The 10 Best Commercial Treadmills : For Home & Commercial Gyms

If you want to be able to get in good cardio shape, one of the best ways to do it is by having a good treadmill. Looking at commercial treadmills in particular, these are some of the highest-priced and feature-filled units that money can buy.

Generally speaking, if you are buying yourself commercial units, you are either really into running and want something of very high quality or multiple people are going to be using the unit to exercise with.

In order to help you find the best possible commercial treadmill to suit your needs we have come up with a buyer’s guide in order to help you learn about the things you should look for in a treadmill and we have also come up with a list of our picks for the top ten commercial treadmills on the market to help point you in the right direction.

Commercial Treadmill Overview/Guide


One of the most important aspects of a treadmill is the speed that it is capable of traveling. There are both running and walking treadmills available on the market, and you are going to want to choose a treadmill that works for the needs of the people who are going to be using the treadmill.

It is nice to be able to find a treadmill that offers easy speed adjustment and has both high and low-speed options when you are buying a commercial unit so that people can walk and run as fast as they want to and for as long as they want to as well.

How the treadmill actually changes in speed can vary from unit to unit, but you will find that some units have integrated speed changers on the handlebars of the unit and others will have them on the center console.


Especially if you are buying a unit in order to suit the running needs/walking needs of a lot of people you are going to want to find a unit that uses a quality motor in its design that is more than capable of changing speeds quickly and efficiently in order to meet the needs of the user.

Buying a treadmill with a low-end motor and using it all of the time on high speeds does put a lot of stress on the motor and it can cause it to wear out faster as a result which is something to be aware of.

It can be hard to determine which motor is a good one and which one is a bad one, but generally, you can get an idea by the top speed that it is capable of running at.


Almost all treadmills in the commercial end of things will have a multitude of adjustment options that are built into the design of the unit. Being able to adjust the incline of a unit is great for increasing the challenge or making it easier to walk or run as you need.

The main difference you will notice in some units is how the actual incline can be changed.

For some units you will have to be off of the treadmill and adjust the unit manually and others will have a hydraulic button press design that will allow you to change the height of the unit.

You may occasionally find a unit that doesn’t have the ability to change the incline and some people actually do prefer this type of treadmill as it allows for fewer parts to be incorporated into the design and less of a chance of something breaking down over time; especially if multiple people are going to be using it that you don’t know who could potentially mess with the system.


Almost all, if not all commercial treadmills will have some sort of a screen built into the design of the unit.

Not all treadmills will incorporate the same options on the screen and some of the screens will be touch screen displays and others will just be there for you to look at and you can change the stats shown on them by pressing a button.

Some screens will actually allow you to do things like hook your music up to the treadmill, and others will even allow you to tune into some TV channels or watch a movie during your workout.

It is a good idea to have a look at the specs of the screen on your treadmill as well as the features incorporated into the screen in order to decide what the best value is for your money as this is definitely one of the most important aspects of a commercial treadmill.

Built-in Programs

One thing that you are going to see a lot of variance in, is the number of built-in workout programs that are included and built into the design of your treadmill.

Depending on the unit that you buy, you will find things like speed variance routines, uphill and downhill routines and even long-distance routines.

The nice thing about built-in workout programs is that it changes up just a regular run into something that is a little bit more challenging and definitely more exciting.

Features and Accessories

For many people, this is the area that will be the deal-breaker for them. There are all sorts of cool features that are available on commercial treadmills and you will notice a large variance in price tag simply as a result of what kinds of cool features are in the designs of the treadmills.

One of the most important features to check is that the treadmill has some kind of a location to store your personal items as well as some kind of a water bottle that you have so that you can stay hydrated throughout the duration of your run.

Another important feature to many people is the quality and length of the handles on the unit especially if they like to run at a fast speed; it is nice to know that you have a good quality support mechanism beside you in case you catch a shoelace and start to stumble or encounter a cramp or another issue.

