The 10 Best BBCOR Bats of 2021

best BBCOR baseball bats

Having the right baseball bat is important when out on the baseball diamond. Too heavy? Your swings are delayed and you could barely hit ground balls. Bat too light? Well you’ll probably get a sting throughout your upper body due to the vibrations of the bat, and possibly even put someone in danger if the bat ever accidentally leaves your hands. An evolving baseball player will need the right baseball bat for them; which should give them the best possible trampoline effect at a reasonable weight. Before we can determine which BBCOR bat is suitable for you, we need to break down the requirements and essentials needed to make such a substantial decision. When searching for a new baseball bat, make sure to look out for a specific label that signifies it is a BBCOR bat.

Top BBCOR Baseball Bat Comparison Chart

What is BBCOR and why is it important?

The acronym “BBCOR” stands for “Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution.” Still have no clue what it means? Let’s take a deeper look into it. BBCOR essentially measures the amount of energy that is lost when the baseball bat makes contact with a baseball. Interestingly enough, there is a certain test that can measure the trampoline effect of a specific bat. The NCAA and the National Federation of State High School Associations (also known as NFHS) both agreed that the measurement of 0.50 would be the maximum measurement that a BBCOR bat can obtain.


How Do You Know if You Need a BBCOR Bat?

Bat regulations could get confusing if you are participating in different leagues or new to organized baseball. Any baseball bats that are used in the NFHS or NCAA must be BBCOR bats. Depending on what league you are in and what level you are, you may or may not be required to use a BBCOR bat during gameplay.

Which BBCOR Bat is Best for Me? (Buyer’s Guide)

Well, that depends on what type of hitter you are. There isn’t necessarily a handbook for batter types, but there tend to be contact hitters and power hitters in baseball. There is a subtle difference between the two, which should be mentioned so that you can figure out which one best describes you. That way, you will be able to find the bat suitable for your style of play.

Power Hitter 

Power hitters are known for being feared at the plate because of their hard-hitting style. These are the players that make the defensive move back on the diamond in preparation for a long ball coming their way. A power hitter wants to intimidate you and hit the ball out of the stadium each and every time they play.

Believe it or not, there are specific bats made for specific batting types. For a power hitter, you are going to want a shorter, yet heavier baseball bat. This type of baseball bat will provide enough space to make contact with the ball and send it flying. Beware, you’re not going to want a bat that’s too heavy for you because you will not be able to control it, and ultimately you will consistently fail at the plate. Depending on your strength, you may consider a bigger barreled bat down the line.

Contact Hitter

A contact hitter is looking to hit the ball and get it wherever they can in the field to get on base. In other words, they have a higher chance of making contact with the ball rather than striking out often. You can always rely on a contact hitter during a close game because they are usually clutch players who will hit the ball and get your team advancing around the bases. For these types of players, you are going to want a light, small-barreled baseball bat.


Top Ten BBCOR Baseball Bat Reviews


10.   DeMarini 2020 The Goods BBCOR Baseball Bat

The DeMarini The Goods baseball bat can assist a power hitter in fulfilling their role on the baseball diamond. This is a power loaded bat for elite hitters so if you’re more of a novice in the game, I’d say save your $250 and get a decent BBCOR for $100. Thanks to the X14 alloy barrel, you will have the ability to get a clean pop and start heading for the bases.

The half and half two-piece construction and composite handle offer you one of the best bats on the market – PERIOD!  A seismic end cap built with stiff materials for maximum energy transfer is the icing on the cake!

DeMarini bats are arguably the most technically advanced bats in the industry since that was a great obsession of the company’s founder Ray DeMarini. One great perk of the DeMarini “The Goods” bat is the warranty every buyer receives upon purchasing the product. If the bat is defective for whatever reason, DeMarini will be able to assist you and provide you with a new bat.


  • Trampoline effect is good for power hitters
  • Alloy barrel provides a high-quality pop
  • Warranty will accommodate any buyers with a damaged bat 


  • Buyers claim that the grip is not comfortable and has the potential to unravel
  • High priced item



9.   EASTON ELEVATE -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

This Canadian-made beauty is among the most expensive bats on the market, and with good reason.  The 2-5/8″ composite barrel is not only BBCOR certified, but it has one of the lowest allowable swing weights in its class for the fastest legal swing speed!  This huge barrel will have you hitting tricky pitches and plant your cleats onto first base way more often!  The 2.2mm FLEX grip minimizes palm sting and it’s soft and durable – the best of all worlds!

This Easton features a forged end cap with ALX100 Military Grade alloy for ultimate durability.  It has a drop weight of -3 and it’s recommended for sluggers aged 14 and up.

It comes with a 1-year warranty!  


