towards the bottom of your bat, and still practice hitting. It won’t get in the way! The Champro Bat Weight is the perfect solution for gameplay or batting practice and fits bats with an inside diameter of 2 and ¼ inches. The bat is available in many different weights, as well.


  • Multiple color choices
  • Multiple weight choices
  • Can be used during a game or during practice
  • Doesn’t get in the way of hitting


  • Only available for one size of baseball bats



Easton Bat Weight

The Easton Bat Weight is a donut style weight that looks stylish but will stay out of the way. Chances are that you’ll get a lot of use out of it as well since it tends to sit at the bottom of the bat’s barrel. It’s small enough to stay out of the way, can be used for practicing or for gameplay, and comes in two cool colors: royal blue and black. If you’ve got a bigger bat, don’t worry about it not fitting on the largest part of the bat; you can slide it towards the bottom of most bat barrels. A couple things you’ll want to be aware before you purchase the Easton Bat Weight are that there are only two weight sizes available. Additionally, there are only two color choices for the weights to be purchased in.


  • Look great on bats
  • Can fit on larger bats by sliding to the bottom of the barrel
  • Can be used for gameplay and practicing


  • Only available in two sizes and two colors



Pow’r Wrap Bat Weight

The Pow’r Wrap Bat Weight is a formidable and professional choice of bat weight, in the world of baseball. First and foremost, it’s made out of a recycled plastic material that’s virtually indestructible. Unlike donuts, the wrap extends around the main part of the bat, helping you focus on both the power and the accuracy of your swing. It fits on most conventional aluminum bats, and many adult wooden bats. It isn’t sized for children. Because of the nature of this excellent weight sleeve, however, you won’t be able to actually hit a baseball with it.


  • Allows for accurate swing training
  • Durable
  • Fits on most adult-sized baseball bats


  • You can’t practice ball hits with it



Varo ARC Baseball Bat Weight

The Varo Arc is a uniquely designed, sleeve-style baseball bat weight that easily fits around the head of most baseball bats. It works as well as it looks, making it a must have if you want a competitively priced bat sleeve that makes practicing your swing a breeze. It’s available in several different colors and two different sizes. While it’s a pretty good sleeve overall, it doesn’t come in any weights below one pound. It also won’t allow you to hit a ball with it, due to its design encasing almost the entire barrel of the baseball bat inside of it.


  • Unique design
  • Looks good
  • Excellent for swing practice


  • Can’t be used for hitting balls
  • Only comes in one weight



Hitting Jack-It Youth Baseball Trainer 

The Hitting Jack-It Youth Baseball Trainer is a small, donut-shaped baseball bat weight that’s perfect for young individuals who’re trying to perfect their swings. While it’s only designed to be used for smaller bats, you’ll be able to get your kids on the right track, at an early age. It’s only 5 ounces, but that should be more than enough to train the hands and forearms of children to hit stronger and more precisely. It only comes in one weight, however, and one color as well. It’s probably best to keep at home, for personal swinging practice.


  • Perfect for children
  • Donut shape allows for it to be used during hitting practice.
  • Excellent for introductory bat weight modification


  • Only designed for kids



Franklin 16 oz. Batting Weight

At 16 ounces, the Franklin MLB Batting Weight is a solid addition to your baseball bat. It really is a basic weight that gets the job done with no frills and no price tag for which you’ll have to formulate an extensive backstory to your wife in order to justify. It won’t slip, because of polyurethane coating applied to it. It’s cast iron as well, meaning it will hold up decently to the daily stresses of being used during high-powered swinging/hitting sessions. We’re only going to point out a couple things about the weight. First and foremost, it only comes in one size and weight. This makes it incredibly inconvenient to people who are new to practicing with baseball bat weights but don’t need a substantial amount of weight on their bat. Secondly and finally, the weight is “no-frills” so it really only has 2 things to offer;  It won’t slip and it won’t scratch your bat.  It is however, Amazon’s choice because of no negative feedback!  Wow – impressive!


  • Cast iron for supreme durability
  • Non-slip coating
  • Fits adult sized aluminum bats


  • Only comes in one size/weight



Pow’r Wrap Bat Weight for Softball

This bat wrap is a pertinent part of any batter’s practice regimen. Unfortunately for most batters, however, practice is all it will be limited to. It’s outlawed in leagues such as the NCAA. It is, however, durable, versatile, accommodating of several bat sizes, and approved for use in several, non-professional leagues.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t suit many professional leagues
  • Designed for softball bats



DeMarini Bat Weight  

The DeMarini Bat Weight is an excellent, low-cost donut weight that’s perfect for batting and swing practice. While it only comes in one size and color, its weight is perfectly moderate, appropriate for mid-level and experienced batters alike. It’s perfect for both games and swing training. It also suits two different bat sizes. Get your hands on this weight before they’re sold out!


  • Perfect weight
  • Durable
  • Excellent for games or practices


  • Only one size and color



 Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We’ve reached the end of our bat weight reviews. Hopefully, from the products listed above, you’ll be able to easily pick out a weight that’s appropriate for your baseball activities.

A baseball bat weight is a removable tool that increases your bat’s weight, in hopes of giving you an ultimately lighter swing when you actually step up to bat. Used in both gameplay and training, baseball bat weights have a variety of different features that are important to consider if you’re interested in choosing one.

We already talked about these features, but what you’ll want to keep your eyes out for is a baseball bat weight that features a broad assortment of all of the items we’ve talked about. We’d recommend taking a look at the Easton Bat Weight. While it’s only available in two sizes and colors, it has rave customer reviews, it’s inexpensive, it’s durable, and most importantly – it’s legal to use during a game. You’ll want to train your swing with the Easton Bat Weight!

That’s all for now – your baseball bat weight buying adventure has just begun!



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