Other features that some people may like include a built-in tracking feature that lets the user know things like how far they have traveled as well as the speed, calories burned, heart rate, etc. over a length of time.

Different treadmills will incorporate tracking features into their screens and others will allow you to track your progress via your phone or another electronic device which a lot of people like.

Here are a few cool additional features that may help to sway your decision making: some treadmills have a built-in sound system, some have a built-in USB port to allow you to charge your phone, some have a chest heart rate monitor for accurate readings and some even have a built-in fan to help you stay cool throughout the duration of your workout.

Best Commercial Treadmill Reviews



Nautilus T618 Treadmill

Obviously, the Nautilus name strikes a familiar tone with anyone reading this post, so I don’t have to tell you about this brand’s renowned name and reputation worldwide.  That said, a name is not everything so we should be careful in assessing the qualities of a treadmill on its own merit and not on a name alone.

The 2 treadmills included in this overview are the Nautilus T616 and T618.  The difference between them is minimal as is the price.  They feature Bluetooth connectivity that syncs with the Nautilus Trainer 2 app as well as other fitness tracking apps.

The Run Social app is free to download and allows you to run through 19 locations with 27 routes alongside people from all over the world in real-time!  The incline is 15% max. and the running path is 20″ x 60″.  You have the option of any one of 26 customized training programs.

The only real difference between the two is that the 616 has a slightly different LCD display and a different deck cushion system.  The belt thickness is a smidgeon more on the slightly pricier T618.  Both have tons of features and very beefy rollers to extend belt life.

The deck is well-cushioned to alleviate shin/knee problems and this is confirmed by lots of feedback to both Amazon and Nautilus.



  • Sturdy, solid and well-made
  • Huge name brand in the fitness equipment industry
  • Filled with features
  • 3.5 HP motor
  • 350 lb capacity
  • Beefy Rollers
  • Wireless Chest Strap (heart rate monitor) is included



  • Does not connect with smartphones
  • Controls are not as intuitive as some would like




2.  NORDIC TRACK COMMERCIAL SERIES TREADMILL (1750) NordicTrack Commercial Series 10" HD Touchscreen Display Treadmill 1750 Model + 1 Year iFit Membership

Nordic Track is another name that is synonymous with quality and overall durability.  This machine has some very cool features that deserve to be known at least, and utilized at best!

Through its 10-inch interactive HD touchscreen, you’ll have the option of any of 16,000 on-demand iFit workouts.  Live instructors can control your speed and incline in real-time for personal workouts and offer (live) encouragement!

You’ll be able to work out in any number of “locations” worldwide through the screen and focus on goals like cross-training, yoga and full-body sculpting!  That’s insane! (in a good way of course).

This is one awesome machine and we’re struggling to find any downside (don’t worry, we’ll do the research to extract some bad stuff I’m sure).  It has a 300 lb capacity, a generous 22″ x 60″ belt area and commercial-grade cushioning.  Oh, and did I mention the 10-year frame warranty?



  • Option of over 16,000 workouts
  • Live instructor training option (they can change resistance and incline in real time)
  • Large belt to help keep you on the treadmill
  • -3% to 15% incline option
  • Can track your progress effectively
  • Very well built structurally (hence the 10-year guarantee)


  • Takes quite awhile to put together
  • Be careful of the “free” iFit option – some users have been charged!





Bowflex Treadmill 7


Okay, this treadmill is a heavy brute but it’s the smallest of the series!  At 280 lbs, it features a 375 lb weight limit and a 1.0 hp motor (many commercial mills have 3.5 hp).   The construction is sturdy and ample with a steel, welded frame and commercial (as expected) ruggedness.  

The big sell for the 7 is the “Bowflex JRNY” which a personalized coaching technology that integrates with the treadmill to make daily, custom workouts.  It also provides real-time coaching and personalized feedback that metaphorically kicks your butt to get through the workout.

With the “Explore the World” app, you can explore dozens of virtual courses and trails that automatically adjust to your running speed.  It can move you along at 12 miles per hour if you’d like!