  • Lowest allowable weight for fastest swings
  • Larger barrel for increased hitting percentage
  • Great price for what you’re getting
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • Potential to dent though only with a limited few bats



8.   Louisville Slugger 2020 Omaha BBCOR Baseball Bat

Power hitters will definitely benefit from the Louisville Slugger 2020 Omaha BBCOR bat. All of the bat essentials re-emphasized in this bat, especially speed, power, and balance. One of the primary reasons why power hitters will be successful using this BBCOR bat is the explosive power transfer that significantly diminishes the sting you feel when hitting a ball with power. With a lightweight and thin barrel walls, this bat has an expanded sweet spot that can assist you in knocking the ball out of the park every opportunity you get.

With the Louisville Slugger Prime baseball bat, you will notice a high-quality grip that will help you hold on to the bat and get an effective hit. The Lizards SkinsATM grip offers enhanced softness and tackiness; features that are needed to keep your hands tight on the bat and ready to play ball. Between the lightweight design, tacky handle, and superior trampoline effect, this BBCOR bat will easily help any power hitter become the best in their league.


  • Excellent pop for power hitters
  • Advanced Lizard Skins grip will eliminate worry of losing hold of the bat
  • Large sweet spot increases the chances of hitting a long ball


  • Reviews claim that the bat is easy to break
  • Price is high
  • Some bats have a barrel that obnoxiously spins



7.   Mizuno Generation BBCOR Baseball Bat

The Mizuno Generation bat is versatile enough to get the ball over the fence or send a line drive down the third base line. The barrel of the Mizuno Generation bat has a variety of wall thickness thanks to patented technology. With a large sweet spot, you will be able to hit to a long list of pitches with the appropriate swing. The bat has a unique black and white design and an average swing weight that can help batters get a hard hit on an incoming baseball. Coming with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, you can feel safe with this bat knowing that if anything happens to it, Mizuno will cover you. Luckily, the aerospace-grade aluminum used in this bat is tough enough to consider the Mizuno Generation a very durable product.


  • Durable
  • Big sweet spot
  • One year warranty


  • Grip has the potential to be better



6.   Easton S400 BBCOR Bat

The Easton S400 is an affordable baseball bat that will help you deliver at the plate. The handle is measured at 31/32” with an “All Sports” grip that is determined to keep your hands on the bat tightly for a clean hit. Next, the barrel is made out of an aluminum alloy that can take even the hardest of hits. With that ability top absorb impact, you can assure yourself that the Easton S400 is as durable as it gets. If, for some odd reason, the durability doesn’t last as much as you would’ve thought, Easton offers its’ users a one-year warranty against any damages. This bat will provide a great pop after contact and will surely out-perform the competition.

When analyzing the price section, this bat would be high up there for one of the more affordable BBCOR bats. For the reasonable price, the Easton S400 baseball bat is a bargain that shouldn’t go unnoticed.


  • Grip is top quality
  • Aluminum alloy enhances a strong trampoline effect
  • Good for a consistent contact hitter


  • There are more durable bats on the market



5.   Rawlings 5150 Bat

Rawlings’ durable alloy baseball bat is lightweight for a fast swing and has enough durability to last you a substantial amount of seasons. The balance of this bat helps contact hitters get ahold of the ball and bring their team one step closer to victory. The Rawlings 5150 has a Comp-LiteA end cap that brings excellent balance, which helps with the speed of your swing. With a faster swing, you will get a solid pop from your bat and more distance. The alloy used in this bat is ultra-responsive; which encourages high performance and pop.

Another feature that makes the Rawlings 5150 stand out is its electric neon green and black color scheme. These colors would be great for someone who doesn’t mind taking on the spotlight and performing in front of an audience. But in regards to the price, you can purchase a more reliable bat for an equal value. Not to say this bat isn’t useful, or that the price is extremely high, but the price could be better for what you’re getting.


  • End cap provides a faster swinging experience
  • Pop technology can help enhance the trampoline effect


  • Price doesn’t directly match value
  • The sound of a hard pop can hurt ears indoors



4.   DeMarini 2020 CF Zen Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat

With a drop weight of -5, this high priced, high-quality baseball bat from DeMarini is thin, light and has the ultimate sweet spot. The CF Zen -5 baseball bat focuses on the perfect mix of speed and power; hoping to offer something that could help turn a good player into a great player. This bat is a 2-piece item that once put together will be dangerous at the plate. The barrel diameter is approximately 2 5/8”, a perfect measurement for a contact hitter in hopes of smashing the ball record distances. The extra-long barrel increases the chances of an elite pop; another feature that contact hitters can be thankful for. The Paraflex 2-piece composite material breaks in faster than typical alloy, which will increase your at-bat performance at a faster rate.

Expect to feel less of a vibration when you are hitting with the DeMarini CF Zen. The handle takes whatever energy comes through and redirects it towards the barrel of the bat. With these qualities, you will get an outstanding pop when you hit pitches heading in your direction. I would recommend this bat for a contact hitter, although power hitters could use this bat for their style of play as well. This bat is definitely a great option if you are an experienced player with money to spend on a top-quality bat.