Like other machines, the base can rise to a 15% incline.  The 20′ x 60″ deck is something that is standard among other machines since it offers the best balance between ample running area and moveability.  

This beast features a 7″ full-color backlit LCD screen with 11 “push and go” included workout programs. 

If you’re looking to use the JRNY app, then a subscription is required.  At the time of writing, the price is $19.99/month.  In my humble opinion, that’s a big steep given all the other subscription options that compete for you hard-earned dollar!

The integrated calorie-focused burn rate console displays your calories burned per minute pushing you to go further and faster in less time.  It has some nice features, but the hefty price tag is sure to be a turn-off for many.


  • Good sized 7″ LCD backlit display
  • Can change the incline from 0-15% at the push of one button
  • A very generous 22″x60″ belt allows you to be able to slow down and speed up as you need
  • Has access to dozens of virtual courses and real-time personal coaching
  • It can push you up to 12 MPH!
  • Bluetooth speakers


  • JRNY app requires a hefty subscription price of $20/mo
  • May be restrictively heavy for a lot of people (even 2 people) to move into place when delivered
  • Carries one of the highest price tags we’ve seen
  • Smaller motor than we’d like to see





LifeSpan Fitness TR7000i Commercial Treadmill

This is truly a high-end machine in every sense of the word!  The Lifespan Fitness TR7000i offers some unique features not seen in other brands.  For example, a larger deck measuring 22″ x 62″ which allows for full running strides!  

The impact-absorbing shock system is designed not only to save your knees but somehow, in the process, it simulates real-world conditions as much as possible!  The hefty 3.5 HP motor can keep you running at 12MPH and the sturdy steel construction is absolutely designed for commercial abuse! 

While the 3.5 HP power of the motor unspectacular, it does the job very nicely and helps keep the weight as low as possible so you can bring this gem into your own home without hiring an entire moving crew!

The TR7000i is the middle-rated machine in Lifespan’s commercial treadmill line (the others are the TR6000i and the TR 8000i) and it offers 21 integrated workout routines.  Bluetooth is integrated, as is expected.

Also included is a sizable 6.5″ back-lit multi-color LCD screen with scrolling alphanumeric messaging. Three added LED displays with readouts for time, speed, and incline.

Here’s what we really like!  Any companion app that receives activity data from Apple Health or Google Fit works with the LifeSpan Active Trac app. This allows you to sync your treadmill’s fitness data into the location of your choosing. Google Fit and Apple Health make it simple for both iPhone and Android smartphones, letting you track your progression exactly as you wish.  You don’t necessarily have to get a specific app that must be used with this machine.



  • Can be used with the fitness tracking app of your choice
  • 21 built-in workout programs
  • A large 22×62-inch belt on the unit
  • Large 3.5 HP motor
  • Ample 6.5-inch touchscreen that keeps track of your stats
  • Unique proprietary shock absorption system


  • Expensive!!!





SB Fitness Equipment CT400 Self-Generated Curved Treadmill

The CT400 is truly revolutionary and we’ll bet if you own it, you’ll not only be better for it, but you’ll attract a lot of attention from anyone who sees it and it’ll start some conversations! 

It’s a treadmill that is run on your own power rather than an automatic turning belt that you try to keep up with (like a traditional treadmill).

By turning the belt with your own movement/power, you’ll burn up to 30% more calories than with a traditional treadmill.  

This machine re-defines the treadmill by offering a really tough construction of heavy-duty steel on the frame and rails.  It can hold users up to 375 pounds!

We like this manual treadmill for its specially designed HIIT (high-intensity interval training) features which were top of mind for designers.  It has a compact footprint for maximum versatility. 

The corrosion-resistant hardware and components that will last for many years, this machine will probably hold together much longer than any other treadmill on our list.

Its running surface is 18 inches wide and 60 inches long.  The slats are rated for 150,000 miles (good luck reaching that in your lifetime!!) and the real selling feature (I think)? … It’s super-easy on the knees. 

They’ll thank you for the CT400 (I can already hear them in my mind!)


  • Burns more calories than a regular treadmill
  • More eco-friendly operation
  • Uses no electricity
  • Running surface lasts up to 150,000 miles
  • Has the ability to change speeds at will (just use your brain – no button pushing needed!)
  • No maximum speed
  • 375 lb weight limit
  • Offers a natural running feel which promotes a more efficient and safer running stride
  • Easy to maintain (much more so than other treadmills)


  • $2,900!!!! Do I need to say more?





ProForm 905-CST Treadmill

The ProForm 305-CST is one of the best values on our list.  It features a 5″ LCD screen and just enough features to satisfy your needs without killing your wallet.

It offers a lower price than most competitors on this list and it makes our list as a commercial machine since the 2.0 CHP motor is rated as commercial grade and it operates smoothly and it’s relatively cool.

The 300 lb capacity is ample for most users and the frame comes with a 10-year warranty.  The 16″ x 50″ belt gives users a decent-sized deck and it features a self-cooling drive system. 

A proprietary “ProShox” cushioning system and balanced non-flex rollers are standard.

The mill folds using a SpaceSaver design, and it can give you a sustained speed of 10 MPH on a 0% – 12% incline.  iFit can be used to automatically adjust the parameters of your machine for an optimized custom cardio workout.

As with all iFit-equipped machines, you can travel the world to thousands of destinations for a more interesting routine!

The CST line of ProForm machines offers 4 different machines.  There’s the 305-CST, the 505-CST, the 705-CST and the 905-CST.  Of all these, the 305-CST is the entry-level model with the most modest features.  

However, the quality is stellar and the price is nice compared to the more feature-filled and pricier models.


  • VERY good price compared to other commercial treadmills
  • iFit compatible
  • Large belt for an economically-priced machine
  • Best machine in the Proform CST line
  • Can be folded to save space
  • 10 MPH speed limit
  • Ample 300 lb weight capacity


  • Not as robust and rugged construction as other commercial machines (for twice the price)
  • Slightly less extravagant options (just barely) like an incline to 12% rather than 15% and a 3 CPH motor instead of a 3.5 or 4.0 CHP motor, etc.





3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill, Silver, Pro-Foldable

If you have an average budget range and want a nice treadmill this could be one of interest to you. This treadmill comes with or without assembly and you can choose to get a four or a five-year additional warranty at the checkout if you desire.

The treadmill has a 3 HP motor that is capable of suiting both your running as well as your walking needs. This treadmill has built-in workout programs and even allows you to create your own workouts so that you can keep yourself motivated and stop yourself from becoming bored.

The treadmill can change speeds as well as your level of incline at the touch of a button and your stats are displayed on very small mini displays on the treadmill which will keep you from being distracted. This treadmill can also be folded in order to save space or if you want to store away the treadmill while you have guests over.

Like many other commercial machines on our list, it offers a 15% maximum incline and a 12 MPH top speed limit.


  • Built-in workout programs and the ability to create your own workout
  • 3 HP motor is used in the design
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and the motor and 5 years on parts is included with your purchase
  • Foldable design
  • Incline can be changed at the push of a button


  • Some people will expect there to be an actual LED or LCD screen with images for this kind of a price
  • Slightly smaller running surface (20.5″ x 58″) than most other commercial treadmills





3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill, Silver, 22"x62" Running Deck


If you want to get yourself a higher-end unit and are willing to pay the money in order to get your hands on one then this unit could be a good option for you.

This unit has a nice built-in sound system to allow you to listen to your favorite music. Some other nice things about this treadmill include a large 22×662 inch running surface that will be difficult to stumble off of.

The unit is powered by a large 4 HP motor making it easy to run at fast speeds for long periods of time as well as allowing you to still be able to walk at slower speeds.

This has built-in fitness tests to check how fit you are and it has several training programs as well as the ability to create your own program in its design. With the purchase of this unit, you get a very nice 10-year warranty on parts as well as a two-year warranty on labor in case you need someone to fix the unit for you.