  • D-Fusion handle obtains energy from hits and sends them to the sweet spot
  • Paraflex material breaks in faster than average material
  • The barrel is light and extra-long; perfect for contact hitters


  • One of the highest-priced BBCOR bats
  • Two-piece construction slightly decreases stability



3.   Easton BB17ZS Zcore Speed 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

The Easton Z-Core has a lightweight feel for a fast swing. Power hitters could use this bat especially due to HyperLite Matrix alloy barrel, which makes the sweet spot larger and more durable. The durability in this bat will be helpful to power hitters in the long run because those type of hitters tend to use their bats with full force. This style of play can force equipment to wear down quicker compared to a contact hitter who tries to hit a ball using different parts of their barrel. The distance of your hits will become longer using the Z-Core bat because of the Z-CoreATM technology that produces more power depending on how fast you swing your bat. With this bat, power hitters will be able to play to their best ability and hit pitches with the utmost force.

The Easton Z-Core BBCOR bat has one of the most comfortable handle grips in the market. The Hyperskin grip used in the Z-Core bats has a cushion to it that will give you a tight, yet soft feel when you’re up to bat. This special grip will also absorb the vibrations that occur when the baseball gets hit. When it comes to being successful using this bat; the faster you swing, the further it will go!


  • Hyperskin handle will offer a firm grip
  • Z-CoreATM technology produces more power the faster you swing
  • Has the durability needed for the style of the power hitter


  • Some reviews claimed that the bat broke at a point



2.   Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR Bat

Marucci has a BBCOR bat that has a narrow handle with a wider barrel. This bat is a perfect fit for someone looking for a baseball bat that doesn’t have that painful sting you would feel after making a hard hit. The patented anti-vibration knob on the Cat 6 will guarantee that you will not have to endure that stinging feeling in your hands after launching a ball across the outfield. Another top quality about the lower part of the Cat 6 is the special bat tape that makes the grip that much stronger.

The pop that comes with this bat will help you grow as a player. You might not necessarily be the strongest player on the diamond, but with the Marucci Cat 6 you can take your hits the distance. The extended barrel size would be a great asset to contact hitters that are looking for more distance or the power hitter who has a desire for a larger sweet spot.

This product is popular with potential buyers because it is priced average and offers a lot of features that benefit the hitter. Other bats on the BBCOR market either have average quality for a fair/high price, or high quality and high price.


  • Patented anti-vibration knob protects the hands and offers a better experience
  • Extra-long barrel increases the chances of getting a hit; best for contact hitters
  • Priced fair


  • Some people have claimed that the bat isn’t as durable as expected



1.   Easton MAKO COMP 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

The Easton MAKO brand tops the list of best BBCOR bats. The MAKO has arguably the highest quality and the highest price in the market for BBCOR baseball bats. Besides a gnarly design, this bat is #1 on the list because of the advanced technology and bat speed. The Easton MAKO excels compared to its’ competition primarily because of the Thermo Composite Technology applied within the bat. This Easton-specific technology prides itself in enhancing this bat to be one of the fastest and most powerful bats today.

Easton’s ConneXion (CXN) technology distributes energy from hits throughout different parts of the bat. The most important part of CXN is that it separates the barrel and the handle, decreasing vibration and easily transferring the most amount of energy needed for a powerful hit. By separating the two parts of the bat, the power coming from contact can be focused on a specific area (the sweet spot) rather than throughout the entirety of the bat. The MAKO has the short, thick size of a power hitter bat. The amount of power distributed throughout the bat can help the power hitter dominate their opponent whenever they step up to bat.

The biggest downfall of the Easton MAKO BBCOR bat is the price. You could easily spend a large amount of money for this bat, and if you are looking to make an educated investment, then maybe this bat is best for you. This bat beats out its’ competition in quality and price.


  • Top-notch technical innovations on par with a DeMarini
  • While expensive, it’s considerably less expensive than others with similar features


  • Not the cheapest option if price is your only consideration




The Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution, otherwise known as BBCOR, provides a certain standard for baseball bats that keeps the playing field even. Whether you are a power hitter or a contact hitter, having a reliable bat on hand is important when you are a serious baseball player. Some BBCOR bats are more expensive than others (by a long shot) but the ultimate decision comes down to your budget and your playing style. The Easton MAKO baseball bat is by far the best quality bat available, at a high price. If you have the budget for this bat, it may be a wise investment in the long haul. If you are searching for a BBCOR bat with similar qualities for half of the price, the Marucci Cat 6 comes in as a somewhat close second. If you are an excelling contact hitter, the Cat 6 will be better suited for your abilities whereas the MAKO has the size for a power hitter looking to crush the ball.

If you play in the NFHS or the NCAA, you are going to be searching for a top-quality BBCOR baseball bat. This list will give you an accurate idea of what to look for and what to expect in a BBCOR baseball bat.



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