  • Available assembled or unassembled at the checkout
  • Built-in sound system to listen to your favorite music
  • Large 4 HP motor
  • Very big running belt at 22×62 inches
  • Large warranty with 10 years on parts and 2 years on labor


  • Could have more storage space for this kind of a price tag
  • $$$$$$$





UIZSDIUZ The Commercial Treadmill Without Power in The Gym, Curved Mechanical Crawler, Can Keep Home and Office Healthy Without Electricity No Noise

At nearly $6,000 this machine is no penny-pinchers dream!  It resembles our #5 option only at a (can you believe I’m going to say this) WAY higher price point – by a wide margin of around $2,000 USD!   

It offers the same benefits of any manual treadmill like no electrical power needed, speed adjustment control is your brain (no buttons) and your stride is more natural give the gentle curve.

It has no maximum speed and it’s very easy to maintain/fix.  This model offers an LCD display for speed, time, calories and distance.  It does have 8 gear settings but in the interest of full disclosure, this is one machine we did NOT test personally.

During our research on this machine we found out that every website (including Amazon) has the EXACT same product description, which is very vague and not that helpful.  

We’ve included it on our list because we LOVE this style of treadmill.  They last virtually forever and while requiring no electrical power, they offer so many more benefits over regular treadmills. 

They’re much easier on your joints (specifically your knees) and can offer far more comfort and joint safety for long runs.  Check out more incredible advantages in our PROS (and cons) section below.


  • Burns more calories than a regular treadmill
  • More eco-friendly operation
  • Uses no electricity
  • Running surface lasts longer than a traditional treadmill
  • Has the ability to change speeds at will (just use your brain – no button pushing needed!)
  • No maximum speed
  • Offers a natural running feel which promotes a more efficient and safer running stride
  • Easy to maintain (much more so than other treadmills)


  • Expensive!!!




10.  PRECORE TRM 835 COMMERCIAL SERIES TREADMILL WITH P30 CONSOLE Precor TRM 835 Commercial Series Treadmill with P30 Console

The Precor line offers a premium option for a very high-end machine that is very much at home in the most expensive health clubs, but it wouldn’t mind a place in your home if you have what it takes (I’m talking about MOOLAH!). 

It is most definitely a commercial-grade treadmill with Ground Effects Impact Control system for reduced joint stress.  It offers 25 preset workouts from 0.5 mph to 16 mph.

It incorporates Integrated Foot Plant Technology (IFT) with the Ground Effects System (GFX) for the ultimate run. 

Keep in mind that part of the GFX system is that it offers a cushioned front where your foot impacts but a rigid back end to give you a more solid push off. 

There is exactly ZERO maintenance required on the deck and belt (wow, that’s like heaven!!).  The treadmill has a LIFETIME warranty on the frame and welds and a 10-year warranty on part and wear.  That’s pretty serious!

It weighs 420 lbs and measures 83″ x 35″ x 62″ with a running surface of 22″ x 60″.

Keep in mind also that it’s compatible with any Polar (or Polar compatible) wireless chest-strap transmitter too!



  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Capable of using an accurate heart rate monitor
  • 22 x 60-inch running surface


  • Insane price puts this far out of reach of many
  • Could definitely have more storage
  • Weighs so much that normal humanoids cannot move this machine unless 4 or more large ones come together for a moving party!



Conclusion & Recommendations 

Hopefully after reading our buyer’s guide as well as our picks for the top ten treadmills on the market you now have a better idea as to the options that are available to you and have a grasp as to the features that you want on a commercial treadmill.

Especially when you are buying a unit as expensive as a commercial treadmill it is always a good idea to check the return policy as well as the warranty on the unit to make sure you are covered when it comes to defective products.

Another thing that is important is to make sure that you look at the shipping cost of the unit as treadmills can be quite heavy and can cost a lot of money to ship as a result.

Keep these things in mind and hope that you find yourself an awesome commercial treadmill to suit your needs!